wow, february is over.

oh well, february is fast. (it's also over quickly because you know, she's 2/3 days shorter, he he..) and then it's march.

i was supposed to beat my january record (13 posts) but i was busy with Love and Life (and work!) but i had a grand time this month. i will be blogging about february soon, probably after next week. read on to know why...

things i look forward to march?

first there's the "VISIT"...seriously, it happens on monday and i am a nervous wreck. i have put off writing blogs (sneaking a bit from my lunch break to take a breather from the nervous air) so probably i have time after next week. i'm not going to expound on this because it will only make me more edgy.

second, S turns 11 months soon. oh my. it only means, her birthday is almost there. thankfully, i am a bit organized this time so i have not panicked. YET. (and i suddenly remembered i have not yet finalized the lootbags content. and venue decors. and............oh gee.)

third, i'll be going on an out of town - the first time after i got pregnant and gave birth - and this is also making me anxious. not being to sleep with S in the same bed (ok, throw in my hubby also, ha ha ha!) for 2 nights. i also had this separation anxiety thing before, and i really thought that it gets easier when the baby is a bit older, BUT LET ME TELL YOU, IT'S NOT. i told hubby i will fly back once the important stuff is over - they arranged a day tour somewhere the next day - but you know what hubby said? "take it. enjoy the trip." he said, i need to enjoy a time for myself. oh, so sweet. but still, i will be away from them for 2 nights :( i still have not processed how to feel for this because of reason #1.

bring it on, march. here's to the happy and abundant coming months :)

still half-hearted over this.

i put off writing about this because honestly, up to this point, i am still half-hearted over the decision. when i was first asked, i honestly felt....................offended. yes, i'm serious. i was very, very, very upset. then after a few emails with the person concerned, i gave in. not because i got over the feelings but because i knew the other person was right. i want to share what we talked about but that will make me appear conceited, ha ha ha! anyway, i wanted to write about it immediately but i said, "i'll wait till it becomes official..."

fast forward to present. yup, it's official! it's in this thing called invitation. *sigh*

i'm not overreacting! do i look too old to be a Wedding Ninang? i don't even want to talk about it. and the thing about it is, majority of the people going are my friends. and it has become a staple joke as of the moment. and some of the names in the same group (principal sponsors) were my own wedding principal sponsors from 2 years ago. CRAZY, isn't it? hubby still gets a kick every time i answer him about this. and it's not even funny. for me at least. one of my friends mentioned that i need not be stressed about this. kris aquino had been a ninang...BUT I'M NOT KRIS AQUINO. ha ha ha.

i'm going to get over this soon, don't worry. ha ha ha. it's just something i did not expect to be doing at my age.

oh well, at least i did something new for the year. LOL.

it's S first at the beach! (and Happy 10 months S!)

hullo. i had a very busy weekend last week because we took S to the beach!!! S had already been to Samal, but not to a beach so technically this is really her first time. anyway, enough of that. a weather must have a sensor on people's feelings because we were all really excited for this trip and it decided to be very windy and less sunny compared to the previous days it was. i was worried because strong winds means wavy ride going to samal. thankfully, it decided to let us have fun for the day. S enjoyed it very much!!! i'll let the photos tell the tale..
assembly time...and i really thought as adults, we will have less of the waiting-for-other-people-game. hahaha.
costa marina beach resort at samal island has always been our groups' fave beach go-to...because of their recluse environment. the place is not packed every time we go there and WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! it's like an exclusive getaway, but it's not of course. i'm not sure if the place is not popular but i don't think the resort minds if they do not have people coming in hoards because honestly, if you want a semi-exclusive getaway with family and friends, GO TO COSTA MARINA. (pardon my was so windy to get a well-behaved hair!)
i have to slowly introduce S to the water. i did not submerge S in the water though. i'm worried she might get sick because it was so freaking windy and cold. however, S practiced walking in the water and she loved it.

traditional versus progressive versus homeschool

i've had these thoughts with me for quite some time now. AND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, my darling daughter is still 10 months old! we still have 2-3 years of thinking to do. and we might end up overthinking, perhaps? ha ha ha. y and i are not set about something yet, but we are willing to try out anything that S will like and enjoy the most. as new parents, y and i are not really sure if we are doing things right with what we believe but y and i both agree that we want S to enjoy the process of learning - not drill into her that she needs to get "high" grades to learn. you might think that we are foolish for not wanting our kid to excel in school, but we actually do want her to excel. we just don't want to impose (what we want) on her. we want S to learn the value of hard work. we want S to discover her strengths and help her develop her strengths along the way. and we think that a choice of school will greatly help us in what we believe is best for S.

what i say here are just my opinion. i admit i have not yet researched well before i wrote this, so i admit that these are my own "hasty" generalizations. so please don't judge me.

