The Heart Beat: Chronicles of a Human Nature Ambassador (No. 2)

my second issue of The Beat (and apparently, the first for this, i owe this blog so many post already...i'll make it up next week, i swear!) ... in case you are wondering why it appears in 3 pages, blame it to photoshop. hahaha. but seriously, it is impossible to put them together. all emails won't upload it due to it's large file size.

THE ♥ BEAT: Chronicles of a Human Nature Area AmbassadorVol. 1 No. 2December 2010
Dear Dealers and Friends,
It’s December, one of my favorite times of the year and probably the busiest month for most of us. I hope that the season does not turn into a holiday burn-out for everyone. This month’s issue is all about perfect gift ideas, new products to love and news bits from Human Nature – Davao Branch.
No need to worry yourself out with the Christmas rush! Human Nature provides the perfect gift ideas with our very own Christmas Bundles. It comes in eleven (11) varieties and comes with 1 Gift Tag and Gift Pouch. That’s convenience and ideal presents rolled in one! Here’s the list of the Christmas Bundles that you can give away:
Pucker Up! contains two (2) pieces of Natural Lipbalm (you can choose from any variant)and one (1) 100% Natural Sheer Lip Soother Tinted Lip Balm for only Php184.
Bedtime Regimen includes one (1) 50ml Super-Fruits and Black Rice Facial Scrub and one (1) 100ml Royal Jelly & Aloe Vera Night Moisturizer at Php264.
Rise ‘N Shine comes with one (1) 50ml Facial Wash (of your choice), one (1) 100ml Facial Toner (of your choice) and one (1) 50ml Sunflower & Papaya Day Moisturizer, all for Php289.
The Femme Naturale consists of one (1) 200ml Shampoo & Bodywash (variant of your choice), one (1) 50g Body Butter 50g (your choice of variant), one (1) 50ml Feminine Wash and one (1) 50ml Women's Deodorant – only for Php344.
Men’s Pack for only Php269 includes one (1) 200ml Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash (Peppermint scent), one (1) Peppermint Lip Balm and one (1) 100ml Eucalyptus Shaving Oil.
Kid’s Playtime bundle comes with one (1) 50ml Citronella Bug Spray 50ml and one (1) Kid's Hand Sanitizer (your choice of variant) – all for Php149!
Kid’s Day Out bundle contains one (1) 50ml Citronella Bug Spray, one (1) 200ml Kid's Shampoo & Body Wash (your choice of variant) and one (1) Kid's Hand Sanitizer (your choice of variant), only for Php259.
Our Holiday Jet Setter bundle amounting to Php410, comes with one (1) 50ml Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil, one (1) 50ml Shampoo & Body Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 50ml Conditioner (your choice of variant), one (1) 100ml Hand & Body Lotion-Mango, one (1) 50ml Feminine Wash and one (1) 50ml Women's Deodorant.
On the other hand, the Travel Light bundle containing one (1) Peppermint Lip Balm, one (1) 50ml Citrus Burst Spray Sanitizer and one (1) 50ml Lemongrass Pocket Hand Soap is only Php184.
Body Indulgence includes one (1) 50ml Facial Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 100ml Face Toner (your choice of variant), one (1) 50ml Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil, one (1) 200ml Shampoo & Body Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 100ml Massage Oil (your choice of variant), one (1) 100g Mango Body Butter, one (1) 200ml Feminine Wash, one (1) 50ml Women's Deodorant and one (1) 50g Eucalyptus Hand & Foot Salve – all for Php977!
And lastly, the Ultimate Face Care bundle comes with the following: One (1) Tree Tote Bag, one (1) 50ml Facial Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 100ml Face Toner (your choice of variant), one (1) 50ml Sunflower & Papaya Day Moisturizer, one (1) 50ml Royal Jelly & Aloe Vera Night Moisturizer, one (1) 50ml Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil, one (1) 50ml Feminine Wash, one (1) 200ml Shampoo & Body Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 100g Goat's Milk and Cocoa Body Butter (your choice of variant) – all for Php899!
I would like to send out my congratulations to Human Nature-Davao Branch for being a consistent strong performer across the four (4) Recruitment Reward categories! For the month of October, Davao Branch had the highest number from 1 dealer recruit to 3, 6 and 10 dealer recruits! Congratulations to the supportive Branch Operators, Monique Villanueva, Joy Mempin and Sylvia Rieta. I would also like to congratulate the dynamic and hardworking Dealers Relation Officer, Karina Camille Requillo and the rest of the staff of Davao Branch. And most importantly, I would like to congratulate all the dealers for their passion in bringing in more people who believe in our advocacies. I am proud to represent you and our success inspires me more as your Area Ambassador. Round of applause to all of us!
There is so much to enjoy before the year ends as Human Nature released new top-of the line products that we will all surely love.
The Love Minerals Make-Up line welcomed its newest member – Love Minerals Sheer Lip Soother Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss – a 100% lip balm with a sheer tint of color!
The newest make-up remover, the Sunflower Cleansing Oil that hydrates and nourishes your skin and conditions your lashes while removing that stubborn make-up!
If you liked the Moringa Facial Wash and Toner, you will be a fan of the Hydrating Face Care Line! The new and improved moringa and aloe vera combination gives your dry or mature skin the best care this holiday season!
If you liked the Tomato and Lemongrass Facial Wash and Toner, you will simply be in love with the Balancing Face Care Line! Made from Orange, Elemi (helps keep oil under control) and Bamboo Scrubs, keep excess oil in check while enjoying the holidays!
Enjoy a germ-free holiday with the newest All Natural Spray Sanitizer! You can use it as a surface cleaner, disinfectant room spray, a toilet seat cleaner or as hand sanitizer. It’s pocket-friendly size makes it more convenient to use!
TOYS FROM US: GK Pueblo Antonio (Catigan)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all dealers and friends who participated in Toys from Us, the early Christmas Party at GK Pueblo Antonio last November 27, 2010. I want to give special appreciation to Human Nature staff Karina Camille Requillo for coordinating Human Nature dealers and prepared some stuff for the activity, Brenda Cascaro together with JPAMA-UM who gave a special dance number for the kids, Genevieve Bitangga and Maethel Nugasto for all the assistance, Ateneo de Davao Scholars, University of Mindanao students and especially to Mr. Igy Castrillo, who documented our activity. And the rest of the kind-hearted Human Nature dealers, friends and individuals who gave gifts and shared their time with the kids at GK Pueblo Antonio-Catigan.

