the new symptom that i wish would just go away..

after two months of hassle-free symptoms, i just experienced this morning a very scary type of dizziness and nausea-like feeling. woke up to the crying baby of our neighbor at dawn and when i tried to sleep on my side, oh my gooodneeeesss - THE WORLD IS SPINNING! i returned to lie on my back position and it disappeared. what was that?! i slept back, thinking that it was just dizziness caused by sudden movement.

hubby woke really early. i tried to stand through going to my side - THE WORLD IS SPINNING, AGAIN! i stayed in my sitting position and closed my eyes, the scary dizziness is still there. i tried to get up, i swayed. what was happening? i tried to stand straight, it got ok. but everytime i look down, everything is spinning again. i tried to look up, the same thing. i really fought it. i cooked rice despite the fact that i was swaying while walking. i tried to lie down, but the crazy dizziness was still there. i closed my eyes. hubby is now worried because as i've said, i never had any ill-like symptoms before. i took a bath, just being careful not to fall down. ate a really good breakfast prepared by my husband: corned beef, mashed potatoes and steamed eggplant. after a hearty meal, that was when i really felt throwing up. no way!

thank God i arrived at work without getting faint or throwing up. i even brought a container for me to throw up, in case. LOL.

now, i'm still getting the dizzy and nauseous. but i kept telling my Dash, no throwing up please. i really loved what your Dad prepared for breakfast, i want to stay it in my stomach. so let's hold it up there, OK?


thank goodness for my blog. i've never been this active in blogging ever since i got pregnant. my little Dash is going to be a genius of words, believe me.

so what are my thoughts in this a little relaxed afternoon?

1: i cannot understand my baby bump (or if it's that how i should call it now). it's there, but it's not. ok, you don't get it. the book i'm reading "What to Expect when You're Expecting", says bumps usually show at 11 weeks. and i think i'm a bit huge at 8 weeks that i'm at the point of worry. my sides are a bit full and i feel soooo bloated. my bump is not that hard but it's huge. i think it's a huge huge flab! *sigh* sometimes i think i'm not pregnant but with the series of pees and hunger pangs i'm feeling, i am indeed pregnant. i wanted to buy clothes already but i've decided to buy once i've grown. we'll see next month.

2: i am so annoyed with a certain observation that i just cannot let go of it. i usually don't get annoyed with little things but this one is just too much for my hormones. last august 20, a friend of my husband (a guy) asked how many weeks i'm getting on and somebody answered, 8 weeks. and then the guy said, "but they just got married last july, how come she's on her 8th week?" and the guy "sort of" speculated that i was already pregnant when we got married. the other friend defended us (thank you so much!) and told him that they planned their wedding for a year, they wouldn't make such crazy thing. what an ignorant prick! just to be clear (and you better listen to this you, you....basta ikaw!) i had my last menstrual period on june 26. you start counting weeks of conception based on that. not on the wedding date. i am so pissed off. honestly, if i was not pregnant now, i would laugh at this insane annoyance of mine but because i am, i would not. just you wait till i announce my pregnancy in social networks and i will really, really clarify this. just to be mean, i did not get married the way you did. ooppss. sorry, but that's the truth. and no pregnant bride, even if she's on her 1st month would fit my mermaid styled gown. i placed myself on a diet for 2 months just to fit it. hmph.

3: my mom has a superstition not to keep on watching stuff with ugly faces or anything unpleasing. how would i explain the fact that ever since i've had Dash, i always wanted to watch animal features in National Geographic?! well, my Dash is not only a genius of words but a lover of nature too! woo hoo! and also the fact that i am having so much fun reading Pugad Baboy?!

4: some people think it's weird that i have no weird cravings for some food. well, i eat when i'm hungry and i eat what's available. Dash is a really, really good kid. not fussy, would prefer to eat healthy stuff like fruits and veggies. and he knows mommy is really busy and would rather not cause some discomfort. Good for you, Dash! although this constant peeing is really bothersome. i cannot stand for an hour without getting the strong urge to pee. i stand for 10 minutes, and the urge comes. and repeat cycle. i cannot process papers at NSO because of such peeing problems. *sigh* but it's OK. i can get through this.

random thoughts while feasting on a pomelo

tee hee. first i had the Kasal, Kasali Chronicles and now its about my baby bump! (which is not yet a bump but more of stored fats, hahaha.)

