Kerygma Conference 2013 (and why i am feeling a bit un-merry this holidays)

for 3 years in a row, my husband (side tidbit: year 2, he was my fiancee, year 1 we were still going steady) and my best of friends attended the Kerygma Conference 2013. this year's theme was: Champions, Arise! we always make it a point to never miss this, no matter how busy we are. and this year, we are so proud that the chicas were able to become sponsors of the conference. yahoo for us three! :) also, it's my husband's birthday that day, which was a perfect gift for him :)

there were four speakers that day: pio español talked about family, obet cabrillas talked about youth generation, alvin barcelona talked about career and lastly, bo sanchez talked about how to become a champion.

bro. pio talked about family. i always love listening on how sweet and gushing he is about his wife. this year, one of his children shared a really personal experience. the story reminded us parents that the values we teach our children will never get lost even if they make wrong decisions somewhere in their life. they may fall, but because of what we taught them, what they have seen as good examples, what they learned from us as their parents, will help them get up and do their best again. i welled up in this particular talk because as a new parent, one of my most worry is that, "are we doing the right thing?" i have to admit that 90% of the time, we do not know what we are doing. and we need God's guidance in our journey as parents.

my 1st blog giveaway win. finally.

ever since i became dedicated to my blog, i've been having so much fun joining blog giveaways. so much, yet i don't win. i don't believe i'm unlucky in these things but believe me, i've attend our company party for 7 years and i have not won. ever. even minor prizes. when i was still pregnant, people rubbed my rounded belly before our party (which will be very annoying to other preggers) and guess what?! they got my jinx. ha ha ha.

and finally, i won! *happy dance* and i won a very useful one for that. the mommy mundo 24/7 planner! woo hoo! as i answered in the Ira's blog, being a mom is sure 24/7. even at work, 20% of your mind is on my little one :)

anyway, i just wanted to revel in my first blog giveaway win. thanks ira! :) please follow my friend Ira for more blog giveaways. thanks. and i hope this will be my start in more wins. he he.

proof of my win. haha. tweeted every single day.

here it is: written already my first sched for next year. i will tell you about it too. because it's a blog worthy event. ha ha ha. i already browsed the pages and it's so cool. what i like best is the menstrual tracker since i'm on NFP method so it's really useful. hubby will really look for a daddy planner when he sees this one..

and it came with's so cute!!! i have to ask her where she had this done.

and speaking of a giveaway, i currently have one ongoing. please join. if you do not have kids, you can join for your inaanaks or niece or nephew. thanks. to join my blog giveaway, click HERE. 

sometimes, i feel this way.

there are really some things that make you feel that you are a failure in whatever it is that you do. only few things really get me down because i've already made a decision in my life to be pro-active in all things but something really escapes my firm resolve.


i cannot really talk in details. and that makes me a little sadder. oh well, hubby will have to listen to me tonight. all i can say is that, we are raising...........okay, enough. i should not say anything. any words i write will reveal the whole of this.

but i'm fine. in fact, i'm fueled to do better. i hope it also went the same with the others.

Making Little Things, BIG MEMORIES

don't you just love your baby's little fingers and toes? me, i love smelling S's hands and feet when she was just a newborn and now that she's 8 months old, i still love doing it to her little fingers and toes. in fact, i playfully "bite" her toes and she would laugh heartily. and thanks to Lifecastingph, you can keep a memory of those tiny things that make our hearts melt easily.

i met althea in a breastfeeding peer counselors seminar/workshop and after a few text here and there, we agreed a tie up with my humble blog and her really growing business.

so we met last sunday and Aeia is really nice to work with. she would take time to warm up first with the baby (especially with babies who are already experiencing stranger anxiety like mine) and it helped a lot that Zoey, Aeia's baby was there. S was a ball of energy (so much energy she forgot to feed, ooops!). before we started the casting, she explained the process to me. she explained what materials we will be using, sharing the usual reactions and behavior of babies and what parents must do during the process. thankfully, S behaved well. *sigh of relief*

what i really liked about the material used was, it smelled so good (that i actually wanted to eat my baby's hand, ha ha!). no seriously, it smelled very sweet and fruity. i'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story...

before we started, Aeia made me choose between a paper holder and a pen holder (the photo below)...since i work in a office, i use a lot of paper and i imagined my S handing me a notepad when i need one so i chose the first photo :) isn't it amazing? you can actually choose what to do with the cast. (but that depends on the available design they have) but you can also opt for the framing, which is more popular.

