Chicas Date Series: Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

I consider this one of my me-time because nothing beats talking and laughing with old long-time girlfriends.

After our Balik Bukid, we went to Tiny Kitchen and we had no photos - of ourselves and of the food. So we have another reason to go back there. Haha. For our next gastronomic treat which was my turn to pick a place, I had to pick Peri-Peri at SM City Annex because I was in the vicinity due to work. Then for Tine's turn, I begged her that we try to eat at the most popular place in town - S&R! Hahaha. The two were definitely opposed at first but I just tempted them with the cheesecake, I had them! Again, I am sorry I have no photos because we were really hungry. To be fair, S&R has great food selections and they have big servings. That is good for me! :)

Anyway, for this month, we finally had the chance to try this place that I've been hearing about, Sea Green Cafe. According to people who have tried this place, they serve no meat - all about greens and seafood! Seafood meant crustaceans so I really find it funny that on the night when we had our delicious feast,  a crustacean "scandal" happened. Hahaha.

I love their place. I find the small space charming and despite it being an airconditioned place, you get the vibe in being an airy place, like a beach house. It is a bit out of the way so usual route of PUJ's are not common. Check HERE on how to get there.

They have a lot of choices in their menu, appetizers to desert and three of us cannot seem to decide what to get because the food names sound all exciting. So we settled for this...
Tine's plate. Tomato and Mozarella Penne. I did not get this because we often have penne with red sauce at home. This taste okay. As I've said, I've been eating red sauced pasta often so I feel I've eaten them all.
Tet's plate and drink. Smoked Salmon, Arugula and Spaghettini. This is really good. It was listed as their feature that day. As for the drink, I will reserve my judgement because I dislike it and it would be unfair to pass a reaction kasi naki-taste lang naman ako. Hehe.
My plate. Shrimp and Lime Spaghettini. Eto ang hipon na madami sa Davao. Hehe. I totally love this. And take note, it's a bit spicy. Sorry, I forgot to ask if they can make it unspicy. You have to know that I developed allergies to shellfish when I turned 30 which I really found a major bummer because biglang uso ang eat-all-you-can shrimps and crabs in the city. The late onset of allergies is actually possible. However, it does not mean I totally avoid them. I just have to limit it to 3-5 pieces. My serving had more than 5 so I had to give them to my companions. (insert sob here...hahaha.)

As for dessert, Tet ordered a slice of Tablea Cheesecake which was really, really good! This is definitely a must try! Good gracious, don't expect a photo from me if I have a fork in my hand, hahaha. I must learn how to make that one. I am really glad how tablea is making its way in the dessert world.

It really shocked me that after our meal, Batet and I were still hungry. For me, its a no-brainer. Among the three of us, I am the one with a voracious appetite. But for Batet, it was a first time. Hahaha. So I ordered Vegetable Fries or Fritters ba yun sa menu - which really were fried sweet potato, yellow and purple ones and Tet ordered Chocolate Pudding which gave me a little scare because my throat hurt the next day. That was too sweet for me, I guess.

And since we still cannot get enough of S and R, we went and bought some stuff. I should really buy that Chocolate Chip Muffins being sold there. I cannot seem to stop thinking about it. Hahaha.

Until our next day. I must remind myself to get a photo of us too. And hey, since it's my turn again to pick a place, do you have any suggestion? I'd appreciate it. :)

Constipation and Potty training stories

Hmmm....I really thought this month will go by without me posting anything here.

I seem to be talking about bowel movements often here. Forgive me but this post may be quite long because if I put them in parts, who knows when it will see the light of day. Hehe. First, I will be talking about our battle with toddler constipation and second, the battle of wills about potty training when it comes to #2.

Sometimes, I cannot anymore distinguish what is constipation or refusal to be toilet trained in doing #2. I already shared in my panic stricken state that S suffered (and still does ocassionally) from toddler constipation. I would like to believe that we have somehow remedied the constipation but I cannot seem to grasp a concrete how-to on this refusal to sit in the potty despite all our effort at being nonchalant about it. The truth is, nonchalant nga ba??? But I will talk about that later.

Anyway, going back to the constipation story, first, you have to know that I found it hard to believe accept that my daughter can be constipated because of the way she eats. She eats healthy - veggies and fruits - EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am truly grateful that S is not a picky eater (I hope this lasts for a looooong time, hahaha) - give her a soup made from nothing but greens - she will devour it like a viking. She eats biscuits, bread and other sweets in small amounts well because I make sure she does not eat them often. She is on formula milk but she drinks them in small amounts, not even going beyond 16 ounces a day. So forgive my disbelief because I cannot seem to find the exact area that caused her constipation.

But yet, here I am, researching about pooping behavior and talking about poop to whoever might listen. I consulted her pedia who gave us a week-long medicated solution and some tips but after that week, I wanted to try home remedies. I read every single material related to toddler constipation and the most helpful read I found is from this mommy blogger. So here are the stuff that we tried over the month (both that worked and didn't)...

