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the day i decided to quit!

after prayers and endless personal reflections (with the help of Bo Sanchez's materials) - i've decided to quit. don't misunderstand. not quit negatively, but the exact opposite: QUIT THE LIFE I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE.

i decided to quit my poor old habits of thoughts.
i decided to quit the scarcity mentality.
i decided to quit on the negativity.

i learned that quitting the right things at the right time leads to success. would you believe that i actually feel so energized? it's like waking up from a series of senseless sleepwalking. i've truly realized that i cannot do things in half. i've decided to embrace the whole face of change and renewal; time to receive the blessings i have blindly refused; time to embrace the gifts that i have not fully used and time to to share the whole of myself to my dreams.

armed with faith in the Almighty, myself and the people whom i know who can help me, i take the first step TO QUIT TO SUCCEED.

"be unflinching with your purpose and be flexible with your path."
(bo sanchez)


dear everybody,

one of my secret dream is to be able to use and buy these products: burt's bees and other organic and natural products. i tried to ask how much is a burt's bees lotion. and i just shake my head. too expensive. i better stick to the regular lotions. no matter how much i want to use the organic & natural stuff, being able to afford them & buy them regularly would take a toll on my pockets.

but now everything is possible with Human Nature. it's an answer to my dream: all natural and organic, of high quality and affordable. and it answers my other dreams too: Filipino-made and supports Gawad Kalinga (my beau & i are believers of Gawad Kalinga).

i first tried the goat's milk & cocoa body butter. i think body shop's body butter ranges from 300 to 600. Human Nature's body butter (100 grams) is at 149.75..can you believe it? after using it for a day, i gave away all my body lotions. and its so sweet smelling - like taking a bath in strawberry syrup. at the same time, i also bought the organic citronella bug spray for the mosquitoes. since it's the start of the rainy season, dengue cases are a bit higher this year. i had dengue 3 years ago and i don't want to take that road again. and i never liked off lotion (sorry, i never wanted to badmouth this brand but it's the only anti-mosquito lotion i've used so im kinda out of concrete example. really sorry.) because it smells like an insecticide. just imagine applying insecticide on your skin. scary thought, huh? human nature's bug spray is made of citronella oil and virgin coconut oil, which makes it safe even for small kids.

i decided to sign up as a dealer after using the body butter and the all organic (DEET-Free) Citronella Bug Spray. believe it or not, i did not do it for the money. i did it because i really wanted to use their products. im living my dream! i became a dealer because i wanted to share the wonder of their products with other people and selling it would be the best way to do it. third, i wanted to help promote Filipino made products and at the same time support the advocacies of Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. & Gawad Kalinga.

then i next gave up on my chemical laden shampoos & conditioner. i got to admit, i thought about the decision to switch to organic hair care for a week. i kept thinking that would it really be just like the products i previously used? but if i was to become a dealer, i have to believe in them. so i made the switch. i gave away all my unused shampoos & conditioners. right now, i am happily using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, all in mandarin scent. and my hair is better than before. i got to admit, i got weirded out because my new shampoo did not foam up like the others. but i am glad to know that organic shampoos don't have SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)...im not going to go into technical explanations of SLS but im just glad i dont use it anymore.

other products im using are: Super Fruits & Black Rice Facial Scrub, Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer, Anti-bacterial hand soap. im just waiting for my other products to be used up and i'll replace them with all products from Human Nature.

right now, i am glad that a lot of my friends use the products. it doesn't even bother me that they buy from other dealers. as long as its Human Nature, im fine. one of my funny experience in selling is, people are more doubtful of using these organic products - when it is more safe to use. but i respect everyone's choice.

thank you sir igy for introducing us to Human Nature.
thank you Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. for creating a nation more beautiful - inside & out.

my take: WILD CHILD (2008)

there is something about this chick flick that i totally dig. and im not even going to try to sound scholarly about this. i am one biased blogger this time.

poppy moore (emma roberts) is a spoiled, problem child and her father decided to send her to abbey mount, an all girls boarding school in england. she felt an outsider among the uniform clad girls and had no friends, being an american & a new girl at the same time. and worse, she earned the ire of head girl, harriet.

