some people just can't help it.

i always believe there is a PLACE for everything. and there is an appropriate TIME for every tale, story, grievances or whatsoever.

what happened is this or rather i saw things this way: it was a very INAPPROPRIATE outburst to completely UNINVOLVED individuals, thus very UNPROFESSIONAL. i usually don't make anonymous post related to events or people but i am going to make an exception today because i was really bothered and half-embarassed by it. if people had issues in the first place, take it at the PROPER PLACE TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME. what some people did was complain about water services when people from the telephone company are giving you a run-through of theirs. you get my jig?

don't argue that it is related. i am not stupid. it is only related SOMEHOW but not MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE to each other.

and please, don't give me about that ISSUE, nor you don't UNDERSTAND because i've been there, i have a living proof for it. but did i complain? no. of course, it felt wrong and something must be done about it because it is a reality.

in short, it was REACTIVE. the exact opposite to the universal truth of PRO-ACTIVITY.

just a thought for today: some people just can't help it. 

[GIVEAWAY] accessories, accessories!

my partners and i were doing an inventory of unsold items last weekend and we tumbled over these stuff and we decided to make a giveaway. you know, i could have hoarded them for myself (to the protest of the two) but they remembered i'm the only blogger so here it is. and since i love you guys more (readers and friends, he he) well, i have no problem with that. HA HA HA. anyway, i have a sponsored giveaway next month though. that is 1 thing i'm actually excited about. i will post it on October 3 so better watch for it :) and i have MORE giveaways sponsored by Sugar and Spice and Baby Spice so also watch out for them.

accessories NEVER go out of style. in fact, i have accessories that i bought when i graduated from college and i still use them. nobody noticed that they are pre-2010 :) and they do make a comeback. and with that, i am always ready. i never declared myself to be a fashionista (because that usually connotes being updated with fashion and wearing them a lot) though i am confident i have good taste when it comes to dressing up (yes, i have). though being pregnant and with still post pregnancy weight and flabs to shed, i have stuck to wearing clothes that still fit me. and with that, ACCESSORIES are a life saver.

anyway, enough of this. i will pick three (3) winners and this giveaway is for davao-based individuals since shipping is not part of this contest. however, if you are more than willing to shoulder the shipping fee, feel free to join the giveaway :) winners will be given 15 days to claim their prize and unclaimed prizes will be raffled again. winners will be notified through email or FB and i will also announce it over twitter.

contest will run from september 24, 2012 until october 5, 2012.

bring out the goth and rockista in you with this Punk Bracelet

be a darling in this pearl bib necklace
be sexy in this interconnected bangles

not bad, eh? so click the rafflecopter widget below and good luck. if you are not from davao, please tell your davao-based friends. if you can't get them, at least someone you know will. ha ha.

the stick-out-your-tongue series

what can i say? S is a funny girl. i really find this stick out tongue of hers so cute and funny. he he. isn't she adorable? :)
this is my favorite pic of her. she looks like an angry bird. ha ha. soooooo cute!!!
one for mommy! ha ha.

books we read for Saree!

i apologize for my absence. he he. i am swamped by work and other stuff. and i am a bit distracted nowadays. i feel like i'm going through the post-pregnancy thing and i'm not sure if it really is because i mean, hello, i gave birth 5 months ago..anyway...

since we are on the topic of books from my last post, allow me to share the book titles that we read for Saree. ever since S was in the womb, i read to her Harry Potter (just 4 chapters, i guess), the Bible and just some my favorite chapters of the Narnia series. i guess i should have bought a more baby-friendly book but, i just wanted S to hear us everyday and every night.

ever since S came out, we've been reading and singing to her, awake and asleep. if she's asleep, we read the books in whisper though. we are not even sure if it's the right thing but we really want her to love books. we are not sure if it's the reading to her that made S coo a lot. at 2 months, she would smile and giggle and coo back every time we read to her the books, it's like she is reading with us. she would actually smile every time we read to her "Let's Go Home, Little Bear". although now, S does not coo back. she prefers to put the books in her mouth which made us buy cloth books. we still read to her before we put her to sleep but my husband needs to strain her hands a lot from putting the books in her mouth. he he. we bought her a giraffe toy to have a "giraffe" for her "Does a Giraffe Drive?" book. but Y and i are thinking of buying her Filipino storybooks. i mean, probably when she's over the stage of eating her books. ha ha. these four books were given by our wedding Ninang, Mam Pam. thank you so much Mam Pam. S is enjoying them a lot.