Prunes. Every constipation article listed prunes as a solution. Unfortunately, it did not work with S. In fact, she used it as a dessert every after meal. Our pedia advised us to avoid giving too much because it is a tummy filler and S might not eat full meals. We had to abandon this route after she finished 2 packs since it was not making any difference.

Pomelo. Thanks to her Ninang Tine, she mentioned that this fruit greatly helped in her bowels. Thankfully, it did work on S. We gave her 2-3 slices every meal. However, since she is a toddler, there are times she despise eating this fruit, so this is not in her diet everyday.

Olive Oil. I have to say that I was reluctant to try this but after researching, I finally tried it. And as far as I know, this really works on S. I highly doubted that S will swallow a teaspoon of olive oil so I mixed it in her orange juice (we use Rauch Happy Day Orange) and give it as her morning breakfast drink.

Corn. I would like to believe this is my secret weapon. There was a certain week that we ate corn two days consecutively and that week, S pooped 11 times. No, she did not have diarrhea. I would want to give her this but Y said not to overdo corn and also the Japanese corn is hard to get by in the wet market.

Yakult. Most people (and also pedia) advised to give S and well, I am not so sure whether it helped in her bowel movements because we give Yakult and give her pomelo at the same time so I am not really sure whether it was Yakult or the pomelo that made her poop, you know what I mean. I give her this but not everyday although I really love S's expression of glee every time we give her this. I have not yet tasted Yakult so I do not understand why my daughter is really happy every time I tell her that she's getting one.

Book. I was very lucky to get a copy of the famous pooping book, Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi. This book focuses on the fact that because we eat, we need to poop. As I mentioned before, we are hitting the reset button on training for #2 because of the constipation. We just wanted to teach S that pooping is a normal activity. We also read to her digestion system (we are using My First Book of the Human Body) - I am hoping somehow this has an effect on her on the long run.

Reward System. I have to be honest that I was the really apprehensive to use this trick. I had to consult a friend psychologist who also deals with school children (itago natin siya sa pangalan na Jed, hehehe.) and told me that a reward system is okay as long as the rewards are kept simple and not lavish (e.g. new toys). We decided on stickers. Luckily, I found reward stickers with in my usual book scours and S gets a certificate and 6 pcs of stickers at the end of the day. Sometimes, we give her pieces of Smarties (10 pcs the most). Just look at our wall now....
 Dr. Gerry's Coco Nectar and Bayani Brew Juice from Human Nature. Due to her Tita Karina's sales talk (hahahahahahahaha!), I tried giving her both. She dislikes the taste of the Bayani Brew but loves the honey (Dr. Gerry's Coco Nectar). I don't know if it's helping S's constipation but it sure did help in preventing her sipon so currently she is still taking the honey 1 tsp a day. This is so true! S had a runny nose (in and out of her nose) a day before I bought them and I gave it to her twice and voila! Sipon was gone! I discovered something to combat a nasty start to a sipon.

Currently, our minimum goal for S is she poops 3-4x a week and to make her poop a little soft. Also, I record everything that she eats and drinks to monitor what makes her constipated and what food actually makes her poop. But there were instances that I had to use the suppository if she does not poop after 3 full days - although we do not have to resort to it every week, thank goodness.

Now which leads me to my next topic. Per observation, S does not have any difficulty in pooping when she actually sits on her potty, even if her poop is really dry. My little darling daughter PREFERS to poop while standing which I think makes it more difficult to pass hard stools. AND YOU CANNOT MAKE HER SIT IN HER POTTY. I tempted her with cartoon videos from my phone - worked like a charm the first time but she got her senses the next time I tried it. A friend mom suggested to associate it with something she likes, like reading a book. Again, worked a few times and I'm starting to think my daughter can read minds since she seems to know my strategies. There was a week that S has not pooped for almost 4 days, I threw a tantrum myself. Embarrassing and very childish, I know. I really lost it for a few days because I know S does not have to have a difficult bowel movement if she just sit on her potty. Right now, we totally abandoned all training when it comes to #2. We just let her poop the way she wants it - standing. I also noticed that every time S feels the urge to poop, she easily gets distracted and then forgets what she had to do in the first place - poop.

Oh dear me. This potty training business is not the way I imagined it. I cannot seem to point at what part I went wrong, which really frustrates me because this refusal might have been avoided. Of course, nothing is wrong with S. I am now learning the art of nonchalance, yung tipong every time S says she needs to poop, I don't tell S it's better to sit in the potty or I make/force her pee before we sleep to avoid accidents or I make/force her pee every time she wakes up after staying dry the whole night. It is so difficult not to care when you are a wreck because the child has not defecated for almost 3 days. It feels like I'm the one being trained here. Hahaha. Oh well, I just tell myself that S will WANT to poop in her potty or else she poops standing until she's 25.

Any thoughts, my dear readers? I would appreciate it :)

- FriendS -