upon knowing her family crisis, her 4 roommates (who were once not fond of her) decided to help her be expelled from the school. when her pranks didn't earn her suspension, they decided to make poppy date the headmistress' son, freddie - since fraternizing with the son was strictly prohibited. however, operation expulsion seemed to backfire. poppy is starting to like the school and freddie.

however, an altered email created friction between friends & freddie. feeling so alone, she decided to call ruby, her bestfriend in LA, only to find out that ruby was actually dating her boyfriend and does not really like her. while playing with her cigarette lighter, she accidentally lit the kitchen curtains, put it off and ran back to her room. minutes later, a fire erupted in the school kitchen. thinking it was her fault, she confessed and was facing an inquisition in the school's high court. her friends made some research and found out that it was not possible for her to write that horrible email. through her friend's help, she was cleared from her offense and it was found out that harriet re-ignited the fire to put the blame on poppy.

why i like this simple chick flick, huh?

1) british accent! bloody hell (in my fake brit accent)! anyway, they really sound so good. a little trivia: the actress who played moaning myrtle is actually in the movie. find her.

2) you remember people in school whom you didn't like at first and ended up to be the most wonderful people in the world? and there really are some people who pretend to be your friends? the movie hits home.

3) they didn't have a mushy love story. i mean, freddie & poppy dated - which i really find it cute but it was not central to the story. which was really good.

oh well. just watch and tell me what you think. *wink* i think every girl is entitled to silly movies that makes her go mush. lol.

food for the gods: TIA NINNA's (CHIC approved)

Tia Ninna's Pizza House

address: guerrerro street, davao city (fronting dimsum diner & beside mandarin)

for one thing, we are pizza and pasta lovers. this new place delivers both. not too expensive. family size pizza is only for 190 and pasta is at 85, good for two. believe me, if we weren't on a diet, we'd be ordering more. their pizza is really good and for the first time, the pizza crust was not ignored. it was crunchy and munching on it was like eating junk food. lol. their pasta was also good. we ordered chicken & mushroom pasta: it was cheesy and truly filled with chicken bits & mushroom pieces. ambience is also nice. their walls are of picturesque scenes from different countries. the photo above is from greece. we dubbed their place as having the "one more chance" setting. lol.

downside: they don't serve iced tea and other frozen drinks. im not sure with softdrinks since we don't drink colas. tiny asked the waiter what flavored shakes do they have and the guy looked at her like she was asking something from planet mars. and they close at 10PM. so not the place to lounge lazily about. and i haven't checked their restrooms, so i really have nothing to say on this. we are definitely going back so i owe you a restroom review. lol.

verdict: CHIC Approved

remember, if it's CHIC approved, it's got to be good. tiny & batet must be cringing at this post. hahahahah!

my take: CINCO (2010)

warning: semi-spoilers ahead!

from star cinema comes five (5) tales of horror weaved in 1 movie.

BRASO was the story of 3 neophytes in a fraternity, being initiated through the "fear" factor: staying in the morgue for 3 hours. terror gripped them as a cut-off arm with an RIP tattoo is wreaking havoc & eventually possessed the fraternity master.

PAA was a tale of mother's painful love for her daughter. not being being able to grant her daughter's request for a new pair of shoes, Eliza had to find other ways, that eventually led to death and a revengeful ghost.

MATA tells the story of a teenage lovers involved in a shooting accident and had to relive it over & over again.

MUKHA is about a oppressive manager and how her attitude got the best of her.

PUSO is about an ugly duckling desperately in love with a colleague and winning him through a love spell that even death won't stop him from wanting her.

