"a baby girl for her 30th" (my birthday party & baby shower)

i will start my afternoon today with writing. i miss it. i need it. i need a break from thinking of promotions, marketing and other to-do's. i just had enough of them.

despite the fact that it would add to our mounting expenses, i asked  my husband if i could celebrate my 30th (and 5 days) birthday and baby shower with a party. for me, a 30th is a milestone. yeah sure, you get older every year but, for me, i am really happy and proud to be 30. i want to celebrate it with my families and friends. and thankfully, yos really wants me to be happy (yes, happy mommy equals to happy baby, hehehe) - he said yes.

the party almost did not push through. the day before, i just found out that the venue where we were planning to hold it just got paid to be exclusive. i panicked but heck, i remembered I AM an event coordinator. it is not my nature to panic over event organizing. thankfully, my sister was quick to help. and thank you Lord for giving me the calm despite the fact that i was really busy that saturday.

anyway, the party was sooooooooooooooo fun! i had a good laugh with everybody. i think i'll let the photos do the talking eh? ha ha.

my very cute invitation courtesy of my master lay-out artist, rona. thank you so much yotch. if i only had the time, i would have distributed them to be more appreciated.  i would also like to apologize to people whom i forgot to invite. i decided to hold this party on 22nd and it just happened that we were preparing for something major for the store so i guess my mind was not into it wholly. batet and tiny organized some for me. thank you so much to my chicas.
despite the fact that we three are going through something, i am really glad that we had fun that day. i love you chicas and soon to be ninangs of Saree.

happy birthday to me! just one of the few cakes i received. i had 4 that day, imagine that. thank you batet, rowe and Uncle Lolong. and thank you CE people for the "huge" pizza.
from L-R: my brother-in-law, my husband's niece and nephew, my mother-in-law, my mom and my sister
CE people: rashid, lynith (and her pamangkin or cousin? who did not want to swim in the pool because he thinks the pool has a shark (haha!), paolo, dan and my all-smiles dear hubby.
the UTI people. ever present. haha.
Game: Guess Mommy's Tummy Size........waaaah! everybody was off with my tummy size. ang laki ng kanilang estimate.wala'y nakadaog! ha ha ha! ang JD kay may pa formula formula pa, "4x the mother's head na siya.." wa man. ha ha. love you jayds. ikaw baya ang life sa party and i love you for that.
thank you tiny for emceeing on the spot. playing the Trivia Game. sunod, check ninyo ang omg! yahoo for celebrity news. ha ha ha!
bungisngis Mommy and Daddy of Saree. mao na jud ning game na "Pabobohan"...the category was "name a movie with the word "baby" in it"...BEST ANSWERS: ANAK NI BABY AMA ug BABYLON.. ha ha ha! gusto pud mu-protesta ni kim kay dili daw nursery rhyme ang Batibot na theme song. ha ha ha!
goofing around in the pool
speaking of pool, i love submerging in the pool. i float involuntarily, ha ha. i told yos that it would be very nice to labor in the pool. hmmm, i think i'm going to take a lot of baths while on labor. ha ha ha.

L-R: JD, Yos, Lynith, Rashid, Dan, Paolo and Rowe (sitting)
and the very happy birthday girl and soon to be Mommy (at 35 weeks) of a very smart bundle of awesomeness, Saree M. Barcena. we will disclose her full name once she comes out (naks, napaka-showbiz, ha ha ha!)
i would like to thank everybody who came, who brought food and who gave gifts. i would like to thank my dear loving husband who always want me to be happy - who gamely cooked and organized the party. i want to thank my Mama, Papa, Eugim and Mavin - who prepared majority of the food. i also want to thank my mother-in-law, Mamang, who also brought food with them. Lord, thank you for giving me a year to love more, believe more and dream more. as i've said, i have so much to be thankful for the past year but i know my 30th will have more blessings and graces - much more reason to live my life in gratitude. Thank you Lord. My success for Your Glory.

