Mommy Diaries: How S spent her holidays, december 2012

i want to post this before january 2013 ends because posting this on a later date will make this irrelevant. he he.

christmas 2012 was a bit different for us, okay, make that a whole lot different. it was not anymore about our parties, what gifts to give and the holiday rush. it was all about S. and add the fact that we were yaya-less during the holidays. so it was just me and Y taking care of S and the house. did we have fun? we did, but we were also downright tired during our supposed christmas vacation. it was the total opposite of a vacation, believe me. i will not bombard you with what we (Y and i) did over the holidays, rather this will be about S. as i've said, it's all about S now....but one thing is for certain, we were tired but S was so happy because she finally had mommy and daddy for the whole 2 weeks and you know, that just wiped away all the fatigue that i cannot imagine i complained about in the first place.
dec 22 - while i was on a a christmas party, daddy brought S to their annual christmas party for kids at malagos garden resort. the weather was uncooperative that time but i had to let them attend.
LOL at S's face! she rarely smiled during the party. and i don't know why...
 dec 23 - family of three went to D' Leanor Resort, as far as communal, buhangin (if you know where we live, you'll understand) for the christmas get-together of daddy's college friends. S had fun at the pool, until the skies decided to give us light rain. ugh. 

Meet-Up with Fellow Moms, Jan 2013

this is my first time to actually join a mommy meet-up and my, how fun it was! S actually had more fun than me because i was the one who had to chase her all over the place, now that her crawling on all fours and sitting on her own skills are on pat. ha ha ha.

anyway, for january 2013's mommy meet-up, the topic was breastfeeding. yeah, i know. what am i doing in a breastfeeding meet-up when i did not breastfeed exclusively in the first place. well, as much as i am not a fully nursing mom, the meet-up is for moms after all and i have a little breastfeeding experience.
mommy and saree..she's totally distracted with the birthing ball rolling over the place. i cannot imagine how likot S will be when she can finally walk on her own. bring it on, salonpas. hahahaha!


i lost my wedding ring. *sigh* after wearing it for a year and a month, i lost it. in a puj ride.

and i am utterly disappointed with myself. it's been 5 months and every time the thought of LOST crosses my consciousness, i get disappointed all over again. hubby was nonchalant about it. in fact, he said we'll just a get a new one (and a pair for that - and he is the really kuripot one over the two of us)...but no, it will never replace "the wedding ring" :(

i cannot exactly remember where i lost it. you see, when i got pregnant (until 9 months after i gave birth - i just got back to wearing my engagement ring this week), the ring wont fit my ring finger anymore. so i wore it in my pinkie. i was on my way home and i rode a puj - just as usual. i was texting during the ride, as far as i can remember. and when i descended from the puj, my pinkie was bare. i panicked. my initial thought was i left it in my desk. i usually remove my ring every time i put on lotion because i hate it getting sticky and i just forgot to wear it again. but my colleagues cannot find it anywhere as they were kind enough to toss and turn the office around.

Monday Music: yeah, you can be the greatest, you can be the best!

happy monday everyone! we tend to "hate" mondays being the 1st day of work after the relaxing weekend, especially after a long vacay (and it does not help the poor day that it's always the busiest day, traffic at its worst, people are on their worst temper during this day) - but i think it's all just a matter of mindset. so to shake off the manic monday feel, here's an inspiring song from the script and, "hall of fame"..

missus tip: every morning, don't listen or read anything that gives negative vibes. and i mean, don't watch that news on TV, don't read that paper nor listen to the rant of anybody (mine is a fellow passenger on a puj). SMILE even if you don't feel like to. read a bible verse (my favorite is psalm 62), listen to an uplifting song (it does not need to be religious - the song above is not) - pick a song that gives off a positive message or if you don't have it in your playlist, pick a happy song :) and listen to it. then think of nothing but happy thoughts, think how happy you are with your hubby and kids, how good your work, how impressed your boss is..and believe me, Monday will not be the same :)

my current choice of blogs

i've been writing blogs for the past years (in fact, i have 3 accounts, 2 active, 1 neglected bcos i cannot remember the password anymore) but i really got serious (when i say serious, i mean, i post often, and read other blogs too, ha ha!) with it after i gave birth to S. anyway, i want to share my pick of blogs for 2012:

