a 6 year journey into patience and perseverance

i received a wonderful gift today and i am so grateful to God for it because believe me, along the way, i had doubts that He would give it to me. i doubted Him so many times about this but God is truly faithful even if i was not faithful all the time.

i was never a patient person. in fact, i am surprised i stayed this long. but God planted a dream in my heart, and that dream gave me the grace to be patient and to persevere.

i remember well, after 4 years of waiting, i was getting restless. i asked God if all my hard work is all worth it. He answered it with a Yes, but He would not give me what i really wanted. Yet. but i had faith that God planted me where He wanted me to bloom. a year after that, i asked Him again. it was still a No. and by some miracle, i came through an inspiring article about seeing everything in life as a preparation. God is not saying No to me. God is asking me to prepare, learn as much as i can, plant all goodness and believe that He will grant me the overflowing abundance He promised me. crazy as it was, I said yes. and it was the best yes of my life.

in fact, 2011 has been my year of "Yes" to God. i said Yes (in the form of I Do, he he he) to the wonderful man He gave me. i said "Yes" to being a Mom to Saree. i said "Yes" to a huge financial opportunity. and now this: a "Yes" that I've been telling Him 6 years ago.

When i attended the Kerygma Conference this year, Bro. Alvin Barcelona's talk touched me the most. he talked about the need to go through everything. he shared that why we need to dream more. and that moment, i felt God was telling me, your "Yes" is My work. and i want you to love more with your "Yes".

i am still far from my harvest season. i am still in the process of planting goodness and good works. and i know God is with me, every step of the way.

that is why, give your "Yes" to God. it'll be the best of "Yes" of your life :)

thank you Lord for everything. this is for You, my Great Provider.

Christmas is for Christians only?

i witnessed something this morning and it really made me sad, to the point of being frustrated.

a Badjao was asking for alms and approached a car that was parked in front of me where i was standing and the man sitting inside shouted:

"Kristyano ka? Dili ka Kristyano! Pang-Kristyano lang ang Pasko!!!" (are you a christian? you are not a christian! christmas is only for christians!!!)

and he did it twice, because another Badjao tried approached him.

i seriously wanted to punch him in the face and tell him how dare he use Christianity as an excuse for his selfishness. but that would be un-Christian too. i do not give alms for some reasons (because i do not want to encourage them in the streets) but i do not shout and demean them. instead, i memorized his plate number and said a silent prayer. and every time i see that car, i will always say a prayer for him.

that scene made me sad. because we have forgotten what we have been called for as Christians. Christ came to this world for all of us, not only for Christians. as Christians, we have a bigger calling to be Christ-like.

and when i was going back to the office, i witnessed another heartbreaking scene while riding a puj. an old lady was trying to cross the street and she cannot seem to reach the high step of the alley. a Badjao approached her and helped her. i wanted to cry right there and then. yes, we have indeed forgotten who Christ is and why we are are Christians.

and this is why i am reminded of this quote of gandhi:

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."(Mohandas Gandhi)
i believe that Christmas is for everyone. i do not even consider it a season. i consider it an everyday celebration because God gave us His Only Son, not to be served but to serve us. and that is our duty as Christians: to let others see Christ in us.

- FriendS -