The Missus Reads 2014 Book Awards

Out of the blue, I just decided to summarize what I've read this year and what better way to do it but through a pseudo-award thingie. Haha.

First, I have to be honest that I'm not exactly an ideal reader and reviewer. I'm lazy. I have no patience to write out essay type reviews. And I have this annoying trait - I'm a spoiler (Ask my husband as he is my favorite go-to victim, hahaha!) - so the longer my review, the more I spoil so I rather do my invented acronym, the SSS (simple,sharp and sassy). And another thing about me is, I take time with reading. For 2014, I've read 39 books. I know, not a biggie but for me to finish at least 3 books in a month is a feat for a working wife and momma. Our librarian actually asked me when I find the time to read (because I think I'm their suki borrower, hehe!). Oh well, there's only do. Chos. But seriously, I read whenever I can so there are times I can finish a book in 2 days tops (especially if my darling toddler takes longer naps...) and there are times I get stuck with a book for more than a week (hellooooo, 555 pages is insane sometimes..). The small number of books read is also because I don't read e-books. I prefer the physical book in my hands, gettting to turn the pages and smelling them. Also, I don't read everything under the sun. I quit it when its nothing my head/brain can wrapped around it. I'm not really passing myself as a voracious reader. And I don't own all the books I've read. I borrow them from our library (the one where my work is connected), which you should check because our library collection is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! If I really, really like the book, I buy it for my collection.

So now you know how I fare as a reader. I'm saying this because you might expect some highly intelligent stuff here and I do not want to disappoint you. I'm just an average reader who has a knack for researching good books to read. Yes, that's how I would describe myself as a reader and book lover.

So for 2014, the nominees here are my summary for the books I've read:

My Top 5 Picks for 2014 I picked them based on how the book affected me after reading them and I will really buy them for my collection. (Note to self: I own 2 out of I have to save up for A Little Princess, The Book Thief and TFIOS.)

Personal Favorite 2014 Read (because not all can relate...)

My Best Series for 2014 (Which is a bit silly because this is the only series I've finished, haha! Wendie has been telling me that this series is really good, but I kept saying I don't need another HP thing to read...gosh, I was completely wrong! The books in this series are so funny, I swear! Even my dear husband enjoyed the books to which he said and I quote to make sure I don't get the flak from Harry Potter fanatics, "Had a better ending than Harry Potter..")

My newly discovered book and author (Pinoy talent yan!)

2014 Reads that Surprised Me (I had the silly notion that they were just an average read...)

Favorite Female Book Characters for 2014
Minli (Where the Mountain Meets the Moon)
Sarah Crewe (A Little Princess)
Liesel Meminger (The Book Thief)

Favorite Male Book Characters for 2014
Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series)
Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars)
Max Vandenburg (The Book Thief)

Top 9 Children's Book that I bought and received as gifts for S this 2014...(I can't choose 5 from the mountain of books my daughter had this year.. I based the shortlist on the frequency my daughter requests to read them during our read-alouds and how often she refers to them during our conversations..)

And the rest of the books I've read for 2014 that didn't get my awards (chos!)...(No photos, I'm starting to get lazy, haha!)

Everything on a Waffle (Polly Horvath), Dancing on the Edge (Han Nolan), Something Borrowed (Emily Giffin), A Tale Dark and Grimm (Adam Gidwitz), Saving Grace (Julie Garwood), The Wedding (Nicholas Sparks), One Day (David Nicholls), Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell), The Noodle Maker (MaJian), Family Secrets (Judith Henry Wall), Shosha (Isaac Bashevis Singer), One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (Agatha Christie), Sarah, Plain and Tall (Patricia MacLachlan), Diary of a Witness (Catherine Ryan Hyde), I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It (Adam Selzer), Paper Heart (Aileen Arrington), Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs), The Undomestic Goddess (Sophie Kinsella), Memories of My Melancholy Whores (Gabriel Garcia Marquez), Rules (Cynthia Lord), Superfudge (Judy Blume), Under the Never Sky (Veronica Rossi)

The books that did not make this list because I quit them after the painful 50 pages..
1. Death Tidies Up (Barbara Colley) - Christie's works dates from the 1920s but its not boring but this one....bleh.
2. Lord of the Flies (William Golding) - I know, everybody swears this a must read classic. Apparently, I'm not part of that crowd. Although I did promise myself I'll get back to reading this.
3. The Number9 Dream (David Mitchell) - With this one, confusing is an understatement for my reading experience.
4. Peyton Place (Grace Metalious) - Again, one of those books that the majority says a great read that I completely disagree. I told you I don't pretend.
5. Death of an Expert Witness (P.D. James) - BORING.

I had the immense pleasure of this doing this, I swear. I'm thinking I should earn from reading books too much, but I'll get there. Sponsors, anyone? Hahahaha. For 2015, my reading resolutions are simple though:

1. Read the same amount of books. Insane, right? I'm just keeping it realistic for me.
2. Read more Filipino authors.
3. Buy at least 1 book from my must-buy every month.
4. Organize my own readers club. (Not exactly simple but at least its out there and maybe you can help me out with it...)

What about you? What's your favorite read for this year? And do you have a reader resolution?

One of those days I am riddled with doubt and guilt...

Over the weekend, S asked me to role play. She will be me, I will be her. And since I always follow her lead when it comes to playing, she asked me to pretend to cry.

Me: Huhuhuhu...
S: Cry ka lang diyan ha, I'll go to work.

What?! And here's another one....

During Sundays, we always wake up together. Last Sunday, I had to get up first because I was already getting a headache from sleeping too much so I decided to read (Currently Reading: Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi) while waiting for my mag-ama to wake up.

When S woke up, she asked me solemnly...

S: Hindi ka pa bath for work?
Me: Oh, its Sunday today. I have no work. We will play and learn all day today.
S: Yey!!!

I think my heart was crushed over the weekend. Yes, I'm a working mom and sure I've experienced guilt about my choice (who doesn't, especially when there are a lot of trolls who seem to think you are the worst mom in the world simply because you are not at home with the kids) but I have learned to take everything in stride.

But hearing those thoughts from my daughter, I now feel I am at the wrong side of everything. Suddenly, I feel I have not actually balanced my career and my being a mom. I will not spend the entirety of this blog moping about my feelings of guilt because hate me if you want, I am not entirely regretful for choosing a career.

