Love on the 8th of July: Pre-Wedding Photos

one of the best perks of my wedding is that i did not hire photographers from studios. one, they are a bit pricey. there are a lot of freelance photographers now who are as good (even better, i suppose) as those in studios. two, yos and i wanted a photo shoot where we would feel really comfortable with each other and at the same time, feel comfortable with people who are taking snaps of us.

we agreed to hire our good friends as videographer and photographer: Joy Libre, worked in a photo studio for almost a year - so she pretty much has a background in how these kind of photo shoots go. Rona is my friend and at the same time, my "personal" photographer. he's the one whom i always call whenever i feel vain and need a shoot. LOL. the other photographer is Sir Igy, my first photographer in my first ever glam photo shoot. sir igy also took my glam photos for my human nature stint so i am really comfortable with him and i really know he is good in what he does. sir igy's photos are not here but i'll post his photos too :)

it was a good decision. our photo shoots were all fun. yos and i can freely suggest what we like and what we don't. here are some of my favorite shots from our pre-nuptial photo shoot taken last february 2011 and may 2011.

and what i really, really love about my pre-nup shoots is i did the make-up myself, using Human Nature Love Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation and Human Nature Love Minerals Blush. i also used the tinted lip balm on my groom. the love minerals eye shadows were still not available (or i have not yet bought?! am not sure...) lol.

anyway, enjoy the photos. i'm a bit sad not being able to post all the photos because they were really all nice, but i got to choose :)

what i love about this photo is the "anime" feel. hehe.

yipee! i love how fun this photo is. this is actually our couple shirt. i bought this from zamboanga city as a pasalubong to yos. we had it since 2005. i actually laughed when i saw this.

taken at GAP Farm Resort, may 2011..this photo was used in our reception.

my favorite - the bubbles! haha.

sweet ;)

L-o, L-o-V-e

i love the feel of this photo - very vintage.

this too..

thank you guys for the beautiful photos :) special thanks to batet, hehe.

it's 5 days after our big day :)

hello everyone! am so happy to be back online. i didn't go on a honeymoon because yos and i decided to take care first of our house before we go on vacation which is not happening anytime for the next months. hahaha.

anyway, i'm looking forward to seeing all my photos & videos. i should have the time to see my videographer and photographers. hahaha.

will be busy posting photos next week, i hope :)

so, this is how it feels like...

it's two more days before the big day. and i'm a nervous wreck. this is how it feels like, huh. anyway, just relaxing while doing some errands. still have to pack for tomorrow.

excited but nervous.

- FriendS -