how much for manners?

these are three very important things that people must never forget to practice. EVER.

one - if you are texting someone whom you have been out of touch for a year or more, don't text them asking them "is this ?" hell, i never reply to this kind of text message. there are a lot of crazy and deceiving people with cellphones and the least i want to do for them is confirm that it indeed is me. the proper way to do it is introduce yourself first even just through text. never assume that the person you are trying to contact has your number. there is always a possibility that person is not aware who you are. if you have to call, text the person beforehand. that is the most proper thing to do. personally, whenever i don't get replies to introductory texts, i call them, introduce myself properly (again) and then confirm if they received my text. if they do, i ask them if it is a good time to discuss my concerns. if they did not get the text, i ask them if i could send it again and call again or any other option that would be both an advantage to us. yes, this is the ONLY proper way to do it.

two - if you get to answer the phone, and you are not the one who is being asked for, SAY SO! there's this company that answers their phone and when you ask for a particular person, he does not say that he is not that person. he just lets you talk and then tells you that he will send the person over to listen to you. what the heck is that!?!


manners, please.

KASAL, KASALI Chronicles: Entry 01

The Diary of a Soon-To Be-Mrs.
"the fuss or the fun?"

my first entry should have been the proposal, then the engagement party and the traditional "pamanhikan" ... but ... i have this stuff in my head for quite some time and i really need to post it.

FOUR MONTHS MORE TO GO! am i excited?! yes, i am. yos and me, finally receiving the ultimate blessing of our relationship - truly the reason for our celebration!

the first 2 months of our preparation, yos and i have gotten into more fights, more than all the fights counted from the year we started going steady. okay, that was an exxageration but you get the point. there's fight about the venue, the budget, the flowers, the budget, the dress of the entourage, the music, choice of songs, the reservations, the kind of rings..everything. we even fought on valentine's day.

aside from differences of opinions and choices (ahem! ha ha..), i felt like i was taken for granted. nobody seems to appreciate all the hardwork i've put into planning, organizing, researching and looking for the best suppliers we could get. it was so frustrating, believe me. everyone was critical of my choices, like i'm such a doofus when it comes to planning. but i'm way, way past that now.

because you know what? i realized i've been convincing myself that it is normal for yos and me to fight - all the time, or for the duration of the wedding preps. married and just married friends told me getting-married couples fight all the the time. i mean, do we really have to go that way? we do have a choice of being that couple who actually enjoyed the preparations - and get along. so we decided to take the better way. we do fight, but it's not like the fight we used to have. we decided to choose what to really argue about now. so far, so good. my succeeding blogs will show whether we've kept up to this. LOL. oh, but we will.

anyway, as early as now, i've decided to share other lessons i've learned from our 3 month preparation. i'm not saying everyone follow this but it did save us a lot of fights, and believe me, a stressed out bride is NOT you would want to be.

first is, you and your fiance should visualize what you really want to happen in your wedding. inanimate details should never overshadow the meaning of your celebration. yos and i agreed that we wanted a solemn celebration which means the Church ceremony is of outmost importance. we both wanted a happy and festive mood for everyone (stomach and activity-wise) - one that will make people say "that's got to be the most enjoyable wedding i've been to!". and lastly, we want to make our parents happy that day - as our gratitude for them for raising us well. believe it or not, i imagine my wedding everyday - the happy faces of our family and guests. i magine a beautiful ceremony in the Church. and yes i do imagine lots of gifts. LOL. but the point is, the bride and groom must take into heart what they want: a celebration of love. not an exclamation of awe at the expenses. hihi.

second, never hesitate to ask for help - be it from family or friends. everyone has been generous with their talent and time. we are truly blessed. don't be afraid to delegate tasks to your bridesmaids - it's a good way for all of you to bond and enjoy each other. in my experience, i assigned to my sister the task of researching song titles that we want to be specifically played in our ceremony since i know she is more into the genre of the songs that we prefer.

third, agree on a budget and try in all your creative ways to lessen it, not increase it. thankfully, i have enough time on my hands to change my mind. hehe. i'm pretty much of a hands-on bride so i really like doing something for my wedding. makes it more personal. will blog about the stuff i made all by myself :)

and lastly, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT - pray for God's guidance and blessing. yos and i have not strictly followed our third advise for some reasons so we are kind of stretched out financially. but with God's grace, we have been blessed, more than we can imagine. believe me, nothing is impossible with God.

so i guess that is all for now. i know there are still more wonderful lessons to learn in four months. excited :)

this broke my heart yesterday.

