temporary pause

it's my time of the year again that my work will make a slave of me thus i need to make a break-up with my blog for 2 weeks the most - no, make that 3 weeks the most. i have so many things to write about: there's the breastfeeding peer counselling training that i attended which deserves different posts, S's baptism that also needs different posts and a lot, lot more. and i might have a lot of stories from our 4-day vacation.

but on the brighter side, finally, uninterrupted days with S and hubby. yahoooooo!

please do check my friends and fellow breastfeeding peer counsellors posts (cause they might put it up first): Alex Hao and Anne :)

so, i hope you miss me and my posts. hahahahahahahaha :)

the drama is in the daily commute

yes, i am a public transport user. a commuter, in short. i've been commuting to and for and in-between for the past 17 years and i just got to say this.......

one, a public transport is somewhat everybody's extension of their houses.
someone talks loudly over the phone like they are in their living room, CHECK.
eating like int their kitchen, CHECK.
putting on make-up, CHECK.
sleeping, CHECK.

(please don't get me wrong, i don't mind it. i just find it funny, and true.)

and two, the most interesting things happen during the commuting process, (read this for example).

i could not count the number of times i've proven the two statement above. but i will not talk about that. i want to talk about what bothers me the most. ha ha ha. oh no, i am not complaining or anything because some things are really beyond our control. but i would be a hypocrite to say that i was not annoyed at the very least. but you see i've grown to laugh about it most of the time and as i would put it, endure it for the whole ride..ha ha.

1) The Buzzers Category 
this is probably the most difficult peeve i had to deal every time. the buzzers are those people who talk loudly about other people's lives that it's like a soap-opera-on-the-go. there's a wide variety of talk: who's cheating on who, who's not paying their debts, who's being the negligent partner, who's the discontented breadwinner, and everything else you do not really want to know. i like a little gossip (who doesn't) but too much is so bothersome. and you know what is worse, they actually say the names of these people. horror of horrors.i actually had an experience of hearing people talk about people i know. the first one was about my boss, and second, about ME. i mean, a little discretion please. also, people who talk about their personal lives in loud voices are also part of this category. it's actually making me uncomfortable. perfect solution: sleep. or put on an earphone and max the volume.

2) The Hassler
personally, i have a huge dislike for people who creates a lot of disturbance. as a daily commuter, i highly think that it is OUR responsibility to prepare smaller bills or the exact change for a fare. i had a really irritating experience about this months and months ago. it was monday, and half of the 14 passengers paid 100 bills. poor driver, believe me. and the nerve of one guy who paid the hundred bucks to keep looking at his watch and click his tongue impatiently while the driver made two stops at a gasoline station to have the bills changed. i wanted to snap at him. (and i was pregnant at that time so i guess everybody would understand, ha ha ha!) and the latest one i encountered was this old guy. it is routine in our puj's to collect the fare beforehand. and this guy did not pay either, even when the collector was asking for everybody's fare. and when he was nearing his destination (his stop was roxas), he pulled out a 500 bill. 500 bill? this man is unbelievably stupid. even the driver was mad. when he was asked why he did not pay beforehand, he said that nobody collected. i wanted to protest loudly. he was seated beside me and i knew he was wide awake when the collector was doing his rounds. gawd, the nerve of some people talaga. i just wish people would be more sensitive to other people too. yes, i pay 100 bills but not early in the morning. 

3) The Round Table
these type are those who initiate a certain topic and almost everybody chimes in for a discussion. ever since i became a mom, i am always invited to this group. ESPECIALLY if there is a baby around. all kinds of advice, experience and how-to is given. this could be fun, but sometimes unsolicited words crop up and makes somebody uncomfortable or offended. fun, but must be carefully treaded. a simple way to deal with it is smile and nod. the cliche of "less words, less mistakes" would be totally appropriate here.

4) The Sleeping Beauty
...........and leaning on you like you are a sofa or a human pillow? 'nuff said.

5) Hello, Hello Baby
hearing conversations over the phone is also uncomfortable to me. unless it's work related. but life woes? lover's intimate talk? no, thank you. it's 1 reason Y does not call me while i travel. because he knows i won't answer him completely. ha ha.

