weight woes, woes, woes

okay, i never thought i'd complain about my post-pregnancy flab. it's so freaking........flabby. i gave up 6 jeans and 4 shorts already..and it seems i'm going to give away some more.

i thought i would lose this flab after 3 months. i had a lot of nasty remarks about the size of my stomach after i gave birth. in fact, 7 days after i gave birth, i bumped into someone i know and asked me when i was due. i wanted to smack him, hmph.

i'm not exactly huge though (i would like to believe that i am not..) i weighed 52 kilos at 40 weeks (from a 40 kilos pre-pregnancy weight). i weighed 45 kilos, 9 days after i gave birth. i turned 42 kilos after 1 month, 40 kilos at 2 months and 44 again at 3 months. i was shocked (and worried) over the 4 kilos gain.

and this stomach flab that still looks like i'm 4 months pregnant. argh!!!

i was planning to go on diet after my maternity leave but i realized it can't happen.

breastfeeding makes me hungry. i'd often wake up at 4am feeling very hungry after nursing my baby for the night (which is 3 times the most..)...after my milk supply problem, i did not want to jeopardize my breastmilk again. i kept thinking that my breastmilk supply is MORE important than my problem with the set of clothes.

so there. i hope i did not gain any weight. come august 2.

*fingers crossed*

Mommy Diaries: i'm a babywearer!

when i was still pregnant, i told hubby that i would buy a baby carrier. and i told him that i do not want the type that i see everywhere - where babies are just like dangling carelessly in a backpack type of carrier. while i was baby shopping at SM, i saw the type of carrier i wanted. but when i was ready to buy it, it was already sold. the sales assistant showed me another carrier and i told her it was not the type i wanted. i don't know, the carrier did not feel right. i did not know what i was called then..

fast forward to may 2012 (i gave birth april 2012)...i got a text from Alex of The Pod about a talk she organized about babywearing. it was a timely text. i was itching to buy a baby carrier. and so i went. i bought a ring sling from Next9 after the talk and used it on the spot. it was a super-sulit buy, i swear. i went to the mall and shopped for my baby, also did some window-shopping and Saree slept like a log while i was wearing her. in fact, while i was lining up to pay for my purchase, a pregnant mom commented that i had a nice carrier. i told her it's called a ring sling. i could have launched into what i learned form the babywearing talk but she seem interested only to know what my carrier was called.

well, what can i say? i am a babywearing convert. Babywearing is Love :)

--the mommies and babies who attended the babywearing 101--
--wearing Saree while walking around school--

--babywearing daddy! and Saree loves it too!--

My Love. Our Dreams. Happy 1st Anniversary to us!

a cliche, i admit, but time really flies so fast when you are having fun :) it feels like yesterday, i was just enjoying organizing my wedding and tomorrow, it's our first wedding anniversary already. *a sigh of kilig*

yos and i were together for seven years before we got married and tomorrow is nine years for us. i will be forever grateful to God for a wonderful blessing: the man of my dreams. i could still go on and on about how we met and everything about us but i already wrote about it here :) and my man of my dreams gave me a very beautiful joy, our 3 month old daughter, Saree.

so here's to our life, bäby. i love you and thank you for loving me and Saree everyday :)

our faith in Him will always bless our dreams and our love.

--we became official first on october 1, 2003--

--christmas of 2008, company party of yos--

--one of our anniversaries, october 2009--

--summer of 2009 at costa marina with UTI peeps--

"I DO"

--february 2011, one of our pre-nup photo--

--february 2011, sealed with a kiss--

a child's #1 fan?

overheard one day (actually i overheard this a long time ago and just found the time to write about it now)...

a parent was inquiring about our exam details and everything went well until one of our people said that once the applicant passes the exam....she interrupted and said, "kung makapasa lagi...", with a louder emphasis on the word "kung" (if he will pass..with a louder emphasis on the word "if")

i mean, what is up with that? i felt sad at that comment. parents should always believe in the best of their children. if parents don't believe in them, who would?

Happy 3 Months Saree!

monthly check-ups are fun for saree. praise God for her good health. in fact, her pedia is impressed with her. (proud mom as ever, haha.) and when we got home, Saree giggled for the first time. brought tears to mommy & daddy's eyes. haha.
Saree is quite well-behaved in the morning. rarely smiled.


we had to join Saree in her "seriousness", hahaha.

saree: um, what's this? this does not look like milk. (LOL at Saree's expression..)

finally, the bubbly Saree is back.

happy 3 months sweetheart!

- FriendS -