my difficulty in giving a concrete review for 5 in 1 movie is giving a general view of the film. shake, rattle & roll were popular way back then as series of tales in 1 movie but not as separate parts of a whole. anyway, i was expecting it to be like the latter so i had to include my first impressions of each episodes: BRASO came as abrupt and came to be the weakest of them all. sam concepcion provided the humor to fill the bland surprises and obviously computer generated balls grabbing horror arm. PAA was good, the story was promising and jodi sta. maria fit the role to a tee. comedy and horror was combined well. i must commend joy viado for her witty presence in the film. however, excessive gore killed the essence of the scare. also, i find the end a bit unsatisfactory. MATA was lousy. it was a poor copycat of the premonition person in final destination. some repeated scenes were not consistently repeated (ex: original scene had rayver shouting at some drunk guy and the drunk guy shouted some apologies but in the repeated sequence, the drunk guy did not apologize). maja, the supposed to be horror princess was simply in the wrong episode. MUKHA was better. i felt the episode was a bit short for its promising story. mariel rodriguez has the natural flair to be an antagonist but not in horror. her natural shrill voice is still shrill even in her screams. PUSO was fun. pokwang & zanjoe (forgive my bias for my crush, lol) were good.

and came the sense. the movie was actually in reverse. PUSO was the origin of the BRASO episode. MUKHA, MATA & PAA was the journey of the BRASO. so the opening sequence of a faceless guy tattoing himself with RIP finally made sense. the arm appearing in every episode meant death. movie's story had substance but lacked the emphasis of the RIP tattoed arm. humor filled some failed attempts to scare and well, to sustain the comedy horror genre. all in all, a good 80 minutes treat for the mind. but if DVD copy comes out, better to wait.

ps: i never got a poster for this movie over the web. what the heck.

the story of the girl in distress

late this afternoon, we had a teenage girl asking for someone's contact information or possibly the home address. according to her, she was from manila and was supposed to meet her cousin in school. however, her cousin (a guy), did not inform her that there were no classes in the afternoon. she was kind of frantic because she had no place to stay and her cousin told her he was not going to bring a mobile to school today. as a matter of policy, we are not allowed to give any information about our students so i decided to contact the guy myself and check where the guy lives. that way, i can help her without giving her any information. and guess what i found out? the guy does not live in the city and has no listed address in the city. so i decided to call him on his listed mobile number and the guy himself answered. i gave the girl's name and the girl demanded that she talk to him. from what we heard, she was MAD at him and the funny thing is, she asked where he was. and she accused him of why he has a mobile with him. well, she really sounded pissed off. and the funny thing is, the number i called up was the same number she was calling.

something's fishy, right?

i think, that guy was hiding from the girl. and she is not really her cousin. and she's not really from manila because she asked the guy where he was and told him he'll go to him. i think that girl was the guy's GF from the province and she sneaked from home to visit him in the city.

so, what do you think? LOL.

the 3 in 1 post

i swear i'll update this often!!! im sorry blogspot for neglecting you.

wounds & scars
i dont understand the need for the japan to publicly apologize for something that happened 65 years ago. yes, i am a woman. i am aware of the sufferings of those women. but, the past cannot change. and whatever action will be done today will not change anything that has happened before. i believe the people who had wronged these woman have somehow "paid" in their lifetime. the modern japan cannot be held responsible for something their ancestors have done. i prefer to believe in reconciliation in spirit and healing as a nation. if japan apologized, will the women victims finally move on? have they waited this long for a reconciliation that needs to be affirmed?

dog & master affair
this funny thing happened this morning. i was waiting for a puj and there was this guy who was being tailed by a dog. apparently, it was their dog and he was actually shoo-ing the dog to go home. the dog just kept wagging his tail and followed him everywhere. he was about to make a ride, the dog still followed him. so he had to hide and then make a run for it. if it was not for the vehicle, the dog would have ridden the puj too. the dog was not able to catch up with his master yet he stayed and tried to sniff out his master. anyway, when the dog tried to sniff me, i shooed him and told him to go home. then i suddenly remembered the movie, hachiko. the one where the dog waited for his master for 15 years at the trainstation, not knowing that his master had already died. yes, that movie was really sad.

hmmm... the guy sure has a very good dog. i hope the dog got home safely.

mother lizard & baby lizard
i have noticed something peculiar in my room for the past few days. there's this little lizard playing on my floor. and when i looked up, there's a big lizard in my ceiling or sometimes hiding in my curtains.

what if, the little lizard ran away from his mother and is trying to live on his own?

