Read: The Giver

I rarely write about a book read anymore. It is because I immediately jump to another book, haha. I really can't help it sometimes. But allow me to share a really good book that I just finished. It's The Giver by Lois Lowry.
I kept thinking that maybe the world of sameness in this book would be a welcome relief - after all the endless sufferings we see and hear. I'm not thinking of the world being devoid of feelings and choices. I'm thinking of the world in a required equality, all given a role in the community to be useful, given food (no hunger), given shelter (no homeless), not allowed to possess too much of things (no greediness). But I woke up from that utopia, when I read this page...
I want to love. I want to care for others - for our relationships bring meaning to our lives. Honestly, I found the question of "Do you enjoy me?" funny. If my husband asked me that, I would say "Yes", thinking of our happy moments and "No", if I think of those times that he really annoys me (hahaha!). I love my family for everything they can give me, including their faults and wrong choices. This world - okay, that is over reaching - my country, my life is far from perfect. BUT.....I would want to have the choice to love what I have been given, the choice to believe and do a part in making it better.

This is a very powerful read about a different world. I like the straight fowardness this novel brings. Lowry has written it simply yet the effect has been profound. I am currently reading its companion book in the Giver Quarter, Gathering Blue.

What about you friends? Have you read The Giver? Please tell me what you think.
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