6) The Juan Tamad
you must know that our puj makes rounds within our village so there is a huge probability that a passenger gets drop off in front of their homes. what i find irksome is people who take this privilege literally. they make the puj turn in a corner and then declares, STOP. OMG. what a lazy a**hole! it would have saved everybody's time if they just asked to be drop off in that street.

whew. you must think i am complaining? i'm not. actually, i find this all funny. i told you, life's a drama. and the drama is in the daily commute.

ooppss....PARA LANG PO SA TABI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's a mix and all about love

i apologize for the being quiet for the past days. i am really swamped with work (it's the end of another term and you know, reports are needed to be prepared here, there and everywhere, it's crazy i tell you...) and also, i am in a middle of something that really takes my time and effort and thrown in my creativity too. i will talk about it SOON.

for now, i just want to share my story of mix-feeding my baby. i've gone through a lot of mommy blogs and mostly are either exclusively breastfeeding or not. there's nothing in between. the closest thing i got to know about someone mix-feeding is through a comment and i tried to look for her blog but i was not able to locate it. (but if you do come across someone and i have not seen it, please tell me..)

i've already shared my huge desire to breastfeed and my frustration about being not able to pump enough milk (w/c i think was my post-partum blues) and this post is just an update on where i am now. probably a rah-rah to myself that i've held on to my milk for this long and why i am loving it.

 when S turned 5 months last september, my milk was starting to dwindle. i can barely pump two ounce. i got worried. i did 3 things: first, i bought an electric breast pump. my husband supported it even if it would make a BIG dent on our budget. second, i increased my pumping schedule (i used to pump 3 times a day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening - i know, not exactly helpful in building a good milk supply but i had so much work i cannot possibly squeeze an every 2 hours pumping and i should have done it in the first place, sigh. and third, i drank organic tea for nursing moms (and i normally don't drink tea because i dislike their taste very much)..and it worked....for a while. two weeks the most. and it was back to little output and worse, barely an ounce.

i got sad and worried for a time. but now, i have made peace with it. i still pump even if i don't get too much. in fact, i use my breastmilk in S's solids now. and it made me happier that way.

S usually latched before i leave for work but a week before she turned 5 months, she suddenly won't take my breast anymore. did she wean? i did not force her anymore because truthfully, S can now express that she doesn't like something, he he. (i will have another post about it) but she still latches at night when i put her to bed and it always, always warms my heart (and make me teary-eyed sometimes) that she actually reaches her hand and touches my breast and looks at me with her charming round eyes which i read as, "mommy, i want to drink your milk before i go to sleep.." and she would snuggle as soon as i offer it to her and latch. such moments that made me hold on to my precious milk for so long..no matter how small the quantity i pump, i will never tire of pumping it out. in fact, i learned the art of hand expression because it also helps in pumping out my breastmilk. i will carry with this pumping thing until it dries out. right now, S sleeps through out the night already and she rarely asks for milk so my milk supply at night seems to dwindle but i hand express my milk directly at S's solids every morning. even if it's in small amounts, expressing milk for S for her solids is really making me happy.

and even i am only partially breastfeeding, i've learned tons about motherhood and parenting, and i would like to share them here (i wanted to make this as another post and i might get distracted again and you know, it might not get posted..) one, it's all about S's needs. to be truthful, i wanted to breastfeed S not only because i want her to get the best nutrients from me, but i also wanted it for myself. does it make me selfish? yes, because i failed to realize that S needs to be fed - from me or otherwise. but i have forgiven myself for that now. i was afraid to become a bad mother because i did not breastfeed but in fact, i will be a bad mother if i did not feed my baby in any way, just because i did not want to become a bad mother. oh please get me. two, because i am feeding S through me, i became more careful with what i eat. i eat veggies everyday, i eat fruit and i drink lots of water. i have been more careful with what i eat because i might give S something. and to be honest, i feel a lot better about it. and three, bottle feeding S has given my husband a way to bond with S. i realized that with FF, i can actually take a bath "properly", eat and get some rest.

looking back, i realized i should have taken a breastfeeding class before i gave birth. because it's not something you learn through reading. me? i read everything i could get my hands on about breastfeeding but i guess it's not enough. we need a "breastfriend" (i borrowed the term from Chronicles of a Nursing Mom), even a support group. believe me, i drowned in comments that goes like this, "naa diay siya makuha pag mag-dede siya?" (can she get something from your breast?), "kulang lagi na imong gatas.." (your milk is not enough..), "sakit kaayo mag-pump, dili nimo kaya.." (pumping is painful, you cannot handle it.) and just about everything that could make a new mom surrender her breastfeeding desire. it happened to me. and also, when my milk came after 5 days, i just left it stay in my breast and waited until S wants to latch. i should have pumped it so that it could increase my milk supply. and other things..

