what i learned from our runaway yaya

i never really wanted to share this. really. because i feel it's so trivial and besides, it's already been a month. and honestly, it doesn't matter anymore. if you remembered, i wrote a post about being a wreck of bad vibes and this is what it was all about. anyway, to try to make the story short (but i bet you this post will not be, hee hee..) our yaya never came back after a supposedly short vacation last november 1.

but i survived the little tension of being "yayaless", which i am supposed to. and in the words of fellow mom & blogger Ira, "all mothers goes through the yayaless phase." but i went through it with a bucket (no, make it ocean) of short tempers, crying fits and outbursts, back pains and just a senseless kind of anger at somebody (particularly of course our yaya). there was a time when i was alone (while my mom was on her way to accompany me at night) and S was pooping. i wanted to clean her but she refuses to lie down still and would roll and crawl and cry and the poop got scattered all over the crib and i was so tired from taking care of her the whole day....that i just cried and cried. i was so mad at my husband for going home late and most of all at our runaway. S was crying and i was crying, goodness. but after that episode, i told myself, i need to get my act together because God gave me this wonderful thing and how could i just cry and wallow? i was being ungrateful. that night, i prayed and said "Ok Lord, you made me a champion. give me the strength and grace to continue to be one. i cannot do it without Your Guidance." and God is really Good. Praise Him :)

cuteness overload. seriously. (and a post of gratitude)

before i finish the post that comes after this, allow me to drown in the rays of the sunshine of our lives. i also want this as a reminder that God has blessed me with so much and i cannot allow one minor tension in life forget about His wonderful ways :)

da master rapper in the house..yo! ha ha.
can i pass out now from her cuteness??? haha. i lilly lilly love your smile anak :)
i really wonder where S gets all her facial expressions. we do not have TV at home, all she gets are live entertainment courtesy of me, her daddy and her G-Ma. haha.

anyway, drunk with love for this girl. and her daddy of course :) 

ps: thank you to the anonymous giver of this gift. haha. there was no gift card so i really don't know whom to tag. whoever gave this to S during her christening, please text me. haha. thank you. and for the rest of the gifts, i'll post them when she's using them so there's no rush actually. and there were some gifts that might really take a long time to get posted because of size issues. hahaha.

Pinay and Proud School Tour is coming to Ateneo de Davao University!!!

i am very pleased to announce that Pinay and Proud school tour will be in Ateneo de Davao University on Friday, November 23, 2012 from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM. THIS.IS.REALLY.EXCITING.

to give you an idea about what the Pinay and Proud is all about, here's an excerpt from our invitation letter (written by tita monique of human nature-davao):

photo taken from Human Nature website
This year, Gandang Kalikasan, the social enterprise behind the popular brand of personal care products Human♥Nature, gives tribute to the Filipina woman in its latest campaign, PINAY & PROUD. The campaign celebrates and recognizes 15 outstanding women who epitomize the true Filipina – NURTURING the minds and strengthening the values of people to encourage everyone to give their talents a chance to reach its full potential, COURAGEOUS in making sacrifices for her family and country that truly goes beyond selfless, INSPIRING other people through the story behind her successes, and BEAUTIFUL inside and out, making everything around her beautiful.

here in ateneo de davao, we will be joined by the following inspiring ladies: Anna Meloto-Wilk, co-founder and president of Human♥Nature, Bai Linda Eman, GK Regional Coordinator for Southern Luzon (who is a former MILF Commander and now a peace builder) and Xilca Alvarez-Protacio, a lawyer and a full-time social entrepreneur (founder of Gourmet Keso and Cafe de Sug Sulu Coffee). to read more of their stories, visit www.pinayandproud.com

if you are interested to attend, please contact me. it will definitely be a worth it moment to meet these ladies. to be honest, the first time i met Ate Anna (yeah, nakiki-Ate po ako, hehehe), i was starstruck and was in heaven (hubby has a huge crush on her, okay, now i'm spilling our beans, hahaha). you really feel so proud and overwhelmed at the same time to meet someone like her. and it's not because she is popular or because she is the President of the company, but because she is very inspiring as a woman and a mom and a Filipina. so i cannot wait to meet her again (and probably talk about babies, hehe. fyi, she gave birth 2 or 3 months ago..)

this assembly also coincides with SBG's Entrepreneurship Week.

