What I've been up to....

...for the past 4 months? I know, I've been quiet. The past 4 months has been a roller coaster ride, so to speak. It still is, actually.

First, I dealt with my 1st trimester. That's right, we are expecting our 2nd child!!! I'm currently on my 18th week. And while I am ecstatic and grateful, the earliest weeks (9th to 12th week) has been particularly rough tough. I've had several health issues that kept me far from being calm and relaxed. The medicines I took messed up my rhythm - I was moody, tired and retching my guts out.

Believe me, it is so damn hard to be the blooming pregnant lady.

Can I be honest with you? Yes, I am happy and grateful for the new life I have been blessed with. We have been planning this. I just did not expect that things would actually be............difficult. Okay, make that completely different and challenging. Maybe its one of the reason I kept putting off announcing it in my "social networks" (although I've told a few friends and some saw me with the bump, that is inevitable) - I feel I have not completely reveled in the coming of my new baby. I wanted to keep it to myself for a while. I've decided to write about it partly for subtle announcement (those who will read this specific post will know) but I think for now, I enjoy the privacy of not publicly announcing it over social media. Feeling artista lang. Haha.

Right now, I feel like I'm not doing a good job as his/her mom. I want to sleep or rest, but I am kept busy with a lot of things, all of them are things I really need to do. 2 weeks ago, I've been ordered for a bed rest, I felt like I have not even rested at all. I will talk about that week in a separate post. I had a breezy-walk-in-the-park pregnancy with S so imagine my surprise and bafflement with my little wee dragon. I was starting to get frustrated over my body because I feel I am not strong enough, tired and distracted, giving in to my fatigue. I was worried that I was neglecting my husband, being impatient with my eldest child and lagging with my work duties. Being a mom of two is surely a new adventure and I am just at the starting line.

Another thing that's been up on my ride is, I'm taking care of a preschooler. I have officially signed up my mornings to sudden tantrums and traffic rush. Lately, I've been wondering what has happened to my sweet and obedient girl. She is now witty, opinionated and whiny. My pregnancy hormones are not exactly helpful to my patience. But pregnant or not, my daughter needs me too. And its a lot to be needed, by a three year old and a baby in my womb. I am truly grateful to my husband for being really patient with me during these times. I have not been a cute wife lately. Hahaha.

Add to my struggle challenges was another episode with a runaway yaya. She was with us for 3 months and after those futile months, we decided to send her home and when she found out, she left. I wish I had the energy to tell you about her but it will bring about so much negative energy, I better not. Oh well. And she left just when S was about to start school. Imagine the chaos and the schedules that were thrown out of sync.

As of the moment, everything is calm but not exactly challenge free. There are unexpected hiccups every now and then but I believe God will strengthen me, for my husband and my children.

Ooooh..its so good to be back here, just writing my thoughts. I stopped blogging because one, I was really busy with my family and mainly work, two, everything in the blogging world seems to be about sponsorship and branding and I felt ashamed of my little and irrelevant space and three, I suddenly wanted to respect my family's privacy and posted less and less stories.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and finally you know my happy state (lest you already saw me). Haha.

- FriendS -