Beberly Acabado
Jo Irene Dela Cruz
Juliet LaoInecita Requillo
Jonah Hementera
Beverly Hernandez
Tina Marañon
Elizabeth Atillo
Engr. Ramon Branzuela
Monica Jalandoni
Kristine Dialogo
Engr. Julius Barcena
Arlene Suzon
Deborah Vergel

Wendie Jadraque
Hannah Echavez
Lynith Celeres
Gerrymie Lo
Janelle Llaban
Janmari Fajardo
Desiree Mole
Hannah Magallon
Glencel Salvador

Amhelin Abrahan
Angeline Tagud
Shara Jane Chatto
Devie Villarin
Regina Concepcion
Stella Sasil
Eva Maboloc
Joyce Pequit
Monica Manalili

Louie Angelo Ang
Beverly Navales
Julienne Ramel
Bona Villanueva
Charles Vallena
Peter Cañete
William Sendiong
Maricel Parojinog
Aiza Gonzales
Lynett Mercado
Janie Puno
Dyester Abo-abo
Justin Karl Paleguin
Liziel Conde
Daliejoy Duga
Francise Mordeno
Jenna Pecolados
Ely Tanudra
Rosette Jin Lomocso
Afebrene Balaba
Eric Gramaje
Margarita Chua
Aprilub Jalandoon
Caesa Rosete
Denice Piloton
Albert Diaz
Jessica Caliso
Windee Morta
Raymand Roy Sardido
Hannah Rejoice Perez
Saly Perturbos- Sarcena
Cathy the Clown (from Pongee)

It was indeed the children’s smiles and laughter that made the event memorable. Hope to see you all in our next activities!

I decided to make this year’s season a whole lot special for Mother Nature. I’m sharing my two environment-friendly and pocket-saver ways to celebrate the holiday.

Every year, we tend to spend a lot on Christmas tree trimmings and decors when we don’t even have to. Our Christmas tree at home is extra special since we adorned it with – used bottles from Human Nature! And what amazes me is that everybody who sees it either loves it (because they use it too!) or they get curious about the products and asks about them (and that means being able to share the advocacies and might end up in a sale!)

My second pocket-saver idea is using used papers (old newspapers in my case) as ribbons to trim your gifts. In this manner, I’ve saved up about Php200 from buying them. Below are some of my gifts using my ribbons..

There you have it, friends! I hope everyone finds a way to celebrate a pro-environment lifestyle, not only this season but through the whole year.
Wishing you all a joyous and meaningful holiday,
Devi Migue
Area Ambassador for Human Nature
Davao City

(PS: i really tried to put some photos, the way in my newsletter but it messes up everything so i gave up on doing it. hehe.)

The Heart Beat: Chronicles of a Human Nature Ambassador

i'm posting a copy of the first issue of my newsletter as Area Ambassador for Human Nature in Davao City. i want to thank Karina for helping me with the lay-out, Mam Pam & Sir Igy for proof-reading and some suggestions. i am really proud of this newsletter. i got an email from the Sales and Marketing Director of Human Nature's the content of her email (that i want to share with you...)
Hi Devi! This is fantastic - you've certainly raised the bar for the area ambassadors :) The Heart Beat is such a witty name to call this too. Very creative!

Keep us in your mailing list for this, Devi :) We'll certainly be looking forward to the next chronicle.

God bless,

i was not able to express my happiness upon reading it this morning (karina was at my side..hahaha!) and i almost cried reading it all alone. it may sound like a cliche but no amount of words can actually express what i truly feel now. i am happy for myself and i am also happy for Human Nature Davao Branch.

so here it is....

(how my newsletter actually looks like)

THE ♥ BEAT: Chronicles of a Human Nature Area Ambassador
Vol. 1 No. 1November 2010Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the maiden issue of THE
♥ BEAT, my newsletter as Area Ambassador for Davao City. I have always wanted to reach out to all Human Nature dealers, especially those under the Davao City branch. Writing THE ♥ BEAT is one way of achieving my goal of reaching you.As Area Ambassador, I am here to help promote and spread the threefold advocacies of Human Nature—Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-Environment. I believe we are not just dealers and sellers of superior products, but we also play a major role in attaining the vision of Human Nature.

First Human Nature Summit
In early October of this year, I was given the opportunity to represent Davao City in the Search for the Human Nature National Ambassador at the First Human Nature Summit. Held at the Ateneo de Manila University on 9 October 2010, the Summit was a fruitful experience. It was heartwarming to hear stories and testimonies from different people on how Human Nature has enriched their lives.

(with the Human Nature - Davao Branch Operators)

It is truly an honor to be part of a world-class Filipino movement. You, too, are part of this unique movement.

Free Orientation
For the month of November, we have lined up offices for our Office Penetration Program, as one of our marketing strategies. I urge everyone to send in names of offices, groups, or organizations that would be interested in a free orientation regarding the importance of using natural and organic products and of Human Nature as well. Imagine the potential downlines under your name. Make that list, and give us a call!Love Minerals
What I am really looking forward to this month is the arrival of Love Minerals--the first natural and organic mineral makeup line from Human Nature--in our branch office. There's the Love Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation in three shades: Island Shell, Sand Bar, and Boracay Bronze. The Love Minerals Blush has two tones: Petal Bloom and Tropical Blush.
Launched during the Summit, the makeup line has rice bran and rice powder, completely hypoallergenic elements to help us highlight our best features. Nothing but the best from Human Nature. The branch office will keep us all posted on the arrival of Love Minerals.

