The Heart Beat: Chronicles of a Human Nature Ambassador (No. 2)

my second issue of The Beat (and apparently, the first for this, i owe this blog so many post already...i'll make it up next week, i swear!) ... in case you are wondering why it appears in 3 pages, blame it to photoshop. hahaha. but seriously, it is impossible to put them together. all emails won't upload it due to it's large file size.

THE ♥ BEAT: Chronicles of a Human Nature Area AmbassadorVol. 1 No. 2December 2010
Dear Dealers and Friends,
It’s December, one of my favorite times of the year and probably the busiest month for most of us. I hope that the season does not turn into a holiday burn-out for everyone. This month’s issue is all about perfect gift ideas, new products to love and news bits from Human Nature – Davao Branch.
No need to worry yourself out with the Christmas rush! Human Nature provides the perfect gift ideas with our very own Christmas Bundles. It comes in eleven (11) varieties and comes with 1 Gift Tag and Gift Pouch. That’s convenience and ideal presents rolled in one! Here’s the list of the Christmas Bundles that you can give away:
Pucker Up! contains two (2) pieces of Natural Lipbalm (you can choose from any variant)and one (1) 100% Natural Sheer Lip Soother Tinted Lip Balm for only Php184.
Bedtime Regimen includes one (1) 50ml Super-Fruits and Black Rice Facial Scrub and one (1) 100ml Royal Jelly & Aloe Vera Night Moisturizer at Php264.
Rise ‘N Shine comes with one (1) 50ml Facial Wash (of your choice), one (1) 100ml Facial Toner (of your choice) and one (1) 50ml Sunflower & Papaya Day Moisturizer, all for Php289.
The Femme Naturale consists of one (1) 200ml Shampoo & Bodywash (variant of your choice), one (1) 50g Body Butter 50g (your choice of variant), one (1) 50ml Feminine Wash and one (1) 50ml Women's Deodorant – only for Php344.
Men’s Pack for only Php269 includes one (1) 200ml Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash (Peppermint scent), one (1) Peppermint Lip Balm and one (1) 100ml Eucalyptus Shaving Oil.
Kid’s Playtime bundle comes with one (1) 50ml Citronella Bug Spray 50ml and one (1) Kid's Hand Sanitizer (your choice of variant) – all for Php149!
Kid’s Day Out bundle contains one (1) 50ml Citronella Bug Spray, one (1) 200ml Kid's Shampoo & Body Wash (your choice of variant) and one (1) Kid's Hand Sanitizer (your choice of variant), only for Php259.
Our Holiday Jet Setter bundle amounting to Php410, comes with one (1) 50ml Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil, one (1) 50ml Shampoo & Body Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 50ml Conditioner (your choice of variant), one (1) 100ml Hand & Body Lotion-Mango, one (1) 50ml Feminine Wash and one (1) 50ml Women's Deodorant.
On the other hand, the Travel Light bundle containing one (1) Peppermint Lip Balm, one (1) 50ml Citrus Burst Spray Sanitizer and one (1) 50ml Lemongrass Pocket Hand Soap is only Php184.
Body Indulgence includes one (1) 50ml Facial Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 100ml Face Toner (your choice of variant), one (1) 50ml Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil, one (1) 200ml Shampoo & Body Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 100ml Massage Oil (your choice of variant), one (1) 100g Mango Body Butter, one (1) 200ml Feminine Wash, one (1) 50ml Women's Deodorant and one (1) 50g Eucalyptus Hand & Foot Salve – all for Php977!
And lastly, the Ultimate Face Care bundle comes with the following: One (1) Tree Tote Bag, one (1) 50ml Facial Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 100ml Face Toner (your choice of variant), one (1) 50ml Sunflower & Papaya Day Moisturizer, one (1) 50ml Royal Jelly & Aloe Vera Night Moisturizer, one (1) 50ml Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil, one (1) 50ml Feminine Wash, one (1) 200ml Shampoo & Body Wash (your choice of variant), one (1) 100g Goat's Milk and Cocoa Body Butter (your choice of variant) – all for Php899!
I would like to send out my congratulations to Human Nature-Davao Branch for being a consistent strong performer across the four (4) Recruitment Reward categories! For the month of October, Davao Branch had the highest number from 1 dealer recruit to 3, 6 and 10 dealer recruits! Congratulations to the supportive Branch Operators, Monique Villanueva, Joy Mempin and Sylvia Rieta. I would also like to congratulate the dynamic and hardworking Dealers Relation Officer, Karina Camille Requillo and the rest of the staff of Davao Branch. And most importantly, I would like to congratulate all the dealers for their passion in bringing in more people who believe in our advocacies. I am proud to represent you and our success inspires me more as your Area Ambassador. Round of applause to all of us!
There is so much to enjoy before the year ends as Human Nature released new top-of the line products that we will all surely love.
The Love Minerals Make-Up line welcomed its newest member – Love Minerals Sheer Lip Soother Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss – a 100% lip balm with a sheer tint of color!
The newest make-up remover, the Sunflower Cleansing Oil that hydrates and nourishes your skin and conditions your lashes while removing that stubborn make-up!
If you liked the Moringa Facial Wash and Toner, you will be a fan of the Hydrating Face Care Line! The new and improved moringa and aloe vera combination gives your dry or mature skin the best care this holiday season!
If you liked the Tomato and Lemongrass Facial Wash and Toner, you will simply be in love with the Balancing Face Care Line! Made from Orange, Elemi (helps keep oil under control) and Bamboo Scrubs, keep excess oil in check while enjoying the holidays!
Enjoy a germ-free holiday with the newest All Natural Spray Sanitizer! You can use it as a surface cleaner, disinfectant room spray, a toilet seat cleaner or as hand sanitizer. It’s pocket-friendly size makes it more convenient to use!
TOYS FROM US: GK Pueblo Antonio (Catigan)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all dealers and friends who participated in Toys from Us, the early Christmas Party at GK Pueblo Antonio last November 27, 2010. I want to give special appreciation to Human Nature staff Karina Camille Requillo for coordinating Human Nature dealers and prepared some stuff for the activity, Brenda Cascaro together with JPAMA-UM who gave a special dance number for the kids, Genevieve Bitangga and Maethel Nugasto for all the assistance, Ateneo de Davao Scholars, University of Mindanao students and especially to Mr. Igy Castrillo, who documented our activity. And the rest of the kind-hearted Human Nature dealers, friends and individuals who gave gifts and shared their time with the kids at GK Pueblo Antonio-Catigan.

