STRAIGHT FROM THE BAUL: collected observations, part 2

(originally written 28 aug 2008)

"mangasawa jud ko ug prince!" paulette blurted out. im used to her sudden weird outbursts so i smiled at her knowingly but said nothing. the next day, i realized she is really into her imaginings because she was researching the names of royalties in the net. i had to laugh. paulette is that bored.

now, karlo heard her. he replied to her, "ai ate, if i were you, start locally..."

i laughed. do you know why? i wont say anymore. kayo na bahala mag isip. hehehe.

i miss the crazy paulette here :(

(while at the office)
"mam, mangayo ko ug kanang prospectus sa pinakabarato ninyo na course."

i smiled at her blankly. i did not know what to answer her. instead, i asked where her son/daughter interests lie. she insisted on her first request. then finding her request out of this world, she laughed. then she asked for a particular course.

well, i admire the mother, to tell you the truth.

i was reading applications one night and i came across one applicant who answered..

Skills: Manipulating

well, well, he cant manipulate me. hehe.

this incident is not my experience but shared to me.

outside our gates are lots of street children begging for alms. there was a particular student drinking juice from a tetra pack & a little child came up to her and asked for food. so she willingly gave her juice to the little child & watched him/her take his taste of it.

but instead of drinking it right away, he removed the straw, turned it upside down and placed the straw in reverse before drinking.

o dba? bongga na bata.

this i got from my friend, whom the "mang-aagaw" of her now ex-BF replied to her when my friend texted "her" what she felt about what "she" did. sometimes, its better to express oneself in one's native tongue.

"i am what he says 2u L8r. its d truth ur fndng. i know ur mad. from d vry bgng i know u wil get mad @ me. i cnt blame, its na2ral. but i dnt think so its a sin..."

the loser should count his loss in double. hehe.

STRAIGHT FROM THE BAUL: scene 1: bayot akong katapad....Lights, Camera, ACTION!

LOL. i am now going through my blogs in multiply and i was laughing at this. if you haven't read it, it's about time. hahaha.

(originally written 6 jan 2009)

puj's are nothing but my favorite locations of melodrama. yos & i experienced one last december. it took this long to write since i was busy over the holidays and this takes time to write.

we went home around 2 in the morning from torres and we couldnt' get a cab due to the crowd leaving the place too, so we decided to commute from there and drop off to a location where cabs are easier to get. everything was quiet inside the puj except for a guy (GUY A) sitting in front of us, who was talking to an acquaintance (GUY B) one seat apart from me. yos was slightly tipsy and was trying to doze off. as a general rule, travelling keeps me alert despite the drowsiness i was feeling that time. i was busy staring at the scenes passing by when GUY A said something to GUY B. it went like this:

GUY A: bay, kataw-anan ba. unsa imong himuon kung bayot imong katapad?

GUY B was dumbfounded and gave him a sleepy "huh?" and i glanced at GUY A. he was "sort of" smiling and i thought he was humoring the guy seated to his left (GUY C). i thought that he knew GUY C and wanted to joke about not noticing it earlier. so i shrugged. just as i was about to go back to staring into space, GUY A's voice became agitated and he was shouting at GUY C.

GUY A: gago ka bay! bayot ka! kanaug! sumbagon tika karon!
GUY C: bay, bay, sori. wala gituyo. naka-inom ko!
GUY A: naka-inom sa imong nawong! *profanities* makatugtog man gani ko maski naka-inom ko! gago kang bayota ka!

at this point, GUY A was in hysterics.

GUY A: nong, nong, ihunong ang jeep. naa'y manaug. kanaog bay or sumbagon tika! gago ka!

poor manong driver pulled to a stop. GUY C shook his head and refused to step down from the vehicle. GUY A was physically threatening GUY C and was shouting. GUY B called him to move to the seat beside him and manong driver barked the same instructions. GUY A (thankfully!) moved seats and was now seated beside me. i glanced at GUY C and tried to make out if the accusations were true. well, he did NOT look homosexual to me. but then again, you could never tell this days. but still, he did not have the "maya-maya" aura either.

but that did not keep GUY A from keeping quiet. he still hurled nasty remarks like, "dili man diay ka brod, sis! ha! sis!" and every cryptic remark he could think of. he was annoying to be exact. i felt sympathy for GUY C bcos even if he did was a homosexual and made a pass, he does not deserve to be humiliated this way. i started looking for my very heavy coin purse and was itching to hit him in the face just to pacify him. he went through his tirade until the guy seated at yos' right (GUY D) spoke up.

GUY D: panan-aw diay nimo bay, bayot siya? (he sounded sarcastic. i think he was also irritated by GUY A.)
GUY A: ha! si brod, aw, sis diay! bantay-bantay ana bay, basig ikaw sunod ni sis! haha!

to be perfectly honest, GUY A was really getting on my nerves and i wanted to speak up too. i wanted to tell him that he's so OA and very defensive of his being a "guy".

GUY D: kaloko kaayo ka bay ba! (angry now)

that did it! i felt it was leading to a brawl. we stepped down from the puj bcos i wanted to avoid the fight. i was sure that if it ever came to a fight, i would really hit GUY A. but, i just wanted to escape the fight. i was half scared but i was more scared that i would hit GUY A if it came to a boxing match. hehe.

and when i told my colleagues this story, they complained. huh? bcos i didnt stay throughout the drama. hmph. some friends they are.

well, that's it. but what really made me curious about is what did GUY C do to GUY A to make him react that badly? hmmmm...maybe i should have stayed. hehe.

DEAR YOU moment: Case #1

i've decided to make a "dear you" category in my blog to contain all the things that i wanted to say to someone that would only make everything a mess. all persons and events will remain vague and nameless. as i am aware that only 2% of my friends read my site (and i really appreciate it guys, thank you!), i have no worries of things written being told to the concerned party. haha. and by writing this, i don't intend to bad-mouth people but i'm just letting off steam.

for years now, i've heard of bad stories about you, yet i never said anything that will just add more sh*t to your already stained character. i kept my respect for you because you taught me how to love film and movies. i learned how to deal with tough situations - situations that you yourself gave us. to be truthful, i am afraid of you. and i still am, until now. i often ask myself why. you have no more hold of me. but why do you have to be that way? always angry at the world? always finding faults at people? always mean to other people? does it make you happy? does it satisfy you that people are actually afraid of you? don't you realize that people are nice to you not because they like you but because they are afraid of you? has it not crossed your mind that things would be better for you if you were a little cheerful, a little nice and a little friendly? i know what you are going through but it is not an excuses for being difficult to the whole world.

forgive me for writing this about you. but i just can't take you anymore!
i feel so sorry for you. i am sorry that you cannot laugh, you cannot feel the happiness of the world, you cannot be nice. i am sorry that you cannot wake up in the morning feeling all that is good and beautiful. but you will always be my teacher, no matter how difficult you were, i will still give the respect that you deserve.

i wish you happiness and most of all, i wish you peace especially within yourself.

STRAIGHT FROM THE BAUL: ako ang miss universe ng blog na ito..

in lieu with the spirit of miss universe 2010, i remember doing this blog 2 years ago (5/2008)..and this made me laugh. and of course, i updated it to include miss raj's question.

fran's idle watching of youtube gave me an idea for this blog. when i was in my teens, i dreamt of being able to wear that crown. but since my mind opened up to a lot of opinions and i realized that i greatly have a huge height deficiency (hehe..), i am contented to fulfill my teen ambition of being able to answer their winning question.

Miss Universe 1997
Miss USA, Brook Lee

"if there were no rules in your life for 1 day, and you could be outrageous, what would you do?"

devi: i would buy all the clothes & shoes i could get my hands on and never feel guilty about it!

Miss Universe 1998
Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Wendy Fitzwilliam

"a woman has just awakened after being asleep for 20 years, what will you tell her she missed?"

devi: i will tell her she missed the chance of learning the incredible technology, missed the chance of being able to improve the world or to make it realistic, she missed her chance of helping her country in the best way she could have. that is what she basically missed from her 20 years of sleep.

Miss Universe 1999
Miss Botswana, Mpule Kwelagobe

"if Ms. Universe would have become pregnant during her reign, should she be allowed to continue as Ms. Universe?"

devi: if being pregnant while reigning as the Ms. Universe is considered a hindrance to her being a beauty queen, then i think that the pageant has lost its meaning because it hurts the very essence of being a woman.

Miss Universe 2000
Miss India, Lara Dutta

"right now, there is a protest here in cyprus, calling the Miss Universe disrespectful of women. convince them that they are wrong."

devi: it is understandable we have different cause but we didn't come here for nothing. we understand the purpose of this event. it is our choice to be here. we may not all agree but as much we respect your choice, then, we also need the respect for our choice.

