it's a daddy's girl :)

yes, Dash is a girl :) and yes, we are keeping the name Dash, even if it sounds like a boy. haha. i prepared a name for a boy and now yos and i are a bit confused on what to name her. but it's going to be a play of creativity since we really want to keep the name Dash for her :) so be ready world, our Dash name will rock your world :)

anyway, i went for another ultrasound today because i can hardly keep my not-knowing-at this point of time for my baby's gender. yos and i were hoping for a boy, but a girl will be most welcome. and it is indeed a girl :) and i bet a Daddy's girl. i guess i've already flooded my blog how Dash always want her Daddy around her all the time.

last sunday, i read to her Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone..i've been reading to her that book since she was still 13 weeks. i don't know, i just felt that she can hear me somehow. anyway, this time, yos wanted to participate. so i get to be the narrator and at the same time, i read the lines of female characters and yos reads out the lines of male characters. when yos read out "gryffindor!" (yes, we are already in the chapter where they are doing the sorting), Dash kicked. such a smart smart kiddo. she already knows her daddy's voice and her favorite house. hahaha. anyway, she kept kicking whenever she hears yos' voice and i got tears in my eyes because of it. oh our little wonderful family. it's such a beautiful feeling :)

now that i know it's a girl, i quite understood the fascination for Kim Chiu and Laureen Uy. whew, a fashionista in the making. great job Dash. i cannot wait for us to go bonding and use all Human Nature products. and of course, you are going to be the star in mommy's new adventure in life - which i will reveal a few days from now.

going back to the ultrasound, i am so thankful that Dash is well and very healthy indeed. of course, Mommy is well-fed, because Daddy cooks nothing but healthy stuff. and her heartbeat is OK. and she sure is very active. the OB-sonologist said my baby is quite "malikot". i guess she got the energy from her daddy who is used to hiking miles and miles and from mommy who is ever active in everything. and thank you so much Lord, my placenta is now OK. my first ultrasound showed low implantation but now i had no remarks of such. thank you so much Lord for my healthy pregnancy.

i am so looking forward now to our child birthing classes on January. and of course, on april, when we can finally meet our Dash :)

thank you Lord for this beautiful life :)

Dash at 20 weeks
(it kind of took a while to see her gender because she kept moving her legs - so "malikot")

this is why i am a happy, healthy preggy :)

to be perfectly honest, i am not a kitchen's friend. i am not exactly bad at cooking (hey, i can follow instructions well and i used to bake in high school..), it's just that i do not have the patience for it. anyway, for the time being, my husband is the official chef of the household :)

and it is for this reason that i am a happy, healthy preggy :) yos cooks nothing but the healthy stuff for us. we still have canned goods but it's not without the veggies. there was one weekend where we only had eggs for breakfast. he chopped up some cucumber and i had scrambled eggs topped with chopped cucumber. and mommy and dash loves it :)

anyway, some of our weekend dates at home are yos' cooking adventures. yos is trying to make his own version of stuff we usually eat at restos. and he really is doing great at it. we visualize our home to be where our friends would exclaim how they had sumptuous dinners :) and we are mentally preparing for our little one's appetite. i know kids are picky eaters and we want our kids to start eating healthy at a young age. just imagine, our unborn is still 5 months in my womb and we are planning his/her meals as a kid. hahaha.

his version of kabab :)

fusilli in basil & shrimp

and now that we finally have our own digital cam, we can post more of this goodies :)

it's 5, 5, 5!

whew! enrollment week and enrollment tasks just dragged on and on, making me miss writing about my pregnancy fun. and finally, i have a few evening with internet connection and i am making the most of this.

happy 5 months to me, daddy and dash :) four months more to go and we will be meeting each other face-t0-face and yos and i are just so giddy with excitement. anyway, just a few stories to share :)

:: finally, my distate and dislike for the taste of fish and other stuff is gone (i think!). yos tried to cook me fish soup and the fish didn't taste funny, nor the veggies. yahoo! and right now, i think i am experiencing "the hearty appetite" symptom. my hunger is now an hour or two hours apart. oh well, as long as dash is hungry, i'll eat my best for my best. :)

:: i've been told several times (actually, told to make me feel scared, hehe) regarding this "kikik"stuff. (note: "kikik" is a mythical creature in philippine folklore that preys on pregnant woman and eat their unborn) ... our fellow tenant told me that they've been hearing sounds of this creature and asked if we heard them. i said no. at the back of my mind, i was thinking, yos and i sleep to our heart's content because we wake up at 5 in the morning to go to work and finish our morning chores. anyway, i told her that i don't scared easily and she gave me tips on how to avoid them. i told yos and i was actually surprised he got scared about it. so now, we have a new routine: i wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and he does too. i feel bad about waking him up but he really is up for it. daddy really loves us, i'm actually welling up with tears while typing this. anyway, my mom was pretty much scared about what our neighbors told me and she made us put garlic in our windows. oh well. there are times i don't feel scared but if it's to protect our dash, i'd be more than willing to do what i'm asked even if i don't believe in it too much.

:: nothing is more exciting than waiting for our healthy little genius to come out and finally holding him. i've been told of the sleepless nights, mommy duties demands and probably everything scary but i don't feel scared at all. which is also scary. our little one is a good boy/girl. (i always keep thinking that our little one is a boy... i don't know, yos and i are confident he is a boy.) anyway, dash will be an easy baby. if he's not, he will still be easy to take care of. and of course, i know the lolas will be there to the rescue. i think they are as excited as me and yos. right now, i am imagining dash as a very smart kid, who loves to read books, loves to run with us and probably everything a kid enjoys to do. yos and i may be crazy to be so optimistic about raising our kid but we just want him to grow up happy and responsible.

:: i've been getting mixed comments regarding my baby bump. some are expressing how huge i am for my month - to the fact of suggesting i'm carrying twins, some are saying how cute i am to be carrying a baby bump. it's so crazy and mind boggling! i mean, i'm trying my best not to worry about my weight gain. i've been gaining 1 kilo a month constantly and for someone who used to be watching her weight, it's not an easy thing to accept. i weighed 40 kilos before i got pregnant and now i am around 45...which is actually pretty low for my age and height.i've already made terms with the need to gain proper weight and there's no need for people telling me how much big i should. that's why i decided to listen only to my mom, my mother-in-law and my OB and my husband who never fails to tell me how lovely and how sexy he finds me everyday (though he can't help but laugh at my bulging stomach sometimes, haha!)... as long as my OB says my weight gain is nothing to worry about, i won't worry about it. but i want to thank everyone who's been kind to share me some experiences of theirs. but to be perfectly honest, i love being pregnant. and i am enjoying every moment of it.

i'm an adult, eh?

just a quick one for today. i just realized ..... i am really an adult now.

a wife. soon to be mommy. a businesswoman. and everything else God has willed me to be.

have i been enjoying life too much that the weight of all the responsibilities has not made me realized i am an adult? i mean, i have to take care of my husband, take care of my coming little one, take care of my career and my living ... everything is in my hands.

if you ask me, yes or no. i love my life now. even the gigantic responsibilities that are looming are not worrying me.

or do i have too much pride knowing that i can handle them?

i need to re-think. right now, i miss talking to God everyday. i pray everyday, together with my husband but i personally need to reconnect with Him.

- FriendS -