Christmas Bazaar I am also inviting you to visit our booth in a Christmas Bazaar at Marco Polo Hotel. It will be on November 19 to 21, 2010 from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening. This is also to inform you that the Branch Office will be closed on that dates. However, you can still purchase and get your orders at the bazaar.

GK Christmas Party

I would like to invite all Human Nature dealers to participate in Toys From Us, an early GK Christmas Party this coming 27 November 2010 from 8:30 AM until 11 in the morning at GK Catigan. Gather toys for kids ages 3-10, and join us as we turn into beautiful Santas that day. The suggested budget per toy is P50.00 and kindly have them gift-wrapped and labeled if the gift is for a boy or a girl. You can drop all your gift toys at the branch office. You can also give other items like clothes, milk and books. The kids will surely appreciate all of them. All non-toy gifts given will be handed over to Kapitbahayan Homeowner’s Association for distribution. Assistance of any kind for the party food and entertainment (clown with balloon twisting) will also be appreciated. You can contact Karina Requillo at the Human Nature office for necessary arrangements. Let’s do our share in making disadvantaged kids happier this Christmas.

Finally, it's 42 days before Christmas! That means GIFT SHOPPING. Human Nature items are the best gift ideas out there. So, make that gift list with the Human Nature catalogue in your hand. It will definitely be the best Christmas Gift for everybody you love.
Till my next issue!

Devi Joy B. Migue
Area Ambassador for Human Nature - Davao City

INVITATION: Toys from Us, An early GK Christmas Party

hi guys :) i want to dedicate my first november blog to something really worthy...

i am inviting you to "Toys From Us", an early GK Christmas Party on November 27, 2010 at GK Catigan. you can choose any of the following items to give:

[ ] 2 toys (1 for boy & 1 for girl - minimum worth 50 pesos each toy)
[ ] milk
[ ] clothes
[ ] books
[ ] Cash (we will hiring a a clown for the kid's entertainment and food for their party)

you can also join the activity & personally give your gift to them. to date, we have 146 children (74 girls & 70 boys)...if you are interested to join, text me, tag me in twitter and i will give you the details for that day.

in behalf of the children, thank you very much for your generosity. may God bless you and your family.

devi joy migue
human nature area ambassador - davao city

confused is an understatement.

it's so hard to choose between two good things.

on one hand, i want to be a good - excuse me, the best - admin assistant. on the other hand, i want to be the most involved and active Human Nature Area Ambassador. but the sad thing is, i cannot be at two places at the same time. and to be the best in two things that i love - it makes me feel so bad that 1 thing has to be sacrificed for the other. i've always been the responsible kind of kid and knowing that i cannot deliver something that i've committed myself into is really making me feel guilty. and right now, i'm breathing in & exhaling guilt.

and what makes it even more bad is the fact that i know where i am supposed to go. and by making that decision, i feel like i'm making it look like the other things is less among my priorities. (nobody is actually telling me this but all this guilt is making me judge myself)

maybe, i'm being too hard on myself. people actually understand why i have to choose the other. it's me who's been to hard on myself - too hard for that matter.

i can still be both - i have committed myself to be. and right now, i know who needs me most now - the scholars. they need my time so that i they can enroll, so that they can study. and i also realized, i should really get my grip on time management and delegation thingie. i really thought i had it going when it come to it but i have a lot to master with these skills.

and on this note, i bid welcome to the thing called "enrollment days"! bring it on!

i'm not sad. it's the song.

i repeat. i'm not sad. there are just songs that make me sad. and here's my top 9 songs that whenever i hear them, i can't help but feel blue and cry like crazy. just click on the song title and it'll direct you to the song on video - that is if you want to feel emo-ish for tonight :)

9) i'll say goodbye for the two of us - expose
When you wake up
And find me gone tomorrow,
Don't think I meant to hurt you
I just did what we knew I had to do

Oh, and all the time we knew
The time was never right for us,
Time to leave this love behind
I could never leave you,
Baby, if I see you cry

I'll say good-bye for the two of us
Tonight while you're asleep
I'll kiss you softly one last time
And say good-bye like I know we must
There's just no other way
And I couldn't bear to see your heart break
So I'll wait 'til you're asleep to say good-b

8) if the feeling is gone - kyla
if the feeling is gone
please don't pretend
that you still love me

i can see it in your eyes
and it hurts to admit
i can tell that the feeling is gone

all I ask is just a little honesty
though I know that you're not
coming back to me

you know that i'd do anything
to make you stay
but i just have to let you know
if the feeling is gone

7) paalam na - rachel alejandro
Nais ko lang malaman mo
Laman ng aking puso
Baka di na mabigyan ng ibang pagkakataon
Na sabihin ito sa `yo
`Di ko ito ginusto
Na tayo'y magkalayo
Nguni't di magkasundo
Damdamin laging `di magtagpo ohh
Paalam na aking mahal
Kay hirap sabihin
Paalam na aking mahal
Masakit isipin na kahit nagmamahalan pa
Puso't isipa'y magkaiba
Maaring `di lang laan sa isa't isa

Sana'y huwag mong isipin
Na pag-ibig ko'y di tunay
Dahil sa `yo lang nadama
Ang isang pag-ibig na walang kapantay
Nguni't masasaktan lang ang puso ang pagbibigyan
Kahit pamamaalam ang siyang bulong ng isipan
Paalam na aking mahal
Kay hirap sabihin
Paalam na aking mahal
Masakit isipin na kahit
nagmamahalan pa
Puso't isipa'y magkaiba
Maaring `di lang laan sa isa't isa
You came along, unexpectedly
I was doing fine in my little world
Oh baby please don't get me wrong
'Cause I'm not complaining
But you see, you got my mind spinning

Why can't it be
Why can't it be the two of us
Why can't we be lovers
Only friends
You came along
At a wrong place, at a wrong time
Or was it me

5) 5:19 - matt wertz
I'd be lying through my teeth if I told you
That I'm ok
July came, I thought I had it all together
Until you said
"I need some space"
Truth be told
It's so hard to wait

One eye on the clock
And one on the phone
It's 5:19....
I'm feeling alone
If I could talk to you
I'd want you to know
I'm holding loose
But ain't letting go.