(((note: this by far is the most difficult to give an answer. bcos i share some of the sentiments of the protesters.)))

Miss Universe 2002
Miss Russia, Oxana Fedorova (dethroned) replaced by 1st runner up Miss Panama, Justine Pasek

"what makes you blush?"

devi: an unexpected gesture & witnessing somebody else's embarassing moment

Miss Universe 2005
Miss Canada, Natalie Glebova

"what is the biggest challenge in your life?"

devi: it is tough to fight for your life values when everyone seems to be corrupted in every way. it is a challenge to live your life's principles when it is easier to go with the flow.

Miss Universe 2006
Miss Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera

"what is your definition of success?"

devi: being successful means that one has taken fairly, given more and never forget the people that helped them become who they are.

Miss Universe 2007
Miss Japan, Riyo Mori

"what is the 1 lesson you learned as a child that still affects your life today?"

devi: to share what you have has never been easy but i will never forget that lesson since giving & sharing without asking for anything in return knows no age. and that is still what i want for children to learn.

there you have it, my own miss u moments. haha. well, what do you think?
go on girls, try it. it was fun.


what is one big mistake that you've made in your life and what did you do to make it right?

devi: i would have to say that one could not really mark a mistake as big or small. what matters is that every mistake i have made, i have faced with big courage and the biggest of faith. without the two, that would be the biggest mistake i could have made in my life.

now that i've thought about it, her question was hard. it was not an issue that needed an opinion. it was a self-discernment type of question. so for the seconds that she was given to think, i think it's unfair to make her answer an issue.

HOT SEAT: manic monday and major tuesday

not that this blog would actually make a difference. heck, i didn't even know what happened to mendoza. was he shot? is he still alive? despite the biggest networks special coverages and endless tweets, i never really got to see that part. sorry. but truthfully, im not sure what emotion to take. sure, i believe that mendoza was completely on the wrong to do something drastic and violent for that matter. he gave an embarrassing take on the filipino hospitality. but to be perfectly honest, what bothered me the most was the poor performance of PNP regarding the situation. that could have not ended in that way. i was shocked to see on TV a lot of people flocking the hostage scenario. were the police supposed to put some security line 3 to 4 meters from the place?! after seeing the chaos of the police, i lost the will to watch. i'm not a pessimist by nature, but the fact that PNP can't even control the crowds, i knew it will end in a disaster. and i don't think i'm wrong by saying it. and sad to say, HK has already issued a not-so-good travel advisory. oh dear. that was some manic monday.

however, i would like to make a round of applause to miss venus raj for winning 4th runner up in the recently concluded miss universe 2010. i must say that getting to the top 5 is a major feat. she really looked good in the swimsuit competition. such a tiny, tiny waist. LOL. dear girl, no matter what they say about how disappointing your answer was, always remember, YOU'RE THE 4TH RUNNER UP and NOBODY COULD HAVE DONE IT BETTER. congratulations for making the Filipinos proud. and this is major tuesday.

2 day drama. onli in d pilipins.

HOT SEAT: when it rains, it pours. excuse me, in Davao - it FLOODS!

for the benefit of those who didn't get to read the news article, i'm retyping it with all my heart so you can actually make a sense of my tirade.

Floods may be here to stay: Sara
(diana lhyd suelto, the mindanao daily mirror, 8/19/2010)

davaoeños may just have to resign themselves to the reality of floods whenever it rains as Mayor Sara Duterte has said there appears to be no solution to the problem.

Sara told the Mirror that she was told that there might be no solution to the flooding program because the city's old drainage system is not in sync with the new. she said some of the waterways are also blocked both in the old and the new drainage systems. Sara said a technical opinion given to her showed that the city's draining system needs a massive overhaul, something that had been begun during her father's last term as mayor. she said this was not completely successful because the city still becomes a virtual river whenever there is a heavy downpour. Sara said another suggestion given to her was to manually drain the floodwater using equipment and machinery. She said this is the solution she is willing to try but the downside is that there way too many areas in the city that get flooded. Sara said the city has the manpower to do the manual training but not the needed equipment. Sara said flooding is a problem that keeps her awake until late at night. She said she was still awake at 3:20 a.m. yesterday monitoring if flash floods and landslides have been caused by the rain.

now, tell me , does this piece of news makes you shake your head in disbelief? for one, i do not want and will never like leaders telling me that a certain situation is "hopeless". it's like saying to the people who look up to you, "well, we get flooded - so deal with it." it is entirely unacceptable. i would not want to go into what a leader should be. i've read hundreds of books about leadership and this is a classic example of what a leader should NOT be.

second, it does not tie up with our supposedly international claim of most-livable-city in the world. yes, it is the most livable city in the world. just pray it doesn't rain hard, dude.

third, floods can be prevented. you cannot stop rain but you can stop flooding with proper management and planning. The Netherlands has dealt with it and to think that country has two thirds of its country vulnerable to flooding.

fourth, what has been done to give such conclusion? were water resources experts consulted? can we get the names of the quote-EXPERTS-unquote who gave the crappy answers?

this is not just the problem of the government. THIS IS THE PROBLEM OF EVERY DAVAOEÑOS! if "big" establishments suffer the tag of flooded areas, so do we. we fear of getting drenched in water. we fear of getting stranded in the middle of the ocean, i mean, flooded streets.

thus, i suggest the following: GET SECOND OPINION from someone who actually know the problem. mayor does not have to listen blindly. i believe davao has enough expertise to help in the problems of the city. it would also be better to TAP THE PRIVATE SECTOR. the government does not have to do everything. and we really need to EVALUATE THE GARBAGE PROBLEMS of our city. and COMPEL THE BARANGAY LEADERS TO WATCH THEIR CLEANLINESS. and lastly, there should be a clear DISASTER MANAGEMENT GROUP.

there, i've said it.

TV Series Mania

as i am not still over the multiply move, here now comes my opinions on TV series that i am a fan of. probably except for "Heroes", which i dumped after Season 2. that TV series had me at loss.

6 friends.central york.

my favorite sitcom ever. one of the funniest too. one of the series where no actor/actress hogged the limelight. my favorite characters (based on personalities) are chandler bing (the sarcastic comic) and monica geller-bing(the obssesive-compulsive chef). but my favorite couple is ross & rachel. they were the reason why i will always love the u2 song with or without you. they aired for 10 years and the dialogues are so quirky and funny. my favorite episodes were (random memories): the one where ross & rachel became a couple, phoebe's bridal shower, all their thanksgiving EP's, the one with the onagi, the one they went to barbados, their london episodes, and let me see...i guess just about everything. hehe.

and they have impressive guestings: christina applegate (amy green, rachel's sister), david arquette (cox's real life husband), alec baldwin, selma blair (the fire girl in hellboy), george clooney, sarah ferguson, elle macpherson, denise richards, rebecca romjin, winona ryder, charlie sheen, brooke shields, van damme, bruce willis, brad pitt, robbie williams, freddie prinze jr., reese witherspoon (as jill green, rachels' younger sister)...

watch this and i assure you, you'll laugh your heart out. i actually watch them whenever i need a laugh. hehe.

tribes: kota, fang, nobag (merged)

highlights of the game:

1) most annoying player: randy...the meanest, most rude & bitter person ive ever seen. he gloats when their team wins and says mean things to the losing tribe. he is vocal when he does not like a tribe member. he was blinded into thinking that he rules the game. he hated his first tribe and was the happiest person when the 1st tribe switch came. he sucked up to marcus, charlie & corrine thus he replaced bob's place in the alliance.

second annoying player would be corrine. what a biatch. she was mean to sugar in the final tribal council.

2) MY FAVORITE TRIBAL COUNCIL: the hilarious blind side of randy...since the original fang members were up in numbers, they decided to vote out randy that night. but they wanted a better way to eliminate randy. when bob got sent to exile island after the heated auction, he did not find the hidden immunity (of course, because it was already with sugar). instead, he made his own immunity idol, to make it as a bait for his strategy. sugar had a chance to talk to him and he told sugar of his little plan, but he did not know that sugar already had the immunity idol (believe me, sugar got sent to the exile island 5 times and they never believed she found the idol. they never really believed that sugar had the capacity to find the idol. they were so stupid.) she got bob to make randy believe that he was going to give him the "fake" immunity idol. he was not to vote for randy, but still stick to his alliance but just make randy believe in the immunity idol. and randy was actually stupid enough to believe in the fake immunity idol (because for him, sugar was just a dumb blonde!) and became more confident and actually picked fights with suzie and crystal before the tribal council. all during the tribal council, sugar and the rest of her alliance were trying hard to stifle a laugh. randy was indeed voted out and he played the fake immunity idol. even the jury laughed. haha. the best tribal council. randy was so bitter in his interview after being voted out.

