our new yaya lasted for only 5 days. top that.

i thought i will be spared from yaya horrors troubles. the yaya (jan 2013) that came after our runaway yaya J was heaven-sent. Manang K was the perfect yaya, if i must say. she's a bit older - a mom with 7 kids. although i felt a little bad taking her away from her kids (her youngest is 1 year and some months and she had to wean him from breastfeeding to work with us - another heartbreak for me) but she is still the best one we had. i would  need not worry about anything when it comes to S because S likes her too. she only stayed with us for 3 months because she was actually "reserving" the slot for her 18 year old daughter who was still finishing high school. i have to admit, Manang K cried when she left. she hugged S and bawled. and she hugged Y, thankful for everything we gave her. my MIL who was staying with us that time cried too (even if she just met Manang K twice since she was with us...) as for me, i missed this because i was working my butt off at Manila the day she left. fun huh?

...and now we have Manang K's daughter, Yaya R. and do you want me to describe it? ITS A WAKING NIGHTMARE. i have no other words to describe it.

sure, i understand her. she misses her family so much. she refused to have dinner and cried herself to sleep after spending 1 night with us (she arrived march 20), to the worry of our other help, Ate R. but yesterday, i think was the icing on the cake. i usually don't allow our help to do some work on sundays but she insisted, so i told her to wash our clothes to take advantage of the heat. i told her to get some breakfast, she said she'll eat after her task. so i let her. she finished around 9 in the morning, and i asked my husband to make her eat some breakfast and she said again later. at this point, i was annoyed. i mean, i'm not making her do anything destructive right? it's for her well-being, not mine. i decided to deal with her. i knocked her room and told her to get some breakfast. i was not screaming but my voice was commanding. she just shook her head and said nothing, so that got me more annoyed. believe me, i was straining myself not to get mad. i told her skipping breakfast is not good, and i want her to eat because she is working and needs her energy. i ended it with saying, "please eat now.." and when i turned my back, she slammed the door. WHAAAAT?! i was enraged. i told my husband to make the damn woman eat or she will really hear it from me. my husband knocked gently (my hubby is really more controlled with his temper than me, you can say that and i will not deny...) and called her name. no answer. he knocked again. no answer again. Y needed to get out for a meeting and he just ended his knock with, "please try to eat lunch.."

i have finally learned to let some things slide..

(draft written last march 15, while waiting for others at MIA)

short story: my plane seat is 22A (the window seat) and i was surprised to see someone already seated in it.
i glanced at my ticket and i'm in the correct lane. i glanced at the seating arrangement code: A was next to the window sign. it means, i'm not mistaken.

the old me would have called the flight attendant to settle the matters for me. or i would have asked them politely to check their seats code. and explain to them that they got it all wrong and A is the one that should be seated by the window.

but the new me did none of those. what i did was i checked my boarding pass and checked the illustration of seating arrangements and looked at them meaningfully. in short, DRAMA. hahaha. but they only stared at me innocently. so i figured they really intended to seat there - no matter what the cost. oh well. i've been to too many flights seating by the window so i decided to let this go. and only to find out that....

the lady seated beside me asked, "miss, mag check pa sila ug ticket before mularga?" (miss, will they still check our plane tickets before we actually fly?")

i said, "i don't think so..no."

do i take it it's their first plane ride? or maybe i'm being too judgmental. but yay for finally learning to choose my battles! i hope they enjoyed watching the clouds (there was too much flashes of light which i believe came from their cameras..)..

but, the paranoid me kept thinking: did they put off their mobile phones during the ride? (because they were barely listening to the PA system reminders as they were busy taking plane portraits) because if i found out during the ride they didn't, this will be a different story. hahaha.

edit: please do not think of me as making fun of them. i am just sharing my story as it is. and to be perfectly honest, i'm not a fan of the window seat anymore. it took me this last travel to make such conclusion. i mean, i hated the idea of disturbing other people just to go to the lavatory.

the first mommy trip sans the baby

(3.15.2013, while waiting to board the plane)

i am not enjoying this exactly. i miss S and my husband, and my house. i ate a ham and egg sandwich before sitting at the waiting area and it tasted terrible (plus the toothpaste after-taste). and seeing kids (same age as S and even younger) travelling with their parents made my heart ache. 

i have had not the time to actually process on how i should feel before this travel (aside from the sadness that i will be leaving S in a loooooong weekend) because last week was pretty much tensed and this week was painfully busy. and the day before i had to leave, S rashes turned really bothersome for me to get a night's rest and i just had to bring her to the pedia and turns out our pedia is unavailable so i had to sort of joyfully reserve in all other pedia clinics and turned out i had to go to the doctor our pedia referred us. thankfully, it was nothing to worry about - just some rashes caused by the crawling and walking stage - at least i will have less to worry about S.

am i? and did i mention that our yaya and household help goes home today too? talk about awful timing. i am really sad work took me away from S on a long weekend. thankfully, hubbs volunteered to take time off from work to fully care for S. but still, it's not like i'm there.

while waiting for my ride going to the airport, i laid down beside S and smelled her hair. it will be 2 nights that i don't get to smell her sweetness. ugh, this post is making me cry.

but, i always see the bright side of things. i have to make most of this trip because again, im going to Manila FOR FREE!!! more on this on other posts. next week, i intend to take work offs to take S to our play group's swimming date and bring her to a birthday party. and then it's holy week, another loooooong weekend which will be actually spent on working on her birthday stuff. busy but i'm there. not somewhere else. so i'm just thinking of my happy place to make this trip a little bearable.