4) baby don't you break my heart slow - vonda shepard

I was believing in you
Was I mistaken do you mean
Do you mean what you say
When you say our love could last forever

But I'd rather you be mean than love and lie
I'd rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye
I'd rather take a blow at least then I would know
But baby don't you break my heart slow

3) let the pain remain- lea salonga

so goes, my life
still believe in dreams of having you around
too bad, memories feed the mind and not the heart
where i want you to be,
so i ask myself what you've left behind for me
to go on each day and live as if
i have you once again
what else is there that's real
but all the pain that i feel

so let the pain remain
forever in my heart
for every throb it brings is one more moment
spent with you,
i let the pain, bring on the rain
if that's the only way
if there's no other way
to be with you again

2) is there something - christopher cross
Lately I see clouds of sorrow in your eyes
Some deep sadness you can never quite disguise
Now I'm scared to ask what it's leading to
But I'm more afraid of not asking you
Is there something that you want to tell me
Is there something that I ought to know
Are we something that's still worth fighting for
Or should I simply let you go
Is there something I can do to reach you
Are we something more than history


1) there's no easy way - james ingram
I held her close to me
Coz I know she breaks so easily
And then I told her
Though I knew no matter how I tried to console her
Then she'd do the best she could
But there are times the best is no damn good
And no matter how you try to be kind
There's always still a part of you you'll leave behind
When they fall apart
There's no easy way to break somebody's heart.

I lied and told her she'll be fine
Though we both knew it was just a lie
I had to do it
Coz I had said anything to help me get through it.
And she reached out for my hand
And her simple touch was more than I could stand
And I had to turn away coz I knew
All the hurt that she was feeling, I was feeling too
When they fall apart
There's no easy way to break somebody's heart.

She could've gotten angry
And made me feel like a guilty child
But I realized that never was her style
I wanted her to hurt me
And not treat me like a friend
I wanted her to say "there'd be someday
I'd come crawling on my knees to ask her back again"
But she acted like a lady till the end
Oh, what a lady!

I thought that she'd bring down
But she smiled at me and never made a sound
And I guess she understood in her way
Coz her silence told me everything she could not say
When they fall apart
There's easy way to break
There's just no easy way
There's no easy way to break somebody's heart...

TISSUES PLEASE. *sniff sniff*

PS: i listen to sad songs when i'm too happy or excited. it calms me down. hehe. sounds silly but it's true. and what about when i'm sad? when i'm sad, i listen to loud music like alternative or dance music. ok, i'll go back to crying...

the 25 things?

this was originally from facebook. i was supposed to upload it there but it's acting weird again so i decided to post it here. i've actually done this before and i've decided to take a different way of doing it. in tagalog, para maiba naman. lol.

1) FACT: i cry over movies with animals, be it animated or not. shamelessly, i cried over kingkong. and yos was like, "why are you crying?" who wouldn't?! kingkong was innocent!

2) WORDS OF WISDOM: embrace your mistakes. take them as lessons and use them as inspiration to do better next time. from the words of bo sanchez, see everything in life as preparation.

3) LESSONS LEARNED: i've learned that sometimes, quitting leads to success. just know when and what to quit.

4) WORDS I LIVE BY: one of the most powerful wealth belief i've learned: everything i need comes to me! (from audio talks of bo sanchez)

5) WORDS OF WISDOM: while it is true that nobody can change a person, but it is possible to give someone the inspiration to make them realize the best of who they are and what they can be.

6) WORDS OF WISDOM: never underestimate the power of your dreams and imagination.

7) WORDS OF WISDOM: prayers and hard work are the best tools in life.

8) WORDS OF WISDOM: live life in gratitude.

9) WORDS OF WISDOM: a truly beautiful person loves and finds inner peace on who truly she is (skin color, height and other physical attributes) and spreads this peace, transformed into love to everyone.

10) GOAL: our future home will be eco-friendly - open air and natural lighting as much as possible, plastic free, with veggies garden and will practice rainwater harvesting.

11) FACT: if there is something that i don't rush myself, its crossing the street. particularly in our street where 10-wheeler trucks are regulars.

12) FACT: if there are some childish things that i cannot give up, it's my huge like for crime stories particularly TV show Criminal Minds and the anime Detective Conan and detective books particularly those of agatha christie. probably my fascination for human psychology (which i want earn some units with) makes me like them so much. and another childish thing i can't seem to let go is reading mangas. the good thing is i only read 2 of them: Gakuen Alice & Codebreaker. so if they end, i will not read anything else again. unless diana will find me a really worthy one to waste my time with. hahaha.

13) GOAL: finish a 10K marathon :)

14) FACT: i only have 1 pair of brand new hava's and i bought it because i was embarrased to say no to the seller (which is a great lesson learned, hehe). my other pairs (only 3) were all bought 2nd hand. buying 700++ for a slipper is insane. it does not feel right when a lot of kids have no shoes.

15) WORDS I LIVE BY: real love is about dirty hands, not beating hearts...(bo sanchez)

16) FACT: taking medicines actually scares me, especially antibiotics. that is 1 reason why i am paranoid when someone sneezes or coughs and especially when my throat start to hurt.

17) GOAL: visit all cities in the philippines! woo hoo!

18) FACT: pizza. pasta. i can eat them everyday. thankfully i don't. but i would gobble them everyday if we are in a make-believe world where we eat and eat and never get fat & sick.

19) GOAL: own an all-white cat. nothing of those fancy breed (they are so expensive!) - i just want a plain white cat. i'd be very happy if you would give me one :)

20) CRAZY IDEAS: when i was a kid, i wished for a TV or a magazine where you can just grab anything you like. hahaha. hey, admit you did too. i remember i made this wish when i saw an ad about polly pockets. haha.