3) my pick of hottie survivor: i'd say marcus but since he got voted out early, id say matty. he looks a little bit of leonardo dicaprio. lawas kaayo girls, promise. whew! =)

4) the top five

bob - SOLE SURVIVOR. the very cool 57 year old physics teacher. i really find him intelligent & ingenious too. he made the fake immunity necklace that had a hand in ousting randy. he won the immunity challenges in a row and won the fire making challenge (tie breaker between him & matty, final 3 spot). i always knew that if it was between him, sugar & susie, it was pretty obvious that he had the jury since most of them were his tribe members from kota and the other two were not well liked. he got four votes from marcus, charlie, randy & corrine.

susie - 2ND PLACER. i never liked susie. aside from the fact that she was the cause of marcus' elimination, i always felt that she was just riding coattails with kenny & crystal. i really think that she had luck on her side. she made the decision to switch alliance at the most perfect time & won immunity challenges at the perfect moments (she won the immunity challenge, thus being secured in the top 3). her alliances voted for her: crystal, kenny & matty.

sugar - it was a pity she did not get any votes at all. matty should have voted for her. she saved his a** by giving him the immunity necklace when he was to be voted that night thus he became a part of the final 5. though she looks helpless & weak, she isnt. she found the hidden immunity necklace on her first visit on exile island (when dan the lawyer was so dumb about it!) and she played it very well. though she was crybaby, she never backed a fight against randy and corrine.

matty - i wanted him to win. i feel that among all the players, he was the one who worked hard. although he was a disappointment when it comes to challenges. he was physically competitive but he never won any immunity challenge. ugh.

kenny - of all the players, he was the most cunning. he was weak but he knew how to manipulate people. but he met his waterloo: bob. and he started lying to everybody. so it was really good he got voted out.

FINAL SAY: but survivor gabon is only a 3 star for me. the season's challenges were too easy. they did not even have a car reward challenge. most of their challenges were mind games. there were no individual endurance games. and, all of them always got into a verbal fight with one another. it was so chaotic. survivor cook islands is still my favorite season. hehe.

sypnosis: melinda gordon is a newlywed. she owns an antique shop (which by the looks of it, i really really like) and she can talk to the dead people (earth bound spirits, as she calls them). and help them move on to the next life (or "cross-over")...

what i think: aside from the fact that i like jen love hewitt, i love the series. i mean, i really have a weird taste when it comes to TV series so watching "ghost" series on a xmas holiday break is kinda morbid, dont you think? hehe.

anyway....the series is more on showing the stories of dead people who cannot move on to the next life due to issues they left behind. and melinda (hewitt) helps them. i even cried over some episodes. believe me, its a ghost drama series. the catch of her gift however is, she is hated by some dark spirits. there are spirits who do not want the other ghosts to move on. and they attack her. what makes it annoying is she does not have a supernatural ability to fight them off. hehe.

well, i had a good watch. i still have 3 dvd's to watch. thanks to john who gave me the series as a christmas gift. i really really love it...

14 Year Old Mother (14 Sai no Haha)

i really dont watch foreign dramas (with singkit eyes to be particular) that much, not unless, i really like the thing but this one is different. its about a 14 year old girl getting pregnant by her lover and how her life's choices has affected her life and those around her. its only short, 11 episodes. i found myself crying bucket of tears. its really touching, believe me.

this series kept me glued for the whole time. and i am currently crushing dr. reid. recommended!

HEROES (Season 2)
i finally finished the 11 episodes of heroes season 2..and what can i say?! it WOW, a hundred times!

a few spoilers for those who have not yet seen it:

a. hiro nakamura is the man! of all the characters of the series, he is my favorite!
b. a new annoying character villain in the name of adam monroe who has the same ability as claire.
c. new characters with awesome abilities: can cause a plague, adaptive muscle ability, electricity (mala-Volta), mind manipulator
d. old character(s) with improved abilities: parkman (awesome ability, i must say!)
e. new characters with same abilities with old characters: a cutie BF of claire, adam monroe
f. characters we have to say our goodbyes (i hope it does not have to be like that): DL hawkins, nathan petrelli, nikki sanders, hiro's father (ehe, forgot his name)
g. and guess what?! SYLAR IS ALIVE! and he is a menace, better than he was before! (grrr..)

volume 3 is entitled "villains"

ok, when will the writer's strike end?! we are waiting here, you know! <- actually="" believe="" can="" i="" lol.="" said="" span="" t="" this="">

after 8 dvd's, i finally finished this favorite tv series of mine =)

the first 3 series with prue (doherty) was the best years of charmed, i must say. to be fair, paige (mcgowan) was also good.

however, the series was already starting to lose their touch when they started to introduce the magic school. it was starting to have the harry potter influence. but, i think it was because of the character of wyatt & cris.

the last season was really annoying. there was the character of "billie" a powerful witch whom the charmed ones helped learn the craft & only to find out that she is the half of the ultimate power that ought to destroy them.

anyway, charmed is still one of my fave tv series despite everything. hehehe =)


i finally got to finish season one of heroes and I TRULY TRULY LOVED IT.

im excited for season 2 of course....i particularly liked how the characters particularly hiro, developed at the end of the season.

hmmmmm.....just watch it guys, no but's & no if's. IT WILL BE WORTH IT! =)

thanks to pre of kalasag who gave me a copy of episode 18-23 (though....hehehe...), shy who was kind enough to lend me her dvd :) and of course alex, who introduced heroes mania in the office...weeeee! =)

ps: the Heroes fangirling is making me cringe in embarassment.

food for the gods: PI PAN YA (CHIC Approved)

honestly, the only fast food chain that does not make me guilty eating them is KFC. and since i avoid eating fast food "foods", i keep my search for that home style cooking that i can always go back to whenever i feel the crave.
well, problem solved. PI PAN YA gives your stomach a homey feel. located at mabini commercial complex (mabini st.), you can enjoy simple yet sumptuous meals and oh-so-yummy desserts. we actually came to this place after our girl session at Streaks Salon (also located at Mabini St.) and robbie samson suggested this place. well, thank you very much robbie - we now have our place to fill our sweet cravings. well, aside from lachi's, of course.

our first visit was actually early of this month and batet and i had cream dory fillet. it was really good and worth the 95 pesos. sorry, we have no photo since we were so hungry that we had to eat dory the moment it was served. oopsies.

for the second time around, batet and i had chicken halang-halang and fried bacon liempo. well, i liked the chicken halang-halang but i was disappointed with the liempo. not that it didn't taste good but it was common. but still i enjoyed it. and 1 dessert that we really, really liked is the cream puff. i remember loving cream puff when i was in elementary and we used to buy it at park n' shop and that place turned into victoria plaza so it was a lost dessert in the long run. and now, ooooh, cream puff! and the rest of the desserts that i still have to gobble up...(photo below)

1 thing that i also like about the place is their ambiance. and the owner is so nice. i should remember to ask her name when i go back there. anyway, the place is well, what i can call homey. and i looooove their table set. i want one! the middle of the table has space and covered with glass and it has different designs. this was out table that night. and the tables have different designs.

and now i'm thinking of the cream puff.

as i am really, really MAD...

i chose to rant here since i am fairly sure that a measly 1% of my friends actually read my blog.

i'm so frustrated with everybody today. the people that i actually call "friends"...this fun run thing is actually stressing me out. the purpose of fun and bonding has been lost - all because of this damn registration thing. first, i got a comment that i neglected to remind them about the registration. i invited everybody, every UTI - even those who were not even interested in the first place. do i still have to make follow-ups for everybody? please, i am not your personal secretary. if you were interested enough, you don't need anybody reminding you about it. does the fun run organizer follow us up? nope. then i guess, the same concept applies here. i gave you the details, then work it out for yourself. i volunteered myself to bring the registration of rowe, cheri & yos since i was heading there anyway and i would be glad of help. and now i'm being blamed of neglecting to inform some people. the nerve!

second, somebody just promised me they'll submit the forms to the registration area today and guess what?! i was dissed - no show of that person. and the thing that really annoys me? i provided these 3 people with the 300gms pack for them to be able to register. AND NOBODY EVEN VOLUNTEERED to submit them. NO VOLUNTEER from the 3 people i gave free milo packs. yes, i am frustrated and very angry. because i am being taken for granted. if you tell me that you are not going to be angry with the things are going now, then congratulations - you should be a saint.


i really want to be a nice person. i don't want to plant seeds of hatred and broken promises with these people. but im hurt and nobody seems to really realize it. nobody seems to care actually. and i don't want to really sound that i'm counting the things that i've done for them. that's why, im going to go the registration area now and keep my mouth shut because i really have nothing good to say to anyone. but im through with being taken for granted. i am a good person but i don't deserve to be treated this way.

forgive me Lord, for saying these mean things. but i have no place to go.