i want to be a breastfeeding advocate but i feel like i could not be an effective advocate because i am not exclusively breastfeeding but you know, the more i am pushed to learn more about breastfeeding.
that is why, i am really glad we have this upcoming breastfeeding peer counseling training. i immediately signed up. i want to be part of this. and i want to learn and try to figure out where i should i improve. (actually, learning about this might make me want to have another baby to put it into practice, hahaha, just kidding...) and i want to help new moms. and it will be next week. weeeee! truly excited :) i am not sure if there are still slots available but better call up the numbers and just check. kudos to Alex of mommySense for organizing this.


to end this post, i just want to say that it's a mix, but it's still all about a mommy's love :)  have a nice weekend everybody :)

finally, i have made it.

i have given my blog an identity. i have been thinking over this for so many months already and i just can't seem to reconcile my url with what i want.
you see, i really like my current website name, but it cannot stand as my blog's identity. so i have to decide to keep the website address (ofdreamsloveandfaith) and my identity as a blogger. the OC in me wanted to change everything but my links will be messed up again so i had to settle with it. don't worry, i'll manage. ha ha.

so.................i will be known now as "the missus on the 5th block". and i'm planning to make an FB page for it actually. ambitious but hey, i'm living my dreams right? i better be prepared when those big-time sponsors will finally come :) and though i have 10 followers through GFC, i have 4,347 page views. i mean, people read this and i am really grateful to all of you.
do you like it? i hope you do as much as i do.
you see, i have been using the irrational missus for the past 3 years (see my multiply, which by the way will be removed this december according to one of my friends and eeeep, my photos!!!) so i decided to work out that one..and while i was putting S for her afternoon nap, i had a LIGHT BULB moment.

ting! i live on block 5. PERFECT. at first it sounded funny, but hey, it's me. ha ha.

i decided to google if something similar will come up and well, there are a lot of blogs out there using the missus term, but thankfully, no one from the 5th block. but you have to tell me because i did not go over the whole pages. he he.

and please pardon my header for now. it's my amateur attempt at photoshop. i've never been a photoshop fan or user. i usually have my friend do my lay-outs and since i am rushing this (maybe i have not thought this through, ha ha!), so i had to whip something during my lunch break. i will work on it before the year ends, i promise that to my self :)

so there. my next goal is, my own domain. he he. you know, God is good all the time and His timing is perfect so i better be ready :)

i'm now at blog lovin'

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First on Solids

as promised folks.

S is starting on solids and her first taste of water. i have been excited about this for 3 months. imagine that craziness, ha ha. i have been reading up materials (mostly based on other mommy blogs) on what to give her. and finally the day has arrived! S woke up early (actually she has been waking up at 4AM dawn since last week of september, is this normal if i may ask..). at first, i expected S would get weirded out with the solid food but to my amazement, she swallowed it like a pro. and also partly because she wants to chew her spoon, he he. but seriously, there was no spitting out of food. truly worth the wait :)
FIRST FOOD: squash mixed with breastmilk
i really wanted S to eat avocado as her first food but after two days of searching high and low at wet markets and groceries even, no avocado for sale. SAD. so i decided on squash since it was my favorite thing to eat when i was pregnant with her. and i hand expressed my milk on the spot to mix it with. it felt wonderful to be squeezing my milk for her food, to be perfectly honest. we actually joked with hubby that parang gripo lang. ha ha ha.
would you look at that? she loves to chew on her spoon. and she drank her water like a pro too.
yum yum yum!
Day 2 on solids
 this is actually photos from her 2nd day on solids. i just wanted to post them because S really looks like her daddy. ha ha. pero in fairness naman sa akin, she has a little bit of me. actually, S looks like my brother when he was a baby. not me exactly, but still from  my side. he he.
saree: my spoon squash tastes so good!
saree: more more spoon, squash!
originally, i was planning to feed her squash for the next four days then another food, then after 2 weeks i was planning to start her with lunch. but her pediatrician suggested (and i realized she is right) that at 6 months, we only feed her once a day (that is, breakfast) so that S will continue on her milk (both formula and breast milk, since i am still mix-feeding her) and give her two meals when she turns 7 months. and she also suggested that we feed S one food every week to make sure she will "like" the food and lessen preference over food, based on taste.

i have already lined up her food, such as: kamote, sayote, carrots and hopefully, avocado. i am truly excited.

i also read up about baby foods at this site, Momtastic's Wholesome Baby Food. they have great materials and recipes to spice up a baby's menu. there are a lot of sites out there about baby food but i mostly focused on the site i mentioned. i got the site from the blog post of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. but it would be good to have your menu checked or consulted with your pediatrician to make sure.

i guess i will post about S eating adventure weekly. ha ha.