21) FACT: i've stopped drinking coffee and softdrinks since i was in 4th year high school. although there are times i allow myself to get a gulp or two with softdrinks - there are really days that a carbonated drink is the best way to get rid of that thirst..but i try to limit it to once a month. that is why, starbucks has no appeal to me because i don't drink coffee.

22) FACT: ....but as much as im good with the no-coffee & softdrinks thing, I CAN EAT ANYTHING SWEET! but when i got acute tonsillopharyngitis (sorry if it's misspelled, tee hee!) this year, i was forced to cut it down. a struggle ever since.

23) GOAL: i want to retire early from my professional career and be a full-time volunteer to my chosen ministry.

24) CRAZY IDEAS: i really hate cigarette smoke! it gives me a headache. and i guess everybody knows that second-hand smoke is more dangerous. i wish there was some kind of mask bubble for all smokers. the idea is that smokers alone, can inhale all the smoke. that should do it. it would go something like this. hahaha. sorry for the ugly drawing. not my talent, i admit. but i hope you got the idea.

25) GOAL: eat okra. i eat all veggies but this one, i just can't seem to make myself.

the best of them all... (manila 2010)

i had more fun memories from my 4 day trip than anything else. i refuse to focus on the negativity of manila (read: dishonest taxi drivers) because that would be no fun for me.

1) the Human Nature Summit and the Search for the Human Nature National Ambassador
what's not to like about it? it was the best thing in the world! meeting inspiring people and listening to them is heart-warming. and the girls (my fellow area ambassadors) were all nice. it was never a competition - we were just a group of girls having fun. congratulations to marylaine viernes for winning the human nature national ambassador. you truly deserve it may :)

Area Ambassadors with Global Ambassador Ms. Rachel Grant (L-R: Dindi-Mandaue, MJ-Tacloban, Angel-Laguna, Dawn-Cebu, Rachel Grant-Global Ambassador, May-National Ambassador & Metro Manila South, Devi-Davao, Cecile-San Fernando, Ingrid-Metro Manila North, Roselle-Iloilo, Gillian-Naga & Max-CDO)
(sigh) i miss the girls..

2) my make-up was done by camille meloto
the genius behind love mineral make-up..i actually prayed that camille will do my make up and it did happen. wee!

with my make-up artist, camille meloto. it was my pleasure to have my make-up done by her.

3) meeting Gawad Kalinga Founder, Mr. Tony Meloto. he will always be one of the people that i look up to. he continues to inspire me and yos to do our best to serve others. also meeting Human Nature President, Anna Meloto-Wilk & her husband, Vice President of Human Nature, Mr. Dylan Wilk. and their daughters too. such charming little girls. and of course, meeting face to face global ambassador ms. rachel grant. too bad i don't have a solo photo with her. but i believe i will see her again.
one of our inspiration: Mr. Tony Meloto, Gawad Kalinga Founder

also one of the people i look up to - Mr. Dylan Wilk, Vice-President of Human Nature Phils and her charming daughters, Ariel (the cute girl doing the korean pose) and Chloe
4) my question was given by ms. susie abrera of unang hirit. whew! it was a good thing my mind did not block out from nervousness or excitement by simply being on the same stage with her. and she is so good with hosting: realxed, witty and funny..

5) our manila based friends who took their time to see us: paulette & jericho, pansit & roda, vhong, nate, edsel, andrew & kristal, roy, archie, paolo & pids! it was nice seeing you guys again.

talking & laughing till dawn. thank you for the pimples guys. all worth it! hahaha!

6) my love minerals make-up from Human Nature!
it's free and best of all - all organic and natural for every kikay girl. watch out for it as it comes out in november. aside from the harry potter movie in november, Love Minerals is making me squirm in excitement. and i would actually be happier if i actually received my free stuff from HN. please?! hehehe.
7) my bouquet, sash & plaque..
the bouquet actually made my trip going home really difficult. batet and yos was all for leaving the bouquet behind and i was like, NO WAY! it was my first mala-beauty queen bouquet and leaving it behind was out of the question. hahaha.

this is actually the reason why i did not bring too many pasalubongs. my 1 hand was committed to bringing the bouquet. hahaha!

8) finally being able to visit AdMU..3 more ateneo schools to go in the philippines - naga, iloilo and xavier. and i suddenly remembered i forgot to take my photo with st. ignatius over there. tsk tsk.

9) alone time with yos..we actually had alone time together. we visited GK Expo and went around QC Circle. hahaha, maid-boy kaayo ug date. too bad he had to catch his plane at 5 and that is the reason why i wanted to kick myself right the church of Gesu

10) my biodegrable spoon and fork from bioware! admu had a green exhibit and i just had to buy them! all for 40 pesos. being green is really cool! :)

bad, worse and the worst

this entry will highlight the things that i hated about my manila trip. their numbers don't take up my whole fingers so no need to worry about bad publicity. hahaha. i will just take them as lessons learned. at most.

1) taxi drivers and their i-wont-give-your-change-attitude
what is up with this?! i felt that 75% of my pocket money went to paying fares for our taxi rides or rather being cheated out of it. i don't mind the 5 peso but a 20 is pocket-pain. my scary experience was i had to meet pids at MOA, i had to keep checking the taxi meter. my bills were in big amounts and 2 one hundred bills. i told myself that i'd really get out of the taxi and walk if i had to because i don't want to give him my 200 if i exceeded 100 because i knew he would never give me my change. and the experience that really pissed me off was the taxi i took going to the airport. he turned off his taxi meter before i had the chance to see it. so i had no choice but to pay him 100 pesos. i knew it was just around 60pesos because i took yos to the airport the day before. GRRR! it was a good thing pids was the practical one. we took the bus during our tour around the city. and i had to make him take me home because i forgot the place. that is why, i decided to do everything to make all davao city drivers honest. whenever they try to shell out more from you (especially when you come from the airport), jot down their names and tell them that you will report them to LTFRB. sir bong had the same experience and they had to go through court hearings. anyway, that is what taxi meters are for, right?! yes, enough of my manila taxi trauma. hahaha. and another lesson, always bring bills and loose change.