And Now, A Young Man Responds to the letter, "The Man I will Love Someday"

the previous blog titled "The Man I Will Love Someday.." somehow created a wave of sighs and aroused romantic Filipinas. has been much the subject of reposts and like in FB. well, it's not yet over girls...

i would like to thank diana delute for sharing this again..

Here's a memorable reaction—the letter of a man any girl would love to fall in love with someday...

An excerpt from Pia's (the daughter) letter to the readers:

[...]Thank you toeveryone who shared their stories of waiting and finding true love and to allthe young people who appreciate the concept of not settling for just anyone but waiting for that someone. It is nice to know that there are others out there who still hope and pray for the right kind of love.

Two nights afterthe letter was published, I received this in my personal mail—an anonymous response to my letter. I want to share it with you all—a letter written by a man any girl would love to fall in love with someday.

Dear You,

I will admit that it came as a surprise to me when you decided to write a letter such as this. I always thought you were the type to keep things to yourself—one of the many things that keep us apart until now.

There is a part of every boy's heart that dreams of his princess. However, no matter what the age, this princess does not change.

Nineteen years into this life, and although your unwillingness to give your heart away is what troubles you, what troubles me is how willing I am each and every time to give my complete heart and yet there is no one to receive anything of me.

Try as I might to give my heart to someone I had imagined was perfect, and I end up putting the pieces back together, mustering the courage to make it seems like nothing is wrong and nothing has been lost, when in fact, everything in my life at that point feels otherwise.

Although I have only known you for a few years, I am as confident as a man in love can be, that you are the perfect girl I have been thinking of ever since. Nineteen years into this life, and we are both still apparently waiting...for someone to be swept off her feet, and for someone to sweep you off yours. And yet, here we are closer to each other than you would expect.

I am sorry I took this long. But, I hope you know, it has not been entirely easy, trying to whisk you off to my palace on horseback. I am not alone in this pursuit of your love and I have no palace to show you in comparison to the many other men who will try to win your heart. You have not been entirely cooperative as well, but I do not blame you for this. In fact, it's just one of the many quirks that sets you apart from other girls out there.

You will be disappointed to know that it has not been such a fairytale – meeting me, and for this I will be eternally sorry. I hope you know guys spend more than enough time trying to come up with the perfect introduction, what with sweaty palms and a shaky voice. As to the extreme disappointment I may cause you, I also hope you know that you are still as perfect in my eyes as always. I may not have begun it as a fairytale for us, but I will go through leaps and bounds to make you feel like the princess that you are.

Your eccentricities are what I love about you. Even during your occasional mood swings, it is the most endearing thing to see you shift gears. Although I must admit, sometimes it can be quite confusing; keeping me on my toes, it just makes me want to be with you even more. I want to be the man you stand beside at your best and your worst—because either way, you are still too beautiful, and I would be nothing less than the luckiest guy in town if you were just as happy as I was, standing beside you.

You are and will always be my best friend, even if one day I end up finding no more shirts because you have borrowed them all. And when you return them I end up not wearing them, still, because the scent is there to remind me of you even when you are not around. You are my best friend because you look out for me, after a stressful day, or after we lose a game of basketball. Even during times when you refuse to speak to anyone, me included—you are still my best friend.

You will be the girl I try so hard to cook for, and despite my best efforts I know I will fail, but I will love how you will try to taste my concoctions, even when the taste might make you cringe. You will be the girl whose mom I will try so hard to impress, and then you will fix my collar in hopes that I am ready to meet your parents. Adventure after adventure, you will be the girl I will see the world with, complete with the local cuisine taste and souvenir shots.

You are the girl I will smile to even in the worst of times. Even when the day feels like shit, I know that when I see you that my world cannot be so sad if you are beside me. You are the girl whose smile I will wake up to, even when some mornings might find me with a slight case of morning breath. I cannot wait to love you.

Fingers crossed and palms held together, I hope one day you will find me worthy of your heart. In the meantime, know that I am out here somewhere, waiting for you, hoping that you will be mine.

Loving you forever and a day,


*reaches for a tissue*

HOT SEAT: my thoughts on divorce

(note: i had to flood my space with old posts from my multiply. i sincerely apologize for it but last "newer" entry is entitled "What the World Needs Now is Love...Sweet Love")

it's a bit ironic that my "recent" entry was about love and now i'm going to talk about divorce. it's a hot discussion right now and i would like to have my say on it.

In 2005, Rep. Liza Masa of Gabriela party-list filed the Divorce Bill due to the rise of violence against women and annulment had been an expensive and tedious solution. other similar bills have cropped up in the past and clearly, the Divorce Bill is aimed at giving Filipinos available option for dissolving marriages that are clearly doomed to fail.

the first thing that came to my mind when this divorce issue cropped up is: it would make people (especially the young people whose out of wedlock pregnancy is ballooning to its highest) jump into marriage thinking that if it does not work, there's always divorce. right now, the state of family is in crisis. even the Church cannot deny that the value of family is deteriorating. what is more, you see in the news people getting separated and divorced easily - just like changing clothes whenever you want to. nowadays, people flaunt illicit affairs, socially accepts FU-BU's, and participate in casual relationships. everything now is easily gained and easily discarded. i'm not a conservative. and i'm not judging people. all im saying is that, things that were considered taboo in the past is now given enough media mileage. now, with the current state - WILL DIVORCE BE A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS OF FAMILY?

that is why, i am against divorce. it is not a solution, it is just the effect of deeper issues of the family. i believe in strengthening family relationships and values. to tell you honestly, i am afraid for the children. a month ago, a friend told me a story that gave the shock of my life: 5th grade students caught in the act of almost having sex. would you believe it that children as young as them are already experimenting?! going back to the issue, divorce would only weaken the value of family relationships. even children with parents living together have problems, what do you think will happen to children whose parents are divorced? right now, there should be programs to focus on teen pregnancies, abusive marriages and the likes. people should not look at laws as solutions to the problem.

every now & then, since i am still single, i am told and advised by wonderful people that i consider my mentors, should think hundred times getting married. first to ponder is whether marriage is your path. as they say, marriage is a vocation. second, look at your current partner. his/her attitudes, his/her personality and habits won't change even after getting married. IN FACT, it will MAGNIFY what he/she is now. don't get lulled into thinking that he will stop hitting you once you get married. don't fool yourself into thinking that he will be hardworking when you two get married. and lastly, ask for God's grace when you have decided to get married. there is power in his Guidance.

Other Books I'm Certainly Loving....and NOT.

greece. a famous actress and a war hero is being tried for murdering the latter's wife, catherine douglas. the characters of the book are awesome. the typical telenovela characters. hehe.

meet them:

catherine alexander (later catherine douglas) - a smart and very unhappy virgin who was very unsuccessful in getting laid (during the early pages of the book). she later became an assistant of a powerful man, bill fraser (or rather financially and mentally stable) whom she was dating but later dumped him for larry douglas, a dashing pilot whom she met & married after 5 days...

noelle page - a fishmongers daughter who was old off to a fat shopkeeper like a wh*re and ran away to france. there, she met larry douglas and they became engaged but was dumped. she got pregnant and gave herself an abortion which she survived and made a life goal: to find larry and hurt him like he did to her. she became an actress and allowed herself to become a mistress of powerful men to work on finding larry and get her revenge.

larry douglas - the handsome but womanizing pilot who become a war pilot during WWII yet made the lives of 2 wome miserable and....deadly.

constantin demiris - the greek tycoon whom noelle used to get to larry

you got to read this to know the drama.


(Sidney Sheldon)

lo & behold! catherine douglas is alive and constantin demiris kept her from public so he can get revenge on noelle & larry.

the 2nd book narrates the life of catherine douglas after she escaped death, how she struggled with her amnesia and how she escaped the death demiris set for her. the second book also featured the wife and brother-in-law of demiris, melina & spyros whom he intended to destroy. the 2nd book was more on the life of demiris and how he became the evil man he is.

not exactly as good as the 1st midnight book but still an exciting read for suspense.