2 days more to go!

ps: i was actually planning to do a giveaway for this but my schedule is being impossible. i just had to write this because it's really urgent, so please do watch out for my giveaway :)

Mommy Diaries: all i want for Christmas is.............Saree's teeth.

..and may i just add to the title, and other stuff about S at 7 months and 2 weeks.

i have to admit that i really have to stop reading those monthly baby developments. mainly because it makes a paranoid out of me. and the thing now is, S has no teeth at 7 months - well, who knows it will come out this afternoon, by the time i come home..

i know, i know. it's nothing to be worried. i was researching and there are a lot of moms who actually posted this question over the web, and theirs was already at 9 months. whew. how could i worry about teeth? you see,  S has 2 baby neighbors, the same age with hers. and they already had their teeth! so mommy of the adorable all-gums baby is starting to worry. and i know now i should not. (okay, ask me again after 10 months, ahahaha!) anyway, S is making chewing sounds with her gums and i think she's ready for finger food..i actually give her a share of her food and just let her touch it. sometimes she puts them in her mouth, sometimes she squeezes them in her hand and sometimes she just slaps her messy hands to the person feeding or holding her (which is me actually). i will definitely try finger foods once she turns eight months by december. anyway, back to the teething. i think the worry build-up started when S was drooling a lot at 4 months, people were telling me she'll get her tooth  so early. and now it's 7 months, and they are like what?-no-teeth-yet reaction..really, people are cray cray. ha ha.  she's been gum-biting my chin every chance she can get lately and i do not want to term it as teething because she's been on the teething symptom ever since people have been telling me she's teething, ha ha. i actually inspected her gums and i think there a tooth there. even her pedia said her tooth is there, it just did not erupt yet. i have surrendered it to S's teeth gods/fairy or whatever when her teeth is going to come out. for now, she is just my adorable tooth-less S :)

Mommy Diaries: Happy Christening Saree!

this, aside from my work, is what has been keeping me busy the previous month. i thought of splitting the post into two, but i am worried that part 2 might take longer to post. ha ha. (okay, this post is another break from my supposedly blog pause..)

originally, S's baptism rites was supposed to be at the church where Y and i got married. but due to a HUGE misunderstanding of schedules, we transferred it to Sta. Ana Shrine. on a sentimental note, i was baptized in this church 30 years ago, and now, it's my daughter :)

i asked my friend Ronald (he is not working professionally as a photographer but Ron has been my un-official photographer for ages so it's only necessary for him to this - also aside from the fact i'm his boss, he will take photos for food, he is a great friend and photographer, ha ha ha!) to meet us at our home because i wanted to document a lot of things. photos are already selected because believe me, you will get drunk from too much cute-ness of Saree, and so here goes....

new partners!!!

if you look at the right side of my page, you might notice 2 new names: Lifecastingph and Baby Essence Online Shop. cool right? but it would be more cool dear readers if you click on them and check what they have to offer you.

i met this 2 moms (you know, the universe of moms is a universe of wonderful people, i swear!) during a breastfeeding training and well, the rest is history. i am really supportive of moms doing their thing in business. superwoman to the nth level, i must say.

i will be blogging more about them soon. please be a dear and check out their sites. thanks guys.

and i have a giveaway, click here to join.

[GIVEAWAY] 2 Tickets to Kerygma Conference on December 8, 2012

i have dreamed of doing this giveaway ever since i have been attending the Kerygma Conference for the past three years and finally................I.AM.DOING.THIS. Praise be to God :)

i only got to attend the first Kerygma Conference last 2010. i knew i had to attend, but i also had a lot of excuses not to attend. and now, i have a million reasons WHY I SHOULD ATTEND this occasion.

i attended the 2010 conference with my fiance (now my husband) and my best friends. 4 days after the conference was the traditional "pamamanhikan" for me and Y and i made ourselves attend this. IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF OUR ENGAGED LIVES. the theme of the conference at that time was Restoration (full story here)

the 2011 conference was superb! we attended it (me, my now husband and 5month in my tummy Dash), my mom and my 2 best friends and their families. we laughed, we sang, we cried, we were blessed. it was good the best place to be! :) unfortunately, i have not blogged about it. (and i am still like, whaaaaaaat?i have not blogged about it?!??!?!)

