way way way overdue: my bridal shower minus the male dancer. hmph.

i "think" i accomplished a lot today and i'm giving myself a break. ha ha.

these......are.......way.........overdue.........photos.......from........my.......bridal....shower. ha ha ha.

i was checking my blog folder and my golly, i have dozens of blogs to make. i really tried to do it everyday but a helluva lot of stuff just takes my time. i can only imagine if i have Saree. baka 1 year old na si Saree, saka ko pa na-post mga 6 months photos niya. heaven forbid. i will try to be a more religious blogger. er, starting tomorrow. ha ha ha.

my bridal shower was really simple. i always thought i would have the kinky kind of bridal shower but i did not have the time to organize my bridal shower. i was told it's supposed to be my maid of honor's duties but i guess she was kind of busy with her own wedding (which was happening 8 days after mine) so she's off the hook. and i was not able to attend her bridal shower either because it was moving out day for me. so i guess we can both call it even. he he he.

i half expected a naked guy but i guess rajz was not into it. ha ha ha.

anyway, it was fun and simple. full of singing (which was fine with me, by the way). few friends came because i think everybody was busy with their lives so i'm really letting them off the hook. and what's important - they attended my wedding day.

i received a kinky gift - at di ko pa nagagamit, take note. kasi naman po, i got pregnant immediately, so, probably in my second pregnancy - let that gift be the culprit. ha ha ha.

thank you my girls. let's make bawi sa baby shower, okay?

my only "girl" attendee. pau was there but left in the middle of the fun. loser. just kidding pau. ha ha ha.

naiiyak si maricris sa kanyang nakikita. ha ha ha.

rajz, you have to understand, IT JUST WON'T FIT YOU AT ALL. ha ha ha.

are you fighting or something? tee hee hee.

i love you rajz, for this. the "mascot" is a heirloom from him. he had this since he was in high school (or college? kinda forgot the story) and felt it was time to be passed on. i am so honored. ha ha ha. but seriously, i love things with sentiments so i really love this. i'll find the next getting married friend to have "him".
AND THIS IS A VERY YUMMY SANS RIVAL, i tell you. but i had to share, you know. ha ha.

i had two cakes that night, which were all very good. (margie's sans rival is really good. bought 2 small of them and gobbled them during tiny's last night as a single woman. we are that evil, bringing cake on the night before a bride's wedding. ha ha ha.) i ate them to my heart's content. buti nalang kasi, i did not even get to taste the cupcakes i bought for my wedding. and despite the fact we had wine toasting and cake slicing, i cannot remember how my cake tasted, i swear.

my maid of honor, giving me a p*n*s. how cute. ha ha ha.

pre-dinner photo. i miss my long hair here.

i am looking forward to a gift-filled baby shower, lemme remind you all. ha ha ha.

reminder to self: write more often

this won't be long. i swear. ha ha ha.

i realized over my puj ride yesterday that i have not been true to my word.

i swore that once i own a digicam, this blog will be like so popular. ha ha ha.

but i had the digicam since november last year and most of my posts are texts, not a single photo.

i wrote this to remind myself that i need to write more often, express often.

the dream of writing for my dream magazine is still alive. i have not forgotten it. ever.

thoughts and other stories at 29th week

whew. just barely a week and i am writing now about my 29th week. i guess i felt a little guilty about writing "sad" and "negative" stuff from my previous week. i guess it's just the hormones - actually, i would like to believe they (i meant the hormones) are catching up on me. ha ha ha.

..Saree on our 29th week is just so wonderful, exciting and positively-scary. she moves a lot, a whole whole lot. and not just the tiny movement but movements that would even wake me up, a kick that would make my belly shake. and it's not only kicking now. she has learned squirming, swishing, rolling over and who knows what else she is doing. i often wake up with my tummy not in it's even form. one is protruding some of her body parts. and her movements would make huge waves in my not-so-small tummy. i am looking forward to see her feet imprint in my belly - if those videos are true. ha ha ha. but seriously, i look forward to that. but what makes her movement so beautiful is seeing the happiness on her daddy's face every time he sees her move. every night, yos reads to her daily bible reflections (from didache) and she moves a lot. and when her daddy kisses her, she kicks backs or we would like to think she rolls over and wants to be kissed on that particular side or she is just squirming with delight. truly a precious moment that never fails to bring tears in my eyes :) she is quite heavy now, but i can only be grateful that she is growing well and healthy.