(Stephenie Meyer)

ECLIPSE: the 3rd book in the twilight saga. victoria is back with a vengeance. she created an army of newborn vampires to kill bella. the cullens and the werewolves joined forces to fight. the edward-bella-jacob love triangle book.

well..this is probably the book that i wanted to tear out the pages. LITERALLY. as much as i liked the action of the war between victoria & the cullens & the werewolves, the love triangle was too much. and bella asked jacob to kiss her. ugh! jacob black is simply obnoxious. i hated him in this book. hmph. but there were nice tales from quiletes (legends) and the story of rosalie hale, and of jasper & alice cullen. i really wished there'd be a book about alice & jasper. i really like alice cullen.

BREAKING DAWN: the final book in the twilight saga. the first book was about edward & bella's wedding & honeymoon. second was of jacob black's struggle over bella's deadly pregnancy & book 3 was about renesmee and the cullens.

it was a long read, believe me. book one was my favorite. edward & bella were really sweet and intimate. hehe. book two gave me a chance to like jacob black. but not really like. just enough not to hate him much. as much as i skipped jacob's part in new moon, i could not do it in breaking dawn. i had to read him. book 3 was more of renesmee and the cullens survival as the volturi seeks their destruction because of renesmee, the half-human half-vampire daughter of edward & bella cullen.

naturally, a happy ending for all. sheesh. i would have complained if it wasnt. and i would raise hell because i actually bought breaking dawn book.

(Judy Blume)

SYPNOSIS: Caitlin & Victoria, became summer sisters for the rest of their lives.

WHAT I THINK: its a book-novela. a recommend read!

(J.K. Rowling)

after 2 days (i have to sleep, give my eyes a break & eat, u know...), i finished the popular & most coveted book, the final book of the harry potter boy....

what can i say??? WHEW! no, make it a hundred times WHEW! every chapter was exciting! i could not even put it down. i did not want to sleep, but my eyes were getting really tired & guess what? a black out in the middle of the night. such a spoiler. but when electricity came back after 20 minutes, i resumed reading. LOL! =) but my dad was starting to pester me to get some sleep so i had to grudgingly... 7 really was worth the wait (in line of sooo many borrowers, too). i got teary-eyed in some would think i was reading some romance novel, but yes, the book move me to tears! shallow, but true...LOL! though i find the "19 years later" chapter, a bit too, how do i put this, typical, a "pinoy" taste of a happy ever after...LOL! nothing wrong with it though. as ianne-ianne would put it, it was necessary. i don't mind, really..

nope, im not going to post some "neat" infos about the book, as what other readers have done. i dont want to spoil their excitement. and besides, there are A LOT OF SPOILERS already going around so mine would not make any difference..

FINAL NOTE: Definitely a must read (but make sure to read the other harry potter books...)

All of Agatha Christie

i'm a huge fan of crime stories. i like solving it like a detective and it's not a wonder why i love criminal minds either. please don't profile. i'm just a mystery lover.

SYPNOSIS: 4 detectives (poirot, oliver, battle & race) and 4 murderers met in a party. and in the middle of a bridge game, the party host dies. who did it?

WHAT I THINK: one of my must read from agatha christie. i was clueless from the start & up to the end. i kinda stopped trying to solve the case myself (i usually try to make my own deductions every time i read). in addition, poirot's evidences were based on the major suspects' bridge playing styles (bridge playing is not too popular for me...) i simply READ the book. but such grey areas DID NOT MAKE the book less interesting. in fact, it made it MORE INTERESTING!

FINAL JUDGMENT: definitely a must read! i guessed the MURDERER wrong :( hercule poirot is a GREAT detective in fiction!

MURDER AT HAZELMOOR (also known as The Sittaford Mystery)

SYPNOSIS: a game of seance has spookily revealed that Captain Trevelyan, the master of the Sittaford House was murdered. and, he was truly murdered. Who did it???

WHAT I THINK: honestly??? i don't know. i was a bit disappointed. or maybe, this book have been unlucky. (FYI: i was already in the middle of this book, when i got hold of HP7. i had to read HP7 first naturally!) the thrill i had for this book has been stolen by HP7. LOL! i didn't even try (even a little) to make my deductions. the murderer himself & the motive has been disappointing. duh!

FINAL SAY: NOT that GREAT. but, SEE FOR YOURSELF. (or maybe, im just being unfair to this book?)

A HOLIDAY FOR MURDER (also known as Poirot's Christmas and A Murder for Christmas)
SYPNOSIS: simeon lee, an eccentric millionaire has called upon his children to gather for christmas, not for merry making & goodwill but to put them in a sadistic game of greed & rivalry.

after the family christmas eve dinner, a bloodcurling scream was heard in the old man's room and Simeon Lee was lying on the floor, DEAD and DROWNING IN HIS OWN BLOOD.

who among the people of the house did him?
- harry lee, the black sheep of the family, financially demanding & dependent & who did nothing but brought disgrace to the family?
- alfred lee, the devoted son but a weakling for his father? or his wife, lydia, meek & obedient but despises her father-in-law in real?
- george lee?
- david lee?
- pilar estravados, the unknown grand daughter, who is out to get all she can?
- stephen farr, the son of his business partner in their south africa adventure?

WHAT I THINK: a locked room mystery of christie, and with master sleuth poirot made this book exciting! as the story unfolds, more secrets are revealed and the end of the story is the best yet! surprising indeed!

FINAL SAY: superb! a must-read! thank goodness we got this one in our collection! LOL!

AND THERE WERE NONE (also known as Ten Little Indians)
10 dead bodies in a remote, private island with no murderer in sight!

WHAT I THINK: this book is superb. even at the very end, you'll find yourself wondering why you never guessed that person to be the killer. definitely a must-read!

poirot arrived to late to help a dead man's request for help. the victim, a rich man with a wife, estranged son and a mistress, have all the reasons to kill him. who did?

WHAT I THINK: this is the second mystery of poirot after the Styles case, and he is sleuthing with his best friend, Capt. Hastings. at first. i really thought this book was a simple one, which the murderer could have been either any of the three (wife, son or mistress), but boy! i was wrong! it was more complicated and the suspects were just part of the bigger picture. and such full of unexpected twists! and this book is humorous too! its very funny how poirot deals with a competition, a human foxhound! LOL!

SYPNOSIS: mrs mcginty was murdered in her home & the people of Broadhinny town was satisfied that james bentley, the lodger, was the one who killed her. but hercule poirot thinks otherwise!

WHAT I THINK: this is one exciting book! the first hercule book ive read that the smart belgian detective has to start from scratch, gathering ideas and putting his grey cells to work. superb work for poirot, this book is surely a must have! i thought this book would be confusing bcos there were quite a number of characters involved but it only made the story more exciting. and what's more, this book provided a lot of psych stuff about photographs.

SYPNOSIS: after his death, mr. rafiel specifically engaged the wit of ms. jane marple to help him solve a mystery. and so the adventure began for ms. marple who has to solve the death of a certain verity hunt and prove that his fiancee, michael rafiel, did not kill her.

WHAT I THINK: the first few chapters of the book were kind of dragging. i mean, it was mostly marple's monologue. but the book started to pick up excitement when ms. marple started her investigation. i was kind of confused who could have really killed that verity since there were a good number of suspicious people and in fact i guessed wrong. too bad! but i deduced correctly where verity was buried. LOL! in sum, i think the story was ok.

FINAL SAY: the song "too much love will kill you" will make a great official soundtrack for this one! hahah! =)

SYPNOSIS: jerry wade is known for sleeping late in the morning. while staying at chimneys with the cootes, his friends agreed to set him up a joke: setting up a dozen of alarm clocks to wake him up in the early morning. unfortunately, a dozen alarm clocks could not wake up the dead...

WHAT I THINK: this particular case did not follow a methodical way of finding out the murderer (unlike those of poirot). it was more on the adventures and amateur sleuthing of bundle, jimmy & loraine. if it wasnt for the mysterious 7 dials gang of sort, the story would have been ultimately boring. however, the identities of the 7 dials gang was quite a surprise for me. but, i congratulate myself for being able to guess who the murderer is...LOL! obviously, there were two guesswork to do: guess the murderer and who the 7 dials gang members..

FINAL SAY: Fair. if it was not for the unknown seven dials members, i would have given this book 2 stars...

after a long interval, i finally found myself reading christie's book..& to my surprise, i can finish one book in one night...christie is still one of my recommended reads =)

SYPNOSIS: mrs. leidner fears for her life. she thinks she will be killed by her first husband. and she was...who among the members of the expedition did it?

WHAT I THINK: half exciting...not until hercule poirot appeared in the scene. half disappointing because i've read a christie work in the same line. but still, i was guessed the killer wrong. still, a good read.

you'll find 4 good reads. 3 stories sucks.

