Boy or Girl?

So here's the summary of our wishes...

Dear husband Y wants another girl.

I, on the other hand, have no preference. A boy would be fine since we would have one of each but honestly, another girl would be as welcome. In fact, I was leaning for a girl because I already picked the perfect name, hehe.

Our Ate S...a baby brother is a boy and a baby sister is a girl. During the early days though, she wanted a baby brother.

Most people we know wishes us a boy.

I really did not want to reveal baby #2s gender because I was hoping to bring the "secret" until I give birth for the ultimate reveal / surprise but truthfully, its more of how much my EQ can handle (haha!) but somehow, my big chatty mouth let it slip that I already had a sonogram. And then, I'd meet friends whom I rarely see and you know, its seems like a legit thing to tell them since we rarely see each other nga. My EQ has limits. Haha.

So what's your guess? Boy or Girl for TeamB?

We pointedly dressed in jerseys and in blues for this photo but our sheets are still in pink. Haha.

I am still over the moon that I'm having a boy. I know a mom is a mom but I think(?) its a different path strategy style...ugh, I feel so clueless for a baby boy. I just have to take some clue from my MIL who had 3 boys :) Any tips or words of wisdom from moms of boys? But I know one thing is for sure: I'll be head over heels over this handsome bundle of joy :)

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