Traditional School
y and i went to a traditional school, all in private ones (and i must add catholic private schools), and we turned out fine (i guess?lol.) so there's nothing to worry. and.....i am gifted with the opportunity to send my child to one of the biggest school in the city for FREE - so it seems silly of me to doubt this, right? but, i am. y and i are "sort-of" teachers. uh, make that y is a former teacher and well me, let's just say i have the knack to teach (although i never tried at a professional level for personal reasons..this statement is just my theory, ha ha). i am worried that S might get confused with what we teach at home, and what is being taught at school. although i have no intention to compete with the school teacher, but do not expect me to just say nothing if what my child learned is not correct. and besides, i am a hands-on mom (even though i am a WOHM) so it is expected from me that i will be greatly involved in my child's studies. another thing i am concerned about is, most trad schools give emphasis to perform well in academics. and because of such emphasis, there's the homework, periodical exams and a lot of tests. i often hear this from other moms that their kids have too much homework for their age. well, i definitely do not want to make my daughter's homework just because she is too tired to do everything. i would not want S to be so buried in her homework, studying or reviewing - we also want her to enjoy other things like a hobby, or allow her to enjoy an activity that she really loves (and earn too), and we also want to spend much time with each other like travels. our fear is that S might get too caught up in "studies", she will forget to enjoy learning. another point of worry concern with schools that give emphasis in academics is, there is the tendency to stereotype students who are not doing well. it seems that with the huge number of students in each class, the teacher does not have the time(?) to carefully evaluate her students who are having difficulty in the subject. it ends up in a race. (the movie 3 idiots flashed in my mind..)

so these are basically my thoughts about traditional school. i actually intend to make a tour (one for me alone, one with my husband, and one with S) of the school (although i've been there A LOT!)..i also want to talk to the school headmaster about my thoughts. now, moving on...

i have a new portion in my blog! woo hoo!

a month has passed since my one word for 2013: DO and i cannot believe how pumped up i am still for it (although there are really times that i just got lazy and tend to forget it, my apologies).

....and here it is, my new blog portion: Guest Moms on the Block! i will be featuring a mom every month to share about motherhood and also among other things. over the year, i've realized that motherhood is not a lonely journey. and it's definitely a UNIQUE journey for each mom. yes, we share a common denominator (kids, what else...and husbands for the married ones) but i believe we have DIFFERENT STRUGGLES, STORIES, and most of all TRIUMPHS that we all celebrate as a MOM (and wife).

that is why i thought of this portion. when i became a mom, i did not feel alone but i felt so scared of the expectations from me. sure, i could ask my mom and mom-in-law but you know, it's still different. they have the experience, sure, but, i want to be properly informed and i need new resources about motherhood. reading blog and stories of other moms made me a bit confident. a bit, i guess. ha ha.

anyway, i hope you find my guest moms inspiring. they are mostly my friends and well, i'm glad they're my mommy friends! cheers to the life-changing journey called MotherHood! :)

for february, my guest mom is Ianne-ianne. (click HERE to read).

Guest Mom on the Block: Ira (feb 2013)

Welcome to the pilot post of GUEST MOM on the BLOCK! for the month of february, help me welcome my friend, Ira C-V. (sorry, i don't like publishing complete surnames because i am paranoid that way..) just a short background: Ianne2x became friends during our namfrel days. we sealed our bond during the times when we were both going through hell with our relationships - she will laugh while remembering how much crying we did during those times..he he.

Ira, fondly called as Ianne-ianne (yes, it's funny how her nick is longer than her real name, he he he..), is a mom to twin boys, C and Ca who will be turning 4 this March. she is also a lawyer and a part-time professor in a university. she is also the woman behind the blog, Home Eco-Nanay. i'm sure we are all interested on how she does this: working and at the same time, taking care of her husband and twins. if you are a mom reading this, you'll say that taking care of 1 baby is really an all-out effort, what more if you have two, right?

