let me just rant in my blog where nobody reads much...HAHAHA!

my golly of all mother of gollies! (if there is such an expresion!)

may i just say here, in this least read space of mine, THE NERVE!

'kay, thanks, bye!

(note: i am actually thankful i have a few readers here. lol.)

to the most hardworking D.R.O. of HN Davao, this one's for you...

hey karina! i was thinking of going over to the branch, making a surprise despidida but a lot of stuff took my time. i was actually planning to set it up with brenda, but work gobbled me so i had to settle with this..hahaha.

i really do hope you're surprised. haha!

kar kar, thank you for the hardwork you've done for Human Nature. who would have thought that our friendship was going to go through beyond school volunteering. thank you for the memories, the opportunities, the trips.......thank you for all the time and effort for taking good care of all hn dealers.

i pray that we will still make that commuting trips we were trying to include in our itineraries for our supposedly comeback to manila. lol. you may not know it, but you have touched my life in ways.

continue to live and love our country, our fellowmen and our environment. good luck to you and your future endeavors.


"it's about You, Lord, not about me.."

how do you call a situation where you don't know what's going to happen to you - everyday filled with fear of uncertainty and sometimes doubt and even disappointment that you are not getting what you deserve and yet you are still believing in the best that God has prepared for you and if you don't get what you've really, really prayed for, you'll still stick around and still give your best and pray for it even more?

leap of faith. perseverance. service.

".........to give and not to count the cost,

to fight and not to heed the wounds,

to toil and not to seek for rest,

to labor and ask not for reward,

save that of knowing, that i do..

Your Most Holy Will..." (Saint Ignatius of Loyola)

dear You moment: case #3?

sure, i'm a person who speaks her mind, but there are just some things that i really cannot say, despite the fact that i am in the right. take the case of me lending money or in this case, selling stuff to people with installment payments.

and i always wonder, what is up with me getting guilty to ask for the people who owed me for almost 3 months now, to pay up?

and you know what really, really bothers me? it's actually the fact that they don't even feel ashamed of the fact that they owe someone money. and they actually think that it is my responsibility to remind them of their dues.

crazy, right?

i'm not an insensitive person. there are a lot of people who owed me money and never asked for it back because i knew the situation but the case of this is different. they bought something from me. and i allowed installment payments out of a pitiful strategy: thinking that if they buy now and liked the products, they'd buy more & often - which is actually wrong and stupid.


gewd. i really have to get those payments.

KASAL, KASALI Chronicles: Entry 05

The Diary of Soon-to-be-Mrs.
"sweet dreams are made of these, part 2"

(note: sorry. no photo of the sweet looking bride this time. i'm working on a different unit. tee hee hee hee..)

alright, the second time around for me to have weird and extremely funny "pre-wedding" dreams. (actually dreamed about this 3 weeks ago and because i am that sooooo pre-occupied, can't seem to write about them - but hey, here i am now and that's what matters.)

so the dream went something like this:

i was standing outside the church door and my dress designer was hurriedly helping me get into my dress..i started walking into the aisle and then i realized, I HAD NO SHOES ON! but i continued walking down the aisle...when i reached the aisle, i noticed yos, making calls. so i asked him who was he calling at this moment and he said he was looking for one of our groomsman, who was missing. i got annoyed and told to him to stop looking for the guy, on our wedding day, in front of the altar. then priest asked us what was going on and yos said, "ay, pasensya na father. babaero man gud ni si ___ bah, nawala." (i apologize Father. my groomsman, ___ is missing..might be with a girl now.." i was annoyed at him so i was looking at my maid of honor to get my bouquet lest i throw it at him and my maid of honor was just there, staring at me, not having any clue on what she was doing...so i threw my bouquet at her and saw my parents-in-law, in their plain house clothes. oh my golly. then it shifted to a scene where the priest was giving his sermon and some people were raising their hands, asking some questions...and i was like, what the heck is going on with everybody?!

then i woke up. WHEW!

ps: told my friends about it, and they were laughing hysterically. i was but i was surely not laughing when i was dreaming about it. LOL.

pps: another friend i told gave me a detailed meaning of me wearing no shoes. i had to laugh at that.

KASAL, KASALI Chronicles: Entry 04

The Diary of a Soon-To Be-Mrs.
"oh my....dream?"i just had to share this..it's 61 days away from the Big Day! and the thing is, i had the silliest dream last night about it.

i don't remember much since i wrote hours after. but anyway...i dreamt that it was during the march inside the churh and i was watching everyone's chaos in the sidelines...the flower girls were still in their sleep wear. chippy (one of my flower girls) had to wear the dress over her clothes because she would be left behind...and the priest was like,"what are you doing here in that corner? go to the back and wait for your turn to march!"

i woke up and i found it funny but then again, to have those scary dreams probably means: i' stressed out with the preps or i am a nervous wreck about it.

can't pick one. oh man.

An Act of Kindness

As they say, one act of kindness, goes a long long way. The use of Human Nature everyday is already a huge step. And if you think that the Earth is too big to save (because I do doubt myself sometimes if everything I am doing is actually going somewhere), read this:

encountering hundreds of starfish dying under the heat of the sun, a boy started throwing them back into the sea.

a passerby asked, "what are you doing?"

"saving their lives," the boy answered.

"forget it," the man said. "you can't possibly save all these starfish."

"right," replied the boy, "but it makes a big difference to each one i do save."

(source: our daily bread)

- FriendS -