i know this year will be another super! and what's more, it'll be a gathering of God's champions. and i want you to be there because we are all God's champion.

i have to tell you honestly that i did not want to continue with this giveaway. i am currently struggling emotionally. i prayed while on my way to work today to give me the grace to see the blessings in my situation right now and God is really faithful. i will not exactly say that i am totally okay now, but, i am progressing. because i am God's work, and so are you! i cannot truly express how much my life has changed ever since i opened that book of Bo Sanchez on "Thank God, He's Boss" ... until now, i am still amazed by the beauty of the changes, the pain of learning and the abundance of God's blessing when i embraced the life He willed for me. and it is through this giveaway that i hope i can share everything. i got to admit, all the talks every year are point on - it's either an assurance to erase my doubts or fear, or an affirmation of my dreams. God speaks through other people on that day ;) that is why i want you to be there, my readers :)
WIN two (2) Kerygma Conference 2012 Tickets, on December 8, 2012 from 8AM to 5PM at PWC Event Center! Be Blessed, Champions! Get the chance to meet and hear Catholic lay preacher and author, Bo Sanchez.

1) Participants must be a resident of Davao City, because the conference will be in Davao City. however, if you are an out-of-towner (if there is such a word, hehehe) and will be here in Davao for the Kerygma Conference, of course, you may join :)
2) I will announce the winner on December 1, 2012 (Saturday) through here and Facebook. i will contact the winner through email.
3) To join, please click on the rafflecopter widget below.
4) All entries will be verified.

CLICK the blue box with text "Log in to Enter" TO JOIN! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck to all of you. i really wanted to give more but for now, 2 tickets up! but who knows? God is a happy God and full of surprises.

Happy 7 months Saree!

every month is a milestone for us, especially for me. of course, i'm her mommy. ha ha ha. i can talk about S for the whole day, the entire blog...i take the opportunity to show to my friends her photos. (yep, i always bring my cam with me. hahaha)...(take note, i only write S for Saree's name because, well, i'm lazy sometimes..hehehehe.)

i am grateful to God for Saree's good health. and more so, for ours. we need our health to take care of her. she's really "malikot" now, like super-exhausting-to-the-caretaker type of likot. she can sit on her own now and she's learning to stand. although learning to sit in her own means refusal to lay down for a long time. ha ha ha ha.
let me just tell you that we started this photo thing with S in a lesser-than-good mood. before we started, i let her sit in the crib while i took the cake. she rolled on her own and bumped her head. crying with tears. and never got back the happy mood she was in previously.
i let her do this again. RETHINKING IT. check the next photos.
checking our reactions about her touching the cake. he he he.
the name is officially erased by her hands. hahahahaha.
this is why i should rethink the i-will-let-saree-hold-her-cake thing..(but you know, it's just too adorable for words. ha ha ha.)

and this is why i want her to hold the cake again. ha ha ha. Y carried her and S is very sweet to share her icing with her daddy. he he he.
*sigh* she's growing up too fast...again, happy 7 months Sareebee. love, Mommy and Daddy
thank you Tita Meh-meh, Tita K.C. and Tita Maricris for her cute outfit :)

and speaking of 7 months, i am already planning her 1st birthday. no, i'm not crazy. ha ha ha. 

a break in the pause (much needed)

frustrated. angry. pissed. probably any other negative vibe i can think of, i'm kind of feeling it right now. i don't want to talk about it here yet, but, i've already blabbed about it to other people who would care to listen. but i will write about it soon, when probably my emotions are not this negatively high. I NEVER WANTED (and would never want) TO WRITE ANYTHING THAT GIVES OFF NEGATIVITY (and more so that i have a very nice giveaway this week, it would not look good.) but this is just too much for me. and everybody goes through a first, i guess. well, this is a first for me and i think i am not dealing with it well.

right now, i can only be grateful for my husband whose positivity is not dwindling despite the "super sayan" mode i've been, and my family especially my mom and my sister, who never failed to be supportive.

anyway, so there. i would not make a break in the break without a valid reason. i just needed an outlet.

- FriendS -