me: what was your reaction when you were told that you were having twins?
ianne: I had the idea that I was having twins because some people were telling me that my tummy was quite big.  I looked 9 months pregnant even when I was still 4 months pregnant.  So when my ob ordered me to have an ultrasound, and the sonologist told me I was pregnant with twins, I did not actually know how to react.  At first I was afraid of how I would give birth.  Having twins would mean C-section and I was afraid of going under the knife.  Second, I was afraid of how my body can cope with the pregnancy.  I was very small back then.  Third, I began to worry how I would manage to take care of the twins.  I knew taking care of 1 baby is difficult, so I can just imagine how difficult it is taking care of 2 babies.  But all these worries were soon overtaken by joy knowing that I have two precious infants inside of me.  I felt it was a gift, being allowed to bring into the world 2 babies.
me: tell us about the first month with the twins.
ianne: Well, the first month was very difficult.  I was very hands-on.  Although I had 2 yaya's, I never allowed them to touch the twins.  They can look after the twins while I or my husband is eating, or while I am taking a bath, but no, they can't touch them.   I had the policy that only me, my mom, my husband, and my nurse-cousin would be allowed to touch them.  Most of the time though, it was only me.  At times, my nurse-cousin would assist me. I was thankful that my nurse-cousin was here for about a month to help me take care of them.  I gave them their bath, I breastfed them and bottle fed them, I played with them, sang with them, etc.  It was basically me and two of them during daytime.  At night, my husband and I alternate babies. If tonight the eldest sleeps with my husband, tomorrow night, the eldest sleeps with me.  But my husband was the very first person to give them a bath.  I was a bit scared to touch them.  But eventually I gained confidence and I was the one giving them a bath.  My husband would just prepare the bath tub for them.  I remember the numerous sleepless nights and sleepless days that I had.  I was very tired but being able to take care of them also brought me so much joy.  Yes, my husband and I constantly argued the 1st month. It was probably because of lack of sleep.  But being able to take care of them on our own makes me proud.  I felt  a sense of accomplishment.

look back: high school prom

since it's february, it means --- VALENTINE's DAY?
no, not exactly. although it's the "love" month, i am more thinking of the high school junior-senior prom. i do not know why JS proms are held in february. if you can answer me, were JS prom's originally held in february in the philippines?

anyway, i was reading the entertainment section of a daily 3 nights ago, and there was a story about high school prom. oh my. it brought back memories. ha ha ha. although our js prom is not as exciting and dramatic like those we see in hollywood movies, it sure is fun with friends.

i studied in a catholic school run by nuns and our proms were pretty much guarded. by guarded, i mean we have the "strict" policy of no wearing of "tube type/sexy sleeveless/backless" gowns which is pretty much forgotten on the prom day itself (shawls were heaven-sent during those times, ha ha!) and you know, it's just pretty much the dancing and eating that matters. and of course, who gets to be the prom royals.

in our high school, we don't ask around for dates. i don't know about the other girls, but i sure did not ask anybody out. (this got me thinking: if it was part of our culture in our high school, would i have asked somebody out?ha ha ha!) our partners were pretty much imposed on us. it's the height thing, for convenience sake. ha ha. all junior girls and senior guys (and junior guys and senior girls) line up and voila! you are paired to the guy/girl who is the same height as you. so if you're a petite girl, forget being paired to your tall, dark and handsome crush. it's stature issues. it was actually done for our prom dance (all the students have a dance presentation, heck, what did they call it back then?!), but it seems the dancing partner gets to be our so-called "date" because we actually end up sitting with them. which i found a bit inconvenient. i mean, prom is for having fun, and being seated with some strangers with some of your friends is just a bit awkward. and geez, we were in high school. it was really awkward.

Mommy Diaries: a ritual no more. and doing it again.

for the past 3 months now, S can sleep on her own, without the need of rocking her to sleep. but lately, Y and i are going back to the rocking-her-to-sleep ritual. you would not believe it but somehow, we missed it. because soon, she will not like it anymore and we want to do it as much as backs can handle it.

Happy 10 months Saree! :)

It's February and I am on a Party Organizer Mode!

woo hoo! it's february already!
aside from the fact it the month of a highly commercialized occasion (dig it?), it's my birth month. turning another year older, yahoooooo!

and it also means, S is turning 10 months (tomorrow actually) and i have to put my party organizer hat because she'll be celebrating her birthday sooon! i've actually started planning last november because i am like that. ha ha ha.

i have booked her party venue last january, so at least i've got it out of the way first. (i'll just have to worry about the full payment, he he). anyway, Y and i have a tentative guest list already and my golly, it's like going through the wedding guest list argument all over again. only this time, we are arguing whose kids to invite. ha ha ha.

honestly, i just wanted this birthday to be simple, you know, family only affair. but a lot of people are telling me that a 1st birthday is the most important one so i guess, here we are. organizing a party with a budget. so for friends who are not going to be invited, i am apologizing as early as now. because giving birth, organizing a baptism party and a birthday in the span of 12 months is not easy in the pockets. anyway, enough of that woes...

we've decided to throw a genuinely kids party, of course. food will be kid friendly, as it's S celebration after all. so adults invited, suck it up. ha ha. anyway, i've started making the invitation (which i will talk in detail once i'm finished with it..) and i'm due to carefully inspect the venue this month to finalize the party decors. yes, i am making the party decors. (and i've dragged my sister M in all of this craziness, ha ha!) since i'm on a budget, i just have to tap my DIY skills at this moment.

so, wish me luck! happy february everybody! :) 

ps: HA! i wrote 13 entries for january. i'm improving. ha ha.

- FriendS -