a first: out of town trip of S! (General Santos City, 2013)

initially, i was worried about this trip for 2 specific reasons: one, the luggages (hello, we are with a toddler and then there's me, the ms.-i-need-too-many-extra-clothes-and-shoes) and two, the motion sickness. and i realized and should etch in my brain forever, worry is such a waste of time!

S was such an easy baby the whole duration of the trip. she slept throughout the 3 hour ride, was active and happy at the right moments (walked down the aisle with her dad while carrying her basket), and ate anything we gave her (the picky eater in her was on a vacation, hahaha!) and played and played to her heart's content. i'm now mentally planning more out of town trips. hahaha.

we left the city around 9 in the morning and arrived at GSC around 11:30 in the morning. we had lunch at sm gensan which i think is bigger than our sm city. we had no time to roam around since we still need to prepare for the wedding at 2PM. we stayed at antonios apartelle which we found really nice and accommodating and really affordable. you can check their rates at their FB page. i'm not sure about their website because we can't seem to check it since last week. you can read my post about the wedding here, rowe + cherie.

rowe + cherie, july 2013

our family, together with close friends went to gensan one weekend to attend rowe and che's wedding. rowe is one of my male closest friend in college. we worked together for the rest of our college life in a particular volunteer group so i guess that qualifies as close. hahahahaha. but kidding aside, if i remember correctly, last year the couple visited us at home and wanted to ask our advice about wedding preparations. y and i were flattered because we never see ourselves as "guides". hahaha. i never thought that it was this year that they were actually planning to tie the knot. come to think of it, they never mentioned the year OR maybe i'm just having another case of mom-nesia.

it was a very simple and intimate wedding, just like the personality of the newlyweds. my husband and i were cord sponsors, and our 15 month old toddler became a flower girl at the last minute. kasi naman rowe, dapat talaga flower girl na si S in the first place. hahaha. anyway, my husband was really happy when he found out about the arrangement so i knew there was no way my hubby would cancel this trip. hahaha.

new things i like

being married and a mom made me thought that i'll have no room for my own interests in anything. it's because we don't want S picking up not-so-nice things from us. and it's not like i still have the time for other things with a husband, a toddler to care for and a household to manage. but i realized i need new things to like to keep me sane. and myself. something that's......ME. of my own choice. not influenced by factors like marriage, motherhood and work. i do not know if i'm wrong in here, but it's how i feel.

anyway, these are just the few things that i've liked for the past months. please don't judge me. and i'm serious when i say that.

never seen wedding photos...

...until now. and after two years at that. hahaha. i feel so bad not taking care of this. believe me, i wanted to take time in looking at them, choosing what goes for framing, to give everyone a copy but life happened at such a fast pace after i got married. we moved home and it was such an adjustment and then i got pregnant and gave birth, moved residence again, and all that marriage and motherhood entails. in short, i did not have the time to do this at such leisure pace. and add that fact that i have no access of FB. hahaha.

and since it was our 2nd wedding anniversary last monday, i took precious time from my lunch break and decided to choose photos and post them here. so many photos to look and choose from! hahaha. you can look at previous entries about our wedding: pre-wedding shots and some few wedding details.

 bride and groom with our dashing and lovely entourage

happy TWO to us, Y!

Y and i got married 2 years ago but Y and i have been together for almost a decade (october 2003) but we still learn something new about each other. everyday.

i'm not a nagger but i swear i have a tone in my voice that really ticks him off.
he still doesn't get it why i need to color my hair or change my hairstyle or why i need to have more than 3 pairs of shoes.
he likes gardening so much while i detest it mainly because plants never seem to grow on me.
he does not cook my ampalaya the way our household helper does.

this is not a secret in our marriage, because believe me, we are still far from being the ideal couple, but every time i get pissed off (because between the two of us, i am the one with a short temper and patience) i always remind myself of this:

Love is not all about feelings. Love is a decision.

i came across this generality when i was reading Scott Peck's, The Road Less Travelled. it said, “Genuine love is volitional rather than emotional. The person who truly loves does so because of a decision to love. This person has made a commitment to be loving whether or not the loving feeling is present. "

the twilight hype should be ashamed of this movie!

i'm being a bit of hormonal lately. nope, i'm not preggers. i don't know....lately, i am into romantic stuff which is really surprising because it's not entirely me. i don't mind though. it's probably because a few days from now, it's our wedding anniversary. but if this continues after that day, i'm not sure what to call this syndrome. hahaha.

(i talk too much, sorry.)

- FriendS -