[why i love gift registries (plus a holiday giveaway for kids!)

i "almost" postponed my year-ender giveaways due to recent events but i was already plugging them, i could not back out from my word. don't worry, my family have not neglected  our duties as Filipino citizen :)

back to the giveaways....

i love enrolling in gift registries! in fact, I AM AN AVID FAN OF GIFT REGISTRIES. and for the very simple reason: it's a win-win situation for both parties. the celebrant gets what they want and you save the giver time of thinking what to give. please don't get me wrong though. i would still want a well-thought gift and i don't mind a surprise. in fact, i love a gift that's been well-researched too. admit it, you have a friend or an aunt or relative who wants to cut to the surprise route and just give you what you want, gift registries is the answer. i enrolled my wedding at SM Department Store wedding registry and well, i must say, Y and i were very happy newlyweds opening our TONS of very useful gifts. and it saved us from getting the same thing too! (although, we received 3 flat irons and none of them were from our registry, he he he..) also, i enrolled S's baptism at Baby Spice Gift Registry program. downside of gift registries though, giver cannot stick to their budget since chosen gifts means fixed price. but from my experience, if an event is enrolled in a gift registry, guests get special discounts if they purchase. i'm not sure with this one though since i've only tried 2 registry program. he he.

YES, BABY SPICE HAS A GIFT REGISTRY PROGRAM! so i am inviting you to enroll your kids for the perfect season: Christmas! i'm sure it will save their ninongs and ninangs and lolo's and lola's and aunts and uncles a lot of time in this peak season of rush. i'm sure you agree with me? :)

and as an added treat for you, Baby Spice has decided to throw in a giveaway for your cutie kiddos. you can win the following:
1 winner of this Lovely Hair Accessory made by Celestina and Co. (also sold at Baby Spice)
1 winner of this Adorable cloth headband from Baby Essence Online Shop

(2nd Level, Gaisano Mall of Davao)!

isn't it great?

1. Contest is open to all with valid Philippine address. However, the GIFT VOUCHERS will be only available to Davao based residents since Baby Spice is located in Davao City. you may join to win for somebody else :)

2. Contest will run from Dec 14, 2012 until Dec 21, 2012.

3. ALL ENTRIES WILL BE VERIFIED. (Author's Note: I will disqualify some entries, not the specific individual!)


Happy 8 months S! (and her busy weekend)

as it turned out, S was uber busy on the first weekend of December. originally, i had to bring her along to my work-related activity because i had no yaya and found out late of that week that Y was chosen to be a ninong of his college friend. so i decided to meet up with my friend that weekend too, to put all our errands in a day. our little family was booked.

and then S got runny nose and it turned into a cold. i cancelled our sunday afternoon meet-up as i was worried S's cold might get worse because of the crazy hot weather but we were dragged along to another appointment. thankfully, S did not get worse. and i am really grateful for her Ninong Sid who went all the way and drove us home.

i'm not being scrooge, okay?

i'm not scrooge. and i'm not screwed. ha ha. (i think i am so overworked..)
i have not done ANY christmas gift shopping. in fact, i have not done anything "normal" for the past few months. (i will expound on this matter soon. good luck with this promise. ha ha.)
because this year, i decided (much to my regret but i believe a really wise decision, both to my sanity and budget) to narrow down my gift giving list. before, i would give gifts to everybody i know - family, godchildren and all friends - yes, i decided to cut back on them. i decided to give people (particularly godchildren) whom i cut off from my holiday list really NICE gifts on their birthdays so that i can avoid spending on one season.

i think i made the wise move. now, i can only count the people in my list on my fingers. these are the people whom i think deserves a good reward for all the help they gave us this year. for some who have been always on my gift list, i decided to give out general & really useful pieces. no, i am not being kuripot. and besides, not everyone will have a merry holidays this year. in fact, we simplified all our parties to give more help to our affected brothers and sisters. i urge you guys to help out in any way you can.

so, to you my dear readers, have a happy and stress-free holidays. and let us not forget to celebrate the reason of the season, the Baby Jesus :)