I love my daughter, there is no doubt about that. I am loving her the best way I know. But the question that has been nagging me is, am I loving her the way she needs to be loved? And, I love myself too. That is certainly a ground for conflict, eh? What is the point of sacrifice if it turns me bitter and resentful in the long run?

Sigh. I need to mull things over. But I welcome your thoughts and insights.

My best reading companions

Now that I think about it, when did I actually stop reading? I think it was around 2010, when a lot of things happened. I mean, really, A LOT - a marriage, a child to name a few. But, I am glad that I am back to reading books. Take note, not electronically. I prefer reading the physical book - smelling its pages, touching every page. I know, I am little behind.

While our little family was doodling, I asked S if she could make me a bookmark. Since she sees me reading most of the time (and I read to her too), it was easy to explain what the bookmark was for.
S made me twirly circles and asked me to color them in colors she picked. Yes, she watched me if I was coloring her circles correctly. Haha. This was well cut but she decided last minute to trim it.
Dear hubby could not resist so he made me one too....
And currently, my dear sister is asking S to make her one. Hahaha.

If you care to know, I'm currently reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin, Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi and What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell. So my reading companions are actually very busy. Hehe :)

What about you? What are you currently reading?

Keeping it small and real..

I always talked about how blogging relaxes me and so on and so forth, how I enjoy doing it, but I never really shared about myself as a blogger. Honestly, I tried. But I cannot seem to make a coherent post about it so right now I'm going to blab about anything.

When I first got into blogging, I enjoyed it because it was like having a diary but allowing the entire universe read it. My blogging was like a clingy-dump-get back routine: I'd set up a blog, write a few times with vigor then completely abandon it. Sometimes, I am worried with my web footprint, if that is the term.
This blog, I told promised to myself, will be the last blog I will set up. To be perfectly honest, I had "high" hopes for this blog. I thought, I was going to be famous, I am going to get sponsored posts, I'd earn from it. But it is not that easy pala. Apart from the domain, spic layout, there's your credibility to build and identity of your blog. At first, I was undaunted, which I now find ridiculous yet somehow amusing. Okay, naive is the best word to describe it.

I did not get an own domain because I have no budget for it, and same goes for the spic layout. As for the sponsored posts, I was a bit of a success there. Along the way, I met wonderful mommies and I wanted to do something for them. But I did not do it for the sake of having sponsored posts. I did it because I want to share the best of their joys. It was at that point I think that a mommy blog was the direction I wanted to take. But still, nothing really of  my "high hopes" happened to my blog. But the thing is, I was really happy not because I increased my posts and some increased traffic but I found writing to be really enjoyable. Truth be told, I never believed myself to be a writer. But blogging has helped me improve my writing skills (okay, that is my high opinion of myself, haha!) and helped me appreciate that somehow, I have this gift and way with words. But what really made me happy and fulfilled is when someone tells me they read my blog. Just recently, a friend of mine told me that she got inspired with babywearing because she read it in my blog and finds my blog really helpful. Most of my friends tell me they enjoy reading my blog. One of my college prof told me to keep on writing. My husband tells me that he enjoys reading me - well, he should be! Hahaha. Kidding aside, THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO TOOK TIME TO READ MY THOUGHTS AND STORIES. MY HEART IS BURSTING WITH HAPPINESS BECAUSE SOMEHOW, I MUST BE DOING THE RIGHT THING.

But for now, I think I have a blogger's dry spell. And also a very hectic schedule. And a lot of distraction. Hahaha. I just feel a little guity, I guess. Guilty because I seem to be not writing often which is either I feel that nothing interesting is happening or I want to keep most of the stories to myself because I want to respect the privacy of my family and friends and my daughter most especially. Also, I'm feeling a bit lost and insecure. Every time I read blogging tips from blogging experts, I am certain that I have violated all the tips and rules ever written. I actually felt bad because the thought of deleting this blog crossed my mind, most especially when I have not posted a single thing for the past month. Nooooooo! But my resolve for now is to keep this blog small and well, real. To me and for my actual readers, at least.

So here's to getting my mojo back! I actually miss this space. And I miss my writing or rather hearing myself, haha, narcissistic lang.

3 great reads to reflect over the weekend...

Hello, hello true and imagined readers. Hahaha! Since it is a BER month, I don't have the knee-jerk reaction of muttering my shock that it is already Friday. Since the weekend is coming, I found these good reads over the Internet - just something for us to ponder when we have a little quiet time for ourselves or with our spouses.

My FB news feed are filled with toddlers already enrolled in schools for all sorts of development and I get fleeting moments of panic because I might not be doing enough for S's education. Y and I already agreed that we will never pressure S when it comes to her grades but oftentimes, my motherly pride gets in the way. Before I got to read this post, I remember the first time I tried to teach S to count 1 to 10 and how frustrated I got that despite repetitions, she never got it right. I stopped teaching her because I was starting to lose my cool and at the back of my mind I cannot help but remember my news feed of toddlers being able to count already, which by the way, is completely foolish. And much to my surprise, S counted until twelve. I had an epiphany: my motherly pride was starting to grow horns. This post is a reminder of the much more bigger and important things that I need to teach my daughter. I was humbled by this post.

The line that caught me most was this... "As parents, despite wanting to give our kids everything, one of the greatest gifts we can give is to literally give less, to force decision-making and awareness among all their choices."

Again, I remembered Y and I were doing our afternoon walk with S around our subdivision that we came across a little girl playing with her colorful bicycle. S lingered, trying to plead with her eyes to the girl that she be allowed to ride the bicycle. And yet, the girl did not share. I have to tell you that seeing my daughter with that pleading expression on her face made me want to go downtown and buy her a bicycle without second thought. I felt I was the worst mother for allowing my daughter to feel that way. However, I am thankful for 2 things: we live quite far and my husband is more level headed than me. He reminded me that her honorary Ninong Xy gifted S with a twist car earlier that year and S does not know how to ride the bicycle yet and assured me we will get her one once she knows how to.

I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with buying our kids toys because toys are great tools for their learning. However, I also believe that toys must either be: given on special occassions and chosen well (with careful assessment that they can be used for a long time and for the educational value that they can give). I remember Francis Kong once said in his book (I cannot remember the title,sorry!) that as parents, we do not want our children to experience the hardships that we have been through that is why we cannot help but try to make everything easy for them - WHICH IS ACTUALLY DOING THEM A GREAT DEAL OF WRONG. It is through the hardships that they will learn about themselves. I think there really is value in delayed gratification. I am thankful for that afternoon with the pleading eyes. I am reminded again of my important duty as a parent.