> didn't feel drowsy at 10:30 which was my pattern during my 1st month. im still entering my 8th week so who knows what Dash is up to. oh by the way, we call our unborn Dash. well, i love Dash in The Incredibles and i guess the other reason is self-explanatory. LOL.

> really excited about my baby shower. HAHA, i can't help thinking about it and i am mentally planning it. might hold it on my birthday. ah, the gifts. hey, don't tell me you were not thinking about them while planning your baby shower..haha. is there a baby shower registry? that would be a GREAT idea for moms-to-be.

> mixed emotions for the visible bump: will i look good or will i look too big like i've eaten a whole watermelon? LOL. but, looking forward to the fashionable looks i've imagined.

> looked up for some baby names on my 10 minute break. well, i have no second name for a girl but i already have the name for a boy. decided on the name for a boy a loooong time ago. hahaha.

> went to the grocery section and i salivated (literally) at the junk food section. i wanted to buy a pack of Lays. but no, i have a pack of Oishi potato chips at home. that will have to do. hahahaha.

anyway, this is all for today. Dash and me will feast on pasta and meet her soon-to-be ninangs tonight. but we will miss Daddy's cooking :)

my ignatian contemplation

one of the best thing about being part of the ateneo de davao community is our annual 3-day retreats. it allows us to take a break and be reunited with God and fill our spiritual needs. for this year, i purposedly did not join a retreat group with people that i know. i wanted a different perspective this time, one that will allow me to reflect and really be intimate with my God. being married for barely a month has changed my usual prayer routines and i felt a bit different.

i listed myself in the retreat group entitled "Inner Struggles, Inner Grace". but what really caught my attention to sign up in this particular retreat is the speaker. he is the director of the jesuit volunteers of the philippines. i am always inspired by the life lived by volunteers and i want to learn from this man whose life is of passion and service.

surprise, surprise! our retreat venue is one of the coveted venue of all addu retreats and i am so blessed to be there. our venue is a privately owned mountain resort of a former administrator in addu, and it located in kitaotao, bukidnon. we were told to bring our "winter" clothes because the weather over there is really colder than in the city. upon arriving, really cold winds greeted us. heck, it was even colder than the car airconditioning, haha. we were given almost 3 hours to settle down and enjoy the scenery. so here are some of them..(sorry, just from my phone cam..)

the view from our retreat hall

the view from the hut below this

our assembly hall

the resthouse of the owner

the walkway going to the assembly hall

we had our first input, and we were told what were doing until friday. we were going to do an ignation contemplation, "to be present to a scene in which the scene will take its effect in the depth of our hearts..." an ignatian contemplation is just being intimate with God through being in the scene with Jesus.

our retreat master shared his contemplation of the nativity scene: he is the donkey on which Mama Mary rode going to Bethlehem. and during the ride, he felt Mama Mary's heartbeat and a second tiny one, the heartbeat of our Savior. upon hearing his story, i suddenly felt scared. will i contemplate that well? i was a bit "pressured", to be honest. anyway, our retreat master assured us: everything that happens is a grace of God. whatever comes up from our contemplation is a gift from God.

view from my window in the early morning of august 4. slept with socks on, a thick jacket and bonnet and wrapped myself in a fleece blanket. brrrr. still so cold. hot showers here is heaven.

for our morning contemplation (which is the nativity scene, given to us the night before), i chose a corner in our retreat assembly hall and tried closing my eyes. honestly, im not sure if i was dreaming or was i awake, but i could clearly see all the images: i was taken to a scene of a town plaza, and i was a woman fetching water. everyone was going to a certain direction, probably because of the governor's order to enlist. and i saw a donkey, refusing to continue on his journey and it was the donkey of mama mary and st. joseph. i rushed to give their donkey a
drink and i looked at the blessed couple. such a sight. mama mary is so beautiful. she was in fact, wiping the sweat from st. joseph's brow. their donkey still refused to walk so i offered them shelter and then mama mary suddenly touched her stomach - she must have felt a
contraction or something and lo, and behold - I FELT A PAIN IN MY STOMACH. and i was awake or out of my concentration. but the pain in my stomach is still there. i had to go back to our quarters and lied down to settle and reflect on the pain and the whole contemplation experience. was i imagining it? am i really pregnant? (i took a pregnancy test and tested positive 2 days before the retreat period but i was still in doubt. you can read my previous entry, at 6 weeks!) when i woke up, the pain was gone. but whatever it was, it a deeply touching experience. i felt so intimate with the Infant Jesus that time, i felt His kick or whatever it is, before He was born.

