Saree Turns 1! (the party details)

i'm back partly back to blogging. if you can only see me in my day job, i am being run over by mountains of to-do's. but, i am grateful to say that i have the job that i love and i have the best of health to do everything. anyway....i have decided to slowly work on some posts because they are long overdue. please don't be shocked if they seem to be stories of more than a month ago. hehehe.

i already wrote about S birthday celebration and now i am writing about the details. we had a specific budget for my darling's birthday, and i had to work around it. it's been said that a first birthday should be celebrated with a bang, well, of course i wanted to, but with a budget. i had to resort to DIY's and forego the other expensive stuff i was planning. it was a bit tricky, i tell you. i'm not the one to claim this is a tip on how to organize a party because i'm doing this for the first time so i can only hope you pick something from my experience.

A Special for Mothers Day: "Truly Yours, Mom"

for someone who likes to write, i've "written" a lot of letters and stories to my daughter, even when she was still in my womb. and i think, every mom has a lot of things to say - even if they keep saying beautiful things everyday. and because of that, i've decided as the last portion of my mother's day series as...

A Special for Mothers Day: "The Best Thing in the World!"

i was watching a TV series and a particular conversation made me laugh.
little boy: mom, wake up, wake up! we are going to play!
mommy: when will day-off actually feel one?
daddy: not after 14 years.

it's true. being a mom is a 24-7 job. there's no turn-off nor a pause button on it. and yet, it is the most fulfilling job in the world. and i believe, all moms agree. so for the 3rd part of my mothers day series, let us hear it from other mommies why being a mother is...

A Special for Mothers Day: "When I Gave Birth, Everything Came to Life.."

every mom has her own birth story. and it does not matter whether its natural birth, epidural assisted birth, caesarean birth and even a different kind of birthing: surrogacy or adoption. true, OUR BABY IS THE BEST PART OF OUR BIRTHING STORY. and yet, there are little other things that make our birthing stories more memorable, more sacred and more important. for the second part of my mothers day series, mommies share......

Celebrate Mothers Day at Mommapalooza!

i've read about different kind of bazaars for mommies and babies in mommy blogs all over the web and how i wished something like that happens in my city. lo and behold, WISH GRANTED not only for me, but for mommies as well!
Through the joint efforts of Lifecasting Philippines and CARVE Business Management Services, they will hold the Mommapalooza Bazaar: Celebrating our Super Moms! on Mothers Day, May 12 2013 at Fuente de Villa Abrille Club House, Tulip Drive Matina, Davao City.

The activity will start with a COLOR MARATHON! isn't that great? it'll be a 300m marathon and the best feature? ITS KID FRIENDLY :) i really think its a great way to bond with our kids on Mothers Day. you may check the photo i attached for an idea on what to expect during the color run.

There will be a lot of activities on that day - both for moms and kids: Arts and Crafts, MomBa (you can read what MomBa is all about from Mommy Julie), Zumba, Bubble Shows, Film Showing, Parenting Talks and a whole lot more. registered participants will also have access to the swimming pool and playground the whole day!

mommies will truly enjoy the day as there will be a bazaar with a wide array of merchandise! talk about shopping on Mothers Day! that would be just absolutely perfect! and not only that, there will be a place for mommies to relax with coffee, a mani or pedi and SPA! moms, we deserve this. and so does our kids! :)

For more information, you may text, call or visit the following:
0922 713 3579 (Sun)
0917 316 1183 (Globe)
(082) 321 8725

you may also register at the following:

The Pod
Plaza del Carmen, Obrero Davao City

Wings and Dips
Mabini Extension, Davao City

Kangaroo Coffee
Torres Street, Davao City

The event is for the benefit of EZRA Renewal Misnistries.

A Special for Mothers Day: "Beauty of Her Womb"

i've been doing Guest Moms on the Block for the past few months and somewhere, i had a lightbulb moment! why not make one for mothers day? at first, i thought it was an ambitious project (for me anyway, hehe..) but i did it - i messaged all moms i know and contacted some mommy bloggers and i am overwhelmed by all the responses! just so you know, this part almost did not push through because i pressed one key in the keyboard and my draft disappeared! i was unable to retrieve it. but as they say, my mother spirit cannot be subdued by some technical glitch. i had to do it all over again - i owe it to all mommies who took their time to share their thoughts with me. so here we are! i am very honored that you have entrusted me to share your thoughts and experiences about how motherhood has brought so much joy in your lives. enjoy reading, moms. this is for you (us).

