growing pains

growing apart really does happen to friends. i've read about it,but never really got to understand how it happens. one from being a tight knit group who bicker constantly about who gets to be a boy band's girl to being just merely acquiantance. if we look at it now, it really seems weird to think how we became a group of friends. but it did happen and probably one of the good times we all had. then, we became all busy finding our place in this world. we would catch up if we had time, but it seems to me that we were just doing it for the sake. hey,

maybe i'm reading it wrong. or maybe i'm reading it right. who can tell? and then the catching up just became a plan - nothing really comes out it. just a mere wish, nothing is being done to make it come true. some people would say that it was not true friendship. i think that's a wrong thing to say. would a betrayal or a fight would have been more acceptable reason for it? what's wrong with admitting that we just all grew apart from each other?

yeah, it really is sad. people may call it whatever they want, but it was friendship all right. i believe we are still friends. maybe not the type whom they always run to, but they can count on when they need to. maybe not the friend who'd always be present in every occassion, but the kind of friend who is silently praying and cheering for them on every success. maybe not the friend they tell their secrets but the kind of friend that they can still trust.

it's not ideal but who said you had the ideal either? :)

KASAL, KASALI Chronicles: Entry 03

The Diary of a Soon-To Be-Mrs.
"thinking of a title for this entry...not good for my nerves"

the sort of feeling while having this blog prevented me from posting my usual all-smiles photo.


i'm not going to panic. i'm not going to paniiiic! my supposed to be "mananahi" cancelled on me due to machine malfunction. and now i have 10 dress-less girls and it's 2 months from now.

and now i received a NO from a sponsor. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

*inhale, exhale*

i'm not going to panic! (T.T)

KASAL, KASALI Chronicles: Entry 02

The Diary of a Soon-To Be-Mrs.
"a sneak preview"

awww. the photos of this pre-nup set should have been kept a secret until may but i guess we had a misunderstanding with my photographer. LOL. but since 7 photos have already been leaked over facebook (which i will not post them here because i am still trying to make a chance on stopping it's spread, tee hee hee..) ... so here is my pick over the 7 ones :)

sigh of the day

it never fails. when the deadline comes up, people get crazy, irrational and illogical. it seems like it’s our fault that they can’t comply with the requirements. gah.

my only argument in this is this: why wait this long to inquire for requirements? we had the applications open since august last year and people cram now.

preparedness. that’s the problem. seriously, kids nowadays learn how to plan & prepare. yes, no matter how young, the skill of planning & preparedness must be taught.

it seems it's being spoken to me...

"whether it's madness, or a god or a monster or whatever it is, she is happy. you have seen that for yourself. she is ten times happier, there in the mountain, that you could ever make her. leave her alone. don't mar what you've learnt you can't make." (orual, till we have faces - c.s. lewis)

- FriendS -