Hello. I'm Devi and I am the mom and wife behind The Missus on the 5th Block. I loved the term "missus" the first time I encountered it reading Christie's book and decided to carry the term. I inserted the 5th block because we live in the 5th block of our place. (laughs)

I started this personal blog 5 years ago, but I believe I still have tons to learn and improve when it comes to blogging. I changed the name of this blog thrice, just taking the "missus brand" 2 years ago. In my first year, I was busy importing my previous posts in multiply. It was in 2011 that I took this blog around. It was that year that I got married and the year after that I became a mom, my blog has taken the line of being a personal mommy blog, although I still write about anything.

My blog has 6 sections, which are topics that I often write about:

Guest Moms on the Block
Motherhood has been a crazy and wonderful journey for me and I believe it is so for other moms. I created this segment simply because I want to feature moms and their wonderful stories. As I've said before, I strongly believe every mom is a celebrity and deserve a feature!

Missus Celebrations
I love celebrations, simple or grand. I write about them because in life, there is always something to celebrate!

Mrs. Missus
I have to admit this part needs a great improvement. One, I rarely post stories about me and Y. Ironic it may sound, I am actually a private person when it comes about us. I have a few friends who know all about us. I really cringe every time I read about couples posting about their fights mainly because I feel embarassed for the partner. One thing I learned in marriage is never shame your partner in public, whether online or wherever. And two, I feel so unrealiable giving out relationship advices because I am not perfect. I had my share of flaws as a girlfriend and as a wife. But I am working on it. For guidance, I look to my favorite bloggers about marriage and relationship, the couple Joe Bonifacio and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio.

The Missus Mommy
This is the most popular section in my blog because most of my stories are about me being a mommy.

The Missus List
My list is a combination of: products I like, movies that I loved, songs that I love listening to, my out of town trips, etc. It is more of things and stuff that I want my readers to try or check out.

The Missus Reads
I love reading and through this portion, I share what I have read, from children's book to adult fiction books, alright, make that anything under the sun.

So there, that's what this 5th block corner is all about. I hope you have a great time going through my blog. If you wish to contact me, you may do so at:

Email: devimigue@gmail.com
Twitter: @devimbarcena

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