Chronicles of  a Nursing Mom
this site was shared to us in our childbirth prep class and i find her posts well-researched and helpful, particularly about breastfeeding. it's from her site that i learned about babywearing. although i am not an exclusively breastfeeding mom like her, she has good resource material when it comes to taking care of babies. her most popular post (that got even non-breastfeeding people and non-parents notice) is probably this: Why i don't buy Nestle fresh milk

Bo Sanchez
i am a reader of his books, i listen to his audio talks and it's only necessary that i should follow his blog.

Fab After 40
now this site is a GEM. chinie is ever so nice to follow me at Twitter, and i just came across her blog last october and i really gave my whole afternoon just to back read her blog. her posts are funny and quirky. i found myself laughing to tears - that's how funny her posts are. and i find her unpretentious too. among my favorites posts of her are: Short Lived Career as a Hairstylist (i swear this post made me laugh so much i cried and my colleagues were looking at me like i'm some kind of idiot), Fifty Things i Didn't Like about fifty shades of grey, An illustrated guide to failing a juice fast, The Anonymous Swimsuit Shopper (another really hilarious post that made me weep from laughing too much)...she has a lot of funny posts so make sure to bookmark her :)

Cloth Diapers 101, 102 and so on..

one thing i was sure about before giving birth (aside from having a baby girl) was: i will not use disposable diapers. being an ambassador for an organic and environmental friendly enterprise before getting married, i was pretty much aware how these disposable diapers create a big negative impact on our environment. and believe me, i do not want to add this burden to Mother Earth. i knew the only way to go was washable diapers. i have read up on stuff about washable nappies before getting married and pregnant, and i started looking for them here and well, i was surprised. it's not that readily available in local stores. yet.

originally, we bought 3 cloth diapers. i was actually glad that we were able to purchase them because the ones i originally found cost around 1,200 each. even if you tell me i get to use them until S turns 3 years old, there is no way i can afford to buy a lot of them. anyway, we found affordable ones. i was told that those really expensive nappies are made of really good material - but heck, my sole purpose in using these nappies are to catch pee and poop without ruining the environment - then i guess there's nothing wrong if i'd go for the affordable ones. for the past 3 months, we used cloth diaper in the morning (after S's bath then until it gets too wet) and we change her to cloth underwear. yes, we used panties on S. we endured those "pee accidents" and poop. but believe me, being peed on was way way way better than poisoning our planet. however, we used disposable during the evenings. now that i think about it, i cannot remember why we did. anyway, after 3 months of doing such, we decided to use cloth diapers on S, day and night. so we had to buy A LOT of them. thankfully, there were kind souls (thanks Tita Mavin and Ninang Batet) who gave us cloth diapers as gifts.

Golden Globes 2013

i just took this short time to check out the golden globes red carpet. you know, i need to de-stress about something i will talk about later. or soon. whatever comes easiest.

i saw this and i was like, THIS IS HOW MATT LEBLANC looks like now??? oh, jooooeeeeey....
i have a thing for J Lo's nude gown. i find it soooo sexy, i swear. someday, i'm going to pull off this kind of gown. probably in one of my wedding anniversary. ha ha ha.

Gawad Kalinga Christmas with kids 2012

yeah, late post. and i'm doing this despite on a busy monday because this might get lost among all the other posts and might just end up irrelevant. *hungs head in shame*

this Christmas party with GK kids has become a tradition for us (for those who personally know my work, you would know whom i am referring to). Which i believe is a good thing. we've been doing this for 3 years now, in partnership with Human Nature-Davao and i don't think we have plans to stop. i'll just let the photos tell the story..

the helpful dwarves (he he he) preparing the gifts (this, i think are the gifts for girls. i wanted to take photos of ALL the gifts, it just won't fit below our tree..and my cam's capacity, haha.)

