Boy or Girl?

So here's the summary of our wishes...

Dear husband Y wants another girl.

I, on the other hand, have no preference. A boy would be fine since we would have one of each but honestly, another girl would be as welcome. In fact, I was leaning for a girl because I already picked the perfect name, hehe.

Our Ate S...a baby brother is a boy and a baby sister is a girl. During the early days though, she wanted a baby brother.

Most people we know wishes us a boy.

I really did not want to reveal baby #2s gender because I was hoping to bring the "secret" until I give birth for the ultimate reveal / surprise but truthfully, its more of how much my EQ can handle (haha!) but somehow, my big chatty mouth let it slip that I already had a sonogram. And then, I'd meet friends whom I rarely see and you know, its seems like a legit thing to tell them since we rarely see each other nga. My EQ has limits. Haha.

So what's your guess? Boy or Girl for TeamB?

This mom's current fan moment: On the Wings of Love

I have sworn off from watching Pinoy TV series because..........they are so overly dramatic (and in the long run, dragging)! Probably the last one I watched was Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay that first premiered the loveteam of John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo and became a sensation in their own way.

At first, I was doubtful that a Pinoy rom-com and drama on TV can be pulled off. That's why I got on the craze 2 weeks after it premiered. Fine, kakainin ko ang aking pinagsasabi. Because it did and even more, even only after 10 weeks since their airing. All the fans appreciated the fast paced and easy to relate story line and of course, the overflowing kilig that James (Clark) and Nadine (Leah) bring to the whole story. Seriously, I never thought I can cry and feel kilig at the same time! You know as a working mom, believe me, the longest uninterrupted time I can have for myself is 1 hour. Well...this kababawan simple pleasure is really worth it! And please, its not kababawan when it showcases the brilliance of Filipinos. I am really proud of the team behind this TV success.

And who would have thought that this obsession liking would go beyond the TV series? Currently, I somehow find myself checking the career of JaDine. (Magrereklamo po ang aking fellow JaDine fan na si Rona if hindi ko inamin, hahaha!) Ang lakas lang talaga maka-teenager, especially James Reid. Hampogiiiiiii. Even at 27 weeks pregnant, NAGLILIHI PA RIN PO AKO. Haha.

But seriously, James and Nadine are talented, acting and music-wise. I really think they deserve projects (together and separately) that have depth and would push them to explore what they can do because I've seen their movies: Diary ng Panget - promising storyline BUT bad direction and lacked some formula that could have worked for teenage flicks; Talk Back and You're Dead - the messiest movie I've seen in my entire life but seriously can't help get mushy over the hubby and wifey term; Para sa Hopeless Romantic - too generic. But my greatest find about JaDine are their songs (they sound good together and individually) and at the same time, discovered new OPM songs to listen to, even composers to look out (Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana). This has greatly worked to my advantage. My daughter is learning to speak Filipino (her lansangan is LAN-SA-LANG) and its easier to learn using music and songs. So, bring on the Ikaw pa rin ang hanap-hanap pa ra pap...Haha.

I just finished watching #OTWOLIgibngPagibig (Oct 15) and I loved the episode. But my most favorite part is the slam poetry. Seriously, I cried over @TheRainBro's poem this time.

Copied from Twitter. Credits to: Juan Miguel Severo @TheRainBro
This I think is one of the uniqueness I greatly like in OTWOL. I just recently "appreciated" slam poetry when I finished reading Colleen Hoover's Slammed. I like that its in Filipino. I think I'll read aloud this poem to my daughter - you know, for our Filipino language lesson :)

Lately, my colleagues and I find ourselves discussing possible scenes for OTWOL. It crops up in our conversations without our knowing. During those intense and super kilig episodes, I'd wake up at the middle of the night to pee (buntis nuisances) and check my phone and realized that I received OTWOL updates and reactions. Haha. Sometimes, we'd text each other anything OTWOL-related. Please tell me its not just us...Haha.

Our today's topic is how Clark's panliligaw will affect the characters of the series. I want to share some but it will take forever. Kami na, kami na ang dapat mag-writer ng OTWOL. Wehehe. Sino ba pwede sulatan? Baka naman valid yung naisip namin. Haha.

But then the extension happened. What the heck?! While we are glad of it, we are apprehensive because it will greatly affect the flow of the story. In fact, this week is a little slow compared to the past 10 weeks. But I have faith in the brilliance of the team, so tuloy ang kilig. Haha.

Oh dear, today is Friday. It means, no OTWOL over the weekend. Hahaha.

- FriendS -