Mommy Diaries: early days on solids

i want to poke myself because i really want to start this blog with "time flies so fast.."...haha.
but seriously, it really does. i was cleaning my cam of photos because i realized i have so many drafts and none of them are not posted because i cannot transfer the necessary photos for them.

i had a good laugh looking at these photos, i swear. these were taken during S's first month with solids (october 2012) and homaygash, what a mess. ha ha. BUT DEFINITELY A FUN MESS. i am proud to say that i have no problem feeding S with solids. she automatically opens her mouth the moment you lift the spoon from the bowl. so far, we have fed her sweet potato, broccoli, sayote, squash, carrots, papaya, mango, avocado, potatoes and banana. right now, we are giving her fish and rice porridge. we need to feed her rice porridge because she's so active lately and she needs carbohydrates. i plan to give her apples and other fruits and other green leafy veggies already. at 8 months, we decided to feed her twice a day (breakfast and dinner) and milk in-between. it's been really fun. i love feeding S, i swear :) 

i used to give her a bowl of her own so that she can get a feel of the texture of what she is eating but ever since we had no yaya, i had to stop doing this because i feed her all by myself. but boy sure this is messy!

S looking at her daddy to check whether daddy disapproves. hahaha.

HAHAHA! S loves doing this. she does this to her bowl toys and there was a time she cried because nothing comes down from her toys..

on being a breastfeeding peer...(and my first challenge as one)

i wrote about the breastfeeding peer counselors training i attended and i wanted to post this with it altogether but i realized it's going to be so long, my readers (naks!) might get bored by it's length.

after the training, one thing i pondered was relactating (the rebuilding of one's milk supply weeks or even months after lactation has stopped). i told my husband about it and he asked if i was willing to go through everything again and this time, with a growing 6 month old who feeds voraciously: pump every two hours and take supplements here and there to help increase supply. i told my husband i will try. i did try a month before and i was half-successful at it. sad to say, i was not successful at my relactating plans. i am not going to go through the guilty feelings again. i really tried, but my milk supply just did not improve. and also, S was not latching anymore. exclusively pumping with low supply and no latching baby is not a helpful situation. no, such situation will not work at all. and the week i decided to do it, i got swamped with work. i was so busy that pumping every 2 hours is not feasible or else i would fail to deliver efficiency. i am not making excuses here. i just want to share what i have gone through, that is why from the very beginning, i was reluctant to become a breastfeeding peer counselor. 

1st Breastfeeding Peer Counselors Training: Learnings and Photos

i got an invite from alex of the pod (and Mommy Sense Davao) about this breastfeeding peer counselors training. initially, i wanted to attend but i expressed my hesitation and told her that i am not exclusively breastfeeding and i will be the only different person there. anyway, i did some thinking the night after our talk, and i thought, if i was not able to breastfeed exclusively because of lack of knowledge and confidence, i will not let it happen to another mom.

(note: this is a really delayed post. imagine, a month after. i must really do something about my blogging schedule. sigh...)

the 1st day of the seminar/workshops were mostly lectures, then group discussions and group activities and open forum. the seminar/workshops was given by arugaan, a support system for women with young children. we had 3 interesting speakers: velvet, nanay rich (lactation massage specialist) and tin-tin (wet nurse)...a particular lecture topic made me sad (again) - the dangers of formula and bottle-feeding. it was like sitting in my own inferno. i just consoled myself that i still breastfeed S during the night that time, the least. and also, nanay rich, one of the speakers, also formula-fed her first 2 kids due to her lack of knowledge and support. it affirmed that i can do this - to help other moms out there about breastfeeding. since this is a "very" late post, i will just share significant ideas that i find relevant to my breastfeeding experience, and interesting facts about breastfeeding in general.

1. breastfeeding is 90% psychological and 10% physical.
if i look back, i knew i was doing the right thing. even before i gave birth, i was already doing image exercises. my favorite was breastfeeding my baby - i imagined myself that i was enjoying it immensely. but my bubble of breastfeeding pleasure got burst by a lot of things: delayed room-in, stress, S's getting dehydration fever and most of all, LACK OF SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT. it was really too much that i actually lost confidence to breastfeed. and when my milk came, i will just let S latch when i feel my breast is engorged. it was wrong.

- FriendS -