2) overspeeding and traffic
aside from the shocking 70 pesos flag down and 4 peso rate of airport taxis, traffic welcomed us with a warm hug. boo. and mind you, the speeding never seems to bother them. and cars are so near with each other, you can actually touch the windows of the vehicle beside you. we actually got in an accident on our way to the branch office. see?

3) this is not a bad thing but actually just an observation...mcdo and jollibee are the central conveniences of davao. they are at every corner. whew! and they are actually together. i wonder who follows the other? haha.

4) im not a fan of mall of asia. you just go round and round and round till your feet hurt. it took me an hour to actually find krispy kreme store. it was such a hassle.

5) the term "duol lang na diri" (malapit lang yan dito) takes on a whole new meaning in manila. hahaha.


7) cebu pacific shattered the frame of my certificate. fail.

(sigh) okay...i think i had written enough. i'm on to writing the good stuff now. hahaha.

while on a trip..blogger is still on the move!

these were my blogs during our flight going to manila, while waiting to pick my question for the national search and the endless waiting for my flight home.

(thoughts on plane, 10/8/2010)
one thing you should know about me is that i can't sleep on travels. it's like some sort of alertness is in me whenever im on a bus or plane. and since planes are conducive to writing, might as well do something productive.

whew! a day more and it will be the Search for the Human Nature National Ambassador. i am actually nervous. my greatest fear is actually not being able to answer the question - or my mind goes blank on stage. i do not want to add another entry to my most embarrasing moment.

i never thought i'd come this far. i was contented to be a dealer for Human Nature. i was honing my skills in selling and marketing. i already have books to read up to improve my skills. when i first came across the search, i wanted to apply for fun's sake. since im a frustrated beauty queen - being 5 flat footed (hangyo pa na! hahaha!) gives you that frustration actually. anyway, while going through the application and requirements, i realized it would steal time from promoting, talking to prospects and other work-related stuff i was busy with, i decided to forget the fun. then a month after giving up the idea, i got a call from karina asking me if i was still interested to apply for the local ambassador position. since that time i was not that busy, i decided to go to the interview - again, for fun's sake. after my interview, mam monique told me that i was qualified for the search for human nature local ambassador. if i remember correctly, that was september 18. the search was to be on september 25 during the dealer's assembly. at the back of my mind, i was still doing it for fun's sake. i was excited to the prospect of being in a "sort-of" pageant. and exactly on the evening of sept 20 - i received the call from mam monique - telling me that they decided to forego the search and chose me to be the area ambassador for davao city. i was shocked and so thrilled. i knew i sounded a bit off to mam monique that time. i was actually crying because i was so happy.
those were really fun moments to reminisce. and here i am now, boarded on this plane (with yos sleeping soundly at the window seat, hmph!) on my way to manila to represent davao city. woo hoo! alright, i'm getting the prepare for descent over the PA system. bye!

"the riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man..."


(the waiting, 10/9/2010)
in an hour or so, im going up that stage. this is probably the most nerve-wracking wait i've done - at least for now, let's be clear on that. haha. i never imagined that at 28, i'd still be given a chance to walk on stage like a beauty queen. and to top that, being able meet a lot of wonderful people. i am just thankful for being a part of this. the thoughts in my mind right now are downright silly..

"thank you Lord for the winning question.." (yes, i actually prayed this. hehe.)

wait, i'm going to pick my question. be right back...

(after picking the question)
yes, our questions are given 20 minutes before the actual interview. the organizers understood that we are all first timers here (most of us anyway), so they probably do not want us to be really nervous on stage. and my question is...


gotta run. i have to organize my thoughts for this. and we'll be on stage in few minutes or so. this is it! good luck to me! :)


(alone in manila - i'm homesick!, 10/11/2010)
why? why? WHY? why did i have to book the 7:25 flight today? i should taken the earliest afternoon flight. now i'm stuck, all alone in manila. i feel so homesick right now. i want to cry! i don't have the drive to go to malls. being in a taxi stresses me out. just refer to my next blog. hehehe. but i'm the girl who finds good in everything. i feel homesick but im a bit glad for the long stretch of me-time. gives me time to write all the blogs that i should be writing and get the relaxing mood before i get back to work. oh well, gotta get to writing now. yey!

of gratitude and thank you's

i never really got the chance to extend my thanks to a lot of people...i owe it to everyone and i want to dedicate this blog to all of you.

i want to say thank you to my Father in Heaven for the overwhelming opportunities that has come my way. i am also thankful for the people He blessed me with - to help me, assist and encourage me.

a lot of thanks and love to my family especially for their unwavering support and prayers.

thank you human nature - davao (Green Kreations, Inc) especially to mam monique, sir rick, mam joy & mam sylvia for the opportunity to be part of something so wonderful and fulfilling. i had fun and at the same time, i have learned a lot. it is my pleasure to give my time and efforts to nation-building.

thank you karina camille for all the assistance. thanks for keeping me company at the dressing room. it helped me ease my nervousness.

thank you yos for taking a leave from work to accompany me in my "career". hahaha. your presence has given me the strength the whole time. thank you for believing in me :)

also giving my thanks to batet who joined me in my trip too. thank you too for accompanying me in shopping for my clothes and my shoes. i'm sorry i was not able to keep you company during your shopping. we'll do it next time, okay?

thank you KC for the fashion tips and for lending me some accessories. thank you frani for the beauty queen tips. hahaha.

a big thanks to sir igy and mam pam, the people who introduced me to human nature.

rona....salamat kaayo sa pag-edit sa akong mga photos. hahaha.

thank you sir bong for the admu insiders and especially the gift certificate of the hotel i stayed at last sunday.

thank you to all who wished me luck especially to kai, lynith, kimmy, hannah, wendie, tiny, robbie, leggy, mam bimbay, mam beth, mam tess, diana...everyone. im sorry i can't remember everybody but my heart is with you.

