the birthing story of Saree (through photos)

i have to create a separate entry for the my birthing story, so here it goes...
me before the minute before the next contractions. i am so beautiful despite the fact i went through 6 hours of labor. hahaha.
Saree trying to latch on my breast. we have a family photo actually but my goodness, my whole breast was exposed. will try to work out some photoshop magic on it if i have time. haha.
Saree after her clean up, before being transferred to the nursery. i wanted to room in her with me immediately but apparently, babies born through CS have to go to the nursery. sad.
Daddy's favorite photo of Saree
one day old Saree
some of the bruises of my IV line fiasco

the beautiful birth story of Saree

finally, some time for this. this is probably one of the most beautiful blog i've written in my entire life. it's been 28 days of motherhood. but that's a different story. right now, i am just really excited to share my beautiful bundle's entry into the world.

disclaimer: i have no intention of maligning my hospital care provider and their services, personnel and other practices mentioned here. i am just telling everything that happened that day.

april 1, 2012 (sunday) - 40 weeks in my pregnancy
i woke up still feeling positive that i will go into spontaneous labor within the day. i have already accepted the huge possibility that i might undergo a C-section but i did not want to go through an induced labor (read my previous entries to get the whole picture of my worries). it is probably my most feared medical intervention in pregnancy. Y (my husband) encouraged me to do some squatting and pelvic exercises. we planned our whole day - do a house clean-up, attend mass at 3PM since it was Palm Sunday, do some walking around our village and a lot more. yes, i had a deadline looming over me and i intend to beat it.

2:15 PM - i was taking a short nap before preparing myself to attend a mass when i heard something popped around my belly and a gush of liquid. (up to this moment, i am not sure whether i imagined that "pop" sound due to my desire to go into labor, hehe - but i did hear it and i'm sticking to the detail. and as for the gush of liquid, i guess i had incontinence) i checked and there was a really small tinge of blood. and when i say small, i mean measly and negligible kind of small. i called Y and he told me to check with Charelle (a resident OB at brokenshire who happens to be a good friend) and told me to go to the hospital just to make sure. i was actually in conflict because my OB told me that a bloody show does not exactly mean i'd go to labor in a few hours but if i feel anxious about it, then i could go to the hospital to be sure. Y and i decided to wait it out. i peed after 20 minutes and there was another blood. and another, and another. truthfully speaking, i was really happy. i'm going to go through spontaneous labor, just what i prayed for. i hurriedly packed some last minute items we wanted to bring (we had our hospital bag packed 4 weeks ago and i could not believe we still had so much to bring..haha.)

4:30 PM - i was already admitted in the lamaze room. Y had to take care of some things so i was at loss at what to do in a labor room without my coach. i was still feeling weirded out on what's happening - it was finally time to meet our little one. after a few minutes, they asked me to lie down (huh?) and informed me they were going to attach a fetal monitor. i complied but i really asked if they were going to strap me to the monitor for the rest of my labor because i would certainly not agree. they told it'll just be for 20 minutes and i relaxed, haha. anyway, i never quite understood what the fetal monitor was for because my contractions at that time were not so painful and they are like 20-30 minutes apart. the resident OB on-duty that time was also confused with what the machine is printing out. they decided to do an IE (which is the worst thing that happened to me that day - not even the pain of labor could outdo it) and to my glee (yes, i was feeling in heaven the whole time) i was already 3cm. woo hoo! (i have lost track of time for the next stuff but there are some hours that i just could not forget so kayo na bahala magtagpi-tagpi sa kwento. hehe.)after the fetal monitoring, i did some pelvic exercises while in the lamaze room. i really did request for the birthing ball, i swear. ha ha. i walked around while dealing with my contractions on my own. it was painful but nothing i could not manage. (uh, yet.) OB arrived and they had to do another fetal monitoring. thank God she explained to me the numbers that were on the machine. she actually joked about my beating the "deadline". haha.

