get a copy of this Sunstar issue!

photo credit HERE. (which reminds me...i should ask my husband to return my camera.)
my mommy fellows in our mommy support group, Peas in the Pod is frontpage of Sunstar's August 25 issue. headline reads: HM4HB ups the ante in breastfeeding (HM4HB stands for Human Milk for Human Babies). the article mainly talked about sharing and donating breastmilk to other babies.

i am proud to know these good-hearted mommies. oh, how i wish i have met them before i gave birth because i would have been one of those moms who asked for breastmilk while i was stressfully waiting for my milk to come.

i am not a breastfeeding mom but i do have a share of my breastfeeding experience (which was the reason why i was a bit "shy" to join them in the playgroup initially but i did anyway... *laughs*) and i am really supportive of any mommy advocacy. i am truly, truly proud of them for this. i was supposed to attend this meet up we had for the International Breastfeeding Week 2013 but the bipolar weather scared me (which is really unreasonable, i know) so i had to cancel last minute. for davao based mommies who want to join the playgroup, you can visit The Pod every Thursday (it's actually happening now while i type this) from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. it's a great way to meet mommies and talk about anything and everything and of course, for the kids to play...which reminds me again to visit it regularly. ugh to myself for being absent most of the time.

so please get a copy, if you still can. hehehe.

facebook page: HM4HB-Davao City (i will provide the link once i can access my FB)

what in the world has happened to her?

i'm not supposed to blog about this but thoughts are running in my head and i have to get them out. i found out about the miley cyrus performance for the VMAS yesterday. honestly, i have not seen the video. i just read the details from articles and saw the photos. so i do not have the link. and i will not even look for it. i cannot bear to link it in my blog - let alone watch it.

i mean, WTH? i really like miley in hannah montana. i used to watch that tv series in dvd with my sister. heck, i saw the HM movie and i sing, "The Climb" heartily (and hey, that song is sometimes played in our retreats) and now this.

she is just too trashy for words, you know.

is she still dating liam hemsworth? POOR GUY. i will definitely mourn if my son is dating her.

what about her mom and dad? i'm not going to judge them but i'm pretty sure no parent will feel comfortable seeing their child that way, whether they have declared themselves to be liberated or modern.

just so you know, i deleted all her pre-trashy era songs in my playlist. yes, even The Climb. i can't seem to listen to them the same way.

yeah yeah, i know. she's an adult. she can do whatever she wants. she's an artist. she is just expressing herself. blah blah blah.

well, i wish her the best in her life and career, wherever that gyrating and lewdness will take her.

i love you.

i think my heart will burst with so much happiness this morning.
S refused to kiss me goodbye before i leave for work as she was concentrating in wiping her toy container bin.
i kissed her and said bye bye by the door.
no reaction, just watching me while wiping.
i waved bye bye again and said, i love you.
i stopped. did she just say i love you, in her own S-language?
i said i love you again.
aaah, right now, i am kilig.
i just had to hear it again when i waved bye bye again by the window.

i think i'm going to cry just thinking of it.
a mom's total bliss for the day.

No Television.

as a teen growing up to MTV, this photo cracked me up! credit here.
confession: we have no television at home. it has been like this for the 2 years including the months Y and i stayed in our tiny apartment room. i know you'll look at me in disbelief utter disbelief at this seemingly nonsense i am spouting but its true.

review: Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo

i am an avid user of this brand because i simply LOVE HUMAN NATURE. correction: I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HUMAN NATURE. you can read more about Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. here. (and you can also read about my HN story here and  here.)

there's so much rave about this latest addition to the shampoo collection of Human Nature and magpapahuli ba naman ako? *laughs* actually, i only got to use this baby this month because my Strengthening Shampoo was not yet used up. perfect timing that it got used up when this new shampoo came out!! that's another thing i like about HN eh. i am not scared of trying out their latest product because i know it will always be good.

The R.U. Birthday!

remember my guest mom Farrah? well, we attended a joint celebration of her kiddos earlier this month: C's 2nd birthday and baby I's dedication!! and the celebration's theme? Monster University! (RU stands for Ronn and Rea University)

Guest Mom on the Block: Farrah (Aug 2013)

i truly apologize for not having a guest mom last month. my guest mom was really busy with her schedule and so was i. believe me, july was hectic in both good and bad not so good way. and i did not want to press on her time because after all, such guesting is not a paid request. anyway, i'll feature her soon.

my guest mom for this month of festivities (and non-working holidays, haha!) is Mommy Farrah. i met F through my husband as they are friends way back from high school.

farrah is happily married to the love of her life, ronnie (another post about them too!) and she is mom to a very energetic 2 year-old Coco and a very beautiful 6 month old, Isa. she is working as a phlebotomist and is currently residing in singapore (umi-international na ako sa guesting, lol).