LOL. who knows?


originally written by Bao Shi, who adapted the screenplay from his novel, "Remembrance", the road home adds up to the list of Zhang Yimou's masterpieces: including the cinematic debut of the Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. (source: wikipedia)

the story begins with Luo Yusheng (Sun Honglei), a city boy who comes home to the village of his childhood for the funeral of his father and to comfort his grief-stricken mother. his mother insists that his father be carried on foot, all the way back from town to their village to be buried - following an old chinese tradition that has not been done in their village for a long time. her mother believes that through the journey, his father will always remember his way home.

the narrator then narrates the love story of his parents: a small village girl Di (Zhang Ziyi) and Luo (Zhang Hao), a young village teacher. at that time, marriage of one's choice was uncommon practice. their courtship began through glances, Di's cooking and trips to the well, Luo's special attention to Di and Di's love for Luo's voice. however, Luo was called back to the city. Di was heartbroken yet carried with her Luo's promise to be back before the school holidays ends. however, Luo did not come back and Di waited for him along the road from the day he said that he will come back. the hard weather made Di very sick and upon hearing this, Luo went back to the village to see Di. they were separated for another two years (due to Luo's sudden departure) and after his father never left his mother's side ever again.Yusheng realizes the importance of the journey his mother wants for his father. they hired men from other towns to carry his father's coffin and ended up having most of his father's students helping in the journey, without asking for anything. and to fulfill his father's wish, Yusheng taught in the school for one day.

the movie touches the value of family and home. the road signifies the journey of the father and of the son to their home: Luo for his wife and his students and Yusheng, for his mother and his father. home meant Di for Luo, and home meant his mother & father for Yusheng.

the journey to home is both a journey for the family: Luo's final journey, Di's journey to the story of their love and the son's journey to his great past and a journey with his mother and father.

true to the adage, home is where the heart is.

personally, this is one of my favorite movies (and much to my dismay, my friends don't understand the kilig i feel whenever i talk about this). i will never get tired watching this.

creative pinoy #1

if you are an avid fan of TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., then you all know how monica geller-bing is with glasses creating wet impressions on her table. this, would have save her a headache.

saw this at mamu's, an impressive restaurant along el rio. will blog about the resto when i get to eat their again. hehe.

all about me #1

i really have nothing interesting to write since i did nothing exciting over the weekend. but i did see a lot of hunter x hunter episodes so i guess that was exciting enough. lol.

anyway, i decided to write useless trivias about me. haha. tweet me if you read this.

i stupidly love wearing boots. such a silly, silly choice of footwear considering the kind of weather we have, right? rains excite me since i get to wear them. unfortunately, rains here just decide when they want to pour. what a bum. but, i do get away wearing them sometimes. lol.

i love tearing this part of papers. and i dont even know why! *rip rip rip*

i should eat corn this way: in straight lines & no mess. admittedly, im a bit OC so that probably explains the need to eat this way. haha.

yes, as you will notice, i have a huge liking for shoes. yos teases me having too many shoes yet i only have 2 feet. and i just tell him, you just dont understand. lol.
this is one my fave pair. i bought this 3 years ago and despite the fact that its a bit of worn out (no, make that a lot), i still wear it whenever i can. its so comfy and cute. don't you agree?

Bridget Jones, Edge of Reason

idle reading is often surprising. since i've already consumed all my books (man, i need to get new stuff to read!), i gave this one a go.

from helen fielding, bridget jones: edge of reason is reading the life of 30-something single girl making it in the world. i haven't read the bridget jones diary but i think getting to read that book - i'll leave it to chance. lol.

bridget jones is easy to identify with. and the fact that the book is her journal entries, the more easy it is to read. its like reading into someone else's juicy life. she writes about her crazy friends, her singleness, her dating problems, her relationships, her out of this world parents and her hellish job. its a funny read too. and since i'm a sucker for a bit of romance, this book definitely has one. what i find very amusing with bridget is how much she reads self help books especially on romantic relationships. she and her friends often point out theories they've read whenever they see each other and talk about their relationships. there's the theory of "mentiontitis". lol. better read to get a sense of what i'm talking about.

i'm actually selling this book. wanna buy? i love this one but i can give it up. does not go with any of my collection.

seriously. i need new books for my bookworm spot.

in search of the flaws

one of film app class homework was to watch a movie and identify 5 to 6 cinematic flaws. i chose 2 movies since i had the privilege of not submitting this on time. lol.

