Books for Children: March Finds!

If there is one thing I will never be guilty of buying, it'll be books (and clothes, and shoes...oops!) :) So for March, these are our book finds for S...

Does An Elephant Take A Bath?
(Fred Ehrlich,MD / Emily Bolam)

 I picked up this book because one of S's first and well enjoyed book, Does A Girrafe Drive?, was from this author and illustrator. And it did not disappoint. This book is actually a non-fiction book about hygiene of animals and humans (Does A Giraffe Drive? was about transportation). Learn how animals and humans differ when it comes to cleaning their bodies.
Amazing Grace 
(Mary Hoffman / Caroline Binch)

I am always on the lookout for books who are recognized by literary award-giving bodies (Greenaway, Caldecott, Newberry, etc.) - not necessarily the winner but I am contented even with the shorlisted titles. And I am really lucky to get a copy of this one. Y and I love this book. It is the story of a girl who believes and is taught that she can be who she wants to be. Although the book is for preschooler age and above, it would not hurt to have them already in our collection, right?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
(Bill Martin, Jr. / Eric Carle)

Eric Carle books are really popular among moms in the blogosphere and well, I wanted to have one too. I like the rhythm of this book and so far, this is really one of S's favorite book. This book helped S master her colors.

The Kiss That Missed
(David Melling)

Another book that was shorlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal. I like this book because it is funny and since it is about the story of a good night kiss that got away, this book is a perfect read-aloud for bedtime. Although we need to read this book often.

The Usborne Easter Story

This paperback purchase is one of the most timely one I got. I am always looking out for books that have themes that focuses on the Catholic faith.

The Secret Garden
(Frances Hodgson Burnett)
Y (and most of my friends) has been raving about this serialized TV anime series (Mary at ang Lihim na Hardin - although I have not seen it) and that is the reason why I bought this book because Y seemed so excited to have it. Hahaha. S does not call this book by its title but refers to this book as "Colin". Hehehe.

I am really pleased that our library for S (and for our kids) is growing. I plan to give away the other books that S has grown out of but I cannot seem to part with them. (laughs) Until our next book purchase then.

S is 2: Post-Birthday!

Last year was a sort-of birthday bash but Y and I decided this year that we will just do what S will truly enjoy. For S's post birthday celebration,we decided to go swimming which is also happens to be perfect for the dry season =D

No themes (originally, I wanted to do S's favorite movie as theme but I had to scrap it because I was going through a tight work sched which is still going on right now..), no time-consuming preparations and planning - we just wanted to go swimming! It was supposed to be a family only affair but I don't know, it kind of snow balled to a full blown gathering. Haha. But anyway, everybody definitely had FUN. But I think S (and the few kids we invited) enjoyed it way way more. S's darkened skin is proof enough. Hahahaha. Special thanks to Rona for taking the photos despite his bantay bata mode.

Whole Day Swimming. Car Accident (no worries, not us but some of our guests). Hidden Chocolate Moist Cake. Showers in a Kiddie Pool. Too Shy to Blow Her Birthday Cake in Front of Everyone. Push the Boat. Happily Floating. Under the Sun. Guardian with the Payong (Ikaw na jud ni Rona, hahaha!). Gifts. New Relationship. A Bit of Gossip. Poker. Floating Devices. 2 Backpacks. New Clothes is Love. Pink Pillow. Love. Happiness and Bliss!

The next day, we got a visit from Lolo Uncle and Lola Auntie since they were not able to join us for lunch the previous day. A very special doll came along with that visit.

Happy Birthday again little S. We are blessed to be your parents :)

S is Two! (insert happy dance here...)

The scene on the morning of her birthday...
No peeking!
Y and I, together with our 3 household helper singing the birthday song in the background. I am still amazed how I managed to take a photo while holding this plate and singing. Hahaha.
I had to help with the candle blowing because S blows in the same way she says the letter F. Go figure. Hahaha. I am truly sorry for my unkempt look. Hahaha.
Then eating the left over puto with her daddy after the birthday surprise.
We were supposed to have photos from last night's simple dinner celebration when came the.............BLACKOUT! It was so dim we cannot get a decent photo. We sang the birthday song again (used the cake again, hehe!) and had a dinner of spaghetti with bread and sweetened potatoes. And of course the cake! =)

Lemme share two thoughts about her turning 2: things will be more definitely exciting with a two year old AND Y and I are very grateful and blessed to be her parents.

Happy birthday my precious darling S. More birthday post(s) coming up!

- FriendS -