leave of absence for the meantime

this will be a quick one because i cannot bear not explaining my absence. well, to my readers anyway. hahaha.

to be truthful, i've been really busy with my work and my family. my work is in its busy season and you know, its crazy. remember i said i'll blog if i'm nearing dangerous level of stress? i am grateful that i am not yet nearing that warning sign, although i really miss blogging. even my drafts are in a total state of mess.

the long weekend proved unproductive even if i was online for 2 days because we spent it at my mom's house to celebrate her birthday. i was not short of people to watch over S but laziness overcame me. i was supposed to work on my drafts but as i've said, i chose to be lazy. i played with my daughter, slept when S slept, did some catching up on DVD's and backread some of my favorite blogs. and during that time, my FIL got confined for chest pains and thankfully, he is recovering well. i am seeing him this afternoon. i would be really grateful if you include his speedy recovery in your prayers. too bad we cannot bring S to see him because honestly, hospitals really creep me out in terms of germs.

so there. once the craziness of my work is over (although it never does stop being crazy, hahahaha!), i will blog and blog and blog. i swear i have so many backlogs that sometimes i want to just abandon responsibility and blog. BUT I WON'T DO THAT, okay? hahaha.

can't wait to blog normally. (laughs)

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Ulterior Motive Apparel

i have not been going to the play dates of our play group as often as i originally planned and i am really happy we have this! this is a fund-raiser for the 2nd Hands-On Breastfeeding Counsellors Workshop this coming January 2014. i was blessed to be a participant in the 1st Workshop last year and it was such a good experience! i definitely learned a lot! i would definitely recommend the workshop to moms who just gave birth and pregnant moms.
Spend wisely. Buy something you can use over and over again without anybody noticing it PLUS you get to help in raising funds for something worthy.

This is the Ulterior Motive Apparel. A project of like-minded mothers of the Peas in the Pod weekly playgroup. With this, we are hoping to help raise funds for the 2nd Breastfeeding Peer Counselling Training by Mommy Sense, to be held on January 31 and February 02, 2014.

This is a 2-day hands-on workshop to be conducted by a trainer, lactation masseur, and a wet nurse. This workshop is open to all mothers, doctors, nurses, midwives, and medical students who are interested to learn about breastfeeding.

The Ulterior Motive Apparel is a piece of clothing which can be worn for more than twelve styles. It is available in black, white, gray or brown.

Price: Php800.00
Seller's Share: Php100.00
For the Fund: Php300.00

Buyer may also purchase at The Pod, located at Door 4, Loyola Street, Plaza del Carmen, Obrero, Davao City. Telephone number is 302-2737.

For those who are willing to help in selling this amazing apparel, you may contact Alex or Annaliza at The Pod to get the items. Php100.00 per sold item will be given to you.

Please help us raise funds by sharing it in your social media so interested buyers may see this post. Thank you so much.

just the two of us

since we had a holiday yesterday, Y decided to do some shopping in the grocery and wet market. however, along the conversation, he wanted me to come along to help him carry the groceries. ang sweet, diba? hahahaha!

but, there was that huge pang of guilt and a tiny voice speaking in a tone that will really make you feel bad, "hey, it's a holiday...you are supposed to spend time with S, remember?"

it really, really felt bad to leave S behind but i assured myself that Y and i deserved our own time together. to be perfectly honest, when we had S, we rarely have our dates anymore. i know it should not be that way, and we are really trying our best to improve in this aspect.

what turned out to be "chores" turned into something of a date and me-time for both of us. when Y asked me what i wanted to do, i told him that i really wanted to go to a thrift bookshop. and he did and just let me browse the store for almost two hours. OMG, it was so fun, just as i expected it would be! going there without a toddler will definitely make me check a loooot of titles! i found 2 really great books for S (will blog about it soon!) and almost bought a book for myself that is in my to-buy list but chucked it out last minute. i dunno, i found the first 3 chapters a bit...dragging. then Y and i had lunch. it felt nice to be out on a date again, eating and chatting in peace. after lunch, Y went to the wet market and i made an excuse not to go with him: i had to get my hair trimmed. hahaha! (half-kidding here..) then we met up after an hour and hurried home as i was really terribly missing S.

Y and i decided on something: after yesterday, we should do something like this often :)

PS: i might go quiet in a few weeks because my work will bury me make me busy. so readers, please be patient. i will try to write drafts (and then there's editing and proof-reading to do) during lunch breaks if i can but i will not make any promises. but i will definitely blog if i am stressed! well, i'll pray that i won't be stressed. hahaha!

latest vanity loots

i have to admit that i get really pleased buying new stuff from Human Nature. its my only vanity pleasure as of the moment. i have still not gotten back my shopping mojo (although my husband is a bit pleased with it, hahaha!) but i will get there - just you (he) wait!

anyway, since it's Human Nature products we are talking about, i have no qualms of trying it out. they have so many new items and i wanted to try them all out but i still have stuff from my last purchase like the Feminine Wash (they have a new scent now, it's called powder cool).