and since i love gifts, thank you so much to all who gave them for Saree. my daughter is very happy :)

thank you Ninang Batet (advanced gift) and Ninang Tiny!
thank you Tito Kimmy, Ninang Frani (given last December), Tita Joya, Tita Arbe & Tito Neil and Kuya IZ

THE BIG 3-0!

february 21, 2012: my big 3-0 is sure a memorable and simple one. it was a celebration of being a wife, of being soon-to-be mommy in our new home. my husband cooked for me (where my mom usually prepared everything) and i had only 2 guests: our house companion and yos' officemate. we had a simple dinner and left-over desserts from last sunday's get-together with friends. i miss my usual celebration. my mom actually called me up that morning and asked if i had plans that evening and she would cook at her home if i liked. but i have my own home now, and i have to celebrate it there. i think we both had a symptom that i cannot define. ha ha.
Daddy, Mommy & Saree: thank you Lord for this wonderful and loving and happy family.

pesto for my big 3-0!

beef with carrots, potatoes and peas...YUM!

i am happy to celebrate my birthday with my husband and Saree and some friends. Saree woke me up at 5AM with her usual swishes and rolls. i think she's greeting me a happy birthday. i told her that she is my best birthday gift (and her daddy of course) - that i can unwrap her four weeks from now. and more rolls and swishes. such a smart girl :)

thank you Lord for another year: another year of opportunities to serve You, to bless others and to be who you have made me :) i have so much to be grateful for the past year, but i know i have MORE reasons to be thankful for this year. everything i have is through God's love and faithfulness :) that is why i always pray psalm 23:9 .. "only love and goodness will pursue me, all the days of my life.." and i look forward to an exciting journey of my 3-0 because i know i have God's love, my family (Yos & Saree), families and all the people who loves me. every year just gets better and better. To God be the Glory!

my pregnant kikay kit: everything natural to love

i've been meaning to write this blog for a long time and as my usual dilemna, i usually don't have the time. but now i have and i want this as my 1st blog to be up.

HUMAN NATURE - the only brand i used ever since i got pregnant (actually, since july 2010) and i plan to use EVER. especially now that i have a little girl on the way, i must stock up on Human Nature's Baby Line. soooo excited. i told ate anna meloto-wilk and camille meloto (feeling close kasi ako sa founders ng gandang kalikasan, inc., ha ha) that the baby line came at the right moment. it was like HN and i were destined to be together. ever since i became the human nature local ambassador for davao city, i always try to write a post or two to share how good the products are. and believe me, the best switch i did in my life.

so what will you see in my kikay kit, eh?

a pregnancy book shared that pregnant women either have blooming skin or break-outs like they never had before, but me, i was not worried a bit. i know i'll have blooming skin because i am using only the best face care line. never had those crazy break-outs. at first i was scared that the new formulation of moringa facial wash might not work on me but ha, it was so bad of me to doubt. and the new moisturizer is love. kudos to camille meloto and her team.

body butter is for the itchy belly. i can use up a 200g in a month because i kept putting it in my belly every time it itches. in fact, i find the mango scent so comforting during my 1st trimester. (you'd actually find in my earlier entries and how the davao dealers know about my addiction to smelling the mango scented body butter, ha ha!) though it does not eliminate the itch, but i find it comforting. and i believe Saree loves it everytime i apply it because she goes kicking and squirming.

my husband's and i favorite scent. we spray this around our house after cleaning. such an all-around product. i use it as my cologne - yes, i do. i'm not telling everyone to use this the way i do, but i really find it really refreshing after spraying it in my neck and whole body - especially when i go out and talk a walk and get a little sweaty.

yes, i use a different combination for my shampoo and conditioning. i tried using the same combination at first but i find my hair a bit greasy if i both use the moisturizing formula as my shampoo and conditioner and i find my hair a bit dry if i use both strengthening formula together. so i decided to experiment and viola! i'm not saying this will work for everybody but you know, it's worth a try.

