Date Series with Chicas: Balik Bukid

My chicas and I decided to meet up one extremely hot summer day. Tet suggested this resto that served organic food. Now that we are this "young", we are trying to eat "healthy" compared to our binging eat-outs of our younger years (sans rival remember?), hahaha. Anyway, I was a bit opposed to eating in an non-airconditioned place because the heat that day was a killer but I cannot resist organic food, so I agreed.

I got to say, the place and food impressed me very much. I finally found a place that really stands for being environment-friendly. Recycled materials were everywhere. Here's what they had...
This was their menu. It was an old game board and inside was their menu. And what's more ingenious about this is you can actually play with the board game. Very creative.
One of their tables is made from used tires. Can you see it? I believe the glass they used are also recycled although I did not ask to confirm. One thing about their personnel is that they really take their time to explain everything inside their establishment which I really find more impressive.
 For their tables, they used ironing boards, old sewing machines and used those really traditional iron that uses charcoals (I used to see one at my grandmother's house!) as centerpiece. Come on, I am really beyond impressed here. I was out the roof impressed!
As for these chairs, they are made from something that I cannot remember, but they are also recycled stuff. I wanted to show them to my husband and I want these chairs for my home. I love it.
And this!!! I loved playing sungka when we were kids. I suddenly got the urge to buy one, because I definitely will. I will try to teach S about counting through this game. So the early bird chicas requested and had a short game while waiting for the food. I cannot believe we kind of forgot how to play this.
I totally forgot to take a photo of their ceiling lamps that were made from "bukag"...does anybody know the english term for that? The whole place was creatively designed with recycled materials, including the bathroom. I have no photos though.
This is what I had. That's yellow rice (with butter and red bell pepper, yum!) and on the other plate, just in front of the sungka, that's blue rice. I was like, blue rice? Its like pandan - does not affect the taste but adds aroma and color to the rice. If I'm not mistaken, they used a flower or something. Sorry I cannot remember everything because I have mom-nesia. Basta, its safe to digest, in case you want to tempt your toddler with this rice because I definitely will.
As for the food, I have to tell you, I am not really a food blogger, so if I am greatly satisfied with what I tasted, I declare it delicious, hehe. Balik Bukid boasts of using their own organically produce. Thay actually have a farm and bed and breakfast in Calinan which I want to try out too. I ordered pork inihaw with eggplant salad. It was really good, the pork was grilled well enough without any burns which I really dislike. We also ordered their fruit juices which were really good, made from cucumber and other stuff I cannot remember. And drinking them ice-cold really made the heat unbearable. And you can buy to take home too! You know, talking about all these food makes me hungry. Unfortunately, we were not able to try any dessert because their serving of food really makes one full. I cannot wait to bring Y and S there.

Only now I realized that we should never lose touch with my girlfriends, no matter how much different the lives we are living now. Being with my family is fun, but being with your best girlfriends is a different kind of fun. And that is why, the three of us decided to this a monthly thing for us. Actually, we kind met up this month but due to hunger, we never really got to take photos of what we ate and the place. Haha.

Oh well, June is almost here so its time to plan! :) And we will try to get some photos of us too. Hahaha!

Balik Bukid Resto
Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City (kalinya ng Yellow Fin Restaurant, to be exact)

Read: Singer and Sheldon

Since I have been really busy lately (le sigh...what else is new with this fact), I cannot post my book reads after I have read them so I am piling them up now.

Photo from here.
Title: Shosha
Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer
Missus Rates It: 4 stars

Sometimes, I am hesitant to read historical fiction novels because I am worried of "not getting it", like when I read The Noodle Maker. But Shosha is a very enjoyable book. It tells the story of Aaron and his love for a woman who is child-like. The first thing that came to my mind while reading the book was a certain Maalaala Mo Kaya? episode, starred by Piolo Pascual and Regine Velasquez. I searched youtube and ha, I found out the episode and its entitled Lobo. You can see the episode HERE. Going back to the book, I was surprised that it was actually an easy read, being a pre-WWII novel. The reason I gave it the rating above because one has to bear the other philosopical exchanges that will leave you confused at times. The narrator (the protagonist himself) is someone that I find in today's times. He wants to live faithfully and yet the world has tempted him, and he has given in endlessly. However in Shosha, he finds that he can be the man that he always wanted to be. It is an eccentric and yet enjoyable love story.

Title: If Tomorrow Comes
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Missus Rates It: 5 stars

When I was a junior in high school, a sort of lazy tambay and rummaging a closet of books made me stumble into this book. This is my first read from Sheldon and since then, I have a love affair with this author. No matter what the critics say about Sheldon, his works really has you-can-never-put-down vibe. And this book never fails.

I still have four more books to post!!! I know, I'm never here anymore. After an almost three weeks of hiatus, it feels a bit weird to be back. I just want to steer away from the temptation of blogging "ugly things". Hahaha. I do not know when things will ever get normal, or will I ever get back my normal blogging mood, I don't know. My stories are tambak, I swear. But anyway, I'll see you when I post something. Hehe.

Random things I realized at the start of May...

1. I do not have time for this at the moment. I'm just stealing few minutes before I go back to my TASKS at hand.

2. I cannot understand this loss of "gana" to blog. I'm not sure if this is about being busy anymore.

3. S can now count until thirteen. At first, she cannot say 7 and when she finally did, she lost 4 along the way. Hahaha.

4. Stresstabs make me sleepy and hungry. ALL THE FREAKING TIME. And I get stressed about that fact. Hahaha.

5. Been reading a lot. Been obsessing about buying books, be it fiction and children's books.

6. I am 3 months - going 4 by the way, delayed with my Guest Mom features. Akala niyo period no? Haha. But seriously, I haven't gone with featuring this long. Mommy K, I started editing your feature and I wanted to change the article but I never got to anywhere. But I will, I just can't say when.

7. Our household helpers are annoying. But we need them. I am frustrated with this.

- FriendS -