healthy food feature: saluyot and bunga ng malunggay

before i proceed to my actual post, let me just state that i am on a roooooooooll! haha! 6 posts within 10 days. but actually, some of them were backlogs, overdue a month ago and they were just waiting in my drafts to be edited and finalized and i have to resize some of the photos. *sigh* but i am trying my best. hehehe :) and i am trying to post them now because my work is about to enter a very busy season so i might be quiet for a few weeks. so thank you for reading, friends! :) anyway.................

for my daughter's healthy diet, i have to give credit to my husband, Y. we agreed to feed S vegetables and fruits as much as we can so that her palate will get used to them. and since i am not exactly a friend in the kitchen, it's really Y who makes our food. when S went through her picky eater stage, we never stopped giving her vegetables - i followed my mommy friend Ira's advise - not to force a toddler to eat.

S liked lao-oy and monggo soup but hands down to my daughter who eats saluyot (known as jute, read here) with much gusto. the first time we gave her saluyot, i really thought S will have a different reaction with the veggies' texture (it's slimy) but OMG, S gulped it in one go! my mom, who is 100% ilocana was very proud when she heard this, hahaha! so we give her this soup twice or thrice a week. and we give it to S in plain serving - no meat, just salt to taste. sometimes we mix it with sayote or string beans. and oh by the way, we grow our own saluyot in our backyard. nothing beats homegrown veggies.

twist car and other stories

S's adopted Ninong Xy gifted her with a twist car. and the little one is very happy indeed!

Guest Mom on the Block: Dindi (Oct 2013)

for this month, help me welcome my beautiful mommy friend, Dindi. dindi and i met last 2010 at the search for national ambassador for all Human Nature branches. among the delegates, we clicked instantly (including Dawn...Hi Dawn!) as we both speak the same native language. i am really honored that Dindi allowed me to share her motherhood story in my blog.

Dindi resides in Cebu (she was originally born and raised in Cagayan but moved to her current location after getting married), married for 8 years and mom to 3 year old, Magie.
me: hi dinds! it's been 3 years since we last met. how are you doing?
dindi: i'm doing good. balancing motherhood with my career - making sure I get enough time for Magie.
me: this journey took its time, right?
dindi: yes. we waited for magie for 5 years. it came to a point when "wanting for a baby to come" was not a priority anymore. it became more of a "waiting for a baby to come". we did not want to pressure ourselves anymore. the good thing about it was the fact that we bonded for 5 years in our marriage before we became parents and it really helped us in dealing with stressful situations. so when we found out about my pregnancy, we were excited! it was the perfect timing!

the Zen Shorts (and other book purchases)

i once blogged about our good finds during a book sale in one of the malls in the city and i did not include this book in that because i think it deserves a separate post. char. hahaha.
 anyway, i saw this book included among the off-priced items and i find the cover funny. a panda in a puruntong shorts with an umbrella? i checked the price and it was Php203 (original price is Php406). nah, too pricey, even for a half price book. i did not even bother to check the content.

then my husband picked it up and insisted we buy it. i told him i will not pay for it because i would be out of my budget (and i was already holding 4 books and still searching). he said he will pay for it. i was shocked. my husband is really frugal to the core and him volunteering to pay for it was astounding. still, i did not check immediately what kind of book would make my husband splurge just like that.

and boy, he was right. the Zen Shorts is a very, very good find. it is composed of 3 short stories, as told by the panda when he visited the backyard of 3 siblings.

In A World Like This (Album)

WARNING: expect another fangirl post. hahaha.

but seriously, i loooooooooooooooooove the new album of the Backstreet Boys! all their songs are awesome, it's very easy to listen and what can i do? i'm a fan, i love them! and seriously, nick carter is starting to really get me. as i've said before, i did not have a crush on nick before (aside from having already so many girls crushing on him) because he was just too cute/young (and i was into my bad boy stage that time, enter AJ..) but now, he has this sexy, seductive yet boyish charm going and this fan-mom just can't help it. nakakaloka ang statement na eto! hahaha! and howie too! i noticed that during interviews, he does not talk much and if he does, he is soooo soft spoken which makes him really endearing. *sigh*

i made sure i listened to their new album (i'm still trying to finish listening to their past albums, i'll blog about it soon) and here's my ranking of my picks from their albums:

10 Years Today!

a decade of love. yes, it still surprises me. and the decade still brings the same thrill like it was the first (in short, kilig). but more than anything, I AM BLESSED.

(for my new readers: Y and i are still married for 2 years - july 2011 - yet we've been together 10 years - oct 2003)

i want to write a really long one for this but i feel i will crash down this site. chos. but i will, probably snippets of thoughts and "lessons"...i just need the time to write them out (i actually have unedited drafts).

so, happy 10 years ex-BF and here's to more years, baby!

December 2003 
i am laughing because of Y's hair which he always refers to his golden mane years. it is because of this hair that i learned the lesson of nagging. i never nagged him about how "truly" feel about his long hair but he cut it out shortly after we started going steady - by his own free will. see? hahahaha!

PS: if you can, please read: on the first day of october and my love story: exclusive (laughs)

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