MOVIE NO. 1: Hannah Montana, The Movie

sypnosis: miley stewart (miley cyrus), a girl leading a double life as a pop star, hannah montana. (note: if you watch HM on disney channel, then it's the TV series on the big screen.)

Flaw 1 - Continuity: a papparrazi tailing hannah montana in a boutique came in wearing a suit, was in the store the whole time and followed montana all the way to a beach party. he came out from the car already wearing shorts.

Flaw 2 - Continuity: before miley rode her horse, she was wearing earrings and when she got on the horse, her earrings were gone.

Flaw 3 - Continuity: during an argument with travis, miley was carrying her clothes and make-up kit and placed them on the ground. while going back upstairs, she lost the jacket and further up, she lost the kit.

Flaw 4 - Storyline Being out of Reality: hannah montana announced that she will be performing a song she just finished writing and it seems the band knows the song very well.

MOVIE NO. 2: 17 Again

sypnosis: Mike O'Donell (Matthew Perry & Zac Efron) is on a trip...to his past. see him go through high school in the hope of helping his kids and win back with his wife.

Flaw 1 - Continuity: Zac Efron lost the sunglasses in class and appeared again stuck in his shirt in the cafeteria scene.

Flaw 2 - Continuity: Stan suddenly lost the toothpick in his mouth while talking to Zac.

Flaw 3 - Continuity: Zac Efron had cheese stains in his mouth but he was not eating, then the next cut, the stain on his mouth was gone but he was still about to eat the food he prepared.

Flaw 4 - Continuity: During the scene where Scarlet & Naomi just got back from a party and Mike & his son were shooting hoops, Scarlet's bag was slung on her arm, then she was holding it on her hand, then it was slung on her arm again.

there you go. believe me, this activity proved to be tiring to the brains and eyes. you have to keep alert on every scene. in short, it ruins the total movie experience. haha. however, i intend to practice on this. im planning to watch movies from other genres, particularly adventure and action movies.

the funny thing is, i decided to check over the web so as to check whether same people noticed the cinematic flaws i gathered. and there really is a site where they put up all this so-called movie mistakes. and to my horror, none of my picks were the same with them. was i wrong? but i was so sure about them. i decided not to be bothered with it. and to top it off, 17 again had the major record of highest movie with movie mistakes. and i just saw 4? oh well. as i've said, i need to practice on this.

tip: make sure you've seen the movie already or else, you never get to enjoy it. and second, don't dissect your favorite movie. major buzzkill.

prevention is STILL better. fight dengue!

since davao del sur as been placed on an emergency state due to the abnormal rise of dengue cases, let us remind ourselves on how to avoid dengue. i suffered from dengue last 2007 and it was the scariest time of my life. and we need to be vigilant. believe me, dengue can be deadly.

this is how our enemy would look like, so BEWARE!

i'll share my dengue experience so as to give people idea on what they are going through.

i had high fever on the first day (39 degrees) and put it off as normal fever. what i noticed then was, i had this bitter taste in my mouth - all food tasted bland, no matter how salty & sweet i made them, alongside with body pains. taking paracetamols relieved me of fevers and everytime my fever subsided, i would get soaked in sweats. the 2nd day, my fever was on & off but bitter taste in the mouth & body pains were still there. the 3rd day, same symptoms: high fever (went as high as 40 degrees), bitter taste in mouth & body pains.

on the fourth day, my mom persuaded me to see a doctor and was advised to undergo CBC exam & urinalysis. the thing is, i felt fine that day (except for the bitter taste in my mouth & body pains and 1 bout of fever in the AM) so i decided to get my lab results later in the afternoon. when i gave my lab results to the doctor, she immediately contacted her associate doctor and advised me to see her. she told me that my platelet count was way below normal and i could have dengue. after the medical check-up, i called up my mom & told her about my visit to the doctor. she wants me to check myself in a hospital. although the doctor did not strongly advise hospital admission, my mom insisted. and so i gave in. at the emergency room, the doctor who took care of me asked me symptoms that i was positive i didnt have: rashes and stomach pains. the doctor applied torniquet on my arms & woah! red small rashes appeared. and so i was admitted. i had another platelet check that evening and was to await my doctor the next day.