the kids - about 200+ of them..

breastfeeding issues that are actually medical conditions

i came across this blog post from Chronicles of a Nursing Mom, "Not Enough Milk: Insufficient Glandular Tissue and Sheehan's Syndrome", and i found it very helpful and interesting in a lot of ways.

in a breastfeeding peer counsellor training that i attended, it was often maintained that a woman can produce milk and can breastfeed because it's the most natural thing in the world. why, even a woman who did not give birth can actually breastfeed through induced lactation. but, after reading the article and the links provided in it, there are breastfeeding issues that are in actuality, medical conditions. i am not saying that we use this as an excuse that we cannot breastfeed. in fact, i am NOT using this as an excuse that i was not able to exclusively breastfeed. but i wanted to share this that as much as a mother wants to breastfeed, she might not be able to do so because of medical conditions.

the first condition is called Hypoplasia or Insufficient Glandular Tissue. second is Sheehan's Syndrome. i will not explain anymore the two because i know you clicked on them, or researched them yourself.

if you've been reading my blog for the past 10 months, you all know that i was not successful at exclusively breastfeeding. i tried everything - pumping, drinking nursing teas, taking supplements, eating malunggay almost everyday in every meal - but milk supply did not improve. they told me to keep the baby latching which i did, but nope, never felt my breast "full". i would get engorged and i'd let S suck and it usually takes around 6 hours or more for me to feel my breast has milk again. a lot of well-meaning people would say that i keep to my pumping sched religiously (which i did), but still i would get 4 oz or less pumping every 3 hours. but nobody ever told me, you should get yourself checked. all i got was simply, "your milk supply is not enough." and of course, it made me sad. greatly. you cannot imagine how much guilt, sadness and disappointment overwhelmed me - i failed at the most natural thing in the world. thankfully, wonderful blogger moms like Anne, Ira and Kristen reminded me to relax and just be the best mom, sans exclusive breastfeeding. for a time, i would insist breastfeeding on every new mom that i personally know. i suddenly realized (shamefully, yes) that i am projecting something that i wanted to do for myself to other people. for a time, i was thinking of getting pregnant to have the chance to do everything right (however, i abandon this idea after a minute, lol.)

right now, i am thinking of getting myself checked for such condition. but not now. probably when i have already completely made peace with my feelings regarding breastfeeding. my question now is, whom do i go? my OB or pedia? are there doctors for breastfeeding here in our place?

 for additional read, click on the following links:

Breastfeeding with Hypoplasia 

Breastfeeding broke my heart (i love this post and her other posts as well..)

One Word for 2013: DO

i am a blogger but believe it or not, i am unusually "shy" to join blog communities or blog carnivals because i always feel that my posts are not that good enough, or my posts will never make it in time, and a whole lot of reasons.
i am linking up with Melanie of Only a Breath and One Word 365 Community
but, reading over Truly Rich Mom and Dainty Mom's blog about one word, i did some thinking while riding home last night and i realized, "that's it! that's my one word! i must DO it this time!"

over the past years, i've realized how much i've matured. i've learned a lot about life - and i'm still in the middle, i guess, in what they term as school of life. i've taken a big leap of faith and decided to focus on who and what really matters most in my life now. when i got married and gave birth, i learned MORE. i am now enrolled in different schools: MARRIAGE, MOTHERHOOD, LIFE and add up a few important courses on everything else.

i know what i want, for so many years now. in fact, i just published my life list because i needed reminders - every single day. but, this 2013, i want to actually DO something to achieve them.

and that's why my one for 2013 is DO.

i want to be able to say at the end of the 2013 at every goal i have written (in the life list or in my journal or in our dream journal), "Yeah, I did that!" or "I did it!"

i want to DO every single thing i dreamed for and together with my husband and my daughter. (i would want to say kids but for 2013, let's just say i'd DO it for S, lol.)

i will DO everything in my strength to improve my relationship with God.

i will DO everything with grace, to listen to God's will, to embrace His abundance and to believe that i DO have everything to achieve my dreams.

so 2013, let's DO this.