I totally agree with this blog because it is really easy to be "neglectful" of our spouses especially with all our other responsibilities. I found a common denominator among all the marriage articles I've read: Relationship with spouse comes first before our children. I, for one would say that it is very, very, very difficult because our children's needs are immediate and it is always easy to say that our adult partner must will understand. But a good marriage is actually a good foundation for our children. Something that I will always remind myself.

I always knew that marriage will be hard work, I mean, just look at our parents. But I saw the work as their child - not as a spouse. And I knew the work will be harder but definitely enjoyable because after all, I am with my husband, the partner God has blessed me with.

The author of the post said it right: "And a lukewarm marriage, perhaps the worst, filled with idle days, stagnant affection and distant intimacy." I greatly appreciate the 7 habits because no matter how simple they seem, it takes great effort. So tell me how yours went, okay?

So there. I hope you all have a great and reflective weekend :)

PS: I found the links from Truly Rich Mom and Facebook friends and page (Ate Anna and The Learning Basket or was it Alex? Either way, thank you).

The first joke

I have a very funny toddler. I'm not just saying this because I'm her mom or anything, but seriously, I am amazed.

She came up with her own joke. This happened like 3 months ago, but I have forgotten kept putting off to blog about it. Actually, husband told me to blog about S's funny antics everytime but I don't know. Ever since I read about these articles about protecting our children's privacy online, I am beyond hesitant to talk about her. Since I have a paranoid bone in my body, I have painstakingly edited some of my posts, which by the way is no easy feat if you have 300++ posts. So now you know what my rare posting is about.

Anyway, back to the topic.

I was cutting up potatoes for dinner and S was putting them in a cup with water. I told her they were potatoes. She kept saying it and then after a while she giggled and gave me that naughty look of hers.

S: Potato. Potato (insert name of my brother). (giggles)

And I was like, huh?

S: Potato (insert name of my brother). (smiling)

Me: (conversation did not entirely go like this, I'm improvising a little) I'm sorry sweetie. Why potato (insert name of my brother)....?

I think it was my husband who got it, or S explained it to us.

Did you get her joke? Well, since I am already lame for not getting it, here's the explanation: S connected the similarity of the word potato to the word Tito. So she said Potato (insert name of my brother). And then I laughed. Not about the joke, but the way she invented the joke (and also the way I did not get it. How lame of me!).

Which makes me wonder where she got this funny bone. Modesty aside, I cannot claim I am a very funny person and I think, neither my husband is that comical (since he reads this, I might as well say he is a little funny, hehe..). But seriously, I am happy that S is showing her own quirks now. Not just people saying that she takes after me or her daddy. S has a lot of antics now, which makes me wonder where she learns them (I can pinpoint things that were influenced by yaya but there are some that really baffles me where she picked them out since she does not watch TV), I just prefer to share this.

My Top 10 Book Challenge: Year 2014

I read this funny article "Stop Lying about your Favorite Books on Facebook" (via Chinie of Fab After Forty) and I was "inspired" to make my list. Nobody nominated me though. But seriously, I do not need a nomination when I can talk about reading books EVERYDAY. Haha. Here's the thing though: the books I picked are not all exactly my favorites but rather the books that either really got me/changed me/made me reflect and think deeper about life in general. And also I greatly believe that this list will change in 5 years time because I will be able to read more books. So, I am planning to write another version of this in 2019.

So here's my top 10...

1. "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
(Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling)

The Harry Potter series is one of my favorite reads but this line - allow me to go cliche here - is the one line that struck me most.

2. "I believe love is about dirty hands, not beating hearts. The essence of love isn’t feelings but service." (How to Build A Happy Family: Renew, Bless and Heal your most important Relationships, Bo Sanchez)

If there is one author that will always have a good effect on me, its definitely Bo Sanchez. His books and works never fail to inspire and move me. 

3. "It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you." (Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars, John Green)

I just finished reading this book and I feel it deserves a slot now because I am typing this over swollen eyes because I.CANNOT.STOP.CRYING.OVER.THIS.BOOK. The Fault in Our Stars reminded me (and also because I read it in a wedding while I was reading this book) of this Bible quote:

"If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing." (1 Corinthians 13:3).

I am amazed to realize that love is truly a decision. A decision to give and experience it, even in the most bleakest circumstance, even when we know its loss is painful and inevitable. That is why, I like Green's (spoken through Hazel Grace) analogy of infinities for their relationship.

Yes, this book is heartbreaking and will definitely make you cry (except of course for those who are not easily moved to well-up like me) but the star-crossed story of Augustus and Hazel Grace is NOT sad. It is anything except sad. It is actually a celebration of how wonderful it is to experience love. And that is why, love is the greatest of them all.

4. Helga's Dowry: A Troll Love Story, Tomie de Paola
Yeah, yeah, its a children's book. But, it is a very insightful children's book. It tells the story of Helga, the most beautiful troll who cannot marry because she has no dowry. Girl power, y'all. This is the kind of book that I want my daughter to be reading.

5. Zen Shorts, Jon J. Muth
Yes, I have discovered the beauty of children's books. I love collecting them. In fact, my daughter has more books than my husband and I combined. And this one will always be a treasure because of the bear with a panda accent.

6. 40 Stories of Passion, Bo Sanchez
If you want to be really inspired, read this. And read it as often as you can.

7. A Little Princess, Frances Hodgson Burnett
I am late into reading classics although I've read some of them but I cannot seem to remember them anymore so I am slowly rereading. I always said that to control princessy stuff for my daughter (more about this on another post!) but this is one princess to emulate. One of my favorite reads!

8. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis
I also love the Narnia series and this is not my #1 book if I were to rank them (probably the second, after The Silver Chair) but this book is the most remarkable for me because I had to read this book in two stages: the one where I was unaware of the symbolism and the one where I had full knowledge of them. The Narnia chronicles is a must read.

9. The Runaway Bunny (Margaret Wise Brown)
Nothing can be more heartwarming than reading about a mother's love.

"If you run away, I will run after you. For you are my little bunny."