on the fifth day, i had no fever but my whole thighs & legs were covered in red small rashes, still had the bitter taste in mouth and i just noticed my stomach was bloated. my doctor told me that my liver is bit enlarged and was ordered a shot of vitamin K. needles scare me the most and to have it inserted in my IV was scarier. and the worst part? my platelet dropped to 77 from 106. it was not going well. i was emotionally distraught that time. i had to be somewhere else other than that hospital bed. i was forced to drink that herbal med to help me recover.

on the 6th day, another terrible news. my platelet dropped to 56. i rested, i took my meds - what the hell was i doing wrong?! the doctor already talked of transfusion possibility. i did not want to go that way.

thankfully, my platelet improved on the 7th day. prayers were answered. i can be discharged the next day if it continues to stay that way. and it did.

tip: if you have that high fever for three days, especially as high as 39 degrees, better see a doctor and get lab exams. and always keep track of your symptoms. and...

here's a video on dengue awareness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEFsbaWvVcM&feature=related

lets stay healthy people. prevention is still better than cure.

every woman should have and know

i think i posted this somewhere in my inactive multiply and i think it came from ira. i really love this. and i think its worth another post in my new spot. and it's actually from maya angelou.


..one old love she can imagine going back to and one who reminds her how far she has come.
..enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to.
..something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour.
..a youth she's content to leave behind.
..a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her old age.
..a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra.
..one friend who always makes her laugh and one who lets her cry.
..a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family.
..eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems , and a recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel honored.
..a feeling of control over her destiny.

..how to quit a job, break up with a lover and confront a friend without ruining the friendship.
..when to try harder and WHEN TO WALK AWAY.
..that she can' t change the length of her calves, the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents.
..that her childhood may not have been perfect, but its over.
..what she would and wouldn't do for love or more.
..how to live alone - even if she doesn't like it.
..whom she can trust, whom she can't, and why she shouldn't take it personally.
..where to go - be it to her best friend's kitchen table or a charming inn in the woods - when her soul needs soothing.
..what she can and can't accomplish in a day, a month, and a year.

THE PIANO (1993)

finally. i finished my first serious film review after attending sir bong's film app class. gah. needs to improve. and i still owe myself 3 more reviews.

"the piano" is a masterpiece of jane campion that revolves on ada (holly hunter), a mute woman who was married off by her father to an unknown man and was sent to new zealand together with her only treasures: her piano & her daughter flora.

ada is a willful and passionate woman, yet repressed by the society - a daughter sold off to a man and a wife whose will should be obedient to the husband. in the opening narration, she reveals that her silence is not a limitation but a test of patience and her piano is her voice.

the piano represents ada herself. it weaves into the men involved in her life, her daughter and her life in new zealand. her husband stuart (sam neill), a european settler refused to bring the piano with them which is considered a rejection and a desire to repress ada. she then appeals to baines (harvey keitel), a european settler who has embraced the way of life of maoris (native settlers of new zealand) who decided to give the piano to her in exchange of sexual favors under the pretense of teaching him how to play, which is another repression for ada. ada's need to strongly possess the piano back reveals how much she needs to possess herself amidst all control the men are trying to force on her.

it is interesting to note the setting and time period of the movie. colonial period in new zealand meant the importance of land, both to the european settlers and the maoris. land to the maoris is their identity - belonging to a community. to the european settlers however, land meant power & hierarchy. much can be said on how different is stuart from baines. stuart acquires land for power - his house, his clothes and antagonistic relationship of maoris to him supports his status as a european land grabber. baines, on the other hand, lives in a wooden hut, dresses grubbily and has an easygoing relationship with the maoris. with this, stuart agreed for the trade of his wife teaching baines to play the piano, in exchange of land.