yesterday, i was told by my mom that some hooligan kids in our area beat up one of our kittens. (see, we don't live in a plush village so we pretty much live with a lot of things that plush villages don't have. but that's not the point of this.)

anyway, the kids hit our kitten's hind legs with stones. and now, our kitten walks dragging her hind legs :( i cried when i saw her. poor creature. she just keeps looking at her kitten sibs playing around, running. i cannot believe how mean those kids could be. now i think that what those kids did to our kitten is a reflection of their home, and now i feel more sad for the kids.

we were supposed to give those kittens away but she has to stay. until she gets well. and she will :) she's pretty much the same. she walks as much as she can, it just takes her longer to get where she wants to go.

i'm welling up again. sorry.


lately, i've been hearing this talk among friends and it bothers me. a lot. i'm not being religious or downright righteous. i'm not judging anyone - it's just that i don't agree to the idea they are trying to pass along.

my friends (especially those who got married and are still childless after 3 years of marriage) have been telling me that since i'm getting married, i should get pregnant before the wedding bells and all. because once i am officially a Mrs., getting pregnant is one of the most difficult thing to achieve. and i'm like, REALLY HUH?!

all i'm saying is that, i'm not buying all this talk. even if you may not be saying it, it's like you are telling me that getting married "properly" has messed up your child-bearing abilities. marriage is a sacrament, a gift from God. to receive this sacrament is one of the best gift me and yos will receive for our relationship. how can something so good and sacred be to blame?

i am still getting married properly. i will not disappoint my parents. i always believe that couples having children is part of God's grace. and i believe that God will give us beautiful children in His own perfect time.


encountering hundreds of starfish dying under the heat of the sun, a boy started throwing them back into the sea.

a passerby asked, "what are you doing?"

"saving their lives," the boy answered.

"forget it," the man said. "you can't possibly save all these starfish."

"right," replied the boy, "but it makes a big difference to each one i do save."

(source: our daily bread)

i remembered my question during the human nature search for national ambassador. it was: "how will you convince people to save the environment?" i could not remember everything that i said that time (anything about the question and answer portion is all a blur to me actually...must be the nerves.) but i fairly remember well i started my answer with a quote from margaret mead: "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that has."

there are so many things i see that needs change in this world, especially in our country. in my personal experience as a Human Nature ambassador and dealer, it is often frustrating why some people are not convinced with our products and advocacies. thankfully, with God's guidance and grace, i have learned to look past all negativity.


yes, we often hear a lot of stories of corruption, wars and injustices - I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE AND BE FILLED WITH HOPE BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THEIR BEST TO EFFECT CHANGE IN OUR COUNTRY.

and with that, it always puts a smile in my heart knowing that indeed, small efforts is starting to change this world. so don't feel bad if nothing happens - YET.

because one small act of courage, kindness, generosity or faith is all it takes to make that big difference.


true to my word, my 3rd manila trip was exciting! i snapped out of my dark moods from this trip and told myself that something good awaits me. and it did, more than i've ever imagined.

DAY 1: arrived at manila early and avoided the edsa traffic. c5 baby! though i hate traffic very much, i was hoping for a glimpse of the people power stage. but that would be crazy to want with fr. samson in your cab. hehehe. had the whole day to myself. read a book (yep, i carried some books - would you believe it that i had no checked-in baggage?!), took a nap, ate lunch and slept again. AdMU without all the students is love. exactly the solitude and silence i was craving for. it was a total break from everyday noise, especially all the noise coming from my wedding preparations. after a short after lunch nap, i spent the whole afternoon doing some personal reflections at the Church of Gesu. i had a great time with the Lord that afternoon. i went through my dream journal - offered a lot of thanks & praises for all the opportunities and blessings i've received. that afternoon made me realize how much i missed out for not taking our silent retreats seriously while in school.

attended a recognition dinner for outgoing ateneo presidents in the evening. i got teary-eyed listening to the videos and testimonials for the 3 "giant" presidents: fr. bill kreutz (adzu), fr. ting samson (addu) and fr. ben nebres (admu). they were truly great leaders - leaders with vision and values. made me proud to receive a jesuit education. met my former teacher in college, fr. johnny go. i saw him 7 years ago. he looked younger now. went back to my room after the dinner as my head was pounding like crazy.