Happy 6 Months Saree!

what i am really excited about S turning 6 months is she is starting on her solids. woot woot. but it will be another post, but i promise it will be the next one. ha ha.

for this day, we went for her monthly immunization. then, we brought her to abreeza ayala mall, together with her G-Ma and G-Pa (my mom and dad) and my sister. S only half-enjoyed the trip. i believe she was already sleepy since 2 of her attempts at morning nap were disturbed. she rarely smiled while riding the animal thing and rarely smiled at people ogling at her. he he. at lunch, she slept. if we were at home, she would have slept longer. after lunch, we took her around. guess what S did? she shopped, ha ha. i will still get the photos from my sister today so i might put it up later.

anyway, i'll let the photos speak this time.

with her Tita Mavin. see how serious she is? ha ha.
with G-Ma and G-Pa. again, serious mode on.
my 6 month old little darling
attempting to hold her sans rival. ha ha.
look at her face! ha ha. mommy, i want that cake!!!
since it's her 6th month cake, i let her hold it. hehe.
my sareebee with friends. (L-R: giffy the giraffe, kiki the kangaroo, bunny, harry the hare (which i believe is actually a mouse - i must tell my husband, ha ha) and dr. quack the duck)
saree: mommy, the ribbon is getting in my way. he he.
everyday, i am filled with deep gratitude to God and it is my constant prayer that Saree will grow up healthy and vibrant about life. and she is. i will not say that i could not ask for more because it's not but i am happy and will still work hard for more.

and for those who have not yet joined, i have a Happy-6-months Saree GIVEAWAY. please click here to join. :)

this is just in...additional photos from my sister's phone.
saree: hmmmm, do i like this?
saree: it's the same style Mommy!
saree: i think i like this Mommy.
Saree with Mommy and Tita Mavin

[GIVEAWAY] The Happy-6-months-Saree giveaway!!!

because i am happy that S is now 6 months (my usual monthly post will just have to follow, he he), Human Nature-Davao kindly agreed to also make my readers and followers happy through this giveaway. isn't it great? i wish i could join my own giveaway. ha ha ha.

when the baby products of Human Nature came out last year, i was already in my last trimester. you just cannot believe how estatic i am that my baby will be a Human Nature user at an early age. i think Saree deserves my ambassador title more. do you agree? ha ha ha.

anyway, S used the baby wash and her skin is so soft and smooth, just like how a baby's skin should be. she smells the same every time i come home. and S is a very "pawisin" baby, believe me. even if it's raining, beads of sweat form in her head but thankfully, human nature baby wash keeps her smell so good through out the day (and i mean it literally). at first, there were people who expressed their doubts about using them to a newborn. i mean, it's a new product in the market unlike other baby soap and wash that has been there even before i was born. but i stood my ground. to be honest, doubt also crept when 2 days after using the baby wash, my baby's face had those little rashes (click to see http://twitter.yfrog.com/kgqfwlrj ). but i was told that they are normal for newborns and my pedia said nothing during her initial check-up and even pedia said she has no problem with human nature products so i threw the doubt away (w/c i should have done in the first place - but you know,  a first time mom is mostly paranoid and irrational to a point, ha ha) and after a week, Saree's face cleared.

i am really happy that as young as Saree is, she is already a part of human nature. it makes me also confident as a mom that i am only giving the best baby product out there for my daughter and my family.

and me, Saree and Human Nature-Davao wants to share this with you. for this giveaway, it is limited to Davao-based residents. should a non-Davao resident joins and wins, it is clearly understood that SHIPPING WILL BE SHOULDERED BY THE WINNER. there will be one (1) winner and will get to pick between the following set (depending on the child's age): (all photos taken from http://humanheartnature.com/buy/)

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so there you have it! contest giveaway will run from October 4, 2012 until October 13, 2012. winners will be notified through FB and email. good luck!!!

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