i have other contemplations but i will make a different entry for them. but, my first ignatian contemplation truly brought me closer to God and His Son and Mama Mary.

thank you Ateneo de Davao for such a beautiful experience.

at 6 weeks!

yes, it's true. this is actually my first public admission that i am, indeed, pregnant by 6 six weeks! (by the time i blog this, i might be on my 7th week..) most of our families know and some of my close friends, but we have no "social network" announcement yet. hahaha.

my OB actually teased me of having a "honeymoon" baby. and the fact is, we didin't even go on a honeymoon trip. yos and i stayed in the hotel for 2 days to rest from the 6 months of wedding planning and plan our move-out. we are so blessed to be gifted with a baby :)

i was expecting to have my period on the last week of july and when it didn't, i knew (or rather i strongly felt) that i was really pregnant. i was actually feeling sluggish, overly tired, hungry and peed most of the time. but i was blaming such symptoms to stress and adjustments - living on our own meant doing ALL the household chores. yes, i was just stressed out. i even went on a beach overnight with friends at the end of the month. i didn't drink alcohol because i wanted to make sure that IF i was really pregnant, i didn't want to cause any harm to our baby. i took the 1st pregnancy test on the 1st week of august and it was invalid. LOL. well, i really didn't know how so i took again the next day. well, it had 2 pink lines, but a very faint one. i decided to take one again - after our retreat. then something happened in our retreat that really touched my whole being (read "my ignatian contemplation" entry) and i was truly looking forward to taking that pregnancy test again. and here is the result...

two pregnancy tests, taken on 2 different days and both have the same results. i guess there's no more denying it, i am indeed pregnant. however, i am still in doubt because my PT's were all not the same: the photo above had a faint pink line at C Line. the other one had a faint pink line at T line. i went to the doctor first thing that week and i've been given sets of vitamins to drink and then come back the next month. she thinks i had taken too many PT's. hahaha.

honestly, right now, i am still on the process of comprehending this new adjustment that has come into my life - rather, our life. yos and i were just getting used to the fact of our "bahay-bahayan" and next year, our lives will surely be different. wonderful and exciting of course, but still different. i still can't help but worry about a lot of things. right now, i am worried about my state of wardrobe, my weight, labor pains and of course, will my baby be healthy? but i will be ready. yos is very helpful. he cooks most of the time, so he prepares nothing but healthy foods. he reads the food section of pregnancy books to know what kind of food to prepare (though sometimes i cheat whenever i am in the office, haha)..i am not yet feeling those mood swings they are talking about in books but i always try to be happy all the time, despite the heavy feeling of drowsiness every 10:30 in the morning. i am going to make most of this pregnant experience. i can hardly wait to shop for baby clothes, use baby products from Human Nature and be the coolest pro-phillipines and pro-environment mom ever.

thank you Lord, for the wonderful gift of life inside me.

The Arab Dog vs. the Israeli Dog

HAHA. got this from dr. jardiolin's blog :) so funny, i swear.

The Arab Dog vs. the Israeli Dog

The Israelis and Arabs realized that, if they continued fighting, they would someday end up destroying the whole world. So, they decided to settle their dispute with an ancient practice: A duel of two, like David and Goliath. This duel would be a dog fight.

The negotiators agreed each side would take 5 years to develop the best fighting dog they could. The dog that won the fight would earn its people the right to rule the disputed areas. The losing side would have to lay down its arms for good.

The Arabs found the biggest, meanest Doberman's and Rottweiler's in the world. They bred them together and then crossed their offspring with the meanest Siberian wolves.

They selected only the biggest, strongest puppy of each litter, fed it the best food and killed all the other puppies. They used steroids and trainers in their quest for the perfect killing machine. And after the 5 years were up, they had a dog that needed steel prison bars on its cage. Only expert trainers could handle this incredibly nasty and ferocious beast.

When the day of the big dog-fight finally arrived, the Israelis showed up with a very strange-looking animal, a Dachshund that was 10 feet long!

Everyone at the dogfight arena felt sorry for the Israelis. No one there seriously thought this weird, odd-looking animal stood any chance against the growling beast over in the Arab camp. All the bookies took a look and predicted that the Arab dog would win in less than a minute.