"Double Sin" - check
"Wasps' Nest" - check
"The Theft of the Royal Ruby" - check
"The Dressmaker's Doll" - X
" The Last Seance" - X
"Sanctuary" - X
" The Double Clue" - check

WHAT I THINK: poirot is not the all sit down & grey cells working type. read him in full action in this book. superb!

seriously, i think im the only one who still reads this stuff. hehe. but since im a big fan of mystery, thrillers & the likes (be it literature, movies, real life, etc.), im sharing it to those who cares to read anyway. haha.

a collection of short stories with mr. quin and mr. satterwaithe as the main characters.

WHAT I THINK: well, some stories were ok and some were not. i was beginning to think that this mr. quin is an "engkanto". he appears and disappears whenever he wants to. well, i had a nice time reading it.

this is one of those christie's stories that i consider a tragedy. the book & the way the crime was committed. some bits were boring to read.

do they really remember? i mean, elephants? huh. i checked the net and i saw a site of bbc news that most matriarchs of the herd are the one with social memories. not convincing enough but oh well, i could introduce myself and try to see it for the next few days. as if naa elephant sa davao. haha.

an artist was murdered by his wife & she was convicted guilty of it. & hercule poirot had to prove her innocence even beyond her grave. and the crime was committed 16 years ago...

what i think: i've read the same line of story from the same author (sleeping murder) BUT this one's better.

MOVIE REVIEWS from Multiply (part 5)

Category: Mystery & Suspense

SYPNOSIS: two scientists and a group of spelunkers explore a newly discovered cave system buried in a century-old abbey in Romania. however, as they dig deeper into the discovery of a new ecosystem, a rockfall blocked their exit path and they are now being chased by not-so-human creatures of the dark...

WHAT I THINK: C-O-M-M-O-N. you know the type where they try to find their way out, they are disappering one by one, etc etc. and ive read somewhere that it was released together with other "cave" movies. however, it was not that a bad film altogether. it was kinda suspenseful. well, things got exciting when the scientists discovered that the blood of these creatures are parasites & mutates their hosts. hmmm, aside from the fact they run away from them, they should not be bitten. that should be exciting enough, huh? LOL!

at the end, only 3 got out alive. however, one of them got infected and is willing to get others infected too. so much for getting out alive..

go ahead, watch it, but dont expect anything that much, ok?

Category: Mystery & Suspense

SYPNOSIS: willard is a typical cutesy town, set in the 50's, where everything seems ordinary. but not quite. years ago, a war was waged between man & zombies. after the battle the won by mankind, ZomCom Corp., found a way to control and prevent these zombies from eating human flesh. the movie particularly revolves around Fido, a well-loved household zombie, who attacked their old lady neighbor and how the family members try to protect and save their beloved Fido from being thrown in the Zone..

WHAT I THINK: this movie is hilarious! ive never seen anything like this! i laughed while watching the zombies do the household chores like waiting on tables, plowing the garden & delivering their milk. LOL! it was like normal house help, only they were zombies. generally, the movie is funny but there were tidbits of family drama and friendship..

Category: Horror

SYPNOSIS: dr. gabriel schreklich had discovered a serum that can resurrect the dead. but such living, comes with a price. once resurrected, they turn into flesh-eating ghouls. his wife & daughter were resurrected too, after being killed in a car accident. and they are being kept in a specialized hospital, together with the other "mistakes", while he is trying to make the perfect serum for resurrecting a dead without leaving any "ghoulish" characteristics. at the same time, a pregnant anais is not allowed to leave dr. schreklich's specialized hospital, where her husband is having a medical internship with his doctor uncle. however, the night becomes deadly as the ghouls have been set free....and they wanted more than being kept alive.

WHAT I THINK: bloody hell! ive seen a lot of psycho killing type movies but this one's definitely a MUST-SEE! its all about gore! there's the daughter eating her mother's brains out after she got alive again, the doctor opening up a cadaver for a procedure, and there's the...ok ok...enough of that....i got queasy watching the movie (but hey, i was sick & i was already feeling nauseated, LOL!) but the writer, eric foresberg, is superb! the movie was gross from the start till end. though the casts were raw in their performances, well, you wouldnt really notice it....
the end in the movie is a twist, you'll see...

QUOTABLE QUOTES: yep, im serious! i got one quote despite its gore & being gross...LOL! this was when dr. schreklich wife was leading a group hungry ghouls attacking her husband...

"you know what doctor? how will you really know how it is to be alive again when you do not have a taste of death?"

good point...

Category: Romantic Comedy

(another suggested title: reasons why men dump women)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: this is a movie review of a movie i got to watch "too late". geez, im just here to speak out what i think...heheeee :)

"One of them is lying. So is the other."

SYPNOSIS: ben barry (matthew conaughey) is an ad executive out to win a huge campaign pitch thus he bets that he can make any girl fall madly in love with him in 10 days. andie anderson (kate hudson) is the resident "how to" writer of a fashion mag & is forced by circumstances to write and test the "how-to lose a guy in 10 days" article. and you've guessed it right, the HOW-TO girl meets the I-CAN guy. and they fell in love..

a) so predictable (right from the start, i knew they were gonna end up together, duh!);
b) man versus woman issue - what makes women "dumping" material and what makes man adorable to women
c) humorous - because if it wasn't, there will be nothing left to watch (tsk tsk)
d) characters - kate hudson IS naturally sweet so i find her too unnatural being a clingy & whiny girlfriend...but she's good...on the other hand, matthew conaughey is "HOT"
e) perfect music for a perfect scene - "feels like home" was a sweet tune for their love making (hehehe..)

FINAL JUDGMENT: just a common hollywood movie. perfect for hopeful romantics. too cheesy for my taste, i must say :)


Adapted from Steven Millhauser's novel "Eisenheim the Illusionist", tells us the story of a village magician (Edward Norton) who fell in love with a lady of royalty (Jessica Biel). After being separated, they meet once again in Vienna, him as a famous illusionist maker and her, bounded to her duty of her status, to marry the eccentric Crown Prince Leopold. What comes next is a story and struggle of love, reality and of illusions. how they came to be together in the end is what makes the movie truly worth watching.

IN OTHER WORDS: its full of amazing tricks & magic, captivating to watch. in fact, i almost believed Eisenheim truly lived (but my bro told me it was from a novel--tsk tsk). good special effects, i must say..(of course, or else, the illusions would not be convincing). i can compare Eisenheim & Sophie's love story to the drama of star-crossed lovers. but Eisenheim had the brain and power and creativity (unlike Romeo) to make illusions.

the end of the movie is a twist in itself, you'll see. then after watching it, make a reality check.. *wink*

MOVIE REVIEWS from Multiply (part 4)

Category: Movie (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

i am sooooooooo sorry for myself that this is the first time i have seen a resident evil movie. i surely missed a lot of good stuff. this movie is action-packed and visually good. one should never miss to watch!

now, i have to find dvd's of the first two resident evil movie...

Category: Movie (Horror)

SYPNOSIS: Kate, high living German model, was forced to take the train to catch up a friend who ditched her in their evening plans. while waiting for the train, she fell asleep & missed the last train and got locked up inside the station. while trying to find her way out, Gary, an annoying guy she met at the party, stalked her & got stuck in the train too and tried to rape her. but something grabbed him and killed him. and the night of terror begins..

WHAT I THINK: that was it?!?! i mean, the killer was a whale sounding & pale looking flesh and at the end of the film, you'll have to keep guessing why he kills. there were 3 characters added while the movie went on, and they were supposed to get out of the station too, but they were all killed. there was just ray (the stray dog) who survived with her. the movie ended with a little sense of humor. LOL!
but to tell you, you'll see nothing but running and gory killing. hmph!

AMOR ES PERROS (English: Love's A Bitch)
Category: Movie (Foreign)

SYPNOSIS: 3 different lives: a gambler involved in dog fighting, a world known model carrying a love affair with a married man and an ex-convict and guerilla trying to win his daughter back after years of abandonment....all changed in one vehicular accident.

WHAT I THINK: this is a superb movie. never mind its length, (i think it ran for about 2 hours) it was worth it. i admire the films's continuity from one story to another. its got humor and drama, and well woven in the characters dealing with their lives.

FINAL SAY: two thumbs up! highly recommended!

Category: Movie (Foreign)

SYPNOSIS: set in 1960's, a group of "unruly" young men are sent on a camp hike and learn more of themselves and of life in many ways...

WHAT I THINK: little has been known of this film. but i have great affection for foreign films so i checked this one out immediately. its actually an uncomplicated film: straightforward personality of characters and uncomplicated story of each characters. the young cast was good on their performances. the film has great location shots, i tell you. it leans on themes of friendship, family and growing up.