..our lamaze classes are really fun. yos and i have been practicing breathing exercises before we go to sleep and every time i have those braxton hicks. honestly, the braxton hicks are making me anxious. i know they are normal but goodness, how they make me paranoid. i just deal with them by doing my breathing exercises and saying a prayer and asking Saree to do it less often. ha ha ha. yos joked that Saree must be saying, "Mommy, practice pa lang tayo, natatakot ka na.." ha ha ha. my smart kiddo must be really saying it. the lamaze classes have taught me that i can be very involved in my child birth. and i am actually a list of them and i plan to talk it over with my OB in my next visit. and how amazed i am with the facilities of birthing rooms in other countries. i saw how some women deal with contractions: a woman was actually lying in a bath tub. woah, parang nasa hotel lang at nag un-wind. pero seriously, we should have that. in fact, i told yos that my mind is already set that the contractions will be painful but seeing the faces of women in the labor room videos made me realize that the pain i have imagined is less. ok, i should set the tab of pain expectations higher. probably like the leg cramps i'm experiencing sometimes at night.

..since i got left behind from this trip, i held all the responsibilities of the 3 stores. and how the challenges came in when i am the only one left to take care of everything. oh, the episode last night. i should refrain from reading text messages every time i get up and pee. it makes going back to sleep really difficult. i am really blessed to have a husband who is sweet and caring. he hugged me all night and massaged my back. and he even let me fall asleep longer in the AM. he he he :) saree is sure lucky to have yos as his daddy :)

this is what my autograph would look like now. ahahaha.

disclaimer: i was supposed to write a part two of my thoughts on my 28th week, but i felt what i had to say is going to take time so i decided to do what nikki gil did. hahaha. i swear i want to write a gazillion of stuff for my blogs but i am so up to my neck with deadlines i imposed on myself because i have to prepare things before i go on that childbirth vacation. i keep thinking somebody with superhero skills needs to replace me or else all hell break loose. and i hate tying loose ends when i make a come back. sheesh. the OC in me just won't quit.

anyway...i decided to spend my 20 minutes in this stuff because honestly, i spent my day planning everything for next week until june of this year. i super need a break.

just a quick trip down the mem lane: i remember the hype over this autograph thing when i was in HS. it was a sure "kilig" moment when you get your crush to sign yours and you read it over and over again, analyzing really nonsense stuff. and i was even prompted to watch his favorite TV shows to make it as conversation starter. hahaha. and it even caused conflicts among some classmates who are so "honest" in their entries or try to make gossip about somebody else's answers. nakakaloka talaga.

(note: i have an issue of writing down my birth date in any of social networking sites. yes, i am that paranoid. he he he..)

29 :)

Year Sign:
Year of the Dog (Doggy, Dougie, Iro - the terms people come up with - times have changed, ha ha ha!)

Zodiac Sign:

School/University: Stella Maris Academy, Ateneo de Davao University (i am still trying to get over the stage of not finishing my Master's Degree. but who knows? God's time is Perfect.)

AB Mass Communication, 2003

Favorite Subject:
honestly? in HS, i was the source of all good when it comes to history, filipino, english - all those that involves reading. ha ha ha. in college, i really loved our public relations class, photography and film, psychology, history (i am such a geek, haha!) .... sige na nga, some of our communication subjects.

Books: these are probably the books that i read over and over again and books that really changed my life...right now, i prefer reading self-help and inspiring books.
The Harry Potter Series, The Chronicles of Narnia, Summer Sisters, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich, Didache, 40 Stories of Passion, How to Simplify your Life and Create Abundance and a lot more of books. i can build a library out of them, i swear. but right now, i'm more into parenting books. hahaha.

for inspiring books, i recommend Bo Sanchez, Francis Kong, Stephen Covey, Paulo Coelho...for entertaining read i like Agatha Christie and Sidney Sheldon...but i read anything. i'm a book worm :)

Kind of Movie:
some of my ultimate faves are The Road Home, Not One Less, Crash, Malena, Amores Perros, Inglorious Basterds and goodness, i cannot enumerate all of them here! ha ha ha. for some fun, i love suspense and horror films. but i prefer watching foreign films. yung mga type na hindi pinapalabas sa moviehouse. ha ha ha. i asked a friend to download me some movies and he said, "dev, asa man ni gipalabas? wala lagi ko kaila ani." he he he. and i also watch chick flick and cartoons...i love Tangled! ha ha ha. and being a lover of soundtracks, i guess it follows i'm a lover of films :)