As the cages were opened, the Dachshund very slowly waddled towards the center of the ring.

The Arab dog leaped from its cage and charged the giant ''wiener-dog''. As he got to within an inch of the Israeli dog, the Dachshund opened its jaws and swallowed the Arab beast whole in one bite. There was nothing left but a small puff of fur from the Arab killer dog's tail floating to the ground.

The stunned crowd of international observers, bookies and media personnel let out a collective gasp of disbelief and surprise.

The Arabs approached the Israelis, muttering and shaking their heads in disbelief. "We do not understand," said their leader, "Our top scientists and breeders worked for 5 long years with the meanest, biggest Doberman's, Rottweiler's and Siberian wolves, and they developed an incredible killing machine of a dog!"

The Israelis replied. "Well, for 5 years, we have had a team of Filipino plastic surgeons from Vicki Belo working to make an alligator look like a Dachshund."

Happy 1 Year Human Nature Dealership Anniversary to me!

ooooh, i just remembered that i celebrated my 1 year anniversary as a Human Nature dealer last month (july 2011). well, i was really busy last month so, i guess it's better late than never :)


what can i say? IT WAS THE BEST PARTNERSHIP - EVER! my 1 year relationship with HN is probably one of the most memorable time i had in my life.

i was really looking for something worthwhile to do with my free time at that point in my life: i was missing my busy days of volunteering for school and GK. i kind of lost touch with GK - i did not fit with the students anymore. God really has His own way of sending you people and opportunities. enter sir igy and mam pam (whom i believe God sent as "angels" to answer my prayer) and my love affair with human nature began. it started with a strawberry body butter (which made me really sad that it was discontinued) and the citronella bug spray. i initially signed up as a dealer for personal consumption, not to sell. but the opportunity to share something so good is easy. i shared it first with tiny (who of course became my 1st downline, hehehe) and my other chica, batet who became my highest buyer awardee last december. haha. and as they say, the rest is history.

and there was karina, the dealers relations officer, who was tagging me endlessly in FB about human nature, where i was also ignoring (sorry for that kar, we could have been partners longer, hahahaha!) (who i also believe is another "angel" sent to me for my human nature love story...) karina and i were already friends way back she was in college so i guess it was a match. haha.

enter the Human Nature Search for the National Ambassador. i was joking to karina i wanted to join and i was repeating to her that my vital stats (at that time..hahah!) would never pass. but she persisted and i gave in. at that time, there were two of us who were vying for the local ambassador spot. i remember my prayer that time; i asked God that would it be too crazy for me to ask to make me an ambassador. deep in my heart i wanted it, but i was also scared because i was already 28 and i was never an ambassador slash beauty representative (using the term beauty queen seemed a bit excessive, hehe) to be one.

enter the call of tita monique (including tita joy and tita sylvia and tito iky, who are also my "angels" in my human nature story) - and that was it. i became the Local Ambassador for Human Nature-Davao City. i was so happy, i was crying while talking to tita monique and i was crying still after.

and everything happened: i went to manila to represent davao in the first human nature summit, met a lot of inspiring people like Mr. Tony Meloto, the Global Ambassador Rachel Grant, the people behind Human Nature especially Ate Anna, Kuya Dylan, Camille and Joanna. then in a year, i had my first appearance in the human nature brochure. an experience that i always dreamed and God helped me make it come true. i am truly, truly blessed and Human Nature is part of it.

and my personal life as well is human nature-filled: i got married and my wedding was all about being pro-philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment. i have a separate blog about it actually, i'm just trying to find time to write it. hehehe. and being a dealer of human nature has made me more concious and aware of my everyday decisions (together with my husband who share the the same advocacy), how i can help our country and our environment.


i could go on and on about how human nature has changed my life but it all sums up to this: I AM A PROUD DEALER and i look forward to more fruitful years with HUMAN NATURE. and in addition, congratulations to Tita Monique, Tita Joy and Tita Sylvia in their new branch located at Plaza del Carmen, Obrero Davao City. i urge you guys to visit. it's so chic and cozy. mapapabili ka talaga. hehehe. okay, some photos of course. haha.

my brochure appearance. this is truly a dream come true for me. hehe.

with Karina, a good friend and former Dealers Relations Officer

GK Visit at GK Pueblo Antonio at Catigan - home our passion fruit :)

- FriendS -