Category: Movie (Comedy)

SYPNOSIS: God wants Evan Baxter, a newly elected US Congressman to build an Ark for the coming flood.

WHAT I THINK: its witty & funny yet touching. it touches basically on faith, just enough NOT making it end like a spiritual film. it shows how human we are to resist when our plans does not coincide with God's will. i recommend it :)

QUOTABLE QUOTES: this line made me teary eyed because it touched me.

Morgan Freeman as God: "let us say, when we pray to God to give us patience, does God give us patience? NO. he gives us opportunities to be patient..."

words that hit home.

MOVIE REVIEWS from Multiply (part 3)

Category: Movie (Mystery & Suspense)

SYNOPSIS: agent clarice starling teams up with dr. hannibal lecter to help catch "buffalo bill", a serial killer who skins his victims alive!

WHAT I THINK: this time, then famed cannibal meets a pretty young FBI wannabe. not so exciting, even the serial killer is not that all great for me. but still a good movie to watch especially if you are keen on the cannibal's life. i am! :)

Category: Movie (Mystery & Suspense)

SYPNOSIS: will graham has been pulled from his early retirement to help solve the case of a serial killer called "tooth fairy" and he has to ask his enemy, the famous cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter in his case...

WHAT I THINK: i should have watched Hannibal movie years and years ago but i refused to watch it unless i get to watch this movie first because i knew that this was the first novel of thomas harris. and know what? i loved this film. dr. lecter is bloody brilliant and so is will graham. i like the way dr. lecter's mind work, simply brilliant and cunning. but sad to say, he has no morality in his blood. he eats humans, in short, a cannibal. but no matter....investigators go to him because he can provide a good psychological profile of serial killers by merely reading a case file. good huh?

a must watch, definitely!

Category: Movie

SYPNOSIS: the movie revolves on 4 childhood friends: tibby, lena, carmen & bridget. they made a pact to stay connected for the summer by passing around a pair of pants that fits each of them perfectly.

WHAT I THINK: its such a feel-good movie. after watching it, it makes you think of your long time friends and how bonded you are still with them despite the different paths you've chosen. a must see :)

Category: Movie (Mystery & Suspense)

SYPNOSIS: a sheriff pulls passengers over and brings them to a sleepy town called desperation, nevada & horrible things are happening to them.

i dont know. the movie bored me. there was too much talk and characters remained stagnant. just like other stephen king movies (except It), i never really liked them.

Category: Movie (Mystery & Suspense)

this movie will surely give you to a lot of time to think whether to go on a vacation or not. hehehe :)

i think the movie was a big insult to Brazil because it gave an impression that Brazil hates & kills tourists.

the landscapes of their location were impressive & makes you want to jump on a plane to Brazil. but that was just it. if one wants cheap suspense, watch this.

MOVIE REVIEWS from Multiply (part 2)

10,000 B.C.
Category: Movie (Adventure)

yos & i share the same taste in movies.
we like it action packed.
we like it with wars.
we like movies with those "history" injected in them.

and this movie is one you must see! though some cinematic flaws did not escape my eyes, still, a must-see!

Category: Movie

witty. funny. a must-see.

why i like the movie: casting is superb, especially juno (ellen page). she is sarcastically humorous. the other casts are good as well.

the story and script is well-written. kudos to diablo cody, who by the way, won Oscars 2008 Original Screenplay Awards!

Category: Movie (Mystery & Suspense)

SYPNOSIS: a deadly virus perished the humankind but leaving one man behind to battle a different kind of race...

WHAT I THINK: i always thought this would be better than 12 monkeys. and boy i was disappointed. there was too much time spent establishing the fact that robert neville is alone. too much details were missed. but to be fair, the movie had few "scream worthy" scenes. honestly, the movie bored me.

pardon the negativity.

Category: Movie (Mystery & Suspense)

SYPNOSIS: the life of the young hannibal lecter and how he came to be the man he is.

WHAT I THINK: this is the most wicked hannibal series ive seen. the movie quite helped viewers understand how hannibal became the cannibal he is.

Category: Movie (Mystery & Suspense)

SYPNOSIS: hannibal is now disguising as an art scholar in italy but a revenge filled victim of his wants his head. hannibal goes back to america and meets once again with clarice starling.

WHAT I THINK: it takes more than average intelligence & money to take hannibal lecter down. and no matter how i see it, hannibal goes after "rude" people and people who gets in his way. a disturbing character but brilliant!

i grew up watching SRR when i was a kid. i can still remember some episodes. the undin episode, the manilyn episode where her bestfriend is a manananggal, the banga episode, etc etc...i would still watch them for the heck of it.

but, when they revived SRR, i did not watch them. i dont know. i just felt they are not making them that good anymore. anyway.....i watched SRR10 yesterday bcos yos wanted to watch a movie and between dayo (the cartoons movie) & SRR, i prefer nostalgia.

EPISODE 1: emergency
a zombie family drama type. a pregnant zombie (mylene dizon) was attacked and had a miscarriage. her husband zombie (wendell ramos) was mad and wanted revenge. so he gathered his zombie clan and attacked the hospital where zombie wifey was confined. and the thrill began. dr. sarah (roxanne guino-o) and nurse jay-ar (some GMA talent i dont know) and the few people left alive tried to save the day.

what i think: 1 minor scream was all i had for this episode. and yos & i were debating whether mineral water can really create electric current. sheesh. but i really like janus del prado here. even if he was only on a supporting role cast. he was funny.

EPISODE 2: class picture
another barkada suspense thriller. a former nun teacher of their university is running amok the school, getting students to replace her missing students since 1890.

what i think: the episode had promise. but i had prejudice over the cast. im not a fan of kim chiu. which made watching difficult. BUT, i gotta applaud this movie. i had 1 MAJOR SCREAM. it was so good. yos screamed louder than me. whew. then that was it. what really bothered me about this episode was the special effects of the ghost of the 3 missing students. it was un-ghostly. it just did not fit.

EPISODE 3: nieves, the engkanto slayer
nieves (marian rivera) became an expert in fighting off the engkanto world to protect what she loved most: her husband adonis.

what i think: if favoritism had a face, this would be it. marian rivera hogged the SRR movie. its so pinoy that you would want to puke. the episode is a poor attempt of a pinoy buffy. hmph. simply to put, i hated this episode.

MOVIE REVIEWS from Multiply (part 1)

Category: Movie (Korean) (Drama)

chul soo & su jin had a fateful meeting in a convenience store and they fell in love & got married. theirs was a happy marriage but su jin is showing signs of extreme forgetfulness. a visit to the doctor confirmed it to be alzheimer's disease. su jin wants to leave chul soo, so as not to hurt him. but chul soo insists on taking care of her. su jin left for a retirement home but chul soo insists on seeing her, even though she can't remember him much.

i was kind of confused whether to categorize this movie in romance or drama....because it has both, heavily. a moment to remember is the korean version of the notebook. its not a bad thing though. the movie is more about chul soo & how he braved the test of their marriage.

watching the movie was heart breaking. i cried a lot, you know. i recommend it. and watch it with a box of tissues beside you.

Category: Movie (Adventure)

my long wait is over! finally got to see the second narnia installment. the movie did not disappoint me. my wait was worth it. A MUST SEE! 5 series more from narnia.

2 soundtracks were awesome: the call by regina spektor & this is home by switchfoot.

Category: Movie (Romance)

this is one of the movies that i watch just for the heck of it.

admittedly, i find the movie OK. very funny i must say. and the soundtracks are good to listen. i like the "so close" of jon mclaughlin.

as of 8/13/2010: I LOVE THIS MOVIE. watching movies the 2nd time around makes you change your opinion.

Category: Movie (Adventure)

one of my recommended movies to watch this year. the magical characters were superb & funny...i love it!

FYI: the movie is adapted from a five (5) book series written by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, with the same title, The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Category: Movie (Drama)

ben thomas (played by will smith) is preparing to end his own life. his wife died, along 6 other innocent lives in a tragic car accident due to him reading a text message (lesson 1: never text while driving). but before committing suicide, he decided to give gifts to other people. he gave his home to a battered wife & her two kids, donated his eyesight to a blind musician & telemarketer and other organs to other sick people whom he searched and met. and he gave his heart to emily, a woman whom he had fallen in love.

and then, he let himself die in a tub with a deadly jellyfish.

WHAT I THINK: i cried when emily found out why ben thomas was helping her and the other things he did for the others. i cried when emily met up with ezra (the blind musician). but, i only felt pity for ben thomas. he may have done good but i think committing suicide was wrong.

oh well. its a drama worth watching.