Happy 9 months S!

i wanted to skip the monthly greeting but i get anxious just thinking about it so i decided to scrap the "nonsense" idea in the first place. (and why  thought about it, i have no idea.)

so here goes, happy 9 months S! you are our bundle of joy everyday :) and 3 more months, she's going to be 1 year old. *sigh* nope, not going to say anything about something that flies fast because i might cry due to sentiment. thank you Lord for her good health! ;)

i have gazillion of photos that i'm excited to share and i am just busy today but i want to keep my resolution of being able to post 1 blog a day (except sundays), hence the lack of story. ha ha ha. (and the internet connection now kinda sucks!)

don't you just love her toothy grin???? (i miss her already.)

conflicting wishes (an observation)

filipinos love NEEDS to make noise during the new year. i mean, it is a must. because we believe that our noises drive away bad spirits that bring bad luck and misfortune.

personally, i am not really superstitious in nature. i used to, but i decided my faith is stronger and my God is bigger. (although there are some superstitions that i cannot seem to get away. i'm doing it one step at a time.)

however, i don't look at making noises to welcome the new year a superstition. i think that we all want to welcome the new year with BANG! i believe we do this (not just for the first statement i mentioned above) because we are full of hope for the new year and we want to celebrate the better things to come. well, that is great.

but, we should always remember that hoping for a better year is more beyond the clanging and the noises. our words and our thoughts determine greatly what happens to us in the coming year. take this for example: i overheard our neighbor (yes, they talk that loud, ha ha ha!) being greeted with a happy new year and she replied, "hahay, hapay new year oi.." (*sigh* it's a penniless new year actually!) ...i felt sad with her comment. their home was one of the noisiest place in our entire village at new year's eve and she is thinking on the first day of the year that it's penniless. i've read books (particularly Bo Sanchez books) and i am greatly aware now THAT OUR WORDS ACTUALLY AFFECT OUR WORLD, OUR LIVES, SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE, YOUR KID'S FUTURE, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, just about everything. and not just our words. AND NOT JUST OUR WORDS, BUT OUR THOUGHTS GREATLY AFFECT OUR ACTIONS TOO. i used to say, "gosh, i have money..", and you know what? i don't keep it long (aside from the fact i spent them bad..), because i was programmed to think that i don't have money. but now, i don't say it anymore. EVER. i always believe i am rich and truthfully, it boosted me to work hard, spend better, learn to find other income streams, etc. it takes time and prayers to actually change but as i've said, one step at a time.

so when i say it's an abundant new year, i believe it with all my heart because, FATHER GOD IS RICH. AND HE GAVE ME EVERYTHING I NEED TO BE ABUNDANT.

so i hope we don't go and say happy new year to anybody but fill your mind with ugly and negative thoughts because it's a conflicting greeting.


Happy 2013! (a few thank you's and a little look back)

hello guys! i was on a blog break due to the christmas holiday. not that i was busy with all christmas stuff (went rough with the rushing crowd in buying gifts and left my hubbs in-charge of what-to-eat for the celebrations), but, i was busy being a stay-at-home for a week. and believe me, it was fun to be with S but it was really exhausting. i thought being a WOHM is tough but my goodness! i have so much respect for SAHMs now, i swear.

anyway, Happy New Year to y'all! i hope you all had a good celebration. we did, not the way we were used to, but the most important thing is that, we celebrated-our own way! :) (i will not go through it now because you'll be bored by it, ha ha ha!)

2012 is my most life-changing year. i became a mommy to a beautiful angel. and my life was never the same. it became a whirlwind of emotions but one thing i can say: IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME. with motherhood, everything and everyday is a learning process.

2012 was also the year Y and i moved into our own home. not much, but the most important thing is, it's ours! :)

2012 was also the year i turned this blog around. i am embracing bigger things and challenges for this blog this year. thank you to all my readers.

well 2013, we've got work to do! Thank you Lord for the abundant and blessed year ahead! :)

- FriendS -