Let's Go Home, Little Bear is a story about a bear being afraid while walking through the woods and how big bear comforted him...Big Earth, Little Me is about how kids can help in saving Mother Earth.
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is actually the complete song (i mean, the song is that long..ha ha!), Does a Giraffe Drive? is a funny book about transportation.

i want to buy her a lot of books. there's this 1 book i'm actually searching, The Runaway Bunny. it's been given a good rating as a children's book. i checked at National Bookstore, but it's not available. i need to check fully booked at abreeza.

what about you moms out there, what did you read for your kids? i need suggestions :)

books i read on repeat.

correction: repeat read for countless times. there are just some things about these books that inspire me, especially when i am feeling downhearted or discouraged.
top left: How to Build a Happy Family (Bo Sanchez); lower left: Only the Real Matters (Francis J. Kong); upper right: 40 Stories of Passion (Bo Sanchez); lower right: 67 Success Stories (Special Edition of Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines)
How to Build a Happy Family by Bo Sanchez: i specifically asked for this as a wedding gift. one, because it is from my favorite author and two, it is perfect for the occasion. my good friend B and A obliged. i love love this book. it is truly a must-read not only for newlyweds but for everybody. the book stresses the importance of our relationship to our family, our spouses, our children, our parents and in-laws and siblings.

Only the Real Matters by Francis J. Kong: i think (?) this is my husband's gift to me. ha ha. i find this book enriching and eye-opening. it is a compilation of stories and other articles that would tug at your conscience particularly our work ethics. it is also an inspiring read for business people.

40 Stories of Passion by Bo Sanchez: one of the books that i treasure. i read this every time i feel so down, when the toughie in just not tough anymore. it is a book of dreams, love and of faith (i guess you can see why my blog is related to the 3..)..i actually cry every time i read this book. because i am always reminded that God is good and faithful. this was my hubby's gift wish in their company christmas party.

67 Success Stories: i am not sure where we got this copy. anyway, this is a compilation of stories of how different business people thrived in their own fields.

L-R: Why Don't You Grow Up.....Dad? (Francis Kong), Didache 2012
Why Don't You Grow Up.....Dad? by Francis Kong: a book of stories about parenting. Y bought this while i was pregnant, he he. a really must read for parents.

Didache, Daily Bible Reflections for Catholics: i never fail to buy this every year. i use to buy my mom this one and now, she's the one giving it to me. every travel, i always bring this and my Bible. i like their simple reflections and stories. this little book has helped me in my prayer, a lot.

21 Steps on How to Start Your Own Business by Dean Lapid and Ping Sotto
21 Steps on How to Start Your Own Business by Dean Lapid and Ping Sotto: the latest buy of my hubby and i read while i was on my maternity leave. it's a simple and comprehensive how-to start on a business. although my business is already running, it gave me some points that my business actually needs. so yay, for this book. it is also not only about technical stuff regarding business but they also include personal developments as a business person.

so there you go. i hope you all try to read them. it's all worth it, believe me :)

Happy 5 months Saree!

5 months eh? i'm not going to lament that time is speeding because i can only be grateful that S is growing up healthy and happy. and we are enjoying her everyday. we went for her monthly immunization and had lunch at her grandparent's house (my in-laws)...she rarely slept because she kept crying over the sound of the bark of the dogs. the sound is something new to her because we don't have pets at home (to my insistence,he he..)., of course! (i must have taken a million! ha was so hard to choose between cute, funny, etc...all S's photo just scream C-H-A-R-M-I-N-G!)

S at 5 months is a bubble of energy. she can now stand (supported) with her legs and make those jumping motions (free arm workout for mommy, ha ha!)...what we find really cute and amazing is the way she sleeps. i mentioned in my previous post that S now has a different sleeping pattern. she usually nurse for a while then pulls away and tries to sleep face down then rolls back to my breast and latch again, then rolls back to catch her sleep. she does it many times that she actually moves around the bed. and once she is asleep, she chooses her own position. truly the master of our bed. nakikitulog lang po kami mag-asawa. ha ha ha.

the famous pa-cute look of our baby..this is before we left home. S is wearing: onesies from candy baby, a gift from fran, shoes/sock from just 1 year and the hair accessory you'll see later is from celestina and co. distributed by baby spice
with happy grandparents

hi mommy and daddy! isn't she beautiful?

her modelling skill is obviously from ME! ha ha ha.

we opted not to include the usual cake because we know it's going to be a messy one. he he. next month, i'll resume it.
*sigh* mommy and daddy loves you so much Saree :) and next month, she's starting on solids already. i don't know why but i am really excited S starting on solids. i have been researching on what to give her and okay, okay...i will really blog about it :)

3 movies from studio ghibli

if i look at my plans of stuff to review, it's turning into a hill. and usually, saturday is my blog writing day (except for some stuff that i cant help but post before saturday) and it seems so far away. ha ha ha. anyway, i am still in my studio ghibli mode. i am weird that way, believe me. i still have around 5-6 movies to watch (except for 1 movie that i have decided NOT to watch because of heavy drama content that will probably make me sad for a long period...yes, i am weird that way again. remember the movie Hachiko?)

moving on...