Category: Movie (Mystery & Suspense)

WARNING: im not usually a spoiler in reviews but i will be one this time!

a blinding mist covered a small town and suddenly, gigantic and deadly insects are attacking them. a number of survivors stayed in a local convenience store and awaited their fate. one character that really annoyed me (and i really wanted her to die in the movie) was the preacher woman. she was saying everything as heavenly willed and convinced other people to believe that someone should be sacrificed so that they will be saved. because of her, the soldier was brutally killed and was fed to the giant spider or whatever. then, she led the group and violently prevented the opposing group from getting out, saying that they should be the people to be sacrificed. grrrrr....because of the riot, one guy shot her on the head.

however, leaving the store proved to be the biggest mistake of their lives. they went round and round and found only the mist surrounding them. in their hopelessness, they opted for suicide. since there were only 4 remaining bullets and there were 5 of them, one will kill them and then he will feed himself to the creatures. just imagine killing your own son. it was horrible. after shooting them, he went out and screamed and screamed to attract the gigantic insects. but suddenly, the mist cleared and there appeared the rescue team. what????!!!!!!

i told you, lots of annoying characters and wicked, wicked, wicked ending!

lesson learned though: never ever lose hope & patience is a virtue.

Category: Movie (Romance)

oh well. expect a long read. here it goes....

1) i do not like nikki reed playing rosalie hale. i mean, i was expecting a goddess like beauty. she was really a disappointment, really. and the same goes to jasper hale. haller. jasper is not supposed to be a stiff looking vegetarian vampire. BUT, i like ashley greene for alice. robert pattinson as edward cullen is a 90% ok. i dont know. there are just instances that he does not have the "edward cullen" vibe. haha. kristen stewart is ok. yos finds her very pretty though. haha. and dr. carlisle? whoa. he was very handsome. but rosalie hale? ugh.

2) they omitted some parts but you know, an avid reader can only tell. haha.

3) i was very disappointed that my favorite line from that book, "you are my life now.." was not said in a very good light. i dont know. hardwicke should have created a good scene for it. and i was like, that was it?! how sad =(

MY FINAL SAY: the movie is not that disappointing. but not that great altogether. after all, the material is trying to meet the BIG expectations of people and it is the hardest thing to please. not on something big like this. i mean, it is a great love story. people expected to feel the same "kilig" when they read the book. and i tell you, reading the book was a lot better than watching it big screen. i mean, making it a movie was just to keep up with the demands. people were craving to see edward cullen in flesh. they had to give in. it meant BIG money. i like the movie because i am a fan of edward-bella cullen. that's it. =)

Category: Movie (Mystery and Suspense)

i was kinda curious to watch this movie since i saw its trailer and lucky lucky, we have a DVD at home!

but, it was such a disappointment. well, im not really a sucker for happy endings but i felt that this movie should have ended, nice. haha! i mean, kiefer should have been reunited with his family but he got stuck inside the mirrors instead. bummer. i mean, this is such a mean movie.

and the movie just dont make sense to me. good thing i watched it at home or else, i'd demand a PAY BACK!!!! haha.

special thanks to kai for giving (or lending?) me the DVD...

as ive said in my previous review of its OST, this has been the harry potter of my generation. haha. i dont know. this movie is really hard to forget and i really wanted to watch it again.

SYPNOSIS: bastian is a kid who daydreams a lot, his mom just died, and he gets bullied along the streets which makes him cut his classes. a really pitiful kid but he is a great reader and when he met mr. koreander, he "borrowed" the book the never ending story, despite being warned its not safe.

so he reads the story of fantasia, where the childlike empress is dying and a creepy nothing is eating their world. yep, the same dilemma with aliens invading earth or people from the future trying to destroy humankind, or zombies trying to rule. fantasia is on the brink of being wiped out from existence. here comes the kid warrior, Atreyu (who really looked hot during 1984 - he's probably around 37 now) who can only save them and has the job to find out how to beat nothing and at the same time cure the empress.

so he sets out on his journey and they came to the valley of sadness where the muddy waters could sink you if you let sadness get you (sounds depression to me). this part is my young mind could never forget: artax (the horse) is sinking. i cried over this when i was young. i didnt cry now but i really felt sad. same emotions. atreyu could have sinked too but falklor (my favorite character), the luckdragon came along. together, they continued the journey and he came to a place in the south to search for the answers & sphinxes (who would shoot laser beams from their eyes) and told him to find a human child to give the empress a new name.

obviously, its bastian. he just has to realize and believe its him. when atreyu searched for the boundaries of fantasia, he met gmork, the big bad wolf (whose fur was in a terrible state) and told him that nothing is caused by people's apathy and whom have lost faith in their dreams and wishes. bastian finally believed and shouted the name moonchild and he came face to face with the empress and told him to continue to believe and fantasia will live.

the story is actually simple. and the visual effects were so 80s. but still, i like the movie. watching reruns is fun. and you know what? there really is nothing. there really is apathy. and its happening to you & me.

the big transfer: multiply stuff to blogspot

i have this very obsessive attitude that i just can't get rid of. once i want to do something, i really find time for it. it can be good but sometimes, the time im spending on it is actually a waste. lol. anyway, my latest craze is to transfer my multiply reviews from there to here. this will eat up my lunch break. and first things to transfer are movie reviews. and oh yes, im compulsive to some extent too. lol.

alright. the transfer starts now.

if you want to ask why im doing this, that's because i want to keep everything i've written. and no, i don't have an excuse for that either.

what the world needs now, is love...SWEET LOVE.

and since we are on the topic of love, allow me to share some silly (for you, perhaps..or rather greatly..hehe..) some love stories and couples that never fail to capture my hopeful romantic heart.

1) NATSUME and MIKAN from GAKUEN ALICE (manga)only diana, wendie and my sister will agree with me. haha. it's a typical kid romance - natsume bullying mikan only to find out that he actually loves her. and what makes it even more romantic is natsume's mom and mikan's mother were good friends (kohei-senpai) in their schooling years. it's totally spelled as: MEANT FOR EACH OTHER. though i feel bad for ruka - the other guy who is also deeply in love with mikan who happens to be natsume's best friend. now who would not find them cute?!

runner up: OGAMI and SAKURAKOUJI of CODE:BREAKER..seeing as these are the only 2 mangas im an avid fan of, clearly, natsume-mikan wins. lol. diana will clearly laugh about this, i am sure. hahaha. i just hope the ogami-sakurakouji will cinch their love affair, they might stand a chance against natsume-mikan tandem. lol.

2) NOAH and ALLIE from THE NOTEBOOK (novel of nicholas sparks, movie)
this is probably the most expensive book i bought my entire life. i saw the movie first and i cried alot and when i read the book, i cried a dozen of buckets. it's amazing how noah's love can awaken allie's memory from a bout of alzheimers. it's really touching and romantic.

runners up: A MOMENT TO REMEMBER..this is actually a korean film yos made me watch and well, it goes similarly with the notebook. and GYEON-WOO and THE GIRL from MY SASSY GIRL.

3) LUO and DI from THE ROAD HOME (movie by zhang yimou)
one of my all time favorites. this is a tale about family, love and promises. i have a former blog about this so you can check here on why this duo made my magic 6.

4) HEIJI and KAZUHA of DETECTIVE CONAN (anime)another silly anime fangirling. im not sure why but i love this childhood friends who are at some level in love with each other but can't seem to admit it each other. and after 570 plus episodes, they are still friends. i just hope Gosho Aoyama will give me an assurance that they will really end up together. or else im fangirling for nothing. lol.

runners up: SATO and TAKAGI and SHINICHI and RAN of DETECTIVE CONAN (anime)...they are the other couples in the anime and only the sato-takagi love affair have reassured the fan in me. please aoyama-san, give heiji-kazuha a romantic break.

5) DOMYOUJI and MAKINO of HANA YORI DANGO (japanese tv series)they have other egos: sian cai and dao ming ze (meteor garden) and jun pyo & jan di (boys over flowers) BUT BUT BUT! HYD is the best for me. i'll tell you a secret: my brother watched this too. my all time favorite scene is the one where makino got caught in a blizzard and then domyouji (with memory loss) still tried to find her and they got stranded and makino helped him recover his memory. that was enough to make a silly girl cry buckets.

runner up: uhm, i liked the couple from korean series my girl but i swear i can't remember their names. too bad.

6) POPOY and BASHA from ONE MORE CHANCEthis movie is not exactly a happy one but this couple hits home. and i guess i don't have to explain. everybody knows popoy and basha. every couple in a long-term relationship is their own popoy and basha. 'nufff said.

there you have it. right now, im experiencing an out of body kilig-ness. excuse me. *publishes post while smiling*

- FriendS -