Beberly Acabado
Jo Irene Dela Cruz
Juliet LaoInecita Requillo
Jonah Hementera
Beverly Hernandez
Tina Marañon
Elizabeth Atillo
Engr. Ramon Branzuela
Monica Jalandoni
Kristine Dialogo
Engr. Julius Barcena
Arlene Suzon
Deborah Vergel

Wendie Jadraque
Hannah Echavez
Lynith Celeres
Gerrymie Lo
Janelle Llaban
Janmari Fajardo
Desiree Mole
Hannah Magallon
Glencel Salvador

Amhelin Abrahan
Angeline Tagud
Shara Jane Chatto
Devie Villarin
Regina Concepcion
Stella Sasil
Eva Maboloc
Joyce Pequit
Monica Manalili

Louie Angelo Ang
Beverly Navales
Julienne Ramel
Bona Villanueva
Charles Vallena
Peter Cañete
William Sendiong
Maricel Parojinog
Aiza Gonzales
Lynett Mercado
Janie Puno
Dyester Abo-abo
Justin Karl Paleguin
Liziel Conde
Daliejoy Duga
Francise Mordeno
Jenna Pecolados
Ely Tanudra
Rosette Jin Lomocso
Afebrene Balaba
Eric Gramaje
Margarita Chua
Aprilub Jalandoon
Caesa Rosete
Denice Piloton
Albert Diaz
Jessica Caliso
Windee Morta
Raymand Roy Sardido
Hannah Rejoice Perez
Saly Perturbos- Sarcena
Cathy the Clown (from Pongee)

It was indeed the children’s smiles and laughter that made the event memorable. Hope to see you all in our next activities!

I decided to make this year’s season a whole lot special for Mother Nature. I’m sharing my two environment-friendly and pocket-saver ways to celebrate the holiday.

Every year, we tend to spend a lot on Christmas tree trimmings and decors when we don’t even have to. Our Christmas tree at home is extra special since we adorned it with – used bottles from Human Nature! And what amazes me is that everybody who sees it either loves it (because they use it too!) or they get curious about the products and asks about them (and that means being able to share the advocacies and might end up in a sale!)

My second pocket-saver idea is using used papers (old newspapers in my case) as ribbons to trim your gifts. In this manner, I’ve saved up about Php200 from buying them. Below are some of my gifts using my ribbons..

There you have it, friends! I hope everyone finds a way to celebrate a pro-environment lifestyle, not only this season but through the whole year.
Wishing you all a joyous and meaningful holiday,
Devi Migue
Area Ambassador for Human Nature
Davao City

(PS: i really tried to put some photos, the way in my newsletter but it messes up everything so i gave up on doing it. hehe.)

- FriendS -