our mommy cat

our female cat (the one at my mother's house and the only who is busy at being productive cat) gave birth a month ago. and she lost her babies after 3 weeks i guess.

would it be possible for mother cats to go through depression? she has been acting a bit weird lately. on the night she lost her kittens, she kept circli
ng our house, meowing as much as she can, looking for her kittens. it went for a week. then after a week, she went back into some kind of regress. she's pla
ying around like crazy, wrestling our other unwil
ling cats (except for one of her kids, who is now as big as her) and just being crazy.

and now, she is making her grown-up kitten a baby again. this morning, i saw this. she is treating her former kittens as her babies. in fact, she is voluntarily nursing him. and she is actually treating him like a kitten, bringing him wherever she goes. a bit weird, i must say.

aya, our cat, has always been weird. but it amazes me. even animals have motherly instincts. she's a cat but she knows and remembers she is a mother. poor her.

An A for my First Trimester

Praise be to God for a very healthy and memorable first trimester! congratulations to me, daddy yos and dash! i passed my first trimester with flying colors! i am now on my 17th week and a few days away from my 18th week :)

for my first trimester, i am giving our happy family an A. of course, a perfect score for me, my husband and our healthy genius little one, Dash.

no scary morning sickness except for a few dizzy spells and nauseous feeling. i did throw up a few times but nothing really major - few actually means less than five fingers. my mom was even surprised that i had no throw up drama. she got hospitalized during her first trimester and here i am, the exact opposite.

i learned to deal with hunger pangs by eating in proportions. i make sure to eat fruits everyday, eating more of those that help me in my bowels. even if i dislike the taste so much, i make sure i eat green and leafy veggies. daddy cooks most of the time so i get to eat nothing but healthy stuff. though i ate less fish because my nose just can't take it's smell - made me nauseous all the time. but i do eat fried fish - if i don't smell it first. i have nothing against fish. its just that the smell leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth and no matter well cooked it is, the unpleasant smell is what i taste. weird but yos and i dealt with it.

i found myself eating and drinking more of this though: sampaloc candy, potatoes and carrots, minute maid, crackers, fita biscuits, wheat bread, guava, papaya, ripe mangoes and a whole lot more. i indulge sometimes in sweets, fastfood stuff like KFC, jollibee and fries, ice cream, a little junkfood - but i make sure i drink a lot of fluids after.

no weird food cravings - i just tend to dislike some food if i eat them more than five times. my first well-known victim is pomelo and second is banana (which are actually my favorite fruits). however, one peculiar thing i crave for is my husband. i always want to hug him, kiss him - to be always beside him every time we are at home. i always feel sad before he leaves for an out of town trip. i even cry in the middle of the night on the day before he leaves. i always find myself smelling him and his clothes. hehehe. but i've read through some discussion boards that such attachment to the husband is quite normal. in fact, i think my husband likes it secretly, he just won't admit it. hahaha.

i do feel tired most of the time but i made sure to get enough rest. i take naps every lunch hour (especially if i don't have any deadlines or meetings) and i sleep early. all social gatherings are limited and i schedule them on days that i can wake up late the next day.

over all, i love being pregnant. in fact, i've never felt this so ..... excited and happy. i just feel wonderful and exhilarated, i cannot describe it. opportunities and blessings are pouring in - our event organizing is raking in clients and soon, an exciting business venture is coming my way. i was afraid at first that my baby bump will lessen my productivity but it's quite the opposite. God gave me a lot of angels: in the form of my husband, colleagues, family and friends. i never thought i would be able to handle everything. if you've been reading my blogs, you must be aware that everything happened so fast to us. after a month of getting married and just settling on our own, i found out i was pregnant. of course, we were happy. but i was the one who was happily scared. i was afraid it would affect my new position at work, my plans - but i told myself, God prepared me for this - so i just said, "Yes Lord, we are ready." and God gave everything we need :)

i look forward to a very productive second trimester with my happy family. so many, many plans: move to our happy home (our own home, at last), child birthing classes, my new business, more events to organize for Accents Events.

Yes Lord, we are ready to do your work.

mommy's thoughts to her 14 week Dash

dear Dash,

right now, you are forming your toes and fingers in mommy's womb. mommy and daddy is looking forward to hold them, kiss them and play with them.

oh, so many wonderful things we can do with our hands Dash.

we can draw a lot of things: trees, animals, houses and every little thing that comes to your imagination.

we can build toy houses, sandcastles and when you are older, you can build homes for our fellowmen - which is actually building their dreams, as well as our own.

we can plant trees, take care of animals, throw our wastes properly and take care of our environment with our hands.

a touch is a gift and it is something mommy and daddy wants you to learn to share.

and oh, so many wonderful and amazing places our feet can bring us to.

we could travel the whole Philippines, explore every city, every beach, mountain and shore.

we could go to places to share our time, resources and talents.

but most importantly, your hands and feet can do so much.

you can hold our hands and comfort mommy and daddy.
you can touch our faces, and heal our long day.
you can run and give mommy and daddy a hug.

so many things in life that is beautiful and wonderful to share with other people, with our hands and our feet.

so grow strong inside my womb my sweetheart. mommy is doing her best to make you strong and healthy.

this is you at 13 weeks and 2 days

mommy and daddy

- FriendS -