Picture Perfect: The Look

can i just say that my daughter has the most adorable pair of eyes :)

Happy 2 Months Saree!

and a week from now, she's turning 3 months. and soon...no, i will not think about it yet. right now, she is our 2 month old Saree who loves to coo a lot. soooo adorable!

i try to cuddle her as much as i can, sleep beside her as long as she wants - just be close to her. i might be reprimanded for being too attached to her, but hey, she's only a baby once. and yos and i want her to be really close to us :)

Happy 2 months sweet Saree :)

mommy's favorite photo, as of the moment because i know there will be lots of favorites. haha.
a trip to my workplace after her monthly check-up..

"saree: mommy, daddy is kissing me too much!" (hehehe..)

and after this photo, Saree slammed her hand at the cake! haha.

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