(drumrolls.....) iT's OFFICIAL!

.........i am engaged to the handsome guy beside me. hahaha.

the truth is, we kept the engagement stuff to ourselves because i felt like having it talked about puts me under scrutiny. silly, but i really feel that way. but i guess there's no use hiding it anymore since i already told a few of my friends who are seem more excited. hehe.
(our families)

we were both a nervous wreck here. hahaha.

prayer before meals

these are just some of the photos we had during the traditional "pamanhikan" last december 8th (which was also yos' birthday)...

it's almost a month that we've been planning some wedding stuff and we both agreed on a simple & solemn wedding ceremony and a festive celebration with family and friends. but boy, weddings nowadays don't come cheap. yes, we have the money but once we laid down our plans - i felt scared that what we have saved will never be enough. when we attended mass in our parish (the Church where our ceremony will be held) - we both agreed that no matter how much we wanted to give in to my parent's wish, spending a HUGE amount of money for an hour or 2 is not practical. i said in prayer that day, "Lord, we cannot afford this Church for our wedding ceremony. i want us to be blessed in this Church - the Church where my parents found their renewal, where my family found it's strength - but we cannot afford it Lord. Help us." i felt sad with that prayer. i told yos about it and he said that there are other beautiful Churches in the city. that evening, we went to a friend's house for a little gathering and the topic of the Church came up. i told them that we might change the Church since it was a bit expensive and guess what?! she assured me that they will shoulder 10K of the expenses. God can never be outdone in His Love. Praise Him! when i got home, i wept. i wept because i was crazy for not to believing that He will provide for us. i wept for my doubts. even at this time, i've received a lot of blessings from friends and family (offers to take care of this and that...) GOD IS GOOD :)

right now, every time i look at our plans, i still feel fear but i smile and tell myself, "Have a little faith, Devi. Nothing is impossible with God."

allow me to end this blog with a prayer from Didache 2010 (Jan 1 reflection)...

"I lay down our (my) dreams and goals for this year, Lord. Accompany us (me), Lord as we (I) work at them. With You by our (my) side, nothing's impossible..."

Kerygma Conference 2010

i am truly sad that it took me a New Year to be able to post my reflections and other blogs. december 2010 was really crazy and worst, i got sick over the holidays blah blah, blah blah..anyway, i'm posting now my month-old stuff. hehehe.


i have always been an avid reader of Kerygma magazine, Bro. Bo Sanchez and some publications of Shepherd's Voice and finally i am blessed with the opportunity to attend KCon this year. when i found out about it, i immediately bought tickets for me & my fiancee and i bought 2 more for my BFF's as my early Christmas gifts for them.

(our tickets for KCon 2010)(me & yos before the program started)

God has spoken through our gifted & witty speakers: Bro. Bo Sanchez, Bro. Pio Español and Bro. Obet Cabrillas. i liked all the talks but i was more touched by Bro. Pio's talk about family. it was a very early wedding gift for us. i could not stop crying during the whole talk - hearing Bro. Pio's personal experiences of how Jesus Christ blessed his family. i was crying because God has blessed me with someone who not only loves and believes in me but also shares the same passion to devote our married life to serve God and raise our God-centered and service-oriented children. (and even when i was still writing my draft, i cried because i can still hear the words of Bro. Pio clearly in my head...)

and finally, i got to hear Bro. Bo talk in person. i was used to hear him in audio talks (from truly rich club audio talks!) and i really felt inspired just hearing him in person.

i really wanted to meet Bro. Bo in person and thank him personally for helping me pursue my dreams and having the best experiences in life (Bro. Bo if you get to read this....im getting red in embarrasment by being such a fan.hehehe.) i knew there was going to be signing of books and photo opps during breaks yet i was not keen on lining-up because i knew that what i wanted to share with him would take time so i didn't line up. (you Sir, have a huge fan base here in davao. seriously.) after taking our lunch, my friends decided to line-up so i went with them - but i had no book to be signed (my books are all at home) so i felt a bit embarrassed to line up there. anyway, i practiced what to tell him and before i knew it, it was our turn to meet him. i just introduced myself and told him that we've interacted in twitter and just as i was to give my thanks - we were instructed to pose because the line was still long and the afternoon session was about to start. that was it. *sigh* i was not able to tell him what i really wanted to say. but don't worry bro. bo, i know that we will meet again. and i will be able to say my thank you personally.

bro. obet's talk about being a happy catholic was an eye-opener. it made me realize that sometimes we've forgotten to appreciate the sacraments because we have looked at them as tasks to fulfill - not as ways to glorify our faith to God.

(with bro. bo sanchez)

the conference ended with a mass and healing. i really had no serious illness so i asked God to let Bro. Pio pray over me & yos - since we will be officially engaged on the 8th and get married next year. and bro. pio did pray over us.

blessings after blessings. God never gets tired of it. and i will get tired of thanking Him, worshipping Him and serving Him.

i am truly blessed.
i am wonderfully inspired.
i am fully restored.

- FriendS -