DAY 2: walked around admu campus in the morning as i had errands for my bosses (they all left in the morning - so i was actually alone in manila..)

ate late breakfast at the admu food court. i gave up looking for the infamous manang's. i'd try that one perhaps when i'm with friends. conquered my eating alone pet peeve (you know why? i feel so pitiful eating all alone!). nobody seems to care.

task of the day: ride the LRT going to cubao. very near perhaps but for a probinsyana, it was an adventure. tricycle from admu to the station (well, not exactly the station but the nearest drop-off going to the station) cost 25 pesos (gulp!). when i arrived at the katipunan station, i noticed i was the only one not in a hurry. i must be the noticeable first timer whom people would tweet. LOL. pansit (my guide) gave directions where to go and drop off but not how to - i had to observe how it was done in the station in the most subtle way i know. hahaha. i was told to sit in the "women and children" section but i had no idea where to aim for it so i strategically stood beside 3 women. i sort-of panicked when there were a lot of people waiting because i was afraid i would not be able to get a hand-rail or worse. i would not reach it (yes, a petite girl has her share of troubles...) thank God, i had the courage to grab something as fast as i could. hehehe.

it a fun (though a bit short) ride. probably it was fun since it was not a rush hour. tee hee. had to listen to the PA system to make sure i got off at the right station. and when i arrived at cubao, the rest was history. i walked around the malls. saw a million of girls dressed up in korean fashion lining up in araneta coliseum for a korean pop group called super junior. was actually looking for a cinnabon. i was putting my bet on SM (this dept. store is like everywhere!) but NOTHING. bought brownies unlimited which pretty much is the culprit for my coughs now. haha. treated myself to a cheesecake/blueberry/almond crust yoghurt for doing a nice job.

had a little trouble looking for the LRT station. and my LRT card thingie won't make me pass. tried the lines at the other side. whew! so i was sliding it at the wrong destination. haha.

arrived at admu. my legs were already screaming for a rest. wrote some stuff in my journal and slept the rest of the afternoon.

DAY 3: flight at 7:55 AM. panicked when i was still waiting for a taxicab at 6:30...i was actually praying for two things: no traffic and nice driver. arrived at the airport at 6:50 but the lines at the gate was like...............HUHU. consoled myself that there were guests who arrived after me. check-in line was LONG. even the express counter was bad. believe it or not, i was not panicking. because i know God will not make me miss that flight.

yay! a window seat. was seated beside a very pretty lady who really looked familiar. someone even approached and took her photo. oh, must be a friend she have not seen for a long time. arrived in a rainy Davao.

JUST FOUND OUT THAT I WAS SEATED BESIDE JAMILA OBISPO. who's she? an actress. used to be in PBB house with kim chiu. the one with the child. i'm not sure which of the following i should be putting emphasis on: the fact that i was seated beside an artista or the fact that nobody knows her for i had to remind them who she is. hehehe.

thank you Lord for that amazing and blessed trip.

Manila - i kept coming back to manila?!

i was honestly moping with this manila trip that was supposed to be for something i was really excited that ended up in a cannot-cancel-a-trip thingie but i got a small nudge from my conscience so it made me pause and look back to all the times i've been to manila.

and honestly? i've been to manila - 3 times - in my entire adult life. my feb 2011 being the 3rd one. i could rant about the bad things i've experienced in manila but i've realized all my manila trips were ALL BLESSINGS :)

October 2003 - my 1st manila trip!
it was a business trip with my boss and her daughter (who happened to be my bestfriend, hehe!). batet and i were looking forward to the trip since at that time, 1 of our "sibestfriend" (sister-bestfriend) was working in manila and we were really excited to see her. anyway, it was really fun for the three of us - a sort of 1st out of town trip for us girls. i work in the morning (i had to attend business exhibits with my boss) and we toured the city at night - in FOOT. we went to CCP and saw almost all the ABS CBN stars practicing for their 50th anniversary that time - went and enjoyed all the rides in Star City - it was also the time former President George Bush (or was it Clinton?) came to the Phils. so we slept the whole afternoon since Roxas Blvd that day was like a deserted road. and our flight home was - BUSINESS CLASS! HA! the morning headaches were all worth it!

October 2010 - my 2nd manila trip!
yep, after 7 years, i came back. haha! it was the Human Nature Summit where i represented Davao City. i could still not find enough words to describe how awesome that experience was. probably one of the trips i am most proud of.

February 2011 - my 3rd one!
...will be another blog post. i've decided to make it a very meaningful trip for me - a sort of retreat (my date with the Lord) and adventure. i brought with me all my journals. and i will truly enjoy this one :)

- FriendS -