1) The Cat Returns
Sypnosis: haru saved a cat that almost got run-over by a truck and surprise, surprise! the cat can talk. later that evening, she was visited by the king cat from the cat kingdom for it so happens that the cat she saved is the prince. as part of the kingdom's gratitude, they "forced" her to visit the kingdom and arranged for her to be married to the prince. shocked by the sudden turn of events, she sought the help of the baron humbert von gikkingen and muta from the cat bureau. however, before they had taken action to stop the kingdom from taking her, she was taken. and her adventures in the cat kingdom began. and she might turn into a cat forever, if she does not do the one thing that can save her: believe in herself.
what i think: this movie is just adorable, aside from the fact that i love cats. ha ha. its funny and entertaining. i think that is what is good about studio ghibli movies. even if you are an adult, you just can't help but enjoy their movies.

2) My Neighbor Totoro
sypnosis: a family moves in a new house near the forest and finds a big creature with a big heart living in it.
what i think: i want a totoro. 'nough said. and see that umbrella? that will make you laugh.

3) Howl's Moving Castle
sypnosis: a war between countries, with witches and wizards. and a battle for a heart.
what i think: the strength of this movie lies in their characters. my favorite is calcifer.

i am usually opinionated when it comes to movies but these movies are downright simple with amazing storyline and characters. if i dissected them like the non-animated films, it would kill the thrill, i think. i could say they are good for kids (in school age) and of course must be with PG. it would be better if parents watch them first, then if it's OK, then let your kids join you. that would be fun.

so, happy watching folks.

separation anxiety, part II

just a quick one before my lunch break's either i am bad at time management or i am trying to accomplish a lot of roles. *sigh* right now, i just want to go home and make my little girl giggle. *sigh* this is one of those times that i just want to quit work...but i know i cannot do for a number of reasons. wait, this topic is for another post. 

okay, i must stay on track. ha ha.

i got an invite for a baby shower from a good friend from college for next saturday and i dont know but i am going through something that i cannot understand - it's either separation anxiety or whatever. this is not the first time i had to leave S because when she just turned 1 month, i had to work for 10 days in between my maternity leave. i already dealt with that anxiety and i am going through a new one, so to speak.

anyway, i want and not want to go - it will actually be my first "night-out" sans S and Y, ever since i gave birth. i feel like i've been out of the my so-called social loop already. since i am nursing S to put her to sleep, i have been saying no to majority of invites that takes place in the evening. for the past 2 months ever since i started working, my schedule has been work and go home once the clock strikes 5 (mala-cinderella but i can't go home before 5 because in my world, the thing undertime exists, he he he..) because it takes an hour to travel for me since we live a bit far. it's a good thing that S sleeps at around 7pm (sometimes beyond) so i still have a short time to talk to her, make her laugh or sing to her before she gets a bit cranky - a cue that she wants to sleep.

truthfully, i never minded my current set-up. who cares about my night social life? i have a very adorable and charming little girl and a handsome hubby waiting for me at home, way way better than going out. and, i don't miss it. in fact, if it's not for so many reasons (w/c will be another post SOON) i would quit and just be with them. i was told to teach S to sleep without nursing her - she might get used to it and might not sleep without latching. Y tried it once and she kept crying and crying and crying. Y tried rocking her while singing, to no avail. and i have not tried after that because for us, if it works, then, do it. and when it comes to matters that involves breastfeeding, i will always choose the latter. maybe you'll say i'm overcompensating because i am not exclusively breastfeeding. maybe. but i never felt deprived because my family is my #1 in my life now. S deserves my time and nursing her before she goes to sleep is my way of saying good night and giving her good dreams. i love the fact that before she goes to sleep at night, my warmth and my touch and our bond through breastfeeding is the thing that makes her go to sleep. nope, i never minded a bit that i am - how do i say this, missing out (for the lack of a better term) some fun outside work and being at home? because honestly, my idea of fun is now making my toothless 5 month old smile and giggle and just talking with my hubby before we go to sleep.

and now this. of course, i can say no. but, i want to see my friend whom i have not seen for a long time. the last time we saw each other was like, her wedding 5 or 6 years ago. and now she's having a baby. i want to go and see her and see some of my college friends. 

i already asked Y and he is more than willing to take care of S. i told him S might throw a crying session. Y told me, she'll learn. she's a little older now (the last time we tried was she was around 2 months and never tried ever since), she's ready. now that i think about it, she might be. before, S would fall asleep, still latching. but now, she pulls away from my breast when she's already sleepy and rolls on her preferred sleeping position and sleep. i will take it as a cue that we can try again with S - to sleep without latching.

oh well. we'll see. should i say good luck to me, or good luck to S? he he.

- FriendS -