however, baines has been captivated by ada's silence and passion. though ada seemed at first horrified at the thought of baines' conditions, she allowed herself to be captivated by the man who seemed to understand her silence and passion.

flora (anna paquin), her daughter also represents a part of ada. aside from the fact that flora is her mother's mouth, she also represent ada's youthfulness and innocence. upon seeing her mother & baines together in bed, it seems to create a certain tension and break of bond between the relationship of mother and daughter. in fact, it was through flora that stuart got an inkling of an affair between her wife and baines.

stuart's cruel punishment of her, meant nothing to ada. instead, she has shown how much power she has over stuart. her silence has shown stuart that he cannot bend her will and passion for him, which eventualy made him let her go.

the piano had two conflicting end: ada living with baines and working as a piano teacher, trying to learn to speak again. and the one with ada, buried under the ocean together with her piano. the latter stands symbolical. the repressed ada is dead. there is a need for her to free the ada that was betrayed by her piano, betrayed by herself. that is why she let the rope catch her feet when the piano was being thrown in the middle of the ocean and yet, realized that she has been freed. through the narration, she herself was amazed that her will has chosen to live.

the movie is commendable not only for its direction but also for the actors and actresses. holly hunter is superb and so is the young anna paquin.

"I have given the piano back to you. Ive had enough. The arrangement is making you a whore, and me, wretched. I want you to care for me. But you can't. Its yours, leave. Go on, go..." (the piano, g. baines)

partying...the UTI way!

it all started with rona's bday at someone else's house. lol. and the theme parties just kinda snowballed.

(the first elaborate themed party we had. it was fun. and a bit embarrassing but who cares?! lol.)

then we had our double christmas celebration, kicking it off with an amazing race & concluding it with a punk themed christmas party. talk about eyeliner overload. lol.

(the amazing race teams wearing their colors: violet & red and pink is me. the race masters. haha.)

(could we say punks not dead?! looking good emo-ers. hehe.)

and sometimes, we'd dress up just for fun. i could never forget the one summer when we decided to wear beach attire for work. haha.

(alin, alin, alin ang naiba? obviously. just kidding fran.)

(we look good, don't we?)

then, we had the 80's themed party. it was a kind of sad since they were less of us.


and last year, we had our jazzed-up your jeans party. its weird cause i cant find any photos of it in my files.

im feeling nostalgic again. *sigh* funny, but i never get tired organizing parties for these people.
now, things are not the way they are. i gave up on "R". and i did it for a good reason. but sometimes, i cant help but think how could i give it up easily when it has given me so many wonderful people. but, no regrets. i'll always be the "R" girl to them. and i'll always remember our "R" days...

dont rush in growing up.

yesterday, yos and i had our dinner and seated at our right were two young teens - whom i strongly believe are in their high school age. and seeing the two girls like that were a bit disturbing.

i hope we (or mainly me) dont come out as judgmental here. i dont make judgments. i give opinions.

the first girl was wearing heavy makeup - heavy eyeliners & mascara, with bloody red lips and both of them were wearing "not warm enough for an evening with heavy rains" clothes. i didn't want to look at them but they were both loudly talking, playing loud music and they kept painting their faces every now & then.

yos & i felt sorry for them. they are young yet they seem to be in a hurry to grow up.

GENSAN plus a bit of POLOMOLOK (april 2010)

one of the spur-of-the-moment trips last summer. this was supposedly a trip of drama but it ended happy for everybody. lol.

yos, me & tiny left the city at around 7 in the AM and arrived at around 11. man! gensan has this impenetrating heat. goodness! i was sweating like crazy! forgive me gensan but it seems to me mr. sun has something against you. we went to see some of yos' cousin and had lunch and went to see rowe & cherie at dolores farms resort. the resort was impressive. there's a pool, lodging area for guests, a fishing area and a zoo. good eh? but what i liked best was the POOL - from spring water. the water was ice cold. it was like taking a dip in a fridge. and the best thing? you dry up easily. haha.

(this really huge chicken amazed me. haha. yes people, its a chicken. it not an ostrich.)