Excuse me....*wipes tears*

10. Motherhood Statements (Rica Bolipata-Santos & Cyan Abad-Jugo)
I laughed, I cried, I felt nostalgic over stories about their mothers, about them being a mom....I loved it. Among all the motherhood stories I've read, this is the most closest to home because the essays were all written by Filipino authors. I'm saying Filipino because its more relatable due to some cultural practices.

So there. I feel bad for the other books that did not make the cut, honestly. Haha. I mean, I enjoyed every one of them, whether they were good or bad reads. Its just that I cannot remember all of them. In fact, my Read books in Goodreads is not accurate because I have not yet placed all the books I've read. Oh well, silly problems. If you are in Goodreads, please add me and let's be giddy together for our love of books.  Hehe. I am looking forward to how much this list will change in the next years :)

PS: I have a copy of all the books I mentioned here, except The Fault in Our Stars and Motherhood Statements. But I am planning to buy a copy of it. Or since malapit na din ang December, you can help me out. Hahaha.

Chicas Date Series: Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

I consider this one of my me-time because nothing beats talking and laughing with old long-time girlfriends.

After our Balik Bukid, we went to Tiny Kitchen and we had no photos - of ourselves and of the food. So we have another reason to go back there. Haha. For our next gastronomic treat which was my turn to pick a place, I had to pick Peri-Peri at SM City Annex because I was in the vicinity due to work. Then for Tine's turn, I begged her that we try to eat at the most popular place in town - S&R! Hahaha. The two were definitely opposed at first but I just tempted them with the cheesecake, I had them! Again, I am sorry I have no photos because we were really hungry. To be fair, S&R has great food selections and they have big servings. That is good for me! :)

Anyway, for this month, we finally had the chance to try this place that I've been hearing about, Sea Green Cafe. According to people who have tried this place, they serve no meat - all about greens and seafood! Seafood meant crustaceans so I really find it funny that on the night when we had our delicious feast,  a crustacean "scandal" happened. Hahaha.

I love their place. I find the small space charming and despite it being an airconditioned place, you get the vibe in being an airy place, like a beach house. It is a bit out of the way so usual route of PUJ's are not common. Check HERE on how to get there.

They have a lot of choices in their menu, appetizers to desert and three of us cannot seem to decide what to get because the food names sound all exciting. So we settled for this...
Tine's plate. Tomato and Mozarella Penne. I did not get this because we often have penne with red sauce at home. This taste okay. As I've said, I've been eating red sauced pasta often so I feel I've eaten them all.
Tet's plate and drink. Smoked Salmon, Arugula and Spaghettini. This is really good. It was listed as their feature that day. As for the drink, I will reserve my judgement because I dislike it and it would be unfair to pass a reaction kasi naki-taste lang naman ako. Hehe.
My plate. Shrimp and Lime Spaghettini. Eto ang hipon na madami sa Davao. Hehe. I totally love this. And take note, it's a bit spicy. Sorry, I forgot to ask if they can make it unspicy. You have to know that I developed allergies to shellfish when I turned 30 which I really found a major bummer because biglang uso ang eat-all-you-can shrimps and crabs in the city. The late onset of allergies is actually possible. However, it does not mean I totally avoid them. I just have to limit it to 3-5 pieces. My serving had more than 5 so I had to give them to my companions. (insert sob here...hahaha.)

As for dessert, Tet ordered a slice of Tablea Cheesecake which was really, really good! This is definitely a must try! Good gracious, don't expect a photo from me if I have a fork in my hand, hahaha. I must learn how to make that one. I am really glad how tablea is making its way in the dessert world.

It really shocked me that after our meal, Batet and I were still hungry. For me, its a no-brainer. Among the three of us, I am the one with a voracious appetite. But for Batet, it was a first time. Hahaha. So I ordered Vegetable Fries or Fritters ba yun sa menu - which really were fried sweet potato, yellow and purple ones and Tet ordered Chocolate Pudding which gave me a little scare because my throat hurt the next day. That was too sweet for me, I guess.

And since we still cannot get enough of S and R, we went and bought some stuff. I should really buy that Chocolate Chip Muffins being sold there. I cannot seem to stop thinking about it. Hahaha.

Until our next day. I must remind myself to get a photo of us too. And hey, since it's my turn again to pick a place, do you have any suggestion? I'd appreciate it. :)

Constipation and Potty training stories

Hmmm....I really thought this month will go by without me posting anything here.

I seem to be talking about bowel movements often here. Forgive me but this post may be quite long because if I put them in parts, who knows when it will see the light of day. Hehe. First, I will be talking about our battle with toddler constipation and second, the battle of wills about potty training when it comes to #2.

Sometimes, I cannot anymore distinguish what is constipation or refusal to be toilet trained in doing #2. I already shared in my panic stricken state that S suffered (and still does ocassionally) from toddler constipation. I would like to believe that we have somehow remedied the constipation but I cannot seem to grasp a concrete how-to on this refusal to sit in the potty despite all our effort at being nonchalant about it. The truth is, nonchalant nga ba??? But I will talk about that later.

Anyway, going back to the constipation story, first, you have to know that I found it hard to believe accept that my daughter can be constipated because of the way she eats. She eats healthy - veggies and fruits - EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am truly grateful that S is not a picky eater (I hope this lasts for a looooong time, hahaha) - give her a soup made from nothing but greens - she will devour it like a viking. She eats biscuits, bread and other sweets in small amounts well because I make sure she does not eat them often. She is on formula milk but she drinks them in small amounts, not even going beyond 16 ounces a day. So forgive my disbelief because I cannot seem to find the exact area that caused her constipation.

But yet, here I am, researching about pooping behavior and talking about poop to whoever might listen. I consulted her pedia who gave us a week-long medicated solution and some tips but after that week, I wanted to try home remedies. I read every single material related to toddler constipation and the most helpful read I found is from this mommy blogger. So here are the stuff that we tried over the month (both that worked and didn't)...

Prunes. Every constipation article listed prunes as a solution. Unfortunately, it did not work with S. In fact, she used it as a dessert every after meal. Our pedia advised us to avoid giving too much because it is a tummy filler and S might not eat full meals. We had to abandon this route after she finished 2 packs since it was not making any difference.

Pomelo. Thanks to her Ninang Tine, she mentioned that this fruit greatly helped in her bowels. Thankfully, it did work on S. We gave her 2-3 slices every meal. However, since she is a toddler, there are times she despise eating this fruit, so this is not in her diet everyday.

