dealing with a toddler, probably just the first among a series of this.

i (and Y too!) need a new set of parenting skills for dealing with S as a toddler!!!!!!!!! they sure were not telling that toddler years is the year of trying: trying what works and not! and aside from the extra human skills i need, i need to buy extra batteries for my patience-o-meter.

it started with eating. after getting worried that S eats less and less every meals and moved on to being picky (and why she became one is always a mystery to me because we never gave her any food aside from veggies and nutritious food) and currently, she refuses to eat meat, be it pork, beef, chicken and fish. this, i dealt with. if she eats small amounts, then i feed her a heavy snack (a bowl of avocado-believe me, AVOCADO IS A LIFE SAVER FOR MOMS WHO HAVE PICKY EATERS) and a bottle of milk before her lunch time. and if she does not want to eat meat, fine. we give her veggies (lao-oy and monggo, her favorite) until she decide to move on to another picky eater stage. and we decided to let her eat on her own, with occasional spoon feeding. S can now use her spoon well. she can actually drink soup using her spoon. messy, sure, but i don't care as long as she eats.

what we watched on our movie night

(this is a late post that is why i cannot remember anymore the week i wrote them. an unfinished draft that was just waiting for my final check.)

y and i enjoyed a rare us-moment the past few days. guess what? movies! haha. before y and i got married, we were avid cinema goers but with all the stuff we have to do (work, household chores on weekends since our yaya and helper go on their day off and of course, time for S), our favorite thing to do took a backseat. i told Y that we should include a home theater in our renovation plans because that would be really cool! yes, we claim it!

before, movie critic ang peg ng reviews ko, but watching a movie or film to be simply entertained is MORE fun. i'm not saying i'm not a smart viewer (because i am-ask me what my favorite movies are and you'll say, "huh?", hahahaha!). all i'm saying is, i'll give the technicalities talk to the expert. me, i rather sit back and watch. and enjoy. and cuddle with my husband :)

The First Haircut (photos and a bit of a confession)

another milestone for S! we did her haircut for the first time! Y was actually against it after her birthday because according to him, Y's hair is not that long. and Y wanted to cut S's hair himself! but mom overruled on both. (laughs) but after this, i think i'm going to agree with Y on cutting S's hair by himself or i think i'll learn to do it myself. it's not that cheap ha. hahaha.

truth be told, i have three (3) confessions to make.

Happy Father's Day Daddy Y, Papa and Papang!

"there is something ultimate in a father's love, something that cannot fail, something to be believed against the whole world." (frederick william faber)

before i gave birth, i gave my husband this book called, "Celebrating Dad". and i read it first (before Y had the time. hey, i read quick naman. so quick that he did not notice i had read it first! hehe.) anyway, the book had me  bawling buckets because all stories, texts, poems and prayers are all touching. and i realized 3 things..

Guest Mom on the Block: Sao Ri (June 2013)

there i was leafing through my mom 24/7 planner and it took me by great surprise that.....its june!?! where did May go, huh? but so much for that because a new month means new memories to enjoy and make and here in my blog, it's another Guest Mom to love (cheesy ba? hahaha) :)

for the month of june, help me welcome my new mommy friend, Sao Ri. i met Sao from last January's Mommy Meet-Up at The Pod. Sao is mom to an active 3 year old daughter, Ace and 7 month old son, Coy. she also runs a personal mommy blog, Oh Saooo Beautiful Life. sao is not your typical mom. she is a matter-of-fact and amusing in her take when it comes to fulfilling her lifetime role to her little ones. read on how the hottie mom (naks naman!) Sao discovered and embraced motherhood in her own way.

- FriendS -