my sunday refuge in the bath. scrub scrub scrub. even my dad uses this.

and my current addiction - shiny lips. ha ha.

i also use Sunflower Beauty Oil and the Hair Mask (the problem with Hair Mask is that, i left it at my mom's house and i never had the chance to get it, ha ha!)

i still want to try the Day Fluid, everybody is raving about it but i'm a slow poke during the mornings and this will probably make me slower..haha. but i'll try to squeeze it in my daily morning ritual..

and the purifying facial scrub smeeeeeeeeeeells so nice - i want to eat it.

and i also use the feminine wash and i find it comforting that i know i can count on something that will clean me naturally. and being clean down there is very important, especially that i'm pregnant.

in case you are wondering why i'm not using any of the Love Minerals, believe me, i'm a lazy person when it comes to make-up. i love putting it on but to do it everyday seems so time-consuming for me. but, i am a huge fan of the mineral blushes. in fact, every time i had ambassador duties for human nature davao branch, i just put on some day moisturizer, tropical blush and tinted lip balm (there was still no eye make-up and lipstick then..) but if an occasion arise, i have my Human Nature Love Minerals to keep me glowing..

so this is my pregnancy kit. but you have to remember that no matter how many natural products we use, we still need that positive attitude and cheerful disposition to be really glowing.

for more details and to see Human Nature products, click the ad at the right side of this post :)

thoughts at 33 weeks!

whew. i thought this could post never get done. i mean, i have sooo many thoughts, they are like oozing in my mind. i think i need a pensieve. ha ha ha.

anyway, i'm almost there. 3 more weeks before i reach my 36th and from then, it'll be waiting time. woo hoo. i am so excited to finally see Saree. Saree and i have been talking lately, about helping each other during labor. anyway, here are just some of my thoughts at 33 weeks..

..last trimester cravings..
i never thought i'd have these "pahabol" cravings. lately, i am going crazy over minatamis na saging (sweetened banana with sauce), wheat bread with guava jam, chocolate chip cookies, cakes..and now i hate the taste of veggies. probably because i've been eating them for the past 8 months and i am craving now for something really different. or or, since i just gained weight properly (2.2 pounds every month, except for december that i gained 4 pounds - hey, it was the holiday season) that i am trying to reason out that i can eat now whatever i want. an 11 kilo is the ideal weight gain and at 32 weeks, i'm at 49 kilos so i have 2 kilos and i'm almost there. ha ha. but right now, i am feeding myself malunggay, papaya and guyabano - all to be believed to help in milk production. right now, i am so craving for ice cream but i have to restrain myself because i am eating ice cream next week. and probably three times. ha ha.

..who says?..
lately, i just wanted to put in my earplugs. i've been getting a whole lot of comments about my baby bump. and believe me, it seems my hormones are just catching up on me..i get annoyed easily. and these are just some of the comments i'm getting..

"its a boy, because your belly is so round.." (i smile and tell them it's a girl, they actually stammer because .. yun na! i really love the look on their faces every time i contradict their so-called predictions. hey, is it part of the hormones thing? ha ha!)

"hapit na jud ka manganak mam kay mubo na kaayo imong tiyan.." (translation: you are ready to give birth because you are already carrying it low.) and when i tell them my due is between april 2 to april 5, they look shocked because i'm low..i mean, do they even know the explanation why pregnant women go low? i've been carrying it low ever since. my OB says i'm fine and doing really well.

"your tummy is so big. are you sure you are not carrying twins?" heck, i am not. and i'm only 49 kilos, they probably weigh more than me, and they are not even pregnant.

having said that, i've breathed a sigh of relief. because i believe i am a confident pregnant woman. i know my body is just doing well and great. my pregnancy symptoms from the the start are not by the book. Saree and me know that yos and my family is doing excellent work in taking care of us. that's why, i always remind myself that i did my best in taking care of my body and Saree. (i have actually learned to zone out those comments, ha ha.)