~ ~ ~
moms will agree with me that our pregnancy was the beginning of everything. it's like school (with 3 semesters for that matter, haha!) and the learning is a continuous journey for us. its a journey filled with a overflowing yet enigmatic joy and anxiety for whats coming, the unexpected and for the changes it will bring. for the first of 4 parts of my special posts for mothers day, mommies share their thoughts and learnings as they take their first step in motherhood...

not eating well.

i am getting frustrated on how to deal with this new antic of S. SHE REFUSES TO EAT. my yaya complained last friday that S spits out anything being fed to her. i asked her to give her soup then rice alternately. she told me S only ate well in the evening.

then last saturday, i experienced the spitting out of food thing. i was shocked. S loves eating (before). we even put a stop to her eating because even if she's so full, she won't stop. but now at 13 months, she just refuses to eat. at first, we thought its the food (she's eating table food now), but we found out its not. i was getting worried. she only ate around 5 spoonfuls and no more. and 1 bowl of soup. that was it. but if we give her crackers, she eats it with gusto. but we can't give her crackers all the time right? yesterday, i decided to change her eating routine. we eat together (she eats first before us) and we decided to let her feed herself and with my little assistance (spoon feeding every now and then)...AND IT WORKED, for a while! yes, she ate (with her hands, no spoon) picked the rice (i tried not to drown her rice in soup and she ate it), then she would picked her veggies and ate it too. then she would point her bowl of soup and drink. sure it was messy but i rather have the mess than S not eating. she focused eating for about 5 minutes and after that, the spitting out again. she's not eating the same amount she used to! i had to do something. i decided to feed her every an hour and a half, with small amount of food. yesterday, it worked with us. i hope it works with the yaya today.

mommies with toddlers, have you gone through the same thing? i am quite at loss on how to handle this. and i was reading Mommy Stella's blog and she is going through the same thing. so i decided to check out this "phase" and you can read it: here

welcome to the toddler years, Mommy Me :)

Guest Mom on the Block: Althea (May 2013)

ah, it's a new month again (it's almost the middle of the year - time is really nothing when you are so busy, and having fun i guess)...but more importantly, we have a new guest mom on my block! for the month of May, help me welcome my mommy friend, Althea! i met Althea in the breastfeeding peer counselling workshop of october last year. i was checking out her display and we got to talking. after the workshop, i was thinking of asking Aiea to be featured in my blog, and it turns out, she was also thinking the same thing. so here we are! just to share, Althea is one of my mommy friends that i turn too because S and Z's ages are a bit nearer and we both have girls too and also, we have a common acquaintance....and my daughter S looks up to Z. she follows Z around, i swear.

Althea or Aiea (but i call her A...calling people in initials is becoming a habit of mine, haha!), is mommy to charming 1 year old, Zoey. she is the mom behind Lifecasting Philippines. i featured her the first time when she gave S a cast :) and as they say, it's sweeter the second time around because today, we get to know her as a mom :)

devi: welcome back to my blog Aiea! can you tell us something about yourself as a mom?
aiea:  i am a work at home mom. I do about everything around the house - we do not have a helper or a yaya. I was really traumatized by monster yayas. Before I quit work, my mom did everything around the house while taking care of my Zoey. (You'd be amazed at how clean the house is). She's my role model, that's why I didn't get a yaya. Things turned out ok naman. Zoey is a relatively easy baby so cleaning/cooking/facebooking is not impossible to do while looking after her.

I used to work as a radiopharmacist at St. Luke's. I left the job to be a full time mom-preneur. And of course, to steer clear from radiation exposure of my Zoey. I dont have a problem sa akin coz I'm trained, my Zoey isn't. hehe.

devi: what led you to Lifecasting?
aiea: Lifecasting started out as a hobby. The first time I saw it, I wanted one for my baby. then I did it on my baby, I was unsuccessful. I did it again, unsuccessful ulit. until na-perfect na. And then I thought, I'm not the only mom who wants something like this for her little angel! Since I moved to Davao, the first thing I did was prepare for my business. Amazingly, starting my own business wasn't as hardwork as I imagined. Probably because business is my passion. I remember selling anything from toothbrush to flowers. now im focusing on lifecasting and franchising. Yes, Lifecasting Philippines is open for franchise. first franchise is CDO with your mommy brightsider (and may i insert, Guest Mom for April), Nadine.

- FriendS -