(this bird has amazing eyelashes. rajz cant beat this pretty one. lol. sorry for the poor image quality - from my cam phone)

we met up with richard, a good friend and a local, and toured around polomolok. i like polomolok. a simple town, yet has a lot to offer locally. i was impressed with their children's park and their town hall. spent the whole afternoon at richard's place and feasted on fruits - pineapple, avocado, mangoes, banana & lanzones. talk about upset stomach. haha.

(at the children's park slide set. i really like it!)

(IM IN NARNIA! prince caspian (ben barnes), where are you? im waiting by the lamp post.)

the evening was spent at calda pizza place where the six of us attempted to finish off a 36" pizza. and we lost terribly. we vowed though to bring the UTI dream team and claim the win. haha.

(the infamous 36" pizza and the six people who thought they could eat it all. haha.)

we stayed at dan's house that evening and i really love their house. hehe. simple yet elegantly decorated. the next day was spent at malls (kcc and robinson's mainly) which i really find tiring. early lunch and videoke and we headed home at late afternoon.

woot woot! spur-of-the-moment out of town trip was awesome!

CARRIE (stephen king)

it took me awhile to go back to any work by stephen king coz the last time i had anything to do with it, i was struck dumb. (it was the movie "tommyknockers", by the way)..anyway, i decided to give it a try and the book of my comeback is...*drumrolls*...carrie.

the book tells the story of carrie white, a highschool misfit who possessed telekinetic abilities. and it all ended in a tragic high school prom.

honestly, this is the first book of king that i've read. so i wont dwell much on his writing style. i find the story a bit sad. reading it makes you think back of high school and think of people whom you were mean to. what makes the book interesting is it's small study of psychology. it had a part where they studied carrie's mother and her overly-religious mania. mind you, she considers monthly menstruation being sinful. funny yet, disturbing. all in all, carrie was a satisfactory read.

im search for the next king's book. lemme see...

10 Worst National Anthem Performances Ever

yes, singing your country's anthem has become a dream among artists today. particularly the Star Spangled Banner where all artists seem too eager to put their signature mark.

but, this is what happens when it becomes a nightmare.

and the number 1 spot goes to..........Kat de Luna! view the other 9 here.

relationships and infidelity

im not a relationship guru but it seems the topic (thanks to pau and ira) never got out of my head. these two girls told me that it's good to try cheating while in a relationship. you know, for the sake of experience - to know what it feels like. love them as my friends but i was horrified at the idea.

i've heard different tales of unfaithfulness and believe me, i have heard from both sides: the cheat and the cheated. and i hate the former. truthfully, infidelity is not something i would tolerate. i remembered when i saw the movie "unfaithful" (diane lane, 2002), i was so bothered. in short, the idea, even in fiction is painful. it saddens me that some people i know seems to accept the fact that infidelity is OK, especially in men. i could still remember how i strongly voiced out my opinions on why jinkee should not tolerate pacman's thing for the girls. they pointed out (yes, they are men) that for all the glory pacman made, he should be allowed some fun. (rolling my eyes)
yes, fun, at the expense of morals.

that's why it can never be ok for me to cheat for the sake of experience. what would you ever learn from hurting other people's feeling after all?

i didn't realize i was an emo then. lol.

i reread my previous blogspot (unable to access due to forgetfulness) and i couldn't believe that i was such an emo then. lol.

i just picked the page i had the most emo-ish entries. (shakes head)
can't still believe it.

which bring me, i want to delete this account but i can't access it anymore. boo. must find ways.

are you talking to me?

came across this article today: 21 Things You Should Never Buy New and i feel the article hits home. i am a huge fan of bargain shops and reading articles that support my attitude towards buying is like bible. LOL.

majority of my books were bought from sales and previous owners. i must say the cliche "onli-in-da-pilipins" for cd's and dvd's though.

my shopping is alot better when i can buy more stuff from my budget. im a great believer of simplicity and when you pretend to be socialite, more is expected of you. that is where life gets difficult. living life to the expectations of others.

so, there is nothing wrong with buying pre-owned stuff. it's the attitude, people.

oh, dear.

yay! guess who's back. i have decided to move beyond the 140 characters. (LOL)
and im thinking what to blog for the next few days.

oh, dear.

- FriendS -