..mommy thoughts and baby shopping..
i have a separate entry for this, actually. so i hope you'll patiently wait. tee hee hee.

i'm in love and it's the way it should be.

i was supposed to have an article of my thoughts for the love day but i had to change it now because of this........

ooooh, roses from my husband for me & saree, the two girls of his life... so sweet of him to give me this surprise...and that's my tummy there. ha ha ha.

anyway, he just got back from a trip last night and the roses are just extra. i am just happy he got home safe. i hate sleeping alone in our bed.

and no matter how late, here are my thoughts for love day (which is supposed to be everyday, mind you..)

> God's love is eternal and faithful. It's the love that we should never forget to always appreciate and obey. He is our Source of Love because He is Love.

> i never agreed to the song, "too much love will kill you." love is something good, something powerful. we never died from being loved too much by God. love is never wrong. it's our choices and actions that makes it wrong.

i could go on and on but for now, i'll keep my thoughts at this. hope you all had a good love day with all your loved ones :)

i don't agree!

i always make it a point to listen to a speaker, lecturer and the likes - no matter how bad or boring they are - because i believe that we can always learn new things from them. but, i will always dislike speakers who, well, say things that are just unacceptable.

#1: bashing of other religions or religious beliefs
it just doesn't sit well with me. sure, we have chosen different paths of practicing our faith but i believe in one universal path: RESPECT.

#2: don't expect intellectual children if you (or the parents) are just of average level. mean, isn't it? all people are intelligent. yes, there are really exceptionally kids (of why, i do not know) but i think everyone has the capability to be smart. parents should be the number #1 fan of their kids. no excuses.

#3: if you are not beautiful, at least be smart. all people are beautiful. belittling someone is insulting our Creator - who made us in His image and likeness.

i'm not going to say where i heard these statements from (because it is not my habit to blog and badmouth) - but if you do figure it out, please, keep it to yourself. and if you do share them, no need to acknowledge me.

(note: i manually wrote this and found it somewhere in my piles and piles of notebook. i just have to share.)

we did it, we did it!

yos and i both agreed on one thing when we got married: we will live and settle on our own. we always believe that we will learn how to be more independent and learn more about each other if we do leave our homes and build our own. our permanent home is not yet ready - we planned to move out again at the end of the year (but that's another entry that i owe, ha ha ha!) so we decided to rent a room temporarily.

it was not easy, believe me. 3 days after getting married, we gathered, sorted and arranged our stuff for moving out. it was such a sentimental thing for both of us (including moms who were secretly weeping - we are both firstborns, such a huge change for them). for me, it was goodbye to comfort and the easy life. i had it easy when i lived in my parent's house. we have a house companion who took care of our laundry, cook our meals and clean up after us. all i do is wake up and prepare myself for work and everything will change. i was scared of the move because i am lousy at household chores. i have no patience with cooking, i hate washing clothes. all i can be proud of is my cleaning skills - that i got from my mom. ha ha ha.

we moved out officially 5 days after our big day. we were due to go back to work the next week and we needed to settle ourselves for the change. we both live in the north side of the city, and we are moving to the south part and a bit farther at that. we have 4 days to settle in our new rented residence. heck, it was race to adjustments and getting used to. upon loading my stuff in our van (my parents went with us), i wanted to cry, as in bawl like a baby. goodness, it was one of the saddest thing i had to do. i will miss my family - and everything. it was our permanent home after living in a rented house for almost 21 years. and i know yos felt the same. it was goodbye to our familiar worlds, and hello to our first adventure to our married life.

and, i am really proud to say that yos and i did it WELL. the first few days was spent on arguments - what kind of plates to buy (particularly the design), what to eat, how we should go through our routines and include the tantrums i had to throw, ha ha ha! but, it was also one of the best 6 months of our lives. yos and i learned so many things about each other. we learned to compromise. we learned to work together. and we learned to love each other more as we argued, laughed, cooked, ate, did household chores together and everything. it was truly a fulfilling moment for us. it was our honeymoon stage, as we like to call it.

among the highlights of our stay there are:

1) we didn't have television, so we spent most of our time catching up on sleep (we wake at 5AM since i need to be out of the house at 6:50 because traffic is so bad at the south side and since yos' workplace is just near our place, he stays behind to clean up our dishes and needs to leave 15 minutes before 8), reading and my favorite, just talking with each other.

