Imaginary friends, anyone?

I know, they are normal. At first, S crept the heck out of me when she said that her friend is staring outside our window. Ang lakas maka-nerbyos. Haha.

But I am thankful for the imaginary friends. Her friends are all boys, named after characters from her books and one is from her favorite movie. I am actually paying attention to her dynamics with the "friends". I am glad that they are all playmates. They appear when S is playing her pretend outing sa beach/pool/mall. None of those scary stories on how the "friends" ask them to do something wrong. Now that is just plain hair-raising creepy.

So what do we do?

We simply play along. This is the first Internet article I've read about this but I plan to read books (not until I'm finished with Panic! Sorry, currently reading a cannot-put-down book. Haha!) I'm just not sure until when this "friends" should exist because I think there should be an end to it too. Somehow.

What about you other mommies? Please share your funny and helpful moments with your child's imaginary friends.

I'm also at Twitter. And not a fan of IG, sorry. Haha.

Powers and parenting

One night, my darling girl asked me why Kiki lost her power. For the unaware, she meant Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. So I tried to explain Kiki's insecurities and fears, in words that will be understood by a toddler. And she proceeded to ask me, what is my power. I told her that I am a human, unlike Kiki who can fly and my only power is to love and be good Mommy and be good to other people. Seriously, I told my daughter those things.

S: I have power too! I can draw house. I can draw circle. I can jump, run, dance, eat ako lang, swim...(she said a lot, I cannot remember them).

Me: Yes you do, S. You have the power to do all those things and as you grow older, you will have more.

I cannot believe I am having this conversation with my child. Sometimes, I feel so inadequate. Should I do something about that conversation? Should I pile on activities, readings or whatever to push? Until this moment, I have no answer to myself. My toddler, with all the things she says, has taught me to pause and be reflective. I cherish it greatly. It is during these moments that I feel gratified that somehow, in some ways, and with God's grace, we are doing it right.

On a lighter note, we enrolled S in summer school just near our residence for classroom and social exposure. I was a bit worried because S became extra clingy and scared at the prospect of being in school on her own. Everytime school was brought up, she insisted that I stay with her. In the classroom. So I had to turn to the magic of books to help me with this and I am so blessed to pick a copy of Do I have to Go to School? Also, I think it helped ease the fear that Y and I unearthed some of our childhood photos when we were in pre-school and shared some stories to her, of how fun school will be. I'm not sure if its S's age (she was 34-35 months during those clingy moments) and when she turned 3, all of a sudden she shed those moments like it never ever happened.

I was awed that on her first day of summer school, she just entered the classroom without fuss, no drama, no tears. Heck, she even shooed me away telling me she has a lot of things to do. I think it was me who wanted to cry. Of happiness. And of the fact that my baby is a big girl now. However, I am still bracing for the big school. But I've learned my lesson: I will not worry. Haha.

I think this will be a more exciting and I believe more challenging phase in parenting now. Let's do this!

Terrific Three's!

My daughter will turn 3 over the long and solemn weekend. Three years ago, I also gave birth on a Holy Week. I guess my daughter's birthday, one way or another, will fall on a Holy Week.

Funnily enough, we enjoy S more than ever. She is an endless chatterbox, a bottomless pit of why's and what. Being with her for 4 hours is guaranteed to dry out your mouth and squeeze out your brain cells on thinking creative answers for all her questions. It is definitely more challenging as she now negotiates for herself and spouts her own "logical" excuses. I know this year will be a big adventure for my little big bunny. One, she'll be in school and two...let's not get there yet. Haha.

We have no elaborate plans for her birthday. After all, it is a solemn weekend. We prepared a few gift bags to be given away to her friends, that's all. I am extremely proud of those packages as S made the card tags herself, with my guidance. I was supposed to post a photo of it but since I am now more scatterbrained than I've originally been, I'll show it next week. And we will definitely have cake with candles. S defines a day with cake as a birthday. However, S always requests the same thing for her birthday so we will be going on a simple summer fun next week.

People always say that time flies so fast. It does indeed. I always get sentimental every time I see how grown and big our baby has become. We still think we don't know what we are doing but God's grace has been abundant to us as her parents. And I will pray for more love to give and more wisdom to know when is enough and too much. I have modest wishes for my daughter and I pray through them, she will have bigger dreams. So here's to another year of love, smiles, manageable tantrums, silliness and everything!

Happy birthday to my little bee!

- FriendS -