Olive Oil. I have to say that I was reluctant to try this but after researching, I finally tried it. And as far as I know, this really works on S. I highly doubted that S will swallow a teaspoon of olive oil so I mixed it in her orange juice (we use Rauch Happy Day Orange) and give it as her morning breakfast drink.

Corn. I would like to believe this is my secret weapon. There was a certain week that we ate corn two days consecutively and that week, S pooped 11 times. No, she did not have diarrhea. I would want to give her this but Y said not to overdo corn and also the Japanese corn is hard to get by in the wet market.

Yakult. Most people (and also pedia) advised to give S and well, I am not so sure whether it helped in her bowel movements because we give Yakult and give her pomelo at the same time so I am not really sure whether it was Yakult or the pomelo that made her poop, you know what I mean. I give her this but not everyday although I really love S's expression of glee every time we give her this. I have not yet tasted Yakult so I do not understand why my daughter is really happy every time I tell her that she's getting one.

Book. I was very lucky to get a copy of the famous pooping book, Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi. This book focuses on the fact that because we eat, we need to poop. As I mentioned before, we are hitting the reset button on training for #2 because of the constipation. We just wanted to teach S that pooping is a normal activity. We also read to her digestion system (we are using My First Book of the Human Body) - I am hoping somehow this has an effect on her on the long run.

Reward System. I have to be honest that I was the really apprehensive to use this trick. I had to consult a friend psychologist who also deals with school children (itago natin siya sa pangalan na Jed, hehehe.) and told me that a reward system is okay as long as the rewards are kept simple and not lavish (e.g. new toys). We decided on stickers. Luckily, I found reward stickers with in my usual book scours and S gets a certificate and 6 pcs of stickers at the end of the day. Sometimes, we give her pieces of Smarties (10 pcs the most). Just look at our wall now....
 Dr. Gerry's Coco Nectar and Bayani Brew Juice from Human Nature. Due to her Tita Karina's sales talk (hahahahahahahaha!), I tried giving her both. She dislikes the taste of the Bayani Brew but loves the honey (Dr. Gerry's Coco Nectar). I don't know if it's helping S's constipation but it sure did help in preventing her sipon so currently she is still taking the honey 1 tsp a day. This is so true! S had a runny nose (in and out of her nose) a day before I bought them and I gave it to her twice and voila! Sipon was gone! I discovered something to combat a nasty start to a sipon.

Currently, our minimum goal for S is she poops 3-4x a week and to make her poop a little soft. Also, I record everything that she eats and drinks to monitor what makes her constipated and what food actually makes her poop. But there were instances that I had to use the suppository if she does not poop after 3 full days - although we do not have to resort to it every week, thank goodness.

Now which leads me to my next topic. Per observation, S does not have any difficulty in pooping when she actually sits on her potty, even if her poop is really dry. My little darling daughter PREFERS to poop while standing which I think makes it more difficult to pass hard stools. AND YOU CANNOT MAKE HER SIT IN HER POTTY. I tempted her with cartoon videos from my phone - worked like a charm the first time but she got her senses the next time I tried it. A friend mom suggested to associate it with something she likes, like reading a book. Again, worked a few times and I'm starting to think my daughter can read minds since she seems to know my strategies. There was a week that S has not pooped for almost 4 days, I threw a tantrum myself. Embarrassing and very childish, I know. I really lost it for a few days because I know S does not have to have a difficult bowel movement if she just sit on her potty. Right now, we totally abandoned all training when it comes to #2. We just let her poop the way she wants it - standing. I also noticed that every time S feels the urge to poop, she easily gets distracted and then forgets what she had to do in the first place - poop.

Oh dear me. This potty training business is not the way I imagined it. I cannot seem to point at what part I went wrong, which really frustrates me because this refusal might have been avoided. Of course, nothing is wrong with S. I am now learning the art of nonchalance, yung tipong every time S says she needs to poop, I don't tell S it's better to sit in the potty or I make/force her pee before we sleep to avoid accidents or I make/force her pee every time she wakes up after staying dry the whole night. It is so difficult not to care when you are a wreck because the child has not defecated for almost 3 days. It feels like I'm the one being trained here. Hahaha. Oh well, I just tell myself that S will WANT to poop in her potty or else she poops standing until she's 25.

Any thoughts, my dear readers? I would appreciate it :)

I'm reading young again.

Currently, I enjoy reading literature for young readers, say, 12 to 15 years old kind of young. But I'm not surprised for 3 reasons:

1) I turned into a bookworm late in high school so I'm sort of catching up with all the books I missed - if there is such a thing, haha. But seriously, there are so many good reads for young people now - Young Adult - being a genre in itself in literature nowadays, that even I cannot resist. But hey, reading books knows no age.

2) Since I am raising a reader, I need to fill our home with good books that will hopefully develop my children's "taste" in literature. And also, S will not be a toddler forever. The rate she is growing up, I will not be surprised she will read on her own soon.

3) All this reading is fueling a desire to get further studies in.....literature. Which scares me, but I will not talk about it here. Hahaha. I know I am not doing it in the next few years because I've got a lot in my plate right now, but still, I cannot help but think.

So here's my first set of missus must reads for young readers..

When You Reach Me (Rebecca Stead)
12 year old Miranda's life is changing. Her friend Sal is avoiding her and she's getting mysterious notes about the future. I am exercising total self control not to spill the beans on this one so I'm not ging to say anything anymore but you have to read this to find out the mind blowing surprise this book has for you.

Sarah, Plain and Tall (Patricia MacLachlan)
Anna and Caleb are getting a new mother. I got this through The Learning Basket's book recommendations.I have to tell you though that the thought of putting an advertisement for a wife and mother seems too radical for young readers but I was able to look past that. This book is story of family, no matter what the circumstances - simply heartwarming.

Everything on a Waffle (Polly Horvath)
Primrose Squarp seems to be getting everything at its worst: her parents believed to be dead, her Uncle Jack lost his custody over her and she ended up in foster care, losing body parts and everyone seems to believe she has emotional issues. I find this book very funny, although nothing is funny with losing your parents, being taken cared of someone you barely knew and ending up in foster care after all. But Horvath has definitely created a girl with a remarkable and courage. Read on how Primrose found strength in the presence of waffles.

I am looking forward to the time that S and I will be talking about how much we enjoyed this books. What about you? Do you have any books you currently enjoyed and will require ask your kids to read them when they are a bit older? Feel free to share in the comments section.

Here's how my week is currently going...