Guest Mom on the Block: Ella E. (march 2013)

for the month of march, help me welcome my new mommy friend, Ella E-M.! i met ella last october during the 1st breastfeeding peer counselors training. i was beside her while she was checking out a SaYa baby carrier and i casually talked to her about cloth diapering. it turned out that she was the one who supplied Alex's stash of cloth diapers being sold at The Pod. (nahiya ako bigla sa aking choice of topic, hahahaha!) cliche, but as they say, the rest is history. i'm one of her shop's buyer and Ella has become one of my mommy friends. Ella confessed to me that march is a special month for her. because it is her birth month (it's your birthday El, when i started this draft, he he he) and she's celebrating the anniversary of her business too. i guess, it is only fitting she be our March guest mom!

Ella, is mommy to 7 month old sweetie-pie M, and a lovely wife to N. She is the mom behind the very popular online shop, Baby Essence Online Shop. She is a stay-at-home mom, a breastfeeding mom, a babywearing enthusiast and a cloth diapering guru.

me: can you share with us what was your life before you became a stay-at-home mompreneur?
ella: three months after college, i was employed at one of the leading foodchains in the country. i worked as a Human Resource Officer handling Employee and Labor Relations and Benefits Administration for 6 years. While employed, I decided to earn my masters degree in Psychology. After nailing that degree, I flew to Singapore and worked at an office-design firm, then got married to my 5th grade classmate and chose to go back to the country to start a family. It was a decision that was easy for me but left other people saying my career went to trash just like that. But my husband is a good provider to both my baby and I hence, the decision was never a mistake. God knows what is best for us and we will never go wrong with making the right decisions in life that are truly prayed and came straight from the heart. Becoming a mompreneur, without planning to be one, was a blessing!

she's learning things. (and happy 11 months S!)

it amazes me how much S has learned. one of the things that i am really proud of is she is now teaching herself how to use the spoon. or rather, learning how to feed herself. i just want to share on some amazing things S can do lately.

2 months before S started solids, i was busy researching on how to introduce solids. i found this site, Wholesome Baby Food very helpful. of course, Y and i were very clear from the very start: S will NEVER get to taste commercialized baby food (i will not name brands, he he). all will be homemade by either me or my husband or her caretaker. believe me, it's never easy. i sometimes have to get up at 4AM to start on cooking her monggo (since it needs to be softened up before you can actually cook it), and i had to cook 3 times a day, when she got older.

Happy 31st Birthday To Me!

yay! i'm 31. nope, i'm not old. but this post is, because my birthday was last feb 21. HA HA HA. anyway, i had no fancy celebration (aka party) because Y and i are focusing our energies (and budgets) for S's birthday, which is by the way getting nearer every minute, and making me freak out too.

i decided to take a leave of absence from work and just spend the day with S. too bad hubby was not able to take a time off from work to join us. i decided to bring S to The Pod for the Thursday play date ... i was there when it was planned, but this is only the first time i'm bringing S. (i don't hate my work, it just takes me away from S too much..)

me and S arrived there first so we practically had the whole room to ourselves! and S loved the mirrors. she kissed her reflection a lot of times. (sorry lex for the marks!) one by one the mommies and kiddos arrived. and FUN ensued. sigh. i wish i can bring S there every thursday! i will definitely do something about this. the play dates are for the kids to play and interact with other kids and for the mommies, to make chika! ha ha.

i am almost done with the bday invitations!

personal countdown: it's 32 days before S turns ONE! i cannot believe it, i have a toddler already. 

since, a first birthday is a milestone so this deserves a lot of posts. ha ha. first thing i decided to prepare early on are the invitations. invitations are not my priority in every event - but they should be decided on early - so i decided to DIY them, like my wedding invitations.

can i talk something about event invitations first? i am not against event invitations. it's a good venue to be creative. what i am not for is - spending too much for them. truthfully, i really find it ridiculous to spend bucks on something that will just get thrown out after. nobody keeps invitations for keepsakes. or maybe that is just me. but still. i rather spend it on something my guests can enjoy (like food!) than on something that a SMS can actually supply: the where and when. i've read somewhere that an event invitation is the event's sneak preview. i agree and disagree. because my philosophy with invitation is this: you are special to me. please join us in our celebration. if they are not impressed with the aesthetics of my invitation, fine. but they sure will be impressed with what will happen on the day :) so there.

- FriendS -