2) we didn't have a fridge. so we need to plan our meals, cook food that is just enough for the two of us.

3) i learned of my pregnancy at that place. i spent my first and second trimester there. Saree's first kick, my tears of joy upon Saree's kick when her Dad read to her and all those things.

4) our landlady and her children are really superb people. they were nice to us. they always invited us to join them whenever they have special occasions. and they also taught us valuable lessons in married life. more on that (oh oh, another entry i owe, ha ha ha!)

and so much more memories that i truly, truly love. before we left, i took some photos of our rented residence so that yos and i can just look back and reminisce on them. i find it as our reminder that we were truly blessed to find each other and how God has blessed us for that 6 months.

this was during the time the dog of our landlady got out of his cage and he went on a rampage. the dog was like in that cage for so many years and when he got out, he got crazy. we had to stay in our room for the rest of the evening. our dishes stayed unwashed at our sink until morning. he got caught around 11:30 in the evening. we had to sleep earlier than usual because we couldn't get out of our room.

this is our only water left. yikes!
this is our secret joke. ha ha ha ha!
our new year dinner. and so much has happened that night, probably one of the most low. but we stand strong amidst everything. God is mightier than everything.
this is where we cook our meals, wash our clothes, wash our dishes. we share this area with another tenant. and that's our stove over there, a really useful gift from our ninang. how i appreciate wedding gift registries!

this is our room (the left part). there's our mini table. and pardon the mess. i took this two nights before we move out so i was kind of taking things out and laid them everywhere. who would have thought that such a small room would make moving out so tiring. ha ha ha.
this is our room (the right part). look at all the "nakasampay". and the nakataob na balde. gewd. the mess. ha ha ha. my mom when she arrived to help me clean, was like, what the heck is this?!
the front door and our supposedly "receiving" area. ha ha ha.
the "sampayan" area we share with the whole family. we usually use this area on sundays, where we can watch our laundry the whole day....and, that is not our laundry. he he he.
this is our laundry, the back portion. this is where we hang most of our clothes to avoid them from getting wet for those sudden rains. and i am proud to say that i am the official laundry woman of our household. and the end of that is our restroom.

i am in love!

once again, i am on a mission. i intend to make this blog of mine really worth a read for all my readers (yes, law of attraction: i have a superb number of readers. or even if i do have a few readers, i still want to make all this worth.)

i've decided to overhaul my look and added the pages thing and i spent around 2 hours yesterday trying to make it appear like those of blogspot of people i stalk, er FOLLOW. and i have not yet gotten to the point of getting it but since i am an obsessive kind of person, i just cannot wait. i'll just go through with it and work about the technicalities later. (and i have to find someone who is willing to help me with all this difficulties)

pages i've added are: (yes, i feel the need to explain since they are empty as of the moment because of my compulsion to put them up already, ha ha ha!)

Blogs: everything i want to say will be here! ha ha ha!

People and Big Passion: i meet a lot of people and i realized, we can truly learn a lot from them. they are God's angels - they are there for a purpose: to teach, to inspire and give God's answer to your prayers. and i want to share their stories here.

Stories to Tell, Stories to Share: i'm a book worm. and i love quoting people. so i decided to put an avenue for such. i read self-help books and there are just some stories that you feel you want to share to people.

Fantastic ME: ha ha ha. well, i never intended to have a blog about me but you know, i just might want to be a bit self-indulging and talk well, about me. crazy. ha ha ha.

i have more pages ideas in my mind but i have to stop myself. i have to think them over. good luck to me :) i'm doing this for a dream of being a writer for my favorite magazine. i need to be prepared :)

- FriendS -