S is babywearing!

as you all know, i practice babywearing.
S still loves being worn (she's 16 month old) and guess what? she's following in my steps!
i can't exactly remember how this happened but i think it was one weekend i was BW-ing her because i had to get the sinampay (yeah, i know! hahaha!) and when i put down the ring sling, she took it and put it on her. and i had this idea and made her wear her toy, Mic-mic the Monkey. and she did not object.

oh you adorable little one. you really make our hearts melt.

I SUPPORT YOU. it's the only way i know.

i walked into motherhood thinking that its a big and happy community of moms. i never thought that there are inner circles within that i must get into. i never really got this distinction being this kind of mom, this kind of parenting style etc., because for me, when you're a mom, then you are a mom (or a parent for that matter). regardless of choices. aren't it we are all in this hood together, because of our children?

being a mom - be it a new mom, a mom of three kids, an adoptive mom - it's all about loving our children. being a mom (parent) is hard enough. and to be made feel different and feel inferior because of our feeding choices is not fair. we always say that every child is unique then i guess that also goes to say that every motherhood experience is unique.

i am blessed to be part of a mom support group which initially started as a play group for our kids. but you know what happens when moms get together, they bond unknowingly. it just happens that majority of them are breastfeeding moms and i am really happy for them. in fact, i am glad with their choice. i would have made that choice if it worked for me. and they will be the people i will definitely run to when i will "attempt" breastfeeding again. and what i love about us is that there is no air of this "us and them" mindset. however, it took me some time to fully feel i belong with them. it's not them, but its my personal demons trying to wreck me: that i am different, that i am less of a mom, that i don't bond as much as i can with my daughter, that i am not giving her my best.....all because i don't breastfeed (i did combo/mixed feeding for the 1st 8 months then switched to exclusive formula feeding until now). where those awful feelings and thoughts came from, i don't know. but it was sure a difficult phase for me. (read my story: the day i said goodbye to breastfeeding)

but in the end, i just had to end that misery and accept the fact that we are loving moms all coming together. our choices are different and that's okay. thats how it should be right?

so here is my piece:

i'm here for you because i believe only in one thing about you as a mom (parent): you love your children and you nourish them the best way you know.

i'm here for you because i'm a mom too and i want to teach my children about respect and acceptance.

i support you because it's the only way i know.

fran + menard, june 2013

i should have posted about this fairy tale wedding a month ago but....i had no decent photo about the event itself. kaloka, diba? haha. but please do understand that i was in a formal gown and looking after a toddler. i realized two things during this event: bring a yaya if attending functions and i am not used to wearing stilletos anymore.

anyway, back to the wedding story.

this is the wedding that i shared that i was half-hearted with............being a Principal Sponsor! but i admit, it was fun. i never really realized it was an honor to be one. when i got married, i was tremendously grateful for my ninongs and ninangs. they were really important people whom Y and i look up to and i never really thought i could be one. thank you fran for making me realize that in small ways, i've touched your life and in a way, shared such lesson to menard. fran and i, go way, way back. we worked together for about 4 years. i've seen her grow into the beautiful and sucessful woman she is now. i've seen her struggles and i've witnessed how she remain unperturbed with them. i've known her search for that love and saw her heartaches as well. we were like sisters back then.

the day i said goodbye to breastfeeding

i cannot understand for the life of me why i decided to publish this post in time for the celebration of breastfeeding month. honestly, this has been in my drafts for almost 2 months. it took me a while to finish. probably because after all this time, i am still afraid to be judged. by who? i don't know. or maybe i am waiting for this guilt to go away so that when someone says something about this, i will not even defend myself. i just want to simply share my own motherhood story and maybe in the process, help someone who has been in this road.

breastfeeding is a heartbreaking topic for me. it took awhile to make peace with myself that i failed at it. it's a disappointment that simply won't go away, despite assurances that it's not my fault. it seems foolish to write about saying goodbye to it when we've never been that a success with each other.

my desire to breastfeed S was as intense as my desire to give birth naturally. when i delivered via CS, the desire for the former escalated to unexplained heights. at my hormone laden state at that time, i kept thinking i could not fail at breastfeeding. it was not an option for a new mother to fail at both things that is supposed to come naturally. S had dehydration fever after 3 days of trying to breastfeed her. my newborn, my husband and i had no sleep and dead tired. the three of us were frustrated beyond definition. i had no one to turn to for breastfeeding advice. i am ashamed to tell you that it was part relief on my part when i gave S a bottle of milk and she slept peacefully after that.

- FriendS -