to roy, archie and paolo - thank you for being our tour guides. let us not forget the "CIVET" tribe of paolo. hahahahaha!

to paulette & jericho who took their time to see us, thanks so much. also, salamat pauletta sa pag-accomodate sa among mga kagamitan. hahaha. by the way, you still owe me my accessory.

daghan salamat pidang for taking me to the fort - i had a nice time "climbing" with you. hehe. next stop is polu kai, alright?

thank you to pansit & roda, andrew & kristal, nate, vhong and edsel for the time. napuyat ako ng todo sa inyo. at sumakit tenga ko sa ingay ni andrew. haha. but i had fun. gosh, i missed those times here in davao.

thank you also to Human Nature Manila, especially to Ms. Joanna for taking care of us. it was our pleasure to meet all of you.

to my fellow area ambassadors - Marylaine (Congrats for winning the Natl. Ambassador), Ingrid, MJ, Angel, Dawn, Max, Roselle, Cecile, Gillian and was an honor meeting all of you. hope we all keep in touch. i had the most wonderful time with you girls..

thank you camille meloto :) it was an honor to have my make-up done by you. before the event, i prayed na sana ikaw yung make-up artist ko. and it did happen.

i hope i didn't leave anybody out. im truly sorry if i did, hehe. as i've said, i did not win, but i've won the things i've really prayed for.

lots of love,
devi :)

on the 1st day of october....

....i gave my heart away.

and 7 years later, the same man still holds my heart.

some people told me that it's a bit difficult to commit to a man who was 3 years younger. they insist that him being a student still and me a new graduate, our priorities were a lot different. even my mom hinted that we would never get along.

I AM THANKFUL I WAS CRAZY ENOUGH NOT TO BELIEVE THEM. my feelings for yos were not that intense when i agreed to be his girlfriend. but i liked the guy who was brave enough to pursue me. haha.

everyday, i thank God for Yos. we are both changed people because of what we have learned from each other. while it is true that nobody can change a person - but it is possible to have someone give you the courage to become the best that you can be. it is possible to have someone believe in you, and the good that you can do.

our anniversary is not counting the years we have been together, but it serves as our promise of the good and wonderful things that we are to experience and share together, the dreams that we are to fulfill and the lives that we are to touch.

happy anniversary bäby. you and me and the world :)

"real love is about dirty hands, not beating hearts...."
(bo sanchez)

something new!

this year, addu welcomed 2 foreign exchange students from the netherlands - to do their internship here in our country, particularly in davao city. i was tasked to take them for a day to see some of the good spots in davao. they were particularly interested in seeing the monkey eating eagle so off we were to mintal. since they have been hitting the beaches of samal island on their own, i decided to take them to eden nature park for lunch. we first visited the philippine eagle foundation. well, there were no major changes except for the cages of the eagles were a bit dark because the trees were really grown and it was a bit difficult looking for the eagles. and oh, they have a smaller eagle outside the cage.

anyway, we decided to leave after seeing all the animals. the mosquitoes were crazy and HUGE. and with the dengue scare, you won't make me stay longer either. before going to eden, i made them taste durian. it was fun. eduard was brave enough to finish 1 seed but hans gave up after tasting it. he told me that durian smells like baby poop and when he tried eating it, he can't help but think of baby poop. oh well, to each his own. but they did like mangosteen.

here are some of my photos:

the monkey eating eagle outside the cage. i so wanted to touch it :)

this crocodile is fat & lazy. look at his stomach!

the bird is mad at me for watching him eat. LOL.

we had lunch at eden and they were both impressed with the food and its taste. as usual, we just took the shuttle tour around eden and waited for our ride to pick us. it was fun knowing their culture and i hope it was fun for them too.

the group

rush blogging: is there such a thing? yes, i'm doing it now!

tomorrow marks 15 days before september ends and i have only posted 3 entries for the last 15 days. believe me readers (if i have any - thank you very much), i really wanted to update this as much as i can but right now, my life is a bit complicated and rather funny. there's this really mind blowing thing that i committed myself into and i don't even know why the hell i'm doing it in the first place. i promise to blog about it once it's over and who knows i might be posting something really wonderful. haha. anyway, im just writing this to let off some steam and all are random thoughts. mostly based on what i've read at twitter today.

senate against media: from what i've gathered, senator joker arroyo accused media of putting the country in a bad light when they reported the hostage taking and giving video feeds to an international news. what a load of crap. i think that's unfair. yes, media tends to sensationalize things (a lot actually) but to accuse them of making our country look bad is an idiotic statement. the media owe it to the people to tell them the news, whether it is good or bad. i'm not even going to point what the pnp should have done but the thing is, news is not about making the world see our best but actually giving the public what it must know. if sen. joker arroyo wanted to see only the good things, then watch NBN. wait, wasn't that TV station also in controversy?!

lady gaga's meat dress: seriously, i don't want to say anything about this. all i know is that there's a thin line between creativity that pleases and creativity that annoys. there, 'nuff said.

why was i not told drama: mothers of college students often complain to us why they were not informed about their kids' attendance and absences. oh my. just this afternoon, a very distraught mother was berating us that she was not informed that her son was already debarred from his classes. no matter how much we empathize, she blames us for this. well, first of all, this is not high school where class advisers call the attention of parents for every single mistake we do. second, there 2,000 first year students and playing mother goose to all this students is not part of our job. we give updates to inform parents but we leave it to the parents to do something about it. anyway, it saddens me that kids nowadays don't give importance to school. or rather to the fact that their parents work their butts off to send them to good schools. shame on them, really.

oh well. i've reached the 30 minute limit for blog writing. i have to many things to share but i'll do it next time. till next time folks :)

the things that actually made Mati trip memorable

our 2-time retreat master fr. rudy fernandez, sj never fail to mention in his talk the fact that he never gets bored. he shares that whenever he finds himself doing nothing, his minds travels to his memories and he tries to understand and appreciate them. i made a personal reflection the first time i heard that statement and i realized that in a way, i am like fr. rudy. i don't get bored. i always find a way to entertain myself - a good book (a reread or a new one), a good movie (then a movie review after) and a lot more. and i also found out that there is pure happiness in simple things. some good things in life are actually free. the point is to discover them.

i had an abundant share of simple pleasures the last time i went to mati. the fact that i got to visit mati for 3days for free is a pleasure in itself. so here are the others..