This has been mostly a difficult week. I had a tooth extraction last Monday which I have been putting off for the past month because of my busy schedule and right now, I am still trying to recover.

Getting a tooth extraction now is extremely difficult. Not because of the pain but because I have a toddler. Dentist (Hi, K!) specifically told me after the extraction to avoid 3 things: too much talking, avoid exerting too much effort e.g., lifting heavy stuff and get plenty of rest.


Too much talking? S loves to re-enact her movies and it just happened that I can memorize movie lines quicker than I can finish a blog post - which makes me the ultimate supporting cast in her games.

Avoid exerting too much effort? Well, as a working mom, my shift does not end after office hours. When I get home, I take on another shift: mommy. I always make sure that when I am home, I am hands-on with my daughter, no matter how tiring or long my day was in the workplace. When I arrived home after the extraction, I explained to S as to why I cannot carry her for the next few days. She understood for the next few hours and I have to remind her often every time she requests to be carried. I have to be honest here that though I have not exerted any effort from carrying her but I have exerted too much effort for saying no to my little one's lambing. I think my heartbreak over this is too much effort too.

Get plenty of rest? I was already anticipating this advice so I requested Ate R to help us out for a few days so that Yaya will just take care of S on the days that I will try to get some rest. Oh, yes. We have only one household help now. She's good with S but oh---I don't want to talk about her because I will classify it under exerting too much effort :) On the night after the extraction, I was expecting the Mister (Y) to take care of S's night time reading and her other antics when dear husband decided to work overtime which really pissed me off big time (again, too much effort!) so I told S that it will be lights out immediately. I was in so much pain to actually register mommy guilt that time. Thankfully, it was a holiday the next day so Daddy Y took care of S but S still wanted me to play with her and I actually did spend time with her on those hours that the pain reliever was working. I was supposed to go to work on Wednesday but since my extracted area was still really throbbing (and I had diarrhea - what bad timing!), I decided to stay home. I did get a few butinterrupted rest because as I've said, S really wants me to play with her and saying no to a pleading toddler is also classified as too much effort in my mommy book.

Thankfully, pain in the extracted area has abated today. Maybe because I am not at home and have not been talking for the past 6 hours? If there is one thing I missed from my pre-mommy days is getting the luxury of rest while recovering from illness. I actually thought of staying at my parent's house for a few days to recover but I don't think I can be away from S for that long.

I guess this is motherhood - I still have to take care of myself and I cannot be hounded with too many mommy guilt. I promised S that I can carry her by Sunday so I am really trying my best to get well by Saturday. I think I have said too much no creatively to my daughter this week.

My 3 Guaranteed Toddler Friendly Films and Why I Love Them

Since S's exposure to TV time is limited rare, I make sure that she only watches movies that are a) age appropriate which means it has (almost) zero violence or if it has conflict, it will be easily understood by toddlers; b) with a great storyline that I can use as springboard for our lessons. I thank the heavens to a friend who introduced me to Studio Ghibli and my, they have really good animated films. So far, I've watched most their films with a few ones that I have not yet completely finished, which reminds me that I have to finish them, NOW. Hahaha. Anyway, here are the 3 movies that our little toddler likes..

 Ponyo (2008)
Quirky and strong willed fish-girl wants to become a human. See what happens to the little town when she got what she wants.

My Neighbor, Totoro (1988, Walt Disney 2006)
Together with their father, Satsuke and little sister Mei moved in a house to be near her mother's current residence where she is being cared for an illness. While there, they befriend the gentle forest spirit, Totoro who has fondness for rain pattering in umbrellas.

Kiki's Delivery Service (1989, Walt Disney 1997)
This a very heartwarming story of Kiki, a witch on training leaving home on her own for the first time and discovering adventures and more importantly, herself.

These are the 3 first films that S watched ever since she turned 1 (Frozen cannot be counted since she watches only the singing parts and some scenes that she likes..) and we absolutely love them because...

1) All the main characters are little kids (except for Kiki but girls relate to older girl characters easily so still..), which makes them really appealing to young viewers. There is a certain calm demeanor among the characters that as a parent, you will not worry about mimicking them. Because of these movies, S has become our resident artista (child actress). She loves to act out scenes from the movies and we cannot help but laugh because she has got her acting skills to pat. It is sooooo adorable. And speaking of calm demeanor, even the film's antagonists are.......tame. When my husband watched Ponyo, he exclaimed, "Wala man na'y kontrabida oy." As I've said, toddler films should have conflicts that can be easily understood by a young mind.

2) All their songs are catchy and a perfect break from nursery rhymes.

3) These movies are a great play for memory skills since S memorizes the scenes and we act it out. Aside from being an artista, I am amazed that S can memorize even the simplest prop (e.g. pail or a pillow) a particular scene has.

4) We practice her comprehension. Every after a movie, we "talk" about what we have seen. You'll be surprised at how the conversation goes because for us, its so fun!

5) We used the movie Ponyo as a springboard to learn about the ocean, transportation and bodies of water. For Totoro, I found some printables on the Internet and we painted and colored our own Totoro. For Kiki, S has got her styling skills practiced as you can see in this photo...
Hahahahahahahaha! I simply looooove this hilarious little tot of mine! I swear, I had nothing to do with this scheme of hers! After watching Kiki, S insisted on wearing her Daddy's shirt and she took out her headband and her customized walis tambo. In case you are wondering why we have a customized broom for S, well, because S loves to sweep and since my husband is selling this kind of broom (comment if you want to buy or order!), we just had to make one for her! Hahahaha. But seriously, S likes Kiki. It's really silly but hey, who wants serious toddlers?!?!

There are other Studio Ghibli films you can enjoy, but personally for me, they need to be viewed by older children. Another thing for me is that, no matter how child friendly these films are, I never leave S on her own to watch them. I take Parental Guidance seriously.

What about you? Feel free to share films or movies that you find toddler friendly or if you have watched the films I mentioned, maybe we can chat on how fun these movies are for our kids.

Still here and with few changes...

First, just so you know, I'm still blogging. Not just as much as I thought I would. I still have a lot of stories, some still in my drafts that are waaay overdue (like a mother's day post, I'm not kidding!) and some that I prefer not to talk about - well, not yet. Hahaha. Yes, I am busy, both in a good and not-so-good way but, I am deeply grateful for this little chaos that gives me happiness. I am not saying goodbye to blogging, nor I am saying I will be on a temporary break. I will be here but with a purpose and direction. You could say I am going on a quality rather than quantity.