 Movie Idols: i love Leo DiCaprio (his post titanic days, ok?) ... then there's Gael Garcia Bernal, Liam Neeson, Johnny Depp ( i really like how rugged and dirty he looks but still looks hot) ... for the ladies, i like, um, wait, i don't know. ha ha ha.
Singers/Bands: Maroon 5 (majorly because of Adam Levine), The Corrs (always!) and The Fray .. but i judge a music with their song lyrics eh. i am that difficult. ha ha ha.
Music: i'm an oldie songs lover. i don't even know why. ha ha ha. and soundtracks, i collect them in my playlist. there's something refreshing about listening to a song and remembering that part of the movie..
T.V. Programs: we don't have TV but i watch FRIENDS over and over again, Bones, Criminal Minds, Burn Notice ... and Charmed!
Dress/Outfit: anything comfy and fashionable at the same time but right now, anything that will keep my baby bump fashionable.

i like anything that smell sweet and strong at the same time. but i rarely wear perfume because honestly, i love spraying myself with Human Nature's Citrus Burst Spray Sanitizer. always keep my skin fresh w/o that heavy feeling of oil..
Food: pasta, pizza and everything that my hubby cooks. ha ha ha.
Drinks: water, fruit juice ... i don't drink alcohols, anything with caffeine and soft drinks anymore.
Pals: i have so many friends and i'm grateful that i have all of you :)

shucks. it's between home and work now. ha ha ha.
Colors: white (because people in white always looks clean), yellow, greens, orange and everything lively
Pets: Cats!

Dream More. Love More. Believe More.

Who is your love? my husband :)
How did you meet? hay naku, i already wrote something about it. read here.

Is she/he your first love?
Yes. asus. ha ha ha.
Her/His special characteristics? everything about him pero the thing i really like about my husband is he is patient and very hard working :) and he treats all women really well..
What attracted you most? he has a vision in life :)
Happiest Moment the day i got married, the day i heard my Saree's heartbeat --- everyday is a happy moment for me because it is God's gift :)
Greatest achievement in life when i said "yes" to God's purpose to my life :)

Greatest Dream
it's so many eh. not for myself but for everybody else :)
Most stupid thing ever done i don't spend time regretting. i always look at the brighter side of things and that God has prepared the best for us.

Beliefs/Philosophies in life "Love is not about beating hearts, but dirty hands."

thoughts on my 28th week

i just wanted to squeeze in these short blog (or an attempt for a short blog, he he he) before i dive in with my monday to do's...

finally, 28 weeks. 10 weeks more and i'm ready to pop with my beautiful Saree. hubby and i, in fact attended our first session of Lamaze class last Saturday and it was really fun. aside from the calm it gave me about labor (a calm that i truly needed), i was really glad that my hubby can massage my back - w/o excuses. ha ha ha.

however, i greeted 2012 with a sense of panic, fear and worry. i could not help think that i have so many things to accomplish before i go on that childbirth vacation. and the fact of not knowing exactly when is adding to that anxiety.

we scheduled our home transfer this month and i am worried about our state of unpreparedness: no good furniture, no cabinets, no appliances and everything about our new house that i think i should worry, the locks, the window grills and a whole lot more. i could go on and on about my to-do list in our new home.

then there's our boutiques. if only it would rain money... i'm worried about finances, the employees, the marketing ideas that we need to implement as soon as possible.

then there's my work. i don't have an assistant yet. i refuse to imagine the chaos my office will be in if i don't train someone as early as now.

then i'm worried about giving birth. the braxton hicks are actually making me nervous at times. i am so keen in observing everything that goes in my body now. then there's shopping for Saree's things. i haven't bought anything yet. i feel so unprepared.

being an event coordinator, someone who is so used to organizing details to the smallest detail, thinking a lot about this things is making me anxious. i cannot dictate to Saree when she should come out. all i can do is be prepared for it. *sigh* i feel like i've taken so many responsibilities that it's driving me crazy. but in know in my heart, Saree and her safe delivery and my welfare is the most important thing. NOW. nothing else.

Lord, calm my panicking heart. Grant me the calm i need. Teach me to trust in You more.

- FriendS -