9:00 PM - my contractions at this point were getting stronger and really, really painful around my lower back. Y had to massage me everytime i had one. he was forcing me to get some sleep but it was really impossible. contractions were around 7-10 minutes apart and would last around 60-70 seconds and sometimes even longer.. i dealt with the pain by standing and moaning like crazy, with Y massaging my back like crazy also. around 10:00 that evening, it was really the-kind-of-pain-you-will-never-forget. not on my stomach, but my abdomen and lower back. and truthfully, the breathing exercises i learned were all forgotten. i wanted to use them but it was getting in the way i deal with the pain. the funny thing is, despite the hellish pain, i told my husband that tiny (my bestfriend who wanted to get pregnant already) was crazy to want this. hehe.i could not remember but i think it was after 11PM that my contractions were taking a different turn. i was having the urge to push. IT WAS CRAZY, believe me. it was like i wanted to push out everything in my body. i would find myself curling up and on tiptoes everytime i had one, add to the fact that i was howling/crying at the same time. (Y would actually laugh when you ask him to narrate the whole labor thing to you..) and truthfully, it was so hard not follow that urge. i told the nurse i was having strong urges to  push and they decided to do an IE. (err, again.) i was around 7-8 cm. at the back of my mind, i have the chance to deliver normally. they decided to bring me to the delivery room and break my water. personally, i would not wanted it. but i trusted my OB's judgement. i think they were worried about my baby's head still "floating". i felt a gush of warm liquid flowing and believe it or not, i was still worried about the mess i was making on the hospital floor (the OC in me, haha.) they attached me to a fetal monitor and observed how Saree is doing with my contractions. my contractions were really painfully crazy at this point yet they were short now. i guess what most woman who gave birth say is true: you lose all inhibitions once in labor. i was moaning like crazy and i was half-naked. but sadly, Saree's heartbeat would go down every contractions. fetal heartbeat baseline was between 150-130 and it plummeted to a 40. Y and i were whispering to Saree to fight but after 2 contractions, it was not improving. everything happened so fast, i swear. they attached a IV line - and the 2nd worst thing to happen to me. they actually had to do it 6 times because they couldn't get the damn needle in. (it was actually 8 times but the other two were done during my recovery period. can you believe that? 8 times na "tusok-tusok"..i went home with bruises all over my hand.) what i could never forget in my IV line fiasco was that a doctor had the nerve to scold me because i moved while they were trying to insert the needle. hell, i wanted to bitch out that i am in labor but i restrained my tongue. you do not mess with people who will do a major procedure on you.

i already had instructions to my OB that if i undergo a CS, i want to be awake the whole time. i wanted to do the Unang Yakap and make my baby latch on my breast as much as possible. and of course, i want to hear her cry as soon as she's out. truthfully, a CS is not exactly comfortable. they tie up both hands. i only realized later that how am i supposed to hold my baby and do the Unang Yakap with my condition. i told Y to insist to whoever who would listen that i wanted Saree to latch on me. anyway...i felt chilly during the procedure (as a result of the anesthesia, i was told) and Dr. Miranda (who was really kind, by the way) told me she can give something for the chills but it will make me go to sleep so i said, i'll handle the shivers. the numbness from the chest and below was a bit unnerving. you know you're being sliced up and all, yet you feel nothing. (i have videos of the procedure, thanks to my dear husband who had it all documented - and getting scolded most of the time for crossing the sterile area, haha.)

anyway, after what seemed like forever, i finally heard Saree's cry (after a cord coil). and i cried, too. it was really time to see her.i wanted to remove my bounded hand but i don't seem to have the energy. according to Y, he kept pestering the nurse in charge of cleaning up Saree to put us skin-to-skin. (you could actually hear him in the background of our videos, "ihatag sa Mama, ihatag na sa Mama.." - nice one beh!) Saree was finally placed on my breast but unfortunately, we were not skin-to-skin because she was all wrapped up. Y tried to make her latch on my breast but she didn't suck but i was just s happy to see her. i could not describe the emotion. it was relief, elation and just a surge of million doses of happiness. it was a short time to revel in our beautiful miracle and the nurse whisked her and if i had my hands untied, i would have stopped her. i told my husband to keep his eyes on her.

April 2, 2012 at 1:15 AM, our beautiful miracle, Saree Barcena was born through CS delivery :)

i won't bore you with the details while i was being stitched and cleaned up so i'm going to end here and make a new entry exclusively for the photos :)

it's been 28 days since i gave birth and truthfully, i love being Saree's mom - she's the most beautiful thing in the world :)

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