Second, I realized that my Missus Reads segment was starting to be a bore. And I do not want that!!! So starting now, I will not bore you with my thoughts on every single book I've read nor bore you with every single book purchase we made for S because truthfully, they were not quite being really helpful. I am greatly looking forward to my better posts for Missus Reads. However, if you are still interested to follow the books that I've read, you can check me at Goodreads. Feel free to add me up there.

Third, I want to apologize to a mommy friend who I have neglected to guest in my Guest Mom segment. I promise I will make time for it - I do not want to put a deadline but I really will. I owe you one, K :)

With that said, I am doing my best to be a better blogger. Until my next post!

I'm on occassionally on Twitter too! And sorry, I am not on Instragram. I find it too taxing. Hahaha!

Hirit for Summer 2014

I rarely talk about my work so maybe this is the first here. Our summer (Our means colleagues and I) is the exact opposite of vacation. Our department is the busiest during the days when the rest of the population are basking under the heat of the sun. So our "summer break" is somehow a bit late but nonetheless, FUN! :) So this year, the team celebrated our months of hardwork at Secdea Resort, Samal Island.

Since the resort is at the complete opposite end of our residence and I do not want to miss the outing, I decided to spend the night at my parentals so its easier to join them early in the morning. S loves spending time at her GPa and GMa's house. I just realized that my daughter knows how to unleash her charm to her grandparents. Hahaha!
Doing the TIGER pose with me and her Tita Abin. My daughter invented this pose.
We decided to be early at the ferry to avoid the insane line on a Sunday. Mission accomplished! One must be really early on their way going to Secdea because there is a 20-30 minute drive (and that greatly depends if one knows the way going there!) to the destination. And judging by the drive, one really needs a personal vehicle to reach the place. Although my husband (who went to the place a day before us, weird noh, we could have gone together, nah, long story!) said that they just "rented" the Samal bus since they were that many. I guess that is possible but your group must be above 20 for that.

Personally, Secdea is impressive because it is new thus the charm lies in its novelty. I will try to visit them after 3 years. Maintainance and consistency is the key to resorts. But now that I am a mom, I have to see whether their pool is child friendly. Hehehe. And so far, S enjoyed their pool so I kind of like the place. Kind of because I have to be honest here that S pointed out to me some "lumot" she found at the sides of the pool (I am starting to be convinced that my daughter takes after my mother's OC-ness, hahahaha!). I should have taken a photo of that! So please Secdea, if you get to read this, take note. You can check their website for more information - Secdea.

Obviously, we spent the day doing everything we can at the resort. The area is quite sprawling but I was not able to go around and take a look since I had my toddler with me who simply refuses to go anywhere but the pool. S swam and swam to her heart's content. Thank goodness it was a bit cloudy but still scorching hot. As for the beach, I have no opinion since we did not swim there. Mainly because the resort's beach was not particularly inviting. I thought it was just me but my colleagues felt the same way so I do not know what to make out of this, YET.

And now for the photos (and I do not own the photos because as I've said, when I have my toddler with me, I am lazy with everything else, hahaha!)...
I am terribly sorry for my pose. I was trying to make S follow me. Hahahaha.
S does her poses now. Here, she is doing a Giyomi. Hahahahaha.
Our version of Tabing Ilog. Hahahahaha!
Love :)
All in all, the Secdea resort is something that belongs to my "I am willing to go back there..." category. (laughs) But seriously, I think the resort has more to offer in the coming months because there was construction work going on there. So maybe they can also clean up the sides of the pool. Hahahaha. Till our next hirit!

The First Time

Remember my one bad day post? Who would have thought that the day of bliss that I was looking forward to would happen the next day?

I said my farewells to S before I left for work and to my delight, S said, "Love you. See you later."

I have no words for the first time. I only have the smile that I carried all throughout the day.

Ah my little darling, guess how much I love you? :) 

A Mom's One Bad Day

Early this morning, I was already worrying about S's constipation. Twenty seconds in my brain this morning was like this: "Its been 3 days and S has been holding in her poop. S needs to poop today. I have to tell the yaya to make her finish her a glass of water every meal. Crap, maid has not yet washed S's clothes. Should I bring S to the pedia? I will definitely consult her pedia today, there's no need to bring S with me. Another crap, maid has not yet prepared my baon. S should eat bunga ng malunggay today, it will help soften her poop."

Early this morning, S complained about her leg warmers being removed. I told her it was getting a bit warm and she was perspiring so I had to remove them. Crying spells. Demanding for another milk bottle when she just finished one. When I did not give in, more crying spells and demanding for her yaya.

And I was definitely not having it from her. I was frustrated over her bowel movements and I was starting to get resentful jealous about this dramatic demand for her yaya every time I make her cry. I left the house in a hurry, with her finding comfort from her nanny and I, trying to compose my wits from not breaking down from frustration.

I gotta say this: I am definitely having the day that I feel I am losing my grip on this motherhood thing. I love being a mom, I love my daughter but today, I just don't want to care. I am not being ungrateful, I just cannot understand how much more I have to give to be able to make my daughter understand me too. I know its completely stupid foolish to ask a toddler to "understand" her mother's bad day. But there I was, wishing that my two year old cooperate with me.

On my way to work, I did my prayers and asked God to remind me why I am S's mom and to help and grant me the grace to become the mother that S needs. Upon arrival at my workplace, I called my daughter and I learned a lesson when she answered the phone: children are forgiving. I had to laugh at myself for forgetting to see the simplicity of my daughter's love.

There are definitely two sides to this motherhood: the one where everything is joy and bliss and the other one that are guilt (both valid and self-inflicted), self-doubt (again, both valid and society-inflicted, hehehe..) and frustration. Sometimes, I feel like a hypocrite of not sharing some grey parts of being a mom but hey, who wants to read sad and dreary stuff anyway?! But I think, a mom sharing her bad day and not-so-positive emotions is accepting that "It's not easy to be me.." (Yeah, its from the Five for Fighting's Superman song, hahaha!). If there is a mom out there who does not feel exasperated from her child/children from time to time, then, congratulations. And this mom's one bad day, I am simply intoxicated from frustration over a bowel movement dilemma and my two year old's dramatic flair.