1) i mentioned in my previous blog (THE TRIP THAT WAS: Mati, Davao Oriental (Sept 2010)) that we visited the Carmelite Monastery. there was this nun (she was the one watching the souvenir shop over there) and she told me that i was very pretty. she even asked me if i was a student. she was surprised when i told her no. she said that i look so young to be working already. pinoy that i was, that comment made me shy. really. i said my thank you quietly. then she accompanied us to their chapel and she pinched my arms lightly and said, "gwapaha ninyo oi...labi nato inyong kauban." (both of you are so pretty, especially the girl who was here earlier. ->she was referring to jizelle actually.) anyway, that comment made me feel light-hearted. i know Sister does not often see a lot of people but i felt the sincerity of that comment.

2) we had a free afternoon when we arrived at dahican so i took advantage of the silence and solidarity since everybody was relaxing on their own. the whole afternoon, i played with the waves like running against them and taking dips. when i got tired from running, i'd sit down and reflect. believe it or not, i daydreamed. i whispered my dreams to the waves. seeing the waves rushing back and forth gave me strength that those waves are my dreams and they are coming to me because they are all going to come true. when it was dark, i lay on the sand and gazed at the stars. again, i daydreamed. it was a very clear starry sky. i was very happy and at peace at that very moment. i thanked God for giving me that moment to dream, to thank Him, to look on my life - how i wanted it to become. i imagined how Abraham must have felt when God told him to look at the sky and count the stars if he can for those will be the number of great-great-great grandchildren. and i told God that those stars are going to be my dreams and the people whose lives i have touched. it was a magical - talking to God, praising Him and hearing the waves altogether.

3) that trip broke all my prejudices. that trip opened my eyes to the goodness of other people. i remember bo sanchez's book about being a superstar and the trip helped me discover a superstar. people may say nasty things about him (i did myself but i guess i never really understood him the way i see him before) but this time, it does not surprise me that this person is a superstar.

4) FREE FOOT SPA! sand on a beach is actually a good way to get rid of those feet callouses. believe me, my feet were really soft after walking barefoot the whole afternoon and evening.

5) seeing a sunrise for the first time! it was an experience that i will never ever forget. seeing how the sun rises, how it throws light upon the world - it was truly wonderful. this is how i captured the moment:

thank you God for this beautiful treat :)

Mati, Davao Oriental (Sept 2010)

it's been awhile that i have not joined school recruitments and i wanted to give it a try again. i asked my boss if i could join them at mati for the annual school fair and was given the go signal so i was a bit excited to take the 3 day trip with them. whenever i think of mati, i always remember the zigzag roads and dizziness. but since i like taking roadtrips, i have to beat this problem. and only, only TRIPS will cure them. haha.

DAY 1 - we left the city at 6AM and arrived at around 10. we just checked in at our hotel and headed to the school fair venue. it was the Annual Davao Oriental School Fair. well, i just thought of it as bazaars in davao where people sell stuff but this time, we sell our school. haha. anyway, we didn't get to give our presentation that day since we arrived late. we were scheduled the next morning so we just stayed there till 2PM and headed to IMHA, one of our feeder schools. after IMHA, sir rikki invited us to check out dahican. so we went and well, what do you know? we decided to switch hotels the next day. they were actually planning for the grilled food along the shore thing and well, why not?
all blue and all smiles at IHMA.

who would not be enticed by this? sand? waves? can i sleep here? like now?

after a sumptuous dinner at seaside restaurant, we went back to our hotel and retired for the day. but i slept late since i had to watch "GREMLINS" on cable. i always get good movies on cable during trips. and it's when i have to sleep early. major bummer. oh well, i still had to watch my childhood movie even just for a few minutes. haha. but you know, gremlins are still really cute creatures - in my opinion.

- this time, we got there early and got the first slot to give our presentation. it was fun. the kids really liked games and giveaways. who doesn't?

some members of the recruitment team at work!

after the energetic talk of sir rikki, we made a short stop at the capitol over the hill. i love their capitol's location - overlooking the sea. work-related stress will be washed away just looking at the breathtaking scene outside your building.

goofy moments at the capitol building

we then headed to the carmelite monastery. i said some prayers and slept at the car while waiting for everybody. i was there already two years ago so i didn't join the group at their walk at the holy rosary. i just joined the group when they were buying stuff and entered the chapel. i love the silence there. it's so peaceful and relaxing. before we headed to dahican, we stopped at this really cool store with all those cheap finds. and the rest of the afternoon was spent at botona beach resort - sleeping at the sand, taking a dip at the warm waters, running with the waves, eating then going back to sleep. i love that afternoon. evenings were spent on getting a dip at the freezing water, eating and drinking and telling of ghost stories. we slept early that evening since we wanted to catch the sunrise that morning. i was excited since it was my first time to catch a sunrise.

(photo courtesy of: Bong Eliab)

DAY 3 - we woke up at 4:30 and waited. well, i was actually awake at 4AM and i was still so sleepy so i was debating in my dreams whether to get up at 4:30 or just sleep till morning. and since my mind was awake, i decided to get up from bed and join them. i took some sunrise photos and i hope they look good. i haven't done photoshoots for a long time and oh well, just look at the photos.

a very sleepy sir bong, catching the sunrise with us.

sunrise at dahican, september 2010

sunrise with the moon smiling at us (dahican, mati - september 2010)

before we headed home, we stopped by at sir rikki's house at lupon and had a good lunch. thank you sir rikki for the lechon and the bananas.

i'm definitely going back there. and next stop is MASAO :)

- FriendS -