This bad day made me think of my childhood. I want to ask my Mama if somehow, was S like me when I was young. I bet she will just give me a grin and say, "Its your turn now".
This bad day made me appreciate the uniqueness of my motherhood. That's the funny thing about motherhood, I guess. There is common agreement of the positive things of being a mom, but there is no single answer on why a mom hits a bad day. Just like our children, our motherhood experiences are unique.

This bad day is a reset button. Ours will take form in putting a hold to toilet training in terms of pooping for the meantime. And as for me, I need to switch tactics in dealing with toddler tantrum. 

This one bad day will make me look forward to days and years of enjoyment with my child because I have gained new perspective about my motherhood. :)

Sorry, but I am definitely going to talk about POOP!

I am at a complete loss with my toddler right now: SHE SIMPLY REFUSES TO POOP IN HER POTTY EVEN IF SHE HAS TO GO. S knows when she needs to poop, but she does this standing. We tell her to sit in the potty to make it easier but she will say no a gazillion times and in the end she does not poop. AT ALL. This is her third day of not being able to poop. And I am getting frantic, worried and frustrated. I do not want to "medicate" her just to make her do a number two. Last night, Y had to poop with us watching (Gross, I know but we had to make her see so please don't judge us!) so that this will make S actually see how to poop. This morning, we feed her bunga ng malunggay, as this has the effect of making her poop soft so I praying to the high heavens this works. S hates papaya, ever since she ate it and vomited after eating. I think she got traumatized with it that even the sight of papaya, she says ayaw immediately. What I am worried about our current predicament is that, S and I are now "arguing" about her sitting in the potty. Not until now, we had a breezy potty training. The pee thing was an instant success. A month after her 2nd birthday, we were completely diaper free! Not even a single incident of accident at night, I swear. We tried going out diaper-less, it was a great success the first time. We just carried around a diaper in case she needs to pee and the restroom is too far. Side note: restrooms in malls are so far, I swear. I even wrote pieces of advice that I am definitely not following right now. I am getting frantic because it's been 3 days. And she is a toddler for Pete's sake. Out of my frustration, I scared her that I will bring her to a doctor if she will still not poop today and I realized it was a huge mistake because I should not threaten her using "doctors" as she might get afraid of them in general. So I had to make take back my word. I tried telling her that if she does not poop, her tummy will get hurt. And she just said, Okay and went back to playing.

I am losing my grip on my patience about this poop thing. I cannot maintain my calm demeanor anymore every time she tries to poop standing and ends up not being able to poop at all. I am the exact opposite now of the mom who said before to enjoy the moment of potty training :(

I turned to the internet. Although I am not the only mommy experiencing this, it still does not make me feel any better. I JUST WANT S TO POOP. One of my researches led me to a potty boot camp and I was horrified to read about their solution to this problem. If she does not poop today, I might have to ask our pediatrician to help us a little.

Any helpful tips, mommy readers?

6/26 Update: After writing this entry, S pooped twice. However, it took her another 3 days to poop again. I realized that this is a classic case of toddler constipation. We are experiencing it again today and I had to see her pediatrician who prescribed some aid (yes, you guess it right, a suppository). I am hitting reset button on our toilet training in terms of pooping because S is definitely not ready.

Date Series with Chicas: Balik Bukid

My chicas and I decided to meet up one extremely hot summer day. Tet suggested this resto that served organic food. Now that we are this "young", we are trying to eat "healthy" compared to our binging eat-outs of our younger years (sans rival remember?), hahaha. Anyway, I was a bit opposed to eating in an non-airconditioned place because the heat that day was a killer but I cannot resist organic food, so I agreed.

I got to say, the place and food impressed me very much. I finally found a place that really stands for being environment-friendly. Recycled materials were everywhere. Here's what they had...
This was their menu. It was an old game board and inside was their menu. And what's more ingenious about this is you can actually play with the board game. Very creative.
One of their tables is made from used tires. Can you see it? I believe the glass they used are also recycled although I did not ask to confirm. One thing about their personnel is that they really take their time to explain everything inside their establishment which I really find more impressive.
 For their tables, they used ironing boards, old sewing machines and used those really traditional iron that uses charcoals (I used to see one at my grandmother's house!) as centerpiece. Come on, I am really beyond impressed here. I was out the roof impressed!
As for these chairs, they are made from something that I cannot remember, but they are also recycled stuff. I wanted to show them to my husband and I want these chairs for my home. I love it.
And this!!! I loved playing sungka when we were kids. I suddenly got the urge to buy one, because I definitely will. I will try to teach S about counting through this game. So the early bird chicas requested and had a short game while waiting for the food. I cannot believe we kind of forgot how to play this.
I totally forgot to take a photo of their ceiling lamps that were made from "bukag"...does anybody know the english term for that? The whole place was creatively designed with recycled materials, including the bathroom. I have no photos though.
This is what I had. That's yellow rice (with butter and red bell pepper, yum!) and on the other plate, just in front of the sungka, that's blue rice. I was like, blue rice? Its like pandan - does not affect the taste but adds aroma and color to the rice. If I'm not mistaken, they used a flower or something. Sorry I cannot remember everything because I have mom-nesia. Basta, its safe to digest, in case you want to tempt your toddler with this rice because I definitely will.
As for the food, I have to tell you, I am not really a food blogger, so if I am greatly satisfied with what I tasted, I declare it delicious, hehe. Balik Bukid boasts of using their own organically produce. Thay actually have a farm and bed and breakfast in Calinan which I want to try out too. I ordered pork inihaw with eggplant salad. It was really good, the pork was grilled well enough without any burns which I really dislike. We also ordered their fruit juices which were really good, made from cucumber and other stuff I cannot remember. And drinking them ice-cold really made the heat unbearable. And you can buy to take home too! You know, talking about all these food makes me hungry. Unfortunately, we were not able to try any dessert because their serving of food really makes one full. I cannot wait to bring Y and S there.

Only now I realized that we should never lose touch with my girlfriends, no matter how much different the lives we are living now. Being with my family is fun, but being with your best girlfriends is a different kind of fun. And that is why, the three of us decided to this a monthly thing for us. Actually, we kind met up this month but due to hunger, we never really got to take photos of what we ate and the place. Haha.

Oh well, June is almost here so its time to plan! :) And we will try to get some photos of us too. Hahaha!

Balik Bukid Resto
Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City (